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Ways on How to Avoid Writer’s Block

As a writer, one of my most hated things I’ve encountered was a mental block out; some refer to it as a writer’s block out. As I advanced and developed my writing skills and techniques, I now learned the things needed to avoid the so called “writer’s block“.

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Simple Tips to Avoid Writer’s Block

First, come up with a topic.

Though coming up with your own title and topic is a bit time consuming, this can still be considered as an easy part.

Second, which is the difficult part is the starting point.

This is where you tend to pause and start asking what should you write, how to start the topic or what are the things I should write about this topic. To avoid this, try to surf the internet. Look for articles or websites that is similar to your subject and read some of it. This way you’ll have ideas and gather them all. You can use those ideas later on in your piece. Of course, doing a Google search is very helpful. You can also try checking on blogs, some great writers are fond of writing blogs which are very informative.

Don’t just depend on the internet.

You can borrow books on a local or public library and get some thoughts. Read newspapers and other reading materials which you can derive meaningful information which may give you additional insight about your topic. This only means that you’ll have to do some digging up or research. Just like a student, you need to do your homework and make sure to use different items to come up with the best writing ever.

Make sure to write every day.

This is one way of ensuring that your mind is active and is up to date. You can never go wrong once your mind is alert and keeps on running. You’ll never run out of ideas. You must start developing a pattern or an outline when it comes to writing. Sooner or later, you’ll get used to your pattern that you’ll eventually feel that you’re just doing an ordinary thing. By doing so, you’ll learn how to avoid a writer’s block.

Fifth, never fail to take enough rest and sleep.

If you want to write something, never fail to take enough rest. Sleeping at least 8 hours a day can surely provide you a rejuvenating feeling and an alertness level which is helpful. You also need to take enough rest, not just physically but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually. By being free of everything gives you enough ability to think clearly and spontaneously.

Lastly, earn to enjoy what you do.

By enjoying what you do and loving it will reflect your work. Writing something that comes from the heart and with efforts of research will never go wrong.

Final Thoughts

Writer’s block is actually normal and not everyone is exempted. In fact, almost everyone who has done writing in a professional way or even unprofessional has this experience. We all came to a point where we ask and don’t know what’s next. An empty thought is disappointing however thanks to multiple reading materials available not just in libraries but also in the internet, a writer’s block can easily be avoided.


Things I Learned at Cebu’s Social Media Day

Social Media Day, an annual event spearheaded by Mashable is on its third year. The idea, according to Mashable is to recognize the digital revolution happening right before our eyes. This year, Cebu is joining the said event for the very first time. As an online freelancer and a blogger as well, this kind of event is a must-join as this will be a venue where top social media practitioners gather.

I don’t want to be left behind as this will also be a perfect time to know and learn their secrets on how they manage to get on the top. Here are some of the key points I learned from the recently concluded Social Media Day in Cebu

Social Media

4 Things I Learn at The Social Media Day

Freelancing Tips

I am an online freelancer for quite a while and I can say that I have been very effective with most of my work but I can’t say that it is good enough. During the event, Orville Tadle, a reputable and award-winning SEO Practitioner discussed about how to be effective in working online, how to win your first online job and everything you need to know about do’s and don’t in working as an online freelancer.

Social Media

Photo Credit – Inspiration Feed

Although, I wasn’t able to catch up as I was late (too bad) but the very crucial points he discussed were on the latter part of his speech so I still managed to absorbed the whole thought (lucky for me 😀).

Good Online and Offline Ethics

Miss Jean Mondonedo of Sunnex Exchange tackled about the advantages of good and bad writing habits online. Although bloggers uses the internet as their medium, it doesn’t mean that he/she can write anything she wants. Just like in print media where editors and columnist are very careful with what they are writing, we online writers and bloggers should have these ethics too as there are corresponding laws that applies with what we are publishing online. We should be very responsible on everything we do as this will reflect not just on our respective blogs but in our personalities as well.

Social Media

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How to Write Killer Content

Writing a content online seems to be easy but the big question is will this catches the readers attention? Will your content last for long and people will keep coming back to read it every now and then? Creating content is a tough battle if you are not well-prepared for it. A lot of writers miss this part as they tend just to publish articles on their blogs or website just for the sake that they have something for that day. Most people now are choosy not like before, people nowadays always prefer things from the most trusted and reliable sources. If you want to be in the game, you must be prepared all the time.

Social Media

Photo Credit – Brill Network

As what Max Limpag emphasizes on his speech, we must organize everything as what we are writing is not just mainly for us, it’s not about us for our readers and to give them the satisfaction they need. As we all know, it is not us who gives life to our websites but it is our readers that fuels our blog to keep it running and moving ahead.

How To Grow Your Online Presence

We often wonder why there are bloggers who manage to get their stuff on the top? We often think how did they do that and at the back of our minds we think that we are just doing exactly what they did. Fleire Castro,a certified blog entrepreneur discusses on how to get on the with the proper use of social media. As what we all know, there are a lot of online metrics to gauge on how effective we are with our online presence. But the big question is “How” and “What” did they exactly do to easily snatch the top spot and gain massive influence.

Social MediaPhoto Credit – Inspire Monkey

As what I have learned, it’s not that hard at all, in order for us to be like them (in some ways), first thing is we ,must to know where to market our product. It’s like if we are selling photography gadgets, should we sell and introduce them to fishing enthusiasts? Of course not, right? In order for us to effectively sell them, we must see to it that we are showcasing our product to the right place. Just like in growing your online presence, we must first establish ourselves to our chosen field and rest assured, you will be earning your readers trust.

Finishing Touches

Although I came late, I still manage to catch up with the things being tackled at the recently concluded Social Media Day in Cebu. The event was not that long yet the ideas and thoughts shared were mouth-watering and brain-filling. I am very sure that its not just me who enjoyed while gaining and learning new stuffs from the experts who shared and showcased their knowledge.

Here are some snapshots from the event. Hope you like it 😀

Kudos to all speakers for sharing their thoughts and the organizers as well for giving their best in making the Social Media Day a success.


How to Write Engaging Blogs People Want to Read

Almost everybody in online community knows about blogs but not all has the ability to write blogs effectively. Blogs provide an opportunity for people who wants to share their experiences, knowledge and ideas online.

Blogs with good content attracts more audiences. Many businessmen see blogs as a good form of advertisement. Aside from blogs are more cheaper form of advertisement,  they have been proven effective.

However, if there are many effective blogs, there are also blogs that do not gain visits. Actually, there are a lot more blogs that are not effective or have not been visited than those blogs that are frequently visited.

Tips in Making Your Blogs More Effective

1. Choose a topic that will surely hit the public. Of course before you start writing, you should pick a topic that will give direction to your writing. Topic  that will caught the interest of the readers.  Once you already picked a topic, know everything about it and then stick to it.  You may want to check out first what is new or what topics are trending.

2. Think of a title that will give an impact and character for your blog. It should be brief and honest. Usually, readers tend to look at the title first before continuing reading the contents. When the readers find the title boring, they tend to leave the page immediately and look for other sources.

3. Consider search engines when you are writing. It would be helpful to make your blog sear engine- friendly so that you will have more chances that more people will read your blogs. Here are many techniques to optimize your blogs.

blogs4. Graphics can also help catch the attention of readers. Choose images that is eye- catching but make sure that it portrays the content of your blog. Your featured image should give the audience the ideas of what your blog is all about. You may also include images that will support your posts. However, make sure that your blog will not look messy.

5. Most of the readers tend to scan only blogs so make sure your content is not so long. Long paragraphs will bore the readers. Short but informative blogs are more effective than blogs with long paragraphs but poor contents.

6. Bold the subheading so that readers would easily identify them. Subheadings are used as division for sections of your post. Since readers will just typically scan your post, the subheadings will help them find what they are searching for easily.

7. For longer posts, you may use numbered lists and bullets to shorten your post. This will also promote easy reading so that your readers will not be bored of your post.

8. Provide links that will direct to other sources related to your post. This will help the readers to determine that the information you are giving are correct. Also, links will give the readers the opportunity to investigate more.

9. You can start discussion in your blog. Leave some questions that will entice your readers to share their own views.

Final Thoughts

It is recommended to let your readers give a feedback regarding on your post. By doing this, you will be able to determine what are the weaknesses of your blogs and do something about it. If you know the techniques and tricks, blogs can be very powerful tools for marketing.


Five Websites for Aspiring Authors

Becoming an author is extremely hard work. It involves a lot of dedication and a lot of man-hours. Thankfully, the Internet has a wide array of resources available to help aspiring authors.


Five websites that aspiring authors need to check out

1. Book Country

Book Country is one of the best websites for aspiring authors to check out. It is a subsidiary of Penguin Group (USA) and is one central hub for fiction writers (and readers) to convene. Users can post their own work to the website or they can read the work of other users. They can also leave comments on something they read. Users can also participate in discussions, and participation in the website (including discussions, reviews and actually writing) will earn Book Country members a badge. More badges increase a user’s popularity on the site.

Book Country is available for authors of both novels and short stories, and joining is absolutely free. If a user wants to self-publish through Book Country, they can do that too. Other users can purchase the book, and Book Country will pay the author for these purchases. There is an initial set-up fee for publishing, and a small per-transaction fee, but the author will, officially, be e-book published.

2. Jottify
Jottify is similar to Book Country, as it is a place to share writing with other readers or read the writing of other writers. Users can also comment on those items you have read.

Users can also participate in the Jottify Community. Here, users can participate in discussions and check the Jottify blog.

Also like Book Country, users can self-publish their work on the site in e-reader format. It’s up to the user to decide their sale price, and Jottify will give them 70% of the commission from the sales.

3. Writer’s Digest
While the Writer’s Digest Magazine has been helping aspiring authors and writers for years, its website, WritersDigest.com, is also a great place for aspiring authors to gain valuable information. Through the Writer’s Digest forum, writers can connect with other writers for information or resources. There is also a Writer’s Digest blog that contains informative posts, and a free weekly e-newsletter that contains a great deal of necessary information.

Unlike the previous two websites, Writer’s Digest will also make users aware of writing contests and competitions, as well as provide a list of writing workshops or conferences that they can attend to heighten their skills.

The website also contains a Shop section where users can purchase DVDs, books, educational courses and webinars.

4. LuLu
LuLu is an open publishing platform that allows users to publish their work. Unlike Book Country and Jottify, LuLu allows users to publish their work in any format, from e-book to hard cover. Authors can decide everything about the printing of their books, from paper type to trim size to cover quality. They will also earn 80% of the profits.

LuLu offers a Services Team to help users better create and publish their work. Everything from cover design to marketing can be done with the help of the Service Team. Users can purchase the support help for one thing, such as cover design, or bundle a few together, depending on the author’s specific needs.

5. Merriam-Webster
In order to be an author, a person has to actually write something. The Merriam-Webster site is a great reference tool for all aspiring writers. The littlest things are going to halt an author’s writing at some point or another, but it should never occur because of a word. The Merriam-Webster thesaurus can help make a good sentence great by helping authors select different words that can strengthen a sentence.

As an aspiring author, the end result is always having a published work of art, and having other people read and enjoy it. (And yes, hopefully make a profit on it.)

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