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Advantages of Using Social Networks for Job Hunting

As we all know, spreading news and other important details are always best spread through the word of mouth. Same goes for job hunting, it’s far better in spreading your skills, your capabilities and your overall performance through the use of social networks. Social networks are great when it comes to connection, you can connect to almost anyone whether you know them or not.

Because of advanced technologies, job hunters nowadays have far better chances finding a job online, Why?

Social networks

Let’s talk about the advantages of using social networks for job hunting.

You can connect to different people or different companies

All you have to do is compose your profile, and you can just share it to anyone. There’s less effort compared to printing your resume, and passing it to different companies yourself, not only is your time wasted hunting and locating all your desired companies but your money is wasted as well. What if you’ve done this and all your efforts weren’t paid off? Imagine how much you spent and end up not being hired? This is not a good plan for starters who are looking for their first job.

With the use of social networks…

You can easily connect to your desired companies in an instant

Speed and time is crucial hence this is highly commendable. If you compare it, calling and visiting a company physically is time consuming, employers might not be available at the time you applied. However, with the use of social networks you can speed your chances of being hired.

You’re exponential growth could increase giving you a big chance to be noticed and get hired

Being “viral” on social networks could help you get noticed easily! Some of your friends and followers might repost your status giving you enough advantages to catch the eye of an amazing company, you’ll never know!

And lastly.

You can click the like button of the companies you desired and follow their company online

You’ll receive the latest updates and if there are open positions, you’ll be one of the people who’ll get the announcement as early as possible. You can check on what are the types of people they need, the roles and responsibilities required, their vacancies and a lot more.  You can also connect and receive the latest information about the different important people in the said company.

Final Words

At this age, more and more employers are posting job opportunities, internships and a lot more for hiring. Social networks has a lot of advantages, interviews can just be conducted online. Skype is mostly the preferred way of conducting an interview. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and a lot more are the sites usually flooded by millions of people, either for personal reasons, business or job hunting. Therefore using social networks for job hunting is one of the most effective ways of being noticed, increase your chances of being hired and also the most cost effective job hunting strategies one could undergo.


Effective Ways to Ask A Raise from Your Boss

Let’s face the fact, we all want a raise. But the problem is your boss has not give it and did not even mention it. You would like to tell your boss about the raise but you are afraid that you may offend your boss.

Here are some tips that may help you on how to ask your boss about the raise:


1. Before asking for a raise, determine first how much your the average salary in the company. It would be wise to determine if you really deserve to have a raise in your salary, of course, your boss will not just simply grant your request if you does not deserve what you are asking.

2. Determine the financial health of the company you are working. If the company is financially healthy and it is capable of giving your salary a raise then you should try asking your boss about it. However, if the company is financially unstable, then wait for the right time when the company is stable enough to give the raise.

3. Before talking to your boss, prepare first your argument. You do not want to end your argument with your boss in a confrontation but you also have to make your case. Make a checklist which would support your case.  Set up an appointment to your boss and remember to be polite.

4. Be ready for whatever be the outcome of your conversation. If your request has been granted then it’s good, but if not then what will you do? Are you going to quit your job or continue working with the same salary you are receiving right now. Another situation is that if your boss agrees yet the raise is smaller than what you want, will you still continue working with the company or you quit and look for another job?

Indeed money is the best way of motivation. Raises and bonuses are great but remember not just look for the money. Money is not the only way which your boss can reward you. Do not take for granted the other benefits which your boss had given you.

If you really wanted to have a raise in your salary and unfortunately, your boss did not grant your request, then it is only appropriate to ask your boss about the requirements on getting a raise, or what does it take to get that raise you wanted.

Final Words

There is no harm in asking for a raise if you really think you deserve it. Ask your boss about it politely and be prepared for whatever answer he may give you. The important thing is that you are able to express your needs and if your boss is understanding enough to understand those needs then I’m sure he will grant your request if the company can. However, you should also remember that the company has also have its needs especially if it is financially unstable. Weigh things right, if you badly needed that increase then you should have looked for other job opportunities but if you do not want to leave the company and you still wanted to be part of it until it succeed, then continue working wholeheartedly.


How Does Office Environment Affect Your Productivity?

Incredibly, research has shown that the office environment plays a real part in influencing staff productivity. This means implementing a décor that is designed to help staff work effectively and which is psychologically supportive. A report published in the Telegraph found that sterile and bland corporate environments could cause staff to feel uncomfortable and disconnected in their offices, which had a negative effect on productivity.

For small offices

The trick to creating a productive office is to make use of lighting, color, fixtures and furniture. Whether you’re a small letting agent or a limited company accountants, the key is to create a pleasant ambiance that motivates your staff. Remember that lighting is key; 80% of staff have been found, in studies, to cite surroundings and color as a determinant of their mood and performance. Consider what you’re looking to achieve – warm colors have been shown to incite feelings of comfort and warmth when used judiciously. Cool colors can be used to create an atmosphere of quiet and calm – partly because our eyes have to work less hard to perceive cooler spectrum colors, than longer wavelength warm colors. Color can also lead to performance responses; for example, red shades have been shown to help athletes perform with greater force and speed – and red walls may have a similar benefit to sales staff! No employee will thank you for painting the office walls crimson red and leaving them with headaches. So start with a neutral base color and brighten it with a carefully chosen accent – such as ivory and black, grey and red, or taupe and yellow.

Other things to consider

Lighting must be bright and clear – and natural light is a huge motivator, reducing eyestrain and lifting the spirits. Bright light reflecting walls, skylights and desks placed near windows can all be useful. Daylight simulation light bulbs are useful too. For furniture, install ergonomic chairs and keyboards and install plants for a boost. Greenery in the office has been proven to have an impact on productivity, with office workers finding that plants on their desks reduce stress, soften harsh interiors, keep the office air fresh and naturally humidify the office environment. Good low maintenance plants include the English Ivy, Cacti, Peace Lily and African Violet. Accessories and storage are also key; there’s nothing more conducive to stress than having piles of paperwork and equipment hoarded around desks, so invest in plenty of cupboards and files. A move to a digital office is also a fantastic idea and slowly reduces the reliance on paperwork and piles of folders and ancient files. Look to brighten the office too with colorful accessories, pictures, photos and other attractive extras which create a feeling of care, stimulation and energy about the place – updating surroundings regularly to show that thought and concern is put into the environment.

ProGet involvement from the team

Larger corporate offices might also consider an accommodation employee forum, to get ideas and input from staff on their ideal working environment and find practical solutions to implementing these. If employees are tasked to manage their own accommodation / decor budget and empowered to make decisions about how best to create their own working environment, they’ll feel engaged and motivated about doing so –a double win for employers!


Career Management – Quick and Easy Ways To Land a New Job

Because of some undesirable news you heard over the television about massive layoffs and lack of job opportunities, you might feel somehow discouraged to look for a job. But if you are a talented and skillful person, looking for a job is not a problem. There are lot of companies that are looking for talented and skillful people who are willing to commit in helping their companies to grow. If you think you have the qualities that these companies are looking for then you only need to make them find you.


We all know that the competition in job hunting is very tough and you have to make a difference from them to standout. Before you submit your application letter, you should bare in your mind that it is only the beginning of your career.

Useful tips for a better career management

Make some self-reflection

Determine your skills and talents, things you are best in and things you can do. Also, you have to know your weaknesses and limitations. To help you identify these, remember what you did during your previous employment. Make a checklist of your interests, strengths and weaknesses so that you can evaluate yourself in which field you must take.

Set an objective in your career

Identify what is your ideal ob and describe it like what you really wanted to do and how much salary you will earn.

Observe the job market

Determine what kind of job is in demand. You have to be someone whom difficult to replace. Show the people what you can do and prove that you are best on it. Competition is very hard so you have to take an effort to upgrade yourself. Most employers wanted people who are self- motivated and has that attitude of learning new things eagerly.

Do not think unemployment as a vacation

Even unemployed, you must work like an employed one by looking for a job. You must work at least 40 hours a week. Wake up early, have a heavy breakfast, get yourself dress up and go out look for a job. During the interview, be smart and make an impression just don’t overdo it. Making an impression will increase your chance of being hired.

Remember that not all jobs available are being advertised

Most of them are kept hidden and they are just waiting for you to uncover them. Be a vigilant and do some research. Surf the internet, there are lot of websites that offer free registration on posting your resume online. Read newspapers and magazines, and be alert on job fairs.

If you are lucky to be hired then you must treat the company as if it was your own

You will perform better having this in your mind because you will care for the company and give the best service you may give. It does not matter who’s signature is in your paycheck you only have to think that you are self-employed and you responsible in developing the company.

And there you have it, you are now ready to go and find that job you really want. One more thing, remember “Patience is a Virtue”.

If you have something in mind to add to our list of useful tips for a better career management, feel free to share them at the comment section, we will be happy to add it up on our post.


Tips When Working From Home

working from homeWorking from home is a totally different from working in an office or anywhere away from home.  This is what I realized since I opted to work from home.  The main reason why I wanted to work from home I want to be close to my son as he grows up.  You may have another reason if you are also working from home to earn a living. Nevertheless, I would like to share few tips that worked for me since I begun working at the comfort of my home.

By the way, before I started with my tips, I would like to acknowledge the fact that working from home is also challenging.  With me, it’s challenging between separating my personal life with how I am supposed to deal with my job or any project I get.  No matter what, our aim is maintain a happy and productive at-home working environment.

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Tips When Working From Home

Healthy Eating Habit

On top of everything else, you should keep yourself healthy, so eat well. Never check anything on your email or facebook without having a breakfast at all. This should be the start of every morning even you are not leaving the house.

Shower and Dress Up

Because you are not going to report to anyone, it is tempting to stay in your sleeping clothes and have a shower whenever you feel like it.  Have a nice bath and dress your best (you can be in your professional clothes if you really want to) makes you feel more professional and ready to work.  Taking the shower early in the morning prevents me from being lazy and lethargic all day.

Make a Routine

Make it a point to wake up early every day. Even if I am going to stay at home all day, I want to make sure I get up early and sleep when needed. This is one of the main reasons why I ended my office work just recently. Complete rest and sleep at night time can never be paid off by my salary anymore.  My body is aching for a healthy routine.

Exercise and Refresh

Taking a walk inside the village is a good way to exercise and freshen up. Visit the grocery, take a walk if possible.  When I come back home, I feel like I just arrived in the office and is ready to start another thing that is productive.   It is also important to maintain a physical separation of work and home and that is what I achieve from walking.

Working Space

This is one of the important things also, I have set a specific place at home where my computer is stationed and it’s only where I do my work and other income generating stuff. With this, I am able to keep my place happy and stress free.

These are just few I can share, add or minus depends on how you want things to be. If you are working online like me, congratulations!  You’ve done one of the tough decision a traditional employee hates to entertain.

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