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Make Web Pages That Actually Convert

Considering your website like your job interview helps in many ways. There is only one chance to prove it to be a good website and to make a good impression. Once you know what you have to exhibit when it comes to your website, it is a good idea to write it down, make a list of what you should and should not do.

There are certain things that you should and should not do when it comes to website designing. Even if you want your website to be remembered, do it by making it so with the appropriate content, not flair that will get you little to nothing.

Web Pages

When it comes to professional websites, the pressure is immense. It has to be an individual branch of the company but at the same time it has to be integrated with the company itself. If the website looks nothing like the company is promotes, it will only confuse the people who visit it and fail to impress them.

Make it Clutter Free

Things like ads, pop ups, icons, badges, gadgets, buttons and etc. all might have been entertaining when the internet trend started, now they are annoying. They break the thought process a person has when they are looking through your website and more often than not, they irritate. Trying to keep everything simple and embracing flat designs rather than flashy ones will do your website a lot of good.


One of the best things you can do it to go to popular websites and see what they are presented like. Notice what you like about them, think on why they are so popular. Research before you make your website and it will benefit the company represented by the webpage and, by association, your work.

Use Visual Hierarchy

This term defines what your eyes are drawn to when you first open a web page. Is it a certain pattern or the search bar, everything at the top of the web page or do the features on the sides of the page attract your attention? All these questions mean that the most important spaces will be revealed after a quick scan. Make sure to put all your important information in these places so they are easily seen.

Make it Legible

Text of a website is crucial. It will be your means to get the information across and answer the questions before they have been asked. However, there has to be a certain font that you have to use. Do not make your readers squint to read what is written, make it easy on their eyes. What you should focus on when it comes to the font must include:

  • Careful color schemes
  • Font size is legible
  • Stick to one font

Making the website as user friendly as possible is one of the most important things you can do when it comes to designing a webpage. If they can’t tolerate it, it will go to waste. It’s all about thinking about the user, really!


Steps Before Hiring A Web Developer

There are several minor steps that have to be taken before, during and after a webpage has to be designed, developed and published. If you are new to the entire process, you have to ensure that each step is conducted with complete care and precaution. If you are hiring a professional, you will have lesser things to worry about.

However, if your developer does not know what he is doing, things might get worse. Therefore, when hiring a web developer following is some of the most important steps that you must go about.

These steps will ensure the protection of your entire business and smooth running of your website:

  1. You should know exactly what you need.

    It is true that you are hiring a web developer because you want to get things done and need their help. But this does not mean that you act like a completely ignorant web person in front of the developer. This might make them feel like they can fool you into paying more than their job is worth.

    They might also deprive your webpage of its integrity by doing things their way and not your way. Therefore, before setting up a meeting with your developer you must know what your needs are.

  2. Every person on the journey to earn money chooses to invest little but profit a lot.

    When it comes to web designing, this might just be the biggest mistake you make. It is not a smart decision to pick a web developer who is cheap. Cheaper is not always better. Why would you want to pick someone who is less experienced only because he is cheaper?

    He might cost you your business by mishandling it. It is better to invest a lot in the development of a website because it is the highest form of marketing. If you invest well in developing it, your profit will definitely be higher too.Web Developer

  3. If you have finally found someone who you feel can do the job the way you want it to be done, do not just rush into hiring them, check their credentials.

    A web developer might be a con artist and you do not want to pay him a lot of money and be left empty handed by the end of it all. Once you have picked someone, see if they are affiliated with a company or not. More so, talk to their old clients to see if they are as good as they claim to be. This step is to have you feeling completely at peace with your decision.

  4. Choose a web developer who takes what you want, a step further.

    Though it is okay if a web developer does as you tell him to, it is even better if he gives way to your expectations in the grandest way possible. Pick an individual who does what you say but kicks it up a notch and educates you along the way.

With these steps you are guaranteed to find someone who fits your needs and is the perfect choice.

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Edinburgh based Scott Heron has been a web designer and SEO expert for over 10 years now. Visit Scott at this website for his web design services.



Reasons Why Use Responsive Web Design For Your Website

In this age of information, access to different information resources has becoming easier. When computers were developed, information technology also emerged. Hence, the development of any other medium help people to provide, share and access information.

Today, we can access information through desktops, laptops, tablets and even in mobile devices. Hence, it is important for marketers to adapt these technologies for they bring great impact on the market. RWD (a responsive web design) is becoming popular nowadays because it allows a website to be seen similarly on different devices. Many of the known websites have gone responsive like Starbucks, Disney, Boston Globe, and Time Magazine.

The truth about a responsive web design is that it is a programming technique to in developing a website. A website was developed using a responsive web design can be seen clearly on many devices unlike a responsive web design websites that when viewed using mobile devices tend to become messy. For web developers, a responsive web design is the answer in adapting the continuous and fast change in technology.

Many have tried and implemented a responsive web design in their websites. And they proved to be effective. Here are some reasons why you should use one:

Responsive Web Design

5 Reasons Why Use A Responsive Web Design  For Your Website

A responsive web design makes the developers create a better website.

Remember that everything in your website counts. Hence, with the use of a responsive web design, your developers will focus not only on the bigger details but also on small ones. The result would be a cleaner and more functional website. It also affects positively the usability, speed and SEO.

Helps improve ROI in your developer’s time.

It would be difficult if you will just simply focus on one platform considering that technology nowadays changes fast and so are the market. Hence, it would be wise to develop a system that runs through multiple platforms. It would save a lot of time and it will have great return on the value of the system.

It is your shield against new innovations on devices.

We all know that there are new updates on technology every now and then especially when it comes to mobile technology. New devices come with new features like bigger screens. Using a responsive web design, you need not to reprogram your system even if there are new devices that will emerged on the market.

Google supports sites that are using a responsive web design.

Google actually suggests that website owners should use a responsive web design in developing their websites. This is because it solves many issues in content duplication whenever search engines crawl your website. This eliminate errors in listings and is actually improves your ranking.

Increases the usability of your website.

The usability of your website is important  because it determines user satisfaction. If the user is satisfied with your service, they tend to return and you will never hear any complains from them.

Final Words

Using a responsive web design is not just about having a connection with mobile users, but is also an entirely new strategy in reaching the market and getting your business at a higher level and keeping up with the online competition. The key factor is improving the usability resulting to a better service and improved SEO.


Why WordPress is the Best Blogging Platform

If you are a blogger or a blog enthusiast, you might be familiar with WordPress. It is the largest and most used blogging platform in the entire world wide web. Blogging has become more popular these days, not just for writers but also for internet marketers. For writers, it is the means of expressing your thoughts, ideas and experiences while for internet marketers, it is the means of attracting probable customers and to drive traffic towards the website.


WordPress is very easy to use and is ideal for beginners who want to learn more about blogging. In WordPress, you will not feel like you are left alone. WordPress provides tutorial on how to make a good and effective blogs. Tips will be available for you if you want and take note, these all are for free.

But what really makes WordPress the Number 1 blogging platform?

Here are the answers:

1. WordPress is an easy-to-learn CMS. To use WordPress does not require to have knowledge in web development or any formal education regarding on web- based programming. Many bloggers said that WordPress is the most user- friendly Content Management System. Tools are already provided for your convenience. They are easy to use and it allows your creative mind to design your web without limitations.  You do not need to hire profesional web developers to make the website for you and that will cost you a lot.

2. WordPress Interface is very attractive and looks great to the eyes. Aside from it, WordPress pagination allows you to manage different web pages.

3. What is more good to hear than being free. Yes, through WordPress, you can download WordPress plugins for your websites for free. There are lots of plugins and these all are free. You always have a lot of alternatives in which you can choose the best for your blog.

4. The themes offered are great . WordPress has the largest collection of themes in which you can choose from – both paid and free themes. This collection of themes will surely have the perfect fit for every person’s personality.

5. WordPress also have lots of resources. If you need something to add in your blogs, you can find it in WordPress. Also, you will receive notifications if there are update needed for your blogs.

Final Words Why WordPress is the Best Blogging Platform

WordpressBlogging is not just for sharing one’s thought and ideas. Many online marketers had seen the effectiveness of blogs in marketing that is why they used blogs as tool for their marketing strategy. Most of them used WordPress as their blogging platform. Why? It is because WordPress is already SEO- friendly and bloggers do not need to worry much on optimizing their blogs for search engines. All they have to do is to write good quality contents to attract more readers.

However, if you opt to have your own domain, you will have it. Many professional bloggers said that WordPress is the best Return on Investment (ROI) for your blog. Is not that great? You would be able to earn money and at the same time you are enjoying writing.

Have you made the switch? If you recently migrated or planning to move your current blog to WordPress, tell and share us your story on why did you transferred and what’s your reason for moving to WordPress.


Create Stunning Sites with These Free Website Builders

Many people find it difficult to have a website. Before, putting up  website is very expensive. In order to have your own website you have to hire your own web developers and graphic designers. Aside from paying these people, you also have to purchase hardware and software needed for your website.

Luckily today, there are lots of websites that offers free website building and web hosting. These sites offer awesome packages.

 Check out these top five free website builder


free website

It is one of the most popular and most used free website builder. Wix is very easy to learn and user-friendly. Wix does not require you to have knowledge in programming but offers you a SEO friendly technology.

 Wix offers a large number of templates that covers almost for every type of website that  is why it is very popular to people who are very particular in graphics design like artists and photographers.

 To start your Wix adventure all you have to do is click the button “get started”. The site will ask for your email address and password to be used. When you finish  the registration process, you will be redirected to a new page with different options for your next step. Wix also offers a 24/7 technical support.

IM Creator

free website

ImCreator offers an awesome packages including free web hosting and professional look templates. Websites created in Imcreator are

You do not have to worry about compatibility issue. Websites created in Imcreator are compatible almost in all platforms even on mobile.


free website

Weebly is an ideal website builder for bloggers because it offers tons of themed templates and it is one of the best and easy  to learn website. There is no need for you to have a technical background in web development just to use Weebly.

One of the main features of Weebly is that managing your multimedia is made very easy and they have a reliable technical support.


free website

Most of the templates offered by Moonfruit are original and more colorful than any other website builders. If you are a businessman and looking forward to make a website for your business then building your website in Moonfruit will be a big help in the promoting your business for free.

Another good thing about Moonfruit is that it is SEO friendly. Having an SEO friendly website is a big advantage for your business.


free website

Like all other free site- building websites, Talkspot also offers free web hosting and lot of beautiful templates to choose from. But what really makes Talkspot differ from other sites is that they provide a detailed video tutorial for newbies and they offer a lot more free packages.

Final Thoughts

I recently bumped on to a website where they are listing and giving reliable reviews of free website builders. Please check www.website-builder.net/free for a wide list of free sites where you can start creating your website or perhaps you very own blog.

These websites offer free web hosting however, if you want your site to be more optimized and you want to have your own domain then you have to pay for it.


Tips For Lowering Down Web Design Cost

Today every single business on earth has a website of its own; regardless of whether you own a small or a big business, having a website is a necessity. With the growing need of websites, people have also started considering options that will lower down the web design cost. With this, affordable web designers have also stepped in the picture. Not only you can find several affordable web designers but they are highly efficient as well; they can design you a very useful website within your budget which will surely acquire a good ranking just because of its user friendly design.

Tips For Lowering Down Web Design Cost

Go for Freelancersweb design

If you are looking for web designers who will get the job done within reasonable rates or staying in your budget; I would suggest that you hire developers from India who are pretty affordable. You will find several web designers who will give you quality services and not go beyond your budget. Not only affordable web designers can be found in India but all around the world; for instance, you can get a hold of many freelance web designers who come cheaper compared to web designing companies. I would not really suggest that you go with all those big web designing companies because they usually charge a lot. Although their services are extra ordinary and they will get the job done exactly the way you want them too but several individual web designers can do the same thing as well for a lower price.

image credit

Free Themes

The only thing that can lower your web design cost is going with affordable web designers and skipping on things such as premium themes for your website that will ask for investment. If you have chosen WordPress for your blog or website’s platform, you can choose from thousands of free themes to apply as well. Such techniques can help in saving a lot. Other than this you can go with a cheap web designer.

Do Your Homework First

Remember, cheap is not always bad but you need to do your research before hiring a web designer who will work for a lower price. Always check the designer’s past work and ask for sample work. It is best that you go for designers who have created websites relevant to what your website will be like before. See their work and approve if you like it. Finding something that will cost lower than usual is not easy but not too hard either; depends on your research.

About the Guest Author
Do you want to get more information on the author? This article has been written by Jonathan who is a contributor for mensroadbike.co.uk where you can get some tips on choosing your bike.


Why You Need a Mobile-Optimized Website For Your Business

mobile-optimized websiteIf you only have one version of your website, you’re doing your business a great disservice. If you want your business to be current and keep up with trends in technology, you absolutely need a mobile-optimized website. In today’s digital climate, you can’t afford not to have one. People are on the go more than ever before, and you need to create a website for your business that meets their needs. If you don’t offer a mobile version of your website, your customers may move on to someone who does.

Important reasons why you need to create a mobile-optimized website for your business now.

A Unique Viewpoint
A mobile-optimized website is so important because it allows people to easily access the information your website offers from their mobile phones. Millions of people have smartphones with Internet access that they use to view websites. The original, main version of your website won’t look the same on the very small screen of a smartphone as it does on a computer screen. Traditional websites can be very hard to view and navigate on smartphones because the layout gets distorted. It can require too much scrolling and clicking, and it can contain too much information that just isn’t necessary for mobile users. If smartphones users access your website and find it too difficult to navigate, they will very quickly leave and never return. If your website contains Flash, iPhone users won’t even be able to see those elements.

image credit

Streamlined Information
When smartphone users access your website on the go, they’re hoping for an entirely different experience than when they’re on their computers. Mobile users are accessing your website because they’re looking for very specific information that they want to find quickly and easily. They don’t have the time to browse. They want the most important details right away. They’re most often looking for information that they require immediately, such as pricing information, contact information, event details, or directions. A mobile-optimized website is designed to provide them with the information they’re looking for. Other details, such as your business’ mission statement or company party photos, are unnecessary and only detract from the mobile experience.

Getting Started
More and more people are using smartphones to access the web, it’s absolutely essential that your business develop a mobile-optimized website that complies with that trend. If you only have one version of your website, people will think your business is behind on the times. Just because you have a mobile-optimized website doesn’t mean smartphone users can’t access original content. You can always give them the option to switch to the main version of your website if they prefer it. It isn’t difficult to develop a mobile-optimized website, either. If you created your business’ website yourself, you have the skills to create a mobile version, too. There are also many companies and programs online that will help you optimize your website for mobile users. Creating a mobile-optimized website is actually a very simple endeavor, so don’t wait to design one for your business.


Top 6 Must-Have WordPress Plugins

If you are an experienced blogger with WordPress or an absolute newbie, you will want to make your blog the best it can be. One of the ways to do that is with Plugins.

There are a lot of different plugins available. There are so many, in fact, trying to determine which ones to select can be quite difficult. There is a plugin for almost everything, and for almost everything with a plugin, there is more than one to choose from.

wordpress plugins

image credit

There are some WordPress plugins that are essential. The following are just six of the must-have plugins that can help to make your blog amazing.

1.) Google Analytics for WordPress

Google Analytics is one of the best tools for monitoring what kind of traffic, and therefore what kind of success, your blog is experiencing. The Google Analytics for WordPress plugin lets you do that much easier, and it also comes with additional tools and features beyond what Google already offers. This essential plugin gives you the real breakdown on how your site has been doing.

2.) VaultPress

Writing that blog is a lot of hard work, but just imagine if something happened to it! You want to keep your blog secure, and VaultPress is just the plugin to do that. Among other things, it creates a full backup of your blog. In the event of a sever server emergency (which unfortunately really does happen), all of your work is backed up with this powerful plugin.

3.) DiggDigg

It is important for your blog to have social and share buttons. Social media is the big time, and if your content isn’t getting shared, you aren’t getting the visitors you could. Using the Digg Digg plugin, you make it easy as can be for your visitors to share your content and like it on 20 top sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. To keep your blog modern and to help your readership grow, the functionality that Digg Digg gives you is absolutely vital.

4.) WP Super Cache

Your visitors love it when your blog loads quickly and reliably every time they visit. If your blog is slow or doesn’t load altogether, your visitors will become someone else’s visitor s as they click away to another site, and if this happens to often, they just won’t come back. This doesn’t have to happen with this plugin. WP Super Cache creates a static copy of your blog so that it can load quickly and consistently, even if you have a high volume of traffic because your blog is such a crazy big success.

5.) Contact Form 7

Your readers must have a viable way to get in contact with you. Not only do you want to be transparent and available for feedback, but if you can’t be contacted, you will most like miss out on opportunities to make some money from your blog. You also don’t want to just slap your email address all over your pages and posts, as then ever scammer will be able to copy your email quickly and easily to their list. You want comment forms, and this is just the plugin to give them to you. This app supports multiple contact forms, which means you can have different forms for different things that go to different email addresses. By using Contact Form 7, you can be sure that the offer to do paid guest posts goes to the email box on your smartphone and less pressing messages can be relegated to somewhere else.

6.) WordPress SEO by Yoast

Most bloggers now are all aware of optimizing their contents for better search engine exposure. WordPress SEO by Yoast really does it all. A must have plugin for every wordpress  (self hosted) blogger. This is by far the best SEO plugin for wordpress I have tried. Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin will give you control over these SEO elements:

  1. Post Titles & Meta Descriptions
  2. Robots.txt and .htaccess
  3. Canonical
  4. Breadcrumbs
  5. Clean Up of Head Section
  6. Permalink Clean Up
  7. XML Sitemaps
  8. RSS Enhancements
  9. Robots Meta Configuration

Whether  you are new into blogging or have been into blogging for quiet sometime now, choosing the suitable plugins for your blog is the first thing that you should consider.  If you know any free WordPress plugin that can do a lot of help, feel free to share at the comment section.



Designing a Perfect Website

To be able to make a website work, the most important thing to consider is it must be well-designed. A website design has to bring an impact, excitement, and attention your visitors to intervene and explore what you have to proffer. Your design has to set off the curiosity of your visitors and make them desire for more. Your visitors must be informed, convinced, and of course, entertained of the things you will offer.

More significantly, your website has to induce them to come back again to your site and ask for your service again.

Making a website that actually works begins with its design. Excellent design means having excellent content, as letting your visitors to have options and ways to explore what you must offer. To do well in creating a successful website, you have to know first the important rules in website design.

website design

5 Important Rules in Website Design

  • Never Use Splash Pages

Do we need to use splash pages? No, we almost certainly shouldn’t. Splash screen (or a landing page) is a first page of a website that doesn’t have the actual content, but gives visitors some type of perception or background details for what the site is about. The design of these pages most of the time isn’t connected to the general site design. And even though most sites don’t use them, splash pages are sometimes essential and thus stay popular.

  • Avoid Excessive Banner  Advertisements

Almost everyone who is surfing in a certain website will be annoyed when they see numerous banner ads popping out. You only waste precious website real state when you decided to include them, rather than just putting some valuable associate links into relevant content. You have to give your visitors the appeal of the website directly devoid of splatter page.

  • Have a Simple and Clear Navigation

You have to give a simple and extremely directed navigation menu; therefore it will be easier for anyone to explore your website, no matter how old they are. Try to avoid putting complicated designs and Flash based menus or numerous dropdowns that will confused your visitors. If your visitors are hot-tempered and they can’t figure out how to navigate it, they will probably leave your site.

  • Have a Clear Indication of Where the User is

When the visitors are directly affianced in browsing your website, you would gladly like to guide your visitors to the part of the website where they wanted to be right away. By that, they will instantly navigate or find the information they seeking in your website. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t make your visitors to go away by confusing them.

  • Avoid using Audio on Your Site

Putting audio on your website is will definitely annoy your visitors if they need to stay longer on your site reading some of your content; this is really not suggestible if you’re creating a website. Although even you really want to put a certain audio on it, make sure that anyone can control it over, like putting a volume control and they can mute it whenever they feel like to.

Website designing cannot be limited to a small area or to a certain point of view or procedure, it relies on the person’s skills and option, yet there are certain common rules to be pursued by anyone planning to design or creating a website

Designing a website, you have to consider that you are creating this for your visitors and not for yourself. You have to meet your visitors’ expectations, you have to make your visitors extra comfortable and convinced them to visit your website again and suggest it to their friends.


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