Advantages of a Mobile-ready Website

In this computing age, everybody owns a mobile phone.  Most people nowadays use mobile phones to browse the web. Because of this trend, it is important for webmasters to design their websites to be mobile- friendly. It is to ensure that graphics and contents will not mess up when viewed using mobile phones.

Mobile ready

Mobile marketing has proved to be effective for some good reasons. Since most people today bring their mobile phones together with them, it is the most effective tool in reaching out your customers as well as getting probable clients. It is important to make your business mobile- ready so whenever the customer wants to browse your website via mobile, they can view them easily.

Make sure that your website’s content is complete. So whenever the customer visits your site, he would found the information he is looking for. This will increase the engagement rate of customers to your site. According to research came from Omniture, “mobile- optimized experiences produced an average 75% higher rate of engagements per visit for mobile users”.

Making your website mobile-ready will also improve your brand’s visibility. Having a positive online experiences, the customer will have a good brand image of your company. Remember that in marketing you aim to build an integrity in your brand name. Since the number of mobile web users are growing rapidly, your competitors are also increasing. You have to make a way to standout.

Mobile phones are indeed a great marketing tool for your business. It enhances accessibility, mobility and exposure. Here are some simple tips to make your website mobile friendly.

Tips to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

1. Mobile users are tech savvy, so you have to optimize your website. It is more efficient to create a website separate for mobile users. By doing this, you are making way for the customers to have an easy access into your website. You are providing them an easy navigation and a good online experience. Remember that your website looks different when you view it using a desktop. Desktop computers have wider screens in which you can view your website’s designs and contents perfectly while in mobile and smart phones, they may look messy for these devices are much more smaller than desktops.

2. When designing a website for mobile users, you have to consider the designs and contents. Make sure that your website is easy to access (that means it should load fast because  the customers do not want to wait for so long, you may loss probable customers), interactive and relevant. It is not necessary to have animations and flash designs because the customers might not appreciate it very much. Remember that mobile phones have smaller screens and too much graphics may slow down the loading of your website.

Final Words

It is also essential for you having even basic knowledge in SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Since the competition is brought online, it is important to make your website ranked on top of search engine rankings. Getting your website mobile friendly will greatly help in driving traffic towards your website.


Everything You Need To Know About Cloud Computing

Recently, with the cooperation of some of the big global technology companies held the first Cloud Computing Conference in the Philippines and Cebu was the chosen venue. The one day conference highlighted why cloud computing helps not just businesses but government institutions as well. The event was made successful with the joint efforts of ArcusIT, VMWare, Data One Asia, NetSuite, AppXys, Comfac Global, Globe Business and Intel Philippines.

Cloud Computing

The article below is inspired from the recent CloudCamp Cebu.

Is Cloud Computing The Next Big Thing?

 We all know that internet has become a necessity and not just a want. In living today’s society, having an internet connection is a must.. The latest technology that is trending now over the internet is the “cloud computing”. Does it sounds new to your ears? Let me give you a little information about this cloud computing.

 Cloud computing is a technology in which allows you to access shared computing resources such as internet applications and services, storage, networks and servers  with minimal effort and management. According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology, cloud computing is is a major break through that greatly affects the economy.

Cloud computing is a technology that integrates Information Technology with commerce which results to a cost-effective business models. With the help of resource pooling or sometimes called as “configurable computing resources”, a significant cost- saving plans can be realized. Resource pooling is the most significant characteristic of cloud computing. It is the ability to serve and cater the requests of multiple users with the aide of multi- tenant model and through the the use of different virtual and physical resources which are dynamically assigned accordingly depending on the demands.

Cloud computing is indeed an efficient and effective tool towards a better business performance however, lot of people do not understand the benefits it brings because of lack of knowledge regarding about this technology.

Cloud computing is very complex and quite difficult to understand. But let me make it simpler for you. If you are fond of using email and uploading files online, you are already using cloud computing unknowingly. Yes, cloud computing allows you to store, manage, fetch, utilize different files that are accessible using the internet. Another example is that when you are using online communication tools like Skype, Gmail, and even video sharing sites like Youtube are also using using cloud computing.

cloud computing

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Internet services like online file storage and back- up, Customer Relationship Management or CRM and file synchronization are also examples of applications that are using cloud computing. Lot of businesses are using cloud computing for their benefits like creating their own cloud which are only accessible to certain people and that could be integrate to other services.

Advantages of Cloud Computing

Cloud ComputingSince many people  have seen the benefits of cloud computing, many people have used its capabilities for the development and improvement of their business. The major benefit that it offers is its flexibility. Using cloud computing, your staff that are outside the office or working remotely can access the necessary files wherever and whenever they need them.

As long as they have an internet access, they could fetch the information. Remember that today’s technology allows us to access the internet using our mobile phones which are very efficient. Also, this technology would allow your staff to work with coordination even if they are not on the same workplace.

If you want your business to be up and running 24 hours, then cloud computing must be a wonderful tool for you. This easy and fast- access technology will definitely help you make your business running 24/7, you only have to make sure that you are connected to internet.

Another good reason why you should consider cloud computing is that it is a lot more cheaper and requires lesser labor. You do not have to worry about purchasing expensive software because all software you needed is available online and take note most of these applications are free of charge.

Since cloud computing is available online, there is a limitless storage capacity in which accessible to all your staff or personnel that you want these files to be accessed. You can access these files even outside office hours just like when Christmas Holidays.

Cloud Computing

Businessmen will surely like this technology because it does not require to hire an IT specialist that will surely save you a lot of money. You do not have to spend a lot of bucks for the maintenance for these services are online and it is up to the IT team to resolve certain issues. If you have to upgrade these services, you just have to pay a considerable amount.

Upgrading is also not a problem. With cloud computing, updates are regular so you will be sure that you are up- to- date in every new trends happening in the cloud.

If you opt for green business then cloud computing will surely reduce the pollution because this technology needs not to consume power a lot.

Final Thoughts

Though cloud computing is very useful and many businessmen see it as a blessing, there are some that doubts its security. Since all data are stored online.


Bitrix24 – Your Very Own Social Intranet

Bitrix24 is a new social intranet platform that’s 100% free for small businesses and teams that have fewer than 12 members. Intranet is a computer network technology that allows information, operational systems and computing services to be shared within a particular organization. Intranet is different from internet because the former refers to networks within or inside the organization only, while the latter refers to the networks between organizations. Intranet is very important in an organization because the network is only accessed by the members of the organization. Hence, the information within the organization is highly secured and reliable.

Bitrix24 offers the most sophisticated intranet services ever.

Awesome features of Bitrix24

Social Network Features

BitRix24 allows social networking within the organization. Social communications enhances the potential not only of the company but also the people working in it.

Activity Stream – Users will be keep informed of what is happening inside the company . Activity Stream covers the social, production and mixed-function division of the intranet.

Conversations – It is an easy and fast way to begin the collaboration on a project, task or documents. Images and documents may also be attached in conversations.

Instant Messenger – Instant messages and system messages are delivered using internal messenger. Documents and files can also be sent using this internal messenger. Its features also include adding and searching contacts, status indicator (indicates if the user is busy or available).

Photo Gallery – This feature allows the user to create photo albums. The user has the control over his photo albums.

Mobile Version – What I like the most about Bitrix24 is that its services are available thru mobile devices. That means you will be able to work even outside of your office. In other words, you can work anywhere you are. Through the use of its mobile version, you will be able to view tasks and documents, discuss projects and make comments. Communication with your colleagues are made easy with the aid of internal messenger and Activity Stream.

Company Features

Employee Search – Bitrix24 provides the administrators to have a fast-access employee search. This feature allows the user to search in alphabetical index or by position.

Company Structure – using this feature, department heads as well as administrators will be able to view all the tasks of their subordinates. This feature shows the hierarchy of the organization with complete departments and its sub-departments.

Access Permissions– users can only access information which they are allowed to view. Also, BitRix24 provides you an option whether to grant permission on different departments, workgroups or individual users.

Tasks and Project Management Features

Gantt Chart – One good thing about BitRix24 is that it provides Gantt chart. This is not just a simple Gantt chart. Using this Gantt chart, you can view your task with status, people responsible for the task and the chronological relationships.

Report Builder – Reports are very convenient way in determining how many tasks are being worked on and how many are already done. Report builder lets you gather data fields that are needed then evaluate the work efficiency, effectiveness and total time spent on a particular project or task

Extranet – Extranet allows third parties like partners, clients and service providers to access some information in a separate and secure workgroups.

Document Management Features

Document Management – if you worry too much of the availability and security of your projects, files, messages and other important information of your organization, Bitrix24 offers 24/7 services and all your projects and files are available only in a single address where only you and your colleagues have the access.

Private and Shared Documents – Each user profile has its own ‘Files’ section. This ‘Files’ section is a personal file storage in which other members have no access. Good thing about this feature is that any private files can be transferred into Shared Files folder so that other members can access the file.

Bitrix24 offers a lot more features and services. Learn more about Bitrix24, check their website ( now


How Norton 360 Can Protect Your Computer?

As technology is used for constructive purpose the same can be used for destructive purpose as well. While sharing of knowledge helps you prosper stealing or harming your computer resources will destroy your fortunes.

Hence, it is essential to protect your computer from all kinds of virus and malicious code. Norton 360 presented by Symantec Corporation is one of the robust anti-virus software available in the market. Even though there are a number of anti-virus products in the market, the need of the hour is the ability to act quickly and to consume less system resources.

Norton 360 gives you 360° of protection to your computer. As you explore information in the front end, Norton will perform required operations in the background.

Norton 360

Harmful areas

There are various means through which virus may infect your computer. It is possible to get infected when you exchange information from SD cards and thumb drives. When a computer exchanges information with a corrupt computer in a LAN (Local Area Network), it may be affected by the virus.

The chances of virus infection are more when your computer is connected to the internet. When you land on unsafe websites your computer is likely to be affected by the virus. Hackers will try to steal personal information from your computer by tracking your footprints carefully. Your sensitive information should be protected by all means.

A virus can corrupt various web applications. Corrupt files may intrude your mail box. Advertisements posted on various sites and cookies are potential threats to the security of your computer.

Online protection

As the protection software warns you against potential threats from downloaded files you will be to prevent the entry of harmful files in your computer. The fully automated software will protect your computer on 24/7 basis. It efficiently handles botnets which is employed by hackers to collect your private information.

You are protected from Phishing sites. One of the greatest advantages with Norton 360 is that you will be able to login to online banking and shopping sites with one touch mechanism. As you are not required to enter username and password information, login details cannot be traced by keylogger software.

Norton 360 protects your browser so that it will not fall prey to malware intrusions. The software will be updated on a continuous basis and consume minimum system resources. You can utilize the automatic backup facility in addition to the 2GB secured online data storage. You are not going to compromise on system boot up time. Your system will be protected from unauthorized wireless network access. Even if you enter into unsecured network, you will get a warning message.

Norton 360 advantage

The software fights against virus, worms, and Trojan horses and can prevent all kinds of hacking attempts. With Norton 360 in your hand, you can erase suspicious mail completely from the Inbox. When Norton is installed on your computer you can surf websites with peace of mind. Norton 360 is capable to thwart spyware attacks.

You can play online games and share information with your friends through social networking sites. Norton 360 has provision to check the authenticity of a website. This is useful to make secure financial transactions through banking and online shopping portals. The anti-virus software will check the certificates of the website and will monitor the site to check any suspicious activities on the site.

With updated Norton 360 at your disposal you can download files from various sources without any worries. Even if you suspect after downloading a file, you will be able to block the file immediately. In spite of providing the best possible care to prevent all kinds of attacks on your computer, Norton 360 advises users to take backup of important files at regular intervals. This will help you manage with the available information in emergency situations. The software will optimize the performance of your hard drive by removing the unnecessary muddle.


It is required to install highly efficient anti-virus software to keep your computer safe at all times. It is required to check files and devices from the time the computer is booted and until it is switched off. As prevention is better than cure it is always advisable to install robust anti-virus software.

The software should be updated periodically to prevent latest malware and hacking attempts. Norton 360 is an award winning protection software that prevents all kinds of cyber threats. The software implements leading intelligence system to scan the entire computer to detect the presence of unwanted and harmful files.

Jane Sheeba is a passionate blogger and an experienced consultant. She also writes for a website that features norton 360 coupon and carbonite offer code 2012. You can make use of grand discounts offered by Norton 360 and Carbonite to get the best protection for your computer.


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