Social Media Tips


Use Social Media With Ease To Promote Your Small Business

Are you using social networking sites to promote your small business? If you aren’t, you may be missing out on potential sales. Although you don’t have to be a marketing expert to benefit from social media marketing, you do have to know how to utilize the programs effectively to keep the cost affordable, yet grow your business.

Interact with consumers

Although there are social media software programs available to help you manage multiple social media accounts, avoid automating all the tasks. While automation leaves you with more time to manage other aspects of your business, it’s still important to communicate with your customers on a personal level by engaging with them in real time.

Anyone who “likes” you on Facebook or follows you on Twitter is a potential customer. But while automated replies allow you to stay active on social media when you can’t be online, you should interact personally whenever possible. Take the time to address some of the comments people leave — both positive and negative. Even if you can’t reply to every comment and message you receive, make an effort to reply to several comments each day.

When people post really amazing comments, consider re-tweeting their tweet or “liking” their Facebook page. Give those users a shout out by tagging them in a comment. Extend them the interest they extend to you. Each day visit the Twitter pages of some of your fans.

Ask for input and then listen to what people have to say

Give both current and potential new customers the opportunity to tell you what they think about the products or services you offer. If there is something your business isn’t doing well, take the feedback you receive from followers and implement their suggestions whenever possible.

Give followers a reason to check your social media sites frequently

Host debates on Twitter, or run contests and giveaways at regular intervals. Set up contests so that individuals must engage with your site to be eligible to enter.Consumers love to enter giveaways that offer products or services for FREE.

Get followers to return to your site by posting information that ties to your business or industry, but that helps them in some way. For example, if you sell exercise equipment, post articles that offer advice for helping people get on a path to improved health. Consumers generally find FREE but valuable information as attractive as free items. You can also designate a specific day each week or month to post your latest sales or special promotions.

Use social media to help others

Avoid using social media venues simply to attract more business. Use social networks to reach out and help others. Participate in fund raising campaigns at different times throughout the year by donating a portion of your sales to charitable causes, including charities that benefit your own local area. Look for ways to work with other businesses to make the communities you serve better places.

You don’t have to be a social media marketing guru to implement a successful social media marketing campaign. The key is to be actively involved on social networking sites. Get to know your followers; allow them to get to know you, and more business is sure to follow — pun intended.



The Benefits of a Social Media-Friendly Website

Creating a social media-friendly website can be so rewarding and lets you enjoy the benefits that comes along with it. Here are some of the benefits that you might want to enjoy and might make you reconsider to create or transform your current website into a social media-friendly one.

Social Media

The Benefits of a Social Media-Friendly Website

Engaging and Interactive

A social media-friendly website provides engaging and interactive contents that people love and would result in having a wider range of audience as well as having a greater reach for your content through social media platforms. Also by utilizing web syndication you can provide constant fresh content through syndicated websites for your own as well as having your own content to reach further through your syndicated websites. Integrating your website with social media platforms and blog not only brings more additional content but can also be a catalyst for the social engagement of your brand. Although having social media widgets do not give you SEO benefit, it would still make up for the constant content and interactivity of your website.

Here’s an interesting fact that will surely entice you to be more active on social media.

  • 27% of time spent online is on social networking
  • Facebook boasts of 1.11 billion monthly active users
  • Twitter has a 550 million-user base
  • 50 Million Users Visit Pinterest

Higher Search Visibility

Joining and having social media network content to your website and having a direct connection with your audience; and talk about concerns, suggestions, and even criticisms help provide more information and make it easier for search engines to index, crawl and rank. Inbound links from your audience in social media platforms improve search visibility. Adding reviews and forum not only makes your website more social media-friendly but also adds more variety to your content through the contributions of your audience from the reviews and what they talk about on your forum. What people talk about in your forum also helps in stretching your search visibility.

Benefit of Sharing

Sharing can be beneficial, giving and sharing good content can in turn make your website reach out to the very depths of social media and other websites. With the help of social media your content along with your website can be shared countless times and bring in more traffic and prospective consumers.

Now here a very surprising and fascinating statistics about social media.

  • 2 new member registrations are acquired by Linkedin every 2 second
  • Porn sites are no longer the go-to sites on the web
  • About 93% of businesses uses social media
  • Privacy Settings? 25% of Facebook users doesn’t bother at this at all

Final Words

In conclusion to this topic, a social media-friendly website taps into the vast opportunities that social media communities provide. The power of the people to decide what great content is and what is worthy to be shared and talked about can be harnessed and be utilized in favor for your website. Making the steps in creating a social media-friendly website and keeping the traits that make it that way is essential to the success or failure of your website.


Social Media as a Tool for Advocacies

 Social media has gain a lot of popularity in the recent years. There are about eight hundred million of Facebook users worldwide. Each of them is actively using it at least twice a week. This figure is partly one of many reasons why organization uses social media to be a tool in promoting their advocacy.

There are lot of organizations that join the social media trend and successfully achieve their goals. Although each organization’s advocacy is different from each other, a lot of them share a common goal. That common goal is global awareness and convincing people to participate in their advocacies.

Social Media

Spreading a global cause

Day by day a new advocacy is born. You can find advocacies for the environment, for illnesses, and even for a particular person. All of them have one goal and that is to let everybody know about the advocacy. Using the social media is really a great tool to disseminate the information. It is a great tool in gathering advocates with similar causes. The social media can offer advocates a global venue to express their insight and outlook about a particular cause.

A thousand likes

Thanks to social media like Facebook getting advocates is a lot easier. If a person clicks the ‘like’ button to the advocacy; Facebook page advocates can receive updates and information about the cause. The more ‘like’ a page has the more advocates the cause will also have. It’s not impossible to see pages that have thousands of ‘likes’. This means that there are a lot of people who are sympathizing in the advocacy.

Faster information Dissemination

Facebook has provided organizations with advocacies to disseminate information faster. This provides an efficient way in updating news about the advocacy. Organizations can quickly upload pictures and videos about the advocacy. Within minutes other advocates all over the world can also upload their own pictures, videos and comments about the advocacy.

social mediaInteraction among Advocates

A very useful function of social media sites to organization is it allows interaction among the advocates. People can post a comment to other advocates post. It builds a deeper relationship to people with the same cause.  They will be more participative in discussions and forum on the page. Advocates can immediately respond to questions or comments by other people.

Multicultural Audience

You don’t need to be part of an existing group to share the advocacy. Anyone regardless of nationality, ethnic background or race can participate in the page advocacy. People from any country can contribute to the page cause. There are no restrictions for posting related resources about the cause. All advocates have equal rights to post and comments about the advocacy.

Free advocacy promotion

Using social media is free. It allows organization to spend less in promoting their advocacies. Organizations don’t have to pay for promotional advertisements. The advocates themselves will be doing their part and promote the cause. They can suggest it to all of their friends and by no time the page can have hundreds of thousands of advocates.

Having an advocacy is good especially if it helps a lot of people with common cause to make a difference in the world. A great way of using Social media sites responsibly is by promoting advocacies through it. Do your part now, you can click ‘like’ and suggest your advocacy.



How Social Media Helped Election Campaigns

Election period is when politicians become marketers. What d they market? Of course, nothing else but their selves. The are introducing their selves and what they can do to serve the people. The lower the position they are running, the lesser the effort they will make, and the higher the position, the greater the effort and comes along with it the cost.

Traditional elections campaigns use the traditional paper ads where their personal information and their achievements are usually written. Some politicians use radio and television as part of their election campaigns. However, this method costs bigger and not all politicians can afford to pay for these ads.

social media

Social media has played a great role in election campaigns. Politicians used it as their medium to connect to the people and inform them about their political plans and everything. We all know that on the internet, most people gather together virtually online on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Hence, politicians and business people see it as an opportunity introduce something. There are lots of ways in which you could do to optimize the use of social media. Consider the following.

Ways to Optimize Social Media for Election Campaigns

1. Your Facebook Page

Remember that Facebook is today’s largest social media site and the most number of members so make sure that you people will notice your presence in this site. Make a Facebook Page and make sure to make it interesting. Post relevant contents that are useful like upcoming events, your projects and other achievements. Avoid posting things that might give you a negative impact or make the people think that you are not a good leader. Images could be helpful, however, make sure that your images and those that you are tagged in with your friends are wholesome and in related with your position. Avoid images that will possibly ruin your career. You may trap the images that you are tagged in. Remember ‘a picture tells a thousand word’, so make sure that people only look at it in a positive way.

2. Make your presence known to every part of the online community.

To be able to introduce yourself in a larger audience, make sure that you can be found in anywhere online. You may use hashtags so your name can be easily found. Hashtag is a series of characters that starts with the symbol #.

3. In Social Media online interaction is important.

Introducing yourself alone is not enough, expect that they have questions in mind that they want to ask to you. Be ready to answer these questions and when you do, you have to answer them promptly. Make them feel that you are ready to answer their inquiries and their needs.

Final Words

Most politicians spoke of sweet words and make many promises, but you have to remember these words when you won the election. Some politicians tend to forgot their promises when they already in the position. Well you have to remember that if you still want to run for the next election, you have to keep all your promises, because if you don’t, you will surely have a hard time on your campaign  because people don’t forget easily.


Does Social Bookmarking Still Works?

Social bookmarking has been an effective pagerank strategy for website owners and bloggers. However, many SEO marketers are scared because of the changes in Google’s search algorithms. But there are also marketers who still find social bookmarking to be useful even in the many changes made by Google.

Social bookmarking works easily. You just have to find a social site that has a high page rank and accept public bookmarks for free. Create your own account then add your site with its descriptions and keywords. You will be surprised to receive positive updates in your rank. It is very easy, isn’t it? If you have not yet used this strategy then you better start learning it. Remember how great the impact of social networking sites on our lives like when Facebook has been introduced to the public. Social media has connected people like never before. Today, even children have their own social media accounts so you better grab and see this as a business opportunity.

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking has many benefits. If you know how to use social bookmarking, you will gain many benefits. This kind of online marketing is safe and very easy to use and has a considerably great impact on your site and your business in general.

If you still do not understand the benefits social bookmarking can give to you then  here are the following advantages of social bookmarking.

Advantages of Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking Makes Your Site Visible to a Larger Audience for Free

The first advantage social bookmarking will give to you is that it provides you an opportunity to make your site visible to a larger audience for free. Unlike any other services, this is the only strategy that would allow you to introduce yourself and your business in millions of people all over the world.

You Will Have More Ratings

Another is that, these  social sites have their own ranking systems, so whenever you get a like from a visitor, you will have more ratings. Also, if you get more votes, you also have more visitors.

Search Engines Would Also Track Your Site

Search engines normally track popular social networking sites. Because of this, search engines would also track your site  resulting to a higher page rank on search engine results pages.

Social bookmarking is an organic form of search engine optimization. Many has tried and most of them proved that this strategy still works. However, there are certain things that you need to consider before using social bookmarking. Many social sites banned those accounts that bookmarks its own site. It would be better if you add more sites, around two or three will do.

Another mistake that most marketers commit is the using the same keywords and descriptions repeatedly. You should avoid doing this because the changes in Google’s algorithms seek for something new and unique. You should have different sets of keywords and descriptions for every site. If ever you are asked of your blog’s name, just tell them your blog title only. Do not make it sound like an advertisement because they will not like it.


Effective Tips on Integrating Social Media Into Your Business Events

Are you an event marketer? What is your style in marketing? Are you still the traditional guerrilla marketer who are having a hard time on sampling programs, radio promotions and experiential activations? These traditional form of marketing may be somehow still effective but our world changes. We event marketers should look for other ways reach larger audience in a more cost – efficient manner.

Social media has become more and more popular these days. And many of your competitors are using these as tools in their marketing strategies. Of course, in order to keep your brand on track, you should know  online marketing tricks.


Social Media


Consider the following tips on how to integrate social media into your business events.

5 Effective Tips on Integrating Social Media Into Your Business Events

1. The #hasthtag is your best friend.

Since lots of people are connected online through social media, grab the opportunity to introduce your business. Use hashtags to do this. Hashtags are just series of characters that starts with the symbol #. Users use hashtags to categorize their message and search for related topics. If you use hashtag like #EventName or #BrandName, people will find your message easily.

Once people responded on your message, make sure that you give them a reply. It would be much more wiser if you provide updates in real – time. Include photos and relevant images on your posts to catch audience’s interests easily.

2. Online Interaction Affects Event Setup.

Since there is no personal interaction online, your online presence itself is important. This will help the readers to feel that you are serious about your service. Remember that in every event, there are group of people who are invited and attend. With the use of social media, you would be able to cultivate these groups individually and simultaneously.

It would also be wise if you let the attendees to have a participation in the event like you let them choose the cocktail selection of the lineup of DJs for the event. Running simple promotions on social media like Facebook and Twitter will allow your social communities to control their event experiences.

However, for those who cannot attend the event personally, you can also give them the event experience by letting them see what is happening in the event through real – time updates. Some concert promoters even allow their viewers to pick the song order and who they want to sing the song.

3. Social Influence Provides VIP rewards.

Having a VIP in your event will give difference not only in the event but for you as well. A VIP will bring a certain clout level. You can measure one’s social influence through online tools like Klout. Klout is an online tool that utilizes certain algorithms to measure a person’s social influence. If you have higher Klout score, the more people you are influencing. If you have a  VIP on your event, your event will become positively viral instantly.

4. Product Trials Provide Social Currency.

You can hire many attractive promo girls and brand ambassadors but it is not enough. You should give rewards to consumers who try your products. For event promotions,     give them free music downloads or special event access. If you allow your consumers to walk away with a level of social currency, they will surely bring your event and your brand in particular through online conversations and network connections.

They will surely remember your brand even after the event.

5. Social Media Validation is fun

Remember the primary reason why consumers should attend the event – it should be fun. It should be socially friendly. Let the attendees experience the event and satisfy them with your services. Make them feel they are important part of the event and enjoy how fast your event’s social marketing develops.


How To Choose The Best Guest Blogger For Your Site

As a blogger, it is very important for us to increase the number of visitors in your site. However, it would be a great help if there is somebody who will help you to take over some writing tasks. A guest blogger can help you out with this problem.

bloggerOne advantage of having  guest bloggers in your site is that, they bring their own readers along with them who wants to read whatever articles they will be writing in your site. These new visitors will navigate around your site and look for something interesting in your site. If they find your content interesting, they might come back and develop to become your regular readers. With the help of these guest bloggers, you will be able to have a break even for a day.

However, you have to be very careful in choosing your guest bloggers. Not all bloggers are right for your site. Consider the following qualifications:

How To Choose The Best Guest Blogger For Your Site

1. It is important that your guest bloggers are experts and specialists in your own field

Remember to consider the credibility of your guest bloggers. They must be fluent in writing and they must have an excellent quality of posts. Poor content may upset your regular visitors and readers and that will make them look for other more interesting content in other sites.

2. The popularity of the blogger is also important

Choose bloggers that has many followers and readers. Consider the number their followers. If they will write on your site, these followers will also visit your site, hence this generates more traffic in your site. The more popular your guest blogger is, the more visitors your site will have. Aside from it, bloggers that has many followers only indicates that the blogger is a good writer and he is capable of writing interesting articles that will improve your site.

3. Your Guest blogger must have an idea on Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It is importance in online marketing and how to utilize it. They do not need to be an expert on SEO, but they should know how to use keywords. Manipulating keywords is important for a blogger considering that we are dealing with website’s contents.

4. Look for a guest blogger that has a good style in writing

Another factor that you should consider is the style. A blogger that can write an interesting article that is very engaging and interesting. The style does not need to be perfect, but just right for certain readers. You need a writer that can write relative content to your site and thus his works should be easy to understand. Writers who are too ‘technical’ attracts less readers.

Final Words

To make your blog more engaging, you may ant to add some call – to – action in your posts. This may be in form of PDF files that can be downloaded, asking your readers opinion or reaction by having a comment wall, or they may want to sign up for your news letter.



Benefits and Importance of Having a Social Media Strategy

 All business, either small or big has its own business strategies that makes ones business successful. Social media strategy is one of the most common strategies used by all businesses. Social media is quite a large or broad topic to tackle. When we say social media, it talks about different forms. It can include magazines, social blogs, web blogs, forums online, social networks and a lot more. So if you own a business and would like to create an awareness of the existence of your business, then creating a social media strategy is something you should consider and prepare. The success of your business relies on the success of your social media strategies.

Social Media Strategy

So what are really the benefits and importance of a social media strategy? To better understand this, here are some of its benefits and importance:

Benefits and Importance of Having a Social Media Strategy

Having a social media strategy enhances your way of communicating with possible customers or clients. Humans are now into social media, most of us can’t get by a day or two without checking the twitter, the Facebook, and other social media portals where communication and spreading the word is the main focus. So if you have a social media strategy, this will help you in communicating easily with your prospective customers or clients.

Social media strategy can create effective awareness of your business or your brand. This is important especially if you’re a starting company that needs to spread the word about your business and increase awareness to all online users or even to those who aren’t using internet. As mentioned earlier, social media comes in different forms. So you can create a blog about your business, you can have a magazine feature your business; you can advertise your business through the help of radio stations and even TV stations. These are just some of the common social media portals that you can use to create awareness and eventually popularized your brand or company.

Social media strategy is a great way of boosting your sales. By creating a strategy on how to reach different types of consumers using different types of social media forms, then you can be sure your sales can soar high! Let say for example you want to target young generation customers. By using Facebook, you can easily reach youngsters on their Facebook accounts. If your target consumers are professionals who don’t have the time to check on Facebook, yet gets update in a form of newspaper or magazines, then publicizing your product, your brand, your company or the nature of your business if effective through newspapers or magazines. There is also a new way of reaching people; it’s either through e-mail marketing or mobile marketing.

Final Words

These are just a few benefits and importance that social media strategies can provide your business. These strategies are not just for business purposes; these can be created for personal reasons. Creating social media strategies in short is something that could make your business successful or prosperous someday. You may not feel it right away but in the long run, your perfectly planned social media strategy will take effect and by that time, you will be just sitting and watching your business grow.



Should You Rely Too Much on Your Social Metrics

social metricsIn today’s technology, almost everything goes online. And since lot of people use internet, marketers also have used the internet for their marketing, and most of these internet marketers use social media marketing to promote their products and services.

Since the the use of social media marketing has becoming rampant, it is wiser to monitor its progress. To monitor these marketing tools, most internet marketers rely on social metrics.

So what is this social metrics?

To make it simple, social metrics are used in evaluating the impact of social media in online community. Large companies even the smaller ones are looking for  ways in which they could measure the impact of their social media to the market.

There are many factors to be considered in measuring the impact of social media. These include …

  • the number of visitors that visit the website in a certain period of time;
  • where the traffic came from or the source of the traffic;
  • the time spent of the visitors in your website;
  • the number of the participants of your website such as fans, friends, members or the followers;
  • how often the visitor interact in your product or the services;
  • the sentiment analysis (whether it is negative or positive in nature);
  • the number of the messages sent for the company, product or the services;
  • and the interaction rate (the percentage of which the visitor is actively engaging in the company’s website, products or services).

There are lots of social media tracking system available on the internet nowadays – from the most sophisticated and expensive to the free and open source software. You can spend a lot of time tracking your social media but if you have a larger company and there is no time messing with unnecessary tasks,then it would be better to track only those social media that matters most.

social metrics

If you are thinking of getting a metric system for your social media, you need to evaluate them first.

Here are some tips that could help you in evaluating these systems:

1. Budget is the most important factor especially for small businesses. You should determine how much you are willing to spend in purchasing the tracking system. But if you do not have enough money to purchase one, then you might want to check out the free software in the internet.

2. If you want to purchase a system then you must try it so you will know whether it can satisfy your needs. There are also some brands that allows you to use the software within a certain period of time.

3. You should check how many number of channels the software can monitor accurately. The more channels it can monitor the better.

4. It is also important to consider how easy the system to be used. Of course, the importance of having well- acquainted with the software will affect your performance in understanding the information provided by the system. This is very essential especially in decision-making.

There is no harm in trying new technologies for the reason of improving your business and if it is for the benefit of all.


Effective Tips to Gain More Online Followers

It is important for online marketers to have people following their online activities. The more followers they have, the better. Now the question is “How do I get people to follow me?” or “How do I make people to follow me?”.

Online community are similar to the real world. Though virtual, still you can communicate with others and have ‘socialization‘. So let us get to the point, how to make people follow you. Here are some ways in which you could influence people and make them follow you.


Effective Tips to Gain More Online Followers

1. You Should Make Connections

I mean ‘virtual connections‘. Because of the internet technology, it makes the connection easier and the coverage is broader. You can use social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to connect to others. But still, connecting personally is the most effective so you have to hang out with some friends and talk certain things and may be they could help you to have more followers.

2. Do Things that Would Make People to Like You

Usually, people will listen and respect someone they like. Write about anything that would most people like. Suggest positive ideas that would attract the interest of the readers.

followers3. Make Your Online Presence Visible Everywhere

Just think of the celebrities. Why does lot of people knows them, it is because many people can see them on TV and magazines.  Just like them, in order to be known, you just have to be visible everywhere in the online world. You can write articles or post other contents like videos, arts, and infographics into different websites. The more websites you get engaged to, the better. But this does not mean you just simply post anything you like, of course, you need to post relevant articles or anything that has relevance to the website you are posting. You have to reach out to people, whether you know hem or not. The aim is to build a connection and strengthen that connection.

4. Make your Website Attractive and Pleasing in the Eyes

Also, make it in the way that would welcome anybody who visited it even if they just dropped by. Whenever someone made a comment in your post, then it would appropriate to give a response. Make your reader feel that he is important and his ideas are counted. By doing this, for sure your first time visitors would come back for more. You could also give some digital giveaways for your readers and visitors.

5. Strengthen the Trust of Your Followers

If you have done the first four step now you are up for strengthening the trust of your followers.Improving the relationship between you and your followers is important. Why? It is simple, when lot of people noticed that you got lots of followers, then they will be convinced that you are an interesting person that is worth of their time and of course worth to be followed. Just imagine, no matter how beautiful your site is yet nobody is reading your content and nobody is following you, then that would meaningless.

Final Words

We might be wondering why others gain a lot of followers online in less  time. Just by simply following the above tips, influencing others might be very difficult especially online but if you know the tricks, it is just as easy as talking to your friends.

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