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Benefits of Integrating Mobile into Your Marketing Strategy

To emulate Madonna, we are living not only in a material world, but in a mobile world as well. Take a look around and everything shouts mobile – from smartphones to tablets. Aside from these platforms, a lot of tools and software are being developed at lightning fast speed to enhance the mobile experience. Just look at the various apps you can download on your phone or tablet to make every area of your business and personal life much easier. This is a fact that you can’t deny no matter what kind of industry your business is involved in. Thus, you either have to go with the tide and succeed, or decide for the traditional approach and sink – a prerogative no one wants to take. Moreover, any business that wants to succeed need to be a step ahead of its competition.

Mobile Marketing

In terms of mobile integration, it doesn’t take a genius how big its influence and extent of its benefit in the information age we have. Add to that our lifestyle that is getting busier and busier by the minute. Instead of just lazing in a café with a laptop on the table, people now access the internet through their mobile phones and tablets while walking, waiting in line, on the subway, or on the bus. There is just no more limitations anymore. Therefore, if you want to increase your mobility and influence, integrating mobile into your business and marketing strategy is inevitable.

Furthermore, multimedia experts have attested that 20 percent of all web traffic to social media and business sites are accessed on a mobile device. If translated into figures, this means that there are 20 people in every 100 who accessed web sites using their mobile gadgets. They do this while doing the most mundane of task or just plainly killing time in any possible place you can imagine.

marketing strategyIn another survey, online shoppers who used their mobile devices to shop have tripled in number during the busiest season like Black Friday and Christmas. Add to this the percentage of people who use their mobile phones or tablets to search for items and information. Given these figures, imagine how much clients you have or might miss if you haven’t integrated mobile into your marketing strategy yet.

Through mobile marketing, you expand your customer base and the platforms how you can keep in touch with them. Aside from emails, social media, and search engines, you also get to maximize mobile messaging to inform and update your client base. Just make sure that when you use mobile messaging, you are using reputable providers or you are in danger of being flagged as spam. Implementing mobile into your marketing strategy will soon give you the much needed traffic you need and the sales figures you want.

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Best Reasons to Opt in Mobile Marketing

What is the fastest way to reach someone? What is the fastest way to relay an important message to someone? No doubt, these 2 questions have the same answer and that is through mobile. Yes, through mobile connection one can keep in touch and relay messages to someone so far effectively and the other party receives it almost instantly.

Mobile Marketing

Now, in marketing strategies, mobile marketing is now by far one of the most effective and definitely the fastest way to market products and services. Because of our advanced technology, mobiles are being upgraded and creations of smart phones are now at its peak. Smartphones offer a lot of applications such as e-mails, Facebook, twitter and other commonly used social media. So considering that almost everyone checks e-mails and messages with the use of their Smartphones, then mobile marketing is 100% effective.

Based on research, it is said that by 2013 the most accessed device would be mobile phones instead of personal computers. So to give you an overview of how many percent people uses their mobiles on their daily activities, here are some data:

Using mobile even inside the bathroom – 75%

Using mobile while watching Television – 85%

Mobile usage before bedtime – 90%

If you’re reading this, you might be doing all these as well. This data can certainly attest that mobile marketing will soon be the leading marketing strategy by 2013.

So here are some reasons why you need to opt in mobile marketing:

Easy access to all target consumers – we can’t deny the fact that once our phone beeps we cannot resist the temptation to open it. Even inside the class, work place or wherever you are, the tendency is to have a peak who it is from and eventually read the message. So this is one way to ensure your advertisement is read or received by your target consumer.

Fast advertisement – Unlike television, use of banners, tarpaulin or radio advertisements, doing a mobile marketing doesn’t really take too much time. All you need is a phone and a message to advertise. Easy as 1, 2, 3 and no other complicated preparations so it can be done fast so millions of mobile users can read your advertisements in minutes.

Cost effective –we all know that advertisements cost a lot. For television you need to get good actors or actresses, a directory and staffs to create your desired advertisement. You need money for the props and budget for all those hired professionals. So this is really not helpful. If you want to be more cost effective, the best option is mobile marketing.

Trackable –doing a mobile marketing is fully trackable, how? There are mobile programs built to determine who among your target market received the message and used coupons or whatever you offered. Through these mobile programs your campaign can be monitored and everything goes out as expected; you can also check if your target consumers did receive your advertisements or not.

Final Words

Overall, mobile marketing is something most experts in marketing are looking forward to be doing, so if you want to make sure of the positive things it can offer your business, then you can research for more information about it and weigh things out.


Is Mobile Marketing a Good Business Strategy?

Mobile MarketingMarketing strategies are very essential not only for businesses but also for organizations and individuals who needs to be known. However, some marketing strategies may be very expensive in which small businesses and organizations cannot afford. Many businesses engaged into low- budget marketing strategies while some are willing to pay at higher cost just to materialize that marketing strategy that they think is the best for their business no matter how high is the cost.

One of the most effective means of marketing is through mobile phones. The fact that most of us own a mobile gives the idea of using these devices as marketing tools. Today, mobile computing has also allowed us to connect to the internet via mobile phones which maximizes its capability and becoming more useful not only for consumers but also for advertisers.

 If you want an effective way of promoting your brand, then mobile marketing would be the best fit. Here are some effective tips to help you utilize mobile marketing.

tips to help you utilize mobile marketing

 1. All advertisers know that the most effective way of marketing is the direct marketing and since most people today own a mobile and has been actually part of their lifestyle when yo use them as marketing tools you will also get high response rate.

2. Short Message Service marketing also known as Text message marketing is very efficient. It delivers an instant high response rate considering that the probable customers owns mobile phones. When the probable customer receives a message, more often than not he tends to read it immediately. Unlike emails that are sometimes left unopened or unread. In mobile marketing, you will be sure that the person received and had read your message.

3. Of course, in mobile marketing you also have many competitors so you have to make away to be unique so that the probable market will see your product different from others. You may use apps to customize your ways of connecting to your probable customers.

4. Coupons are also effective in getting your customers’ attention. Let them know that you are giving discount, giveaways and special offers. This will entice your customers and they tend to rush immediately into your business.

5. Integrating mobile marketing with social media marketing will make your strategy eve more effective. One way to do this is letting your customers to join polls and contests or post reviews and upload photos. Many people are fond of social media so you have to grab the opportunity.

6. If you have your website, make sure it is mobile- friendly. We all know that many people now are using mobile phones to connect on the internet so you have to make sure that your site is compatible with mobile technology. It must not look very messy when browsed using mobile phones.

7. When you use the SMS, make sure that it is short yet packed with the necessary information but your website must be complete and see to it that your product information is complete. Customers tend to compare prices of your products to other competitors so see to it that you are able to give them the chance to know what they want in your products.

 To explain further, here is a video about How To Grow Your Business Now With Mobile Marketing

 Final Words

A lot of businesses are considering perhaps some are having mobile marketing campaigns. If you think that this will be a good opportunity for your business to grow, I think it will be worth the while to try this out. Just make sure that a concrete plan is made before implementing your mobile marketing campaign.


Should a Business Consider SMS Marketing?

As technology advances, so as the businesses. And for businesses, marketing plays an important role. The success of the business is greatly affected by their marketing strategies. Since most of people nowadays rely on mobile phones as their primary communication device, there are also some businesses that uses Short Message Service (SMS) as their marketing tool

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS MarketingSMS marketing is a marketing strategy that uses text messaging to distribute marketing messages such as special offers, new products and services, and updates about a particular product.

SMS marketing emerges when people started to communicate using mobile phones. Of course, the cellular service providers are among the very first companies to use SMS marketing. They have the edge over other companies considering that they already have the numbers of their individual customers and the technology to reach the customers quickly.

Many companies are encouraged to use SMS marketing because of many reasons. Let us check out the following benefits of SMS marketing, you may want to consider investing to it too.

SMS Marketing For Business

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Benefits of SMS Marketing

  1. SMS marketing is very fast . It can deliver the message in an instant not just to a single person but a lot more. There are lot of marketing strategies but not all can deliver your message as fast as SMS marketing.
  2. SMS is flexible in nature. You may opt to send message to only few individuals or you may send messages to your entire list all at once. SMS marketing can also be integrate in other forms of online marketing.
  3. SMS marketing is also more effective than email marketing. In SMS marketing, once a person received a message it is most likely to be opened unlike email which is sometimes unopened or worst block by spam filters.
  4. With SMS, subscriber action is incredibly high than any other marketing strategies.
  5. In SMS marketing, messages may look very personal. Messages are directly received by individuals without passing through any barriers not like email that needs to ask permission from the customers to avoid spam filters.
  6. Messages are clear and concise. Because SMS can only consist of around 160 characters, it forces the sender to make its point directly and avoid unnecessary contents.
  7. Imagine how many people have mobile phones. Since there are millions of users of mobile phones,your market potential is also great. Imagine you can tap each and everyone on this market potential and that is good news for your business.
  8. SMS marketing promotes green environment. Just like online marketing strategies, SMS marketing is also environment- friendly marketing.

Now that you have determine the benefits of SMS marketing, you also needs to know its fall backs.

Final Thoughts

SMS marketing may sometimes go invasive to many people. Some individuals may tend to abuse their access to their customers. They send messages frequently that are becoming annoyance for the recipients. There are also some companies that will ask first their customers if they wanted to receive messages from them to avoid being invasive. The fact that SMS can only contain 160 characters per message, it may be very difficult for senders to come up with short marketing message.

Some says that marketing your business through SMS will be the next big thing in marketing your business. Do you think SMS marketing is a main factor businesses should consider?

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