8 Little-Known SEO Secrets

Everyone’s heard “create original content” and “register a great domain name.” But what if you’re looking for something a little deeper than that? What SEO tricks are known only to the pros?


Here are eight of the best-kept secrets in the industry.

1: Use Text Links

Most experts recommend not using Java for things like drop-down menus and image maps, but if you just can’t resist, at least include text links at the bottom of the screen so it will count towards your SEO.

2: Sneak Your Keywords Into Alt Text

Alt text is a precaution for when your images fail to load. It’s encoded into your HTML, which means search engine algorithms will pick it up even when your graphics are loading perfectly.

3: Use Meaningful Image Names

Speaking of images, you’re missing out on even more opportunities when you upload them as “pic1” and “pic2.” Use your keywords in the file names to enjoy even more density.

4: Keep Old Pages Alive

If you have an old, outdated webpage with expired products or services you no longer offer, don’t purge it from your site completely. Just have it forward to the new page instead. This will allow the old version to continue collecting hits and pingbacks.

5: Use Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions may not have much value from a keyword standpoint, but they’re a big boon to SERPs and CTR. It only takes a few moments to construct them, too, making them one of the easiest ways to improve your web traffic.

6: Beware Link Building

If you start link-building too quickly, the well might run dry in a matter of months. Then you’ll be without opportunities for fresh, organic links further down the road.

7: Use Analytics Sparsely

Analytics are a great tool for tracking things like hits and inbound links, but it’s easy to become obsessed with day-to-day results that aren’t actually indicative of overall pattens. Leave the analytics for weekly or even monthly review.

8: Say No To Splash Pages

Splash pages do absolutely nothing for your SEO. Some web designers will try to tell you that they’re worth having for brand image or navigational function, but they’re just trying to make a buck.

These are eight SEO secrets that you may not uncover during your average search. For even more tips, tricks and techniques, contact a web developer for local SEO services.


How Can I Make My Website Load Faster?

A fast-loading website is crucial to not just getting but retaining traffic. Very few visitors, especially first-time visitors, are going to be willing to sit and stare at a loading bar for an excess amount of time. By speeding up your website, you’ll make sure that it’s compatible with our always-on-the-go, always-one-step-behind society. Of course, you’ll want to use a fast and reliable web hosting company (such as Network Solutions or GoDaddy, to name a few examples), as only stable and fast servers will be the most reliable for fast load times.


First, resize those images! Chances are you’re uploading images straight from graphic programs or your camera’s memory card without even checking on their size. And let’s face it – the average website doesn’t need a picture of a newborn baby that is 4,000 pixels wide. make use of image compression software to not only reduce your images’ dimensions, but to also compress via reducing image quality.

Next, take a look at your use of Flash and Java, and see if you can’t reduce how much you use. With Flash, consider limiting it altogether, since its display on mobile devices can be limited, and search engines can’t scan it anyway, thereby rendering it nearly useless. And while some Java may be essential, you can probably cut down on the excess bits. Other media, such as embedded sound clips or movie files, should be kept as short as possible, or better still removed altogether (most visitors aren’t keen on auto-load sounds and video, anyway).

Now that you’ve cleaned up your images and have reduced other types of media, it’s time to clean up your code. Compliant code not only keeps your website free of errors, but it makes your website render faster in browsers. And as an added bonus, clean code is easier for search engine bots to sift through.

Taking the time to clean up your website can be a time-consuming affair. But ironically enough, by taking the time to break apart your website, rip out what’s needed, and clean up everything that you put back in, your shiny new website will load much faster, which means you’ll be able to present all of your content to your visitors in a much more efficient manner.


How To Choose The Best Guest Blogger For Your Site

As a blogger, it is very important for us to increase the number of visitors in your site. However, it would be a great help if there is somebody who will help you to take over some writing tasks. A guest blogger can help you out with this problem.

bloggerOne advantage of having  guest bloggers in your site is that, they bring their own readers along with them who wants to read whatever articles they will be writing in your site. These new visitors will navigate around your site and look for something interesting in your site. If they find your content interesting, they might come back and develop to become your regular readers. With the help of these guest bloggers, you will be able to have a break even for a day.

However, you have to be very careful in choosing your guest bloggers. Not all bloggers are right for your site. Consider the following qualifications:

How To Choose The Best Guest Blogger For Your Site

1. It is important that your guest bloggers are experts and specialists in your own field

Remember to consider the credibility of your guest bloggers. They must be fluent in writing and they must have an excellent quality of posts. Poor content may upset your regular visitors and readers and that will make them look for other more interesting content in other sites.

2. The popularity of the blogger is also important

Choose bloggers that has many followers and readers. Consider the number their followers. If they will write on your site, these followers will also visit your site, hence this generates more traffic in your site. The more popular your guest blogger is, the more visitors your site will have. Aside from it, bloggers that has many followers only indicates that the blogger is a good writer and he is capable of writing interesting articles that will improve your site.

3. Your Guest blogger must have an idea on Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It is importance in online marketing and how to utilize it. They do not need to be an expert on SEO, but they should know how to use keywords. Manipulating keywords is important for a blogger considering that we are dealing with website’s contents.

4. Look for a guest blogger that has a good style in writing

Another factor that you should consider is the style. A blogger that can write an interesting article that is very engaging and interesting. The style does not need to be perfect, but just right for certain readers. You need a writer that can write relative content to your site and thus his works should be easy to understand. Writers who are too ‘technical’ attracts less readers.

Final Words

To make your blog more engaging, you may ant to add some call – to – action in your posts. This may be in form of PDF files that can be downloaded, asking your readers opinion or reaction by having a comment wall, or they may want to sign up for your news letter.



How to Improve Your SEO Skills

To build a healthy and strong career in SEO and internet marketing plenty of skills are required. In order to be a successful SEO you should not only have some programming skills for a quality onsite but your personality should be also represent able and the most important thing is your knowledge which makes you prominent. To make your separate identity in the field of SEO you should always try to polish your skills so that you can always stay ahead from your competitors by offering quality and result oriented services to your clients.


Here are some tips and practices which you can do to enhance the skills of your SEO.

Case Studies

For every SEO project you have a different environment and niche. Things which work in one project may not work in the other. For your every SEO project you need a different plan according to the requirements of the client. To produce good results you should study different cases to enhance your knowledge and try to make your own plans for different type of projects like project of online learning website which is targeting the students of whole world and the project of small ice cream shop which is targeting a local area

Participating in Discussion

Participating in SEO discussions helps you a lot in increasing your knowledge and to update your self from latest news and updates in SEO world. There are plenty of forums in which people discuss their problems if you try to find a solution for their problems it will not only help you to enhance your SEO skills but will also help to make new connections.

Make Your Own Way

Instead of believing in someone else’s opinion try to form your opinion about the issues and problems of SEO. Always remember that thinking out of the box is the key to success in SEO. Use your common sense and try to make a simple solution to your problems rather than following someone else’s complex solutions which in the end makes no sense. In this way you might be able produce some new inventions in the field of SEO and introduce new trends which can increase your credibility.

Do Some Link Building by Yourself

I have noticed that some experienced SEO do not take part in the link building process. Always remember it is link building which plays an important role to increase your knowledge. So no matter how busy you are do make some extra time to do link building and enhance your knowledge of different niches.

Study Search Engine Algorithms

Rather than finding a cure to search engine algorithms change and updates. Study the algorithms deeply and figure out what was the purpose behind the update and what goals Google wants to achieve by this update. By having a complete idea of search engine algorithms you can easily find a way to protect your ranking.


How Branding Yourself Helps You Brand Your Business

Branding yourself provides a lot of benefits. Some may not realized this but this is certainly true for most big and successful corporations. Branding is effective for big companies and so is to individual persons. Branding is similar to a logo. While having a good logo brings some benefit to an entity, we must know that branding can even bring more or far beyond our imagination.


What are the benefits branding can provide:

  • If you brand yourself, you are creating a unique identity. Identity for yourself and for your business. In other words, branding yourself creates an unforgettable or memorable business. Because of this, your clients will most likely keep coming back for more and in the end creates a sense of loyalty. As we all know, loyalty is very important when it comes to business.
  • Branding provides you credibility. Therefore, it is important to think of a good brand that will provide a feeling of credibility. Business partners will think of you as someone with good standing because of your brand. Your style will be sought after and they can easily distinguish you from the others. Right clients are easily enticed because of your brand.
  • Branding yourself helps you kick start your name and business. People will be more familiar with your business and can easily identify you.

Of course, before putting up a brand for yourself always think of the best brand that can easily be communicated. You need to be precise, you must know your goals and target. This means you have to be focus. You can start creating a plan for your business, though this is an entirely different area, yet creating your business plan helps you distinguish your goals. Thus, making it easy for you to think of your brand. You have to come up with something realistic and as much as possible associated to the public. The public is your critic, your consumers and is the best judge when it comes to brand.

The most important thing in branding yourself is to identify your target market. You need to ask yourself who are your clients? Once you’ve define everything, you can start writing it on a paper. You can start thinking for your business name and eventually come up with your own logo.

You can also provide a page for your business. This is a site where anyone can get to familiarize themselves with your business. It should contain something about you and your business. In this site you can provide information about the brand of your business. You must keep your brand consistent. If you lose your brand, then it’s just like losing your identity, losing your business and possibly losing your market.

Finally, never fail to update your brand. There are really times that a company evolves and changes its target consumers, and here you’ll realize how branding can affect a business. Even if a company changes its brand, it will live forever especially if the brand was communicated effectively to the public.


Is SEO Really Dead?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very popular nowadays. For online marketers SEO is the key tool in achieving thier goal which is to drive traffic towards thier website and to have higher ranking on search engine page ranks. Indeed, SEO is very helpful and effective for online marketers and webmasters. However, there are some webmasters that are using SEO in unethical ways. These people are trying to cheat search engines, thus search engines are continually finding ways on how to stop these people in doing unethical things in the internet.

SEOSearch engines had to frequently change their search algorithms to stop the ‘black hats’ in their doings. The term ‘blackhats‘ refer to the people who do unethical ways to cheat search engines. Google Knowledge Graph, a new technology developed by Google – the internet’s largest and most used search engine. Knowledge graph aims to optimize user search by looking for links which the users meant and not by the keywords inputted by the users which is the traditional method of other search engines.

With this new developments in internet technology, many feared that SEO will be dead. Since SEO are basically keyword oriented, this technology will surely affected SEO-based websites. However, this does not mean that SEO will be gone. It is just a new discovery that would make SEO more reliable and stronger in online marketing.

Well, SEO experts said that “SEO is not dead and it will not die“. The problem is that most SEO users does not understand the real meaning of SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and this means the techniques used are not just about keywords but also includes link building and quality contents.

For sure, even the Knowledge Graph would look on the quality of the contents. The contents are primary key of the value of every website , that is why most webmasters are spending so much time in upgrading and enhancing their site’s contents. No matter how the search engine change their search algorithms, one thing is for sure, they will still look at and consider the content of the website. Maybe, they will change their criteria in evaluating websites but still the content will be the greatest contributor.

According to Google, they “fight webspam and reward great content”.

Another factor which have great impact on search engine rankings is link building. They check if your website is linked to trusted and high- ranked websites. If you have many links with other trusted websites, it is most likely that your website is of high quality content. However, if Google caught you dong unethical in the internet such as web spamming or link spamming, they will surely penalize your website or worse, ban your website in search engine rankings.

As long as there are search engines existing in the internet, Search Engine Optimization will never cease. It will only be dead if search engines will also be gone. Whenever there are changes in search technology, SEO will also evolve according to that technology, so I doubt if SEO is really dead.


8 Tips to Write Better Content for your Blog

As a blogger myself, I found it somewhat difficult starting off and I’m sure many of you on the web had a rough start as well. So, to help all of the beginners or people who are just looking for some extra tips, I’ve compiled a list of tips to help write better content for your blog.

Lets face it… blogging is more than a quick fad. With Google looking at freshness signals and user experience, quality content is more than just a buzz term. Bloggers that fail to produce high quality content will not see the results and conversions like the bloggers that keep the visitors happy.

While some bloggers choose to write content strictly for SEO purposes, others are actually looking to please their audience. Use these 8 insider tips to maximize your websites value to both Google and users.


Know your Target Audience

You can’t please everyone. Try and decipher what you’re writing about and make sure you know who you are speaking to. Know your audience and tailor your content for them specifically, trust me it is better to do this and will certain help in the long-run.

Have a Voice

No one wants to here a robot talk to them. When you write you must create a voice and develop a stance and dialogue that will separate you from the rest. Anyone can just type up a current event, but it takes a true blogger to insert a voice and it takes time but anything is possible.

Connect with your Reader

When people everywhere on the web read your content you need to send a message that will hit them, and hit them hard. You want to make a connection with your reader and reach them on another level. This will make your readers want more as they feel some type of way about you and what you have to say.


Don’t do anything you don’t feel comfortable with. If you like to write about sports, there is no need to try and write about business. Be consistence in what you write as well as how you write. If you give your readers a good article you worked hard on, don’t betray them and don’t work as hard on your next. Bring your A game to every article you write and the readers will love you.

Make a Clear Point

If you write an article, your readers don’t want to here you babble on and beat around the bush. They want a clear and concise point. Your readers should know what the article is about and what you are trying to say, right off the bat. No need to put fluff in your article, just get straight to the point.

Quality over Quantity

All in all it doesn’t really matter how much or how little you write. What matters is how well it is written. You could have a 1000 word article, but it’s awful. Having a long article doesn’t make it better. With that being said you can still have a long article and it be good, but just write what you want to say and that’s it. If if took 100 words or 1000 words, just write how much you need to in order to say what you want to say, no more or less.

Don’t be a Bore

Try and excite your reader, entertain them if you will. Have a stylistic way of writing that your readers won’t get bored with you. Stay fresh and have good ideas, nobody likes a bore. Do something unique to get users attention, and stay on top of social media.

Stay Ahead of the Game

You are in constant competition with other bloggers whether you like it or not. If you write about sports and their was a blockbuster trade, you need to be the first to break the news to your readers. Stay updated with your content and be sure to always know whats going on in your niche.


Let yourself be known as an industry leader. Conduct seminars, teach others, let your readers post links to your blog naturally. If you act as you are the best in your niche, you may soon realize that you ARE the best in your niche.

By: JR Solis – SEO Outreach and Blogger – Staff Writer at RankExecutives.com and researcher of Social Bookmarking for SEO for Bloggers.


Using Google Places for Your Business

What is Google Places?

Many  people search the internet for businesses so it is important to have your business listing found on Google. Have you heard of Google Places? It is another service offered by Google where you could create listings faster and it is absolutely free.

google placesThough your business has already shown in Google, it is wiser to verify your listings and check if the details are accurate. As soon as you verified your listings in Google Places, you will see the changes instantly and you could add some notifications.

One good thing about Google Places is that even if you do not  have your own website you can still promote your business. With Google Places, maintaining your online presence is very easy. You can even monitor how many researchers have seen and visit your listing.

Google Places also allows you to customize your listings by adding some photos and videos. You could also give some coupons that would make your first time visitors to come back for more – and these all are totally free.

If you are still in doubt of sing  Google Places then consider the fact that 97% of the consumers search online for business and 73% of them is dependent on the information provided by Google. This statistics only shows that Google dominated the search market. Most internet marketers spend their time on perfecting their online strategies like in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), they fail to see the importance and benefits Google Places has to offer for them.

Google Places has been introduced in the public on the year 2009. Google described the service as “a webpage for every place in the world, organizing all the relevant information about it.

google places

Indeed, Google Places has been a great help for many business establishments especially small businesses. However, many committed lots of mistakes which leads to a very unproductive marketing.

One thing that you should remember not to do in Google Places is that ‘keyword stuffing‘. Do not put on plenty different categories for that will just confuse the readers. It would be better to choose only one category.

The basic information of your business should be properly indicated. Your business’s contact information should be provided like the phone number, email address and business location. Check the video below.

Using Google Places To Promote Your Business

Final Words

There are generally lots of ways on how to optimize your ranking using Google Places: you could show off some photos with tags that are keyword-friendly and you could upload some videos. These would attract the attention of the readers as well as capturing their curiosity.

The description of your business have also an impact on your readers. You should make it sound like you are proud of serving the community and do not make it so obvious that you are just want to increase your revenue (which is what really matters for most of the internet marketers). Also, state the different services and products your company are offering. It is important to be precise and straight forward so that the consumers would understand easily what is your business all about. Too flowery will not help and just lead to confusion.


Elevate Online Presence with SEO

It simply cannot be stressed enough that it makes no difference what your website looks like or what you are offering your customers, if they cannot find it then you are not going to be successful. SEO is crucial in getting your site noticed by those who need to find you. There are a number of things that you can do to ensure that your site can be found and here are the top SEO methods that offer the most effective results.


Here are basic SEO components  a webmaster should  consider to elevate a website’s online presence. Hope you will find it very helpful as most of us now tend to forget them.

SEO on Site

In order for your website to be listed at the top of major search engine results pages, you have to have the right keywords in place. You need to implement the proper keywords or key phrases as well as description tags, image tags and titles.


In order to impress your visitors and keep them coming back, you have to offer them something useful. Relevant content is worth its weight in gold and will ensure that your visitors find helpful information on your site. It also helps you to build your reputation as an expert in your field and can assist you in gaining those much desired results page ranks.


Speaking of SEO on your site, you have to ensure that you are using the right keywords and/or key phrases for your business. You need to research, or have an SEO firm research, to find what specific keywords people are searching for when they are looking for your products or services. Having the right keywords is essential in getting your site noticed.

SEO Off Site

This includes things like article marketing, press releases, link building and other things that you can do that do not involve being on your site at the time. A company blog, community groups and social media marketing are all things that you can get involved in to raise your search engine results page rankings and get your site out there for people to find.

As you can see, SEO is critical in ensuring that your site gets noticed by the right people. You do not simply want visitors to your website; you want people on your site that are looking for specifically what you have to offer. The right SEO campaign can go a long way in helping you to increase your business awareness and your business revenue.


Why SEO Agencies Are Not Reliable Most of the Time

When search engines where developed, so as the development of online marketing. Because many business owners want to increase their visibility, they designed strategies that would make their links on top of the Search Engine Result Pages or SERPs. And so Search Engine Optimization was born. Many have noticed the effects and effectiveness of SEO in online marketing to the extent that they would simply rely on a SEO software.

When SEO software were first introduced,  its features are most likely about back linking. SEO before was more focused on quantity rather than quality. Indeed quantity is very important. However, compromising the quality for quantity is not a good idea especially when dealing with online marketing.

SEOSEO is supposedly used for optimizing a certain site in a natural way, however many misunderstood this concept. Instead of optimizing their sites in a natural way, they use SEO software to get their site high up in the search engine rankings. Many does not understand the danger it will bring to their site as well as in the entire business.

One negative effect of using an SEO software is that it boosts your rank in an unnatural way. The most common practice of an automated SEO software is linking which usually leads to over linking. Most search engines does not like this kind of system so they tend to penalize or worse ban sites that are proven over linking.

If you have not known yet, search engines tend to change their search algorithms to prevent SEO software to get high rankings. Another way of these SEO software to optimize your site is through different article submission and directories.  Actually, if you just think of it carefully, you are just wasting your time submitting articles  or links on lots of unrelated sites and directories.

Search engines today focus more on the contents rather than the number of links you have. Since many web masters are using unethical ways to boosts their rankings, search engines changes their way of evaluating websites.

The safest way of optimizing your site is through the manual process – meaning, you focus on the content so that your readers would patronize your site and services.

Also, hiring SEO agencies may not be a good idea. Why? It is because most SEO agencies also works just like an SEO software that are often times good only at first but delivers negative impact into your site in the long run. You may also have heard of SEO agencies who are offering cheaper services. Be careful, do not let your self be fooled by this kind of trick. More often, this Search Engine Optimization  agencies are just using “spamming” method to drive traffic to your site which is very dangerous and unhealthy not only for your site but for your entire business as a whole. Of course, we do not want that to happen to our business which we invested so much of our time, money and effort.


But if you really prefer to use the services of SEO agencies, you may consider these tips in finding a good and reliable SEO group.

Tips in Finding a Reliable SEO Agency

  • Scrutinize the agency’s success
  • Discuss their SEO strategy in detail
  • Look for client references and past experiences
  • How much do they charge for their services
  • Ask around

As what I have mentioned above about negative effects of acquiring services from SEO agencies, getting the work done by another people will also have  some advantages.

Some benefits of rendering services from SEO agencies.

  • It gives you enough time to focus on their core business
  • You are certain for a professional job

Final Thoughts

If you can do the SEO tasks personally, then it would be better to do it on your own. If you manage the entire marketing strategy, you would be more focused and you would be able to determine which strategy is the best for your business.

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