How to Improve Your SEO Skills

To build a healthy and strong career in SEO and internet marketing plenty of skills are required. In order to be a successful SEO you should not only have some programming skills for a quality onsite but your personality should be also represent able and the most important thing is your knowledge which makes you prominent. To make your separate identity in the field of SEO you should always try to polish your skills so that you can always stay ahead from your competitors by offering quality and result oriented services to your clients.


Here are some tips and practices which you can do to enhance the skills of your SEO.

Case Studies

For every SEO project you have a different environment and niche. Things which work in one project may not work in the other. For your every SEO project you need a different plan according to the requirements of the client. To produce good results you should study different cases to enhance your knowledge and try to make your own plans for different type of projects like project of online learning website which is targeting the students of whole world and the project of small ice cream shop which is targeting a local area

Participating in Discussion

Participating in SEO discussions helps you a lot in increasing your knowledge and to update your self from latest news and updates in SEO world. There are plenty of forums in which people discuss their problems if you try to find a solution for their problems it will not only help you to enhance your SEO skills but will also help to make new connections.

Make Your Own Way

Instead of believing in someone else’s opinion try to form your opinion about the issues and problems of SEO. Always remember that thinking out of the box is the key to success in SEO. Use your common sense and try to make a simple solution to your problems rather than following someone else’s complex solutions which in the end makes no sense. In this way you might be able produce some new inventions in the field of SEO and introduce new trends which can increase your credibility.

Do Some Link Building by Yourself

I have noticed that some experienced SEO do not take part in the link building process. Always remember it is link building which plays an important role to increase your knowledge. So no matter how busy you are do make some extra time to do link building and enhance your knowledge of different niches.

Study Search Engine Algorithms

Rather than finding a cure to search engine algorithms change and updates. Study the algorithms deeply and figure out what was the purpose behind the update and what goals Google wants to achieve by this update. By having a complete idea of search engine algorithms you can easily find a way to protect your ranking.

Is SEO Really Dead?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very popular nowadays. For online marketers SEO is the key tool in achieving thier goal which is to drive traffic towards thier website and to have higher ranking on search engine page ranks. Indeed, SEO is very helpful and effective for online marketers and webmasters. However, there are some webmasters that are using SEO in unethical ways. These people are trying to cheat search engines, thus search engines are continually finding ways on how to stop these people in doing unethical things in the internet.

SEOSearch engines had to frequently change their search algorithms to stop the ‘black hats’ in their doings. The term ‘blackhats‘ refer to the people who do unethical ways to cheat search engines. Google Knowledge Graph, a new technology developed by Google – the internet’s largest and most used search engine. Knowledge graph aims to optimize user search by looking for links which the users meant and not by the keywords inputted by the users which is the traditional method of other search engines.

With this new developments in internet technology, many feared that SEO will be dead. Since SEO are basically keyword oriented, this technology will surely affected SEO-based websites. However, this does not mean that SEO will be gone. It is just a new discovery that would make SEO more reliable and stronger in online marketing.

Well, SEO experts said that “SEO is not dead and it will not die“. The problem is that most SEO users does not understand the real meaning of SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and this means the techniques used are not just about keywords but also includes link building and quality contents.

For sure, even the Knowledge Graph would look on the quality of the contents. The contents are primary key of the value of every website , that is why most webmasters are spending so much time in upgrading and enhancing their site’s contents. No matter how the search engine change their search algorithms, one thing is for sure, they will still look at and consider the content of the website. Maybe, they will change their criteria in evaluating websites but still the content will be the greatest contributor.

According to Google, they “fight webspam and reward great content”.

Another factor which have great impact on search engine rankings is link building. They check if your website is linked to trusted and high- ranked websites. If you have many links with other trusted websites, it is most likely that your website is of high quality content. However, if Google caught you dong unethical in the internet such as web spamming or link spamming, they will surely penalize your website or worse, ban your website in search engine rankings.

As long as there are search engines existing in the internet, Search Engine Optimization will never cease. It will only be dead if search engines will also be gone. Whenever there are changes in search technology, SEO will also evolve according to that technology, so I doubt if SEO is really dead.

Elevate Online Presence with SEO

It simply cannot be stressed enough that it makes no difference what your website looks like or what you are offering your customers, if they cannot find it then you are not going to be successful. SEO is crucial in getting your site noticed by those who need to find you. There are a number of things that you can do to ensure that your site can be found and here are the top SEO methods that offer the most effective results.


Here are basic SEO components  a webmaster should  consider to elevate a website’s online presence. Hope you will find it very helpful as most of us now tend to forget them.

SEO on Site

In order for your website to be listed at the top of major search engine results pages, you have to have the right keywords in place. You need to implement the proper keywords or key phrases as well as description tags, image tags and titles.


In order to impress your visitors and keep them coming back, you have to offer them something useful. Relevant content is worth its weight in gold and will ensure that your visitors find helpful information on your site. It also helps you to build your reputation as an expert in your field and can assist you in gaining those much desired results page ranks.


Speaking of SEO on your site, you have to ensure that you are using the right keywords and/or key phrases for your business. You need to research, or have an SEO firm research, to find what specific keywords people are searching for when they are looking for your products or services. Having the right keywords is essential in getting your site noticed.

SEO Off Site

This includes things like article marketing, press releases, link building and other things that you can do that do not involve being on your site at the time. A company blog, community groups and social media marketing are all things that you can get involved in to raise your search engine results page rankings and get your site out there for people to find.

As you can see, SEO is critical in ensuring that your site gets noticed by the right people. You do not simply want visitors to your website; you want people on your site that are looking for specifically what you have to offer. The right SEO campaign can go a long way in helping you to increase your business awareness and your business revenue.

Will SEO Take Over the World?

If you live in London or New York you already know the importance of SEO but what about those people who don’t fully appreciate it yet?

SEOIn big, advanced cities all over the world it is essential that search engine results spit out what you are looking for. If you have ever looked for an emergency plumber or a 24 hour pizza delivery place then you know that getting the right results straight away avoids a lot of stress, flooded floors and rumbling tummies.

There are so many businesses with websites in cities likes the ones which I just mentioned that it is now impossible to imagine living without them. Can you imagine trying to find the site a dentist in a big UK city if there was no SEO to make sure that the best dental firms pooped up first on your screen?

Sadly things are now quite like this all round the world though. Personally I have never looked for a baker in Ulan Bator or a shoe shop in Siberia but I have searched for various types of service in cities in South America, so I have an idea what it is like in places where SEO isn’t present. It is an incredibly frustrating experience as you get back results for all sorts of things which are of no interest to you. I can’t believe this situation will last forever so I got thinking about what is needed for SEO to truly take over the world.

Simple Things Need for SEO to Take Over The World

A Change in Buying Habits

When I talk to my South American friends about buying stuff online they simply don’t understand the concept. Where I live it is completely impossible to do this and I can’t even get a fully working PayPal account here. Clearly for people to buy things online they need to be able to do so in the first place but there also needs to be a change of habits in the general public.  If you think back to when online shopping was introduced in the UK it took a long time for people to fully trust it. My Mum even buys her supermarket shopping on the internet now but when I say that to people here they think that I am exaggerating.

More Websites

The number of websites is also important, as SEO is most needed when there is a lot of competition in the same market. Most small to midsized companies here don’t have one and even the big firms seem to make a half-hearted go of it. Once more sites get up and running there will be a lot more need for the owners to find a way of making their own site stand out from the crowd.

More Internet Use 

The internet is incredibly popular here but from what I can see it is used in a different way from in, for example, Europe and North America.  Fewer people have access to the internet at home and internet cafes are a lot more popular. This means that they can’t look for things in the same relaxed way without worrying about the time they spend online. My own experience is that the connection in these internet cafes is sometimes so slow that you end up giving up looking for anything new and just type the same old addresses into the address bar. For SEO to really have a chance the users need to feel relaxed and comfortable searching for things which interest them. This can’t really happen in an internet cafe so a rise in home connections is almost certain to provide a boost for the SEO industry in these places.

If you want to take over the world then Magento SEO will get you started on the right foot by making your site more visible.

Can We Really Predict the Future of SEO?

What is SEO?

SEOSearch engine optimization, also known as SEO, is the process of improving how visible a website is through algorithmic or organic patterns. In essence, it is a technique that aids search engines find and rank a website against others.  The more frequent a website is searched, the higher the rank it gets. It helps user get traffic from search engines.

Due to the ever changing nature of this technology, and the need to innovate and recreate, the future of SEO is unpredictable. Search engines make changes constantly and will continue to make changes, it would really be hard to predict what lies in the future of this technology. It would also be hard to predict how your business can make use of this fast paced, ever changing technology and method of marketing and advertising.

There are a lot of things that need to be done to ensure that your site’s ranking will remain high or to still get the “top” spot. These may include creating backlinks, making sure that the content of your site gives you the most benefits of SEO, etc. What you need to focus on is to improve your knowledge on how to perform search engine optimization as the search engines change and evolve. Also, focus on how these search engines try to provide better search results to the end users.

There are some tips that your business can focus on to ensure that your company can maximize the benefits of SEO and stay on top of the ranks.

Basic SEO Tips

First, focus on the content of your website.  The content of your website should be of high quality and informative.  You would need to invest on coming up with a website that is most useful to end users so as your site will be visited more often compared to others.

Second, bear in mind that natural backlinks will always win.  This fact is related to the first one – website content is the key.  Creating a website with the most useful and informative content is the best way to come up with natural backlinks.

Third, focus on personalized searches.  Your company’s website should reflect the viewer’s or end users’ personal interests and connections.

Moving forward, it is firmly believed that personalized searches will expand in scope due to the fact that search engines are becoming more focused on integrating social profiles into searches.

Fourth, focus on optimizing for multiple platforms.  The evolution of the iPhone, smartphones and tablets now allows people to go online anywhere thus, giving them more time and avenue to access search engines.  Some end users may use their tablets or smartphones to search for information through the internet.  With these gadgets’ fast improvements and various upgrades of versions released by the manufacturers, it would guarantee that the expansion of internet information access will continue in the future.

Lastly, it is believed that social activity will increase in importance due to evolution of the social networking sites.  It has once been announced and declared that social signs are being used as a ranking factor.  In line with that the web is not showing any signs that it will slow down in relation to the expansion of social networking sites.

Final Thoughts

The battle for supremacy of who’s going to be on the top seems to be elusive as things changes from time to time.  Someone may take the lead but not for long.  In my point of view, SEO is just a never-ending battle.

Thoughts? Do you have something in mind? What are your predictions for SEO?

[Video] – Do Publishers Need to Interact More with Readers?

On this episode of Future of Publishing, Murray Newlands (Influence People CEO)  interviewed Chris Saad, Co-Founder and Strategic VP for Echo.

Chris has an interesting take on content creation and interacting with readers/customers. While many sites (especially post-Panda) try to pile on as much content as possible and hope people talk about them on social media, Chris says that this approach is the wrong approach for many content producers. Instead, they should take a different approach:

video marketing tools


Saad says that instead of using content as a top-down broadcasting medium or reaching out with ad hoc social media campaigns, companies should:

  1. First, create content that people read
  2. Then, draw conversations about that content from social media to their websites
  3. Lastly, curate a positive conversation on their own website

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