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A name is very important especially if you are planning to launch a new business. Improper branding can make your business down. Of course, you do not want that to happen. A name must define your business and that will give your business an identity different from others.

It is very essential for every business to have a name that is easy clients to remember. However, there are millions of domains are now registered online. What if the name you chose is already taken, what are you going to do next?

Choosing a name or domain name for your business is done only once, and if you fail to choose the right one, well that will be  big trouble.

Relying on naming software is not a good idea. More often, domain names suggested by these software  were taken from domain list that has  already been expired. offers naming services so if you are looking for name for your business, you may want to consider this site.

 The good thing about is that it is risk -free. If you like their work, then that’s the time you will pay. The price per domain is just $50 and the the slogan costs $75. This is already a considerable offer unlike other agencies that costs up to $120.

Pickydomains.comIn , there are no more royalties that you need to pay just to make you the sole owner of the domain. Other branding and naming agencies will charge you three times higher than what offers.

The client will receive hundreds of name suggestions. But if none of these suggested names suits your taste, then PickyDomains assures a 100% money-back, simply click the ‘refund’ button.

So far PickyDomains has over 3000 clients and 50000 contributors. Some of the examples of domains PickyDomains has created are GetMapped.Com (mapping service for tourists), (merchant marketplace) and (code visualization service for programmers). The rest can be seen here (some names have been ‘hidden’ by clients).

It takes only a few clicks to start ordering. You  just have to register, pay for the name for $50 or $75 for the slogan. Payments can be made thru Paypal, credit cards, e-checks and wire transfers. After the payment, you may now specify your preferred parameters, then in few minutes you will be receiving lot of name suggestions from different contributors. If you have chosen a name from the suggestions, the 40% to 60% of the payment will be given to its contributor.

Another good thing about is that they are willing to help your site when it goes online. They are willing to provide at least ten unique backlinks which is important for search engine placement. What a wonderful offer. Imagine you have the promotion assistance for free while others are spending  a lot of money to market their site.

For people out there who have talents and skills for slogan- making and branding or naming and wants to earn money online, you may want to consider to become a contributor for PickyDomains.

And take note everybody is welcome to be a contributor. The registration is totally free. So if you are looking for earning money online, why don’t you try to become a contributor, just make sure you have your own Paypal account.

In, everything is considered confidential so you are assured that every name, domain and slogan are unique and yours alone.

Make Money With Your Blog with CopyThisPost

As a reader of our humble blog, you are one of few bloggers invited to try out new blog monetization platform – We are working fast and furious on finishing the engine for this service, so nothing is up yet, but the idea behind this new startup is exactly what the URL suggests – as a blogger, you’ll be able to log in, find a post you want to copy (into your blog), copy it and get paid. How much? Generally $10 per copied post if your blog’s PageRank is 2, $15 if 3, $20 if 4, $30 if 5. Bloggers who post more than one post a day will be allowed place one paid post a day. Otherwise the rule will be there has to be at least two regular posts in between the paid ones. So you can make a good side income for your blog with

What kind of posts are there to be copied, you might be wondering? Here are some examples that show you the TYPE of posts you’ll be dealing with:

Make MoneyAs you see, these are generally well-written how-to or list type articles and occasional start-up reviews (we work almost exclusively with start-ups and web services). You won’t be asked to advertise electronic cigarettes or cheap insurance or any other SEO crap that is abundant in the paid blogging world, because our posts are written for people and not Google algorithm – the goal is to drive traffic, not SEO placement (this is why almost all links will be URL-To-URL, using anchor text in the middle of the post is allowed only when appropriate and necessary).

Which brings us to another important point – what kind of blogs should apply. Obviously, only blogs that have regular readers. A minimum of 100 unique daily readers is required, though 250-500 readers a day is what we really prefer. As mentioned, the pay is based on PageRank, since it’s a good measure of the quality of the blog, but we will consider blogs with page rank 0 or 1, if they have over 500 daily readers (this indicates to us that blog is good, it just did not have chance to get proper PageRank since it’s new). We don’t mind if blogger places occasional paid post, however, if your blog almost exclusively consists of paid posts (especially those advertising cheap insurance) – do not apply, since you’ll be wasting both your time and ours.

A couple more issues to consider – since you’ll be copying the post, you obviously won’t get any SEO bonus from Google or other search engines, because the content won’t be original (your blog won’t be hurt by it either, unless most of your blog already unoriginal). Since a lot of bloggers prefer original content only, there will be an option to rewrite the content – if you demonstrate that your English is good AND you are actually putting effort in producing a good rewrite. You’ll be actually getting $5 for making a good rewrite, since some advertisers also insist on original content only, but because the service isn’t automated yet, we don’t have time to moderate and pre-approve rewrites at this point, so currently copying is the only option.

So, if you are interested, here is what you should do. You can apply via PickyDomains contact form ( is a PickyDomains service). Use ‘Copy This Post‘ as subject line.

Please, include the following information:

1. URL of your blog (so we can check it out)
2. PageRank of your blog
3. Average daily visitors for your blog

(Oh, by the way, don’t lie with number 3, since we’ll ask you for a screenshot of your traffic stats later on and we’ll also track how many visitors copied post produced. I’ve had applicant who had 120 daily visitors and claimed 100-150 average stats and I’ve had an applicant with 350 daily visitors who initially claimed 1000 daily visitors – guess who we ended up working with? Accuracy is far more important to us, especially for low traffic blogs)

If your blog is approved, you’ll be able start making money right away, despite the fact that the homepage for the service isn’t finished yet. We pay via PayPal only, so you must have a valid PayPal account.

Happy blogging!

Dmitry Davydov is the founder of He has helped to name over 1500 online businesses since 2007

Online Startups That Can Help Your Business Save Money

Everyone is thriving to keep up in the business world especially in time of recession. This is the very reason why websites like LivingSocial and Groupon find themselves struggling. One way  to save money is through the help of group buying sites. However, you may also want to visit these sites that offer a lot of money-saving deals:

5 Online Startups that can surely help your business save money

Bitrix24An effective communication between employees can greatly contribute in the success of a business. However, it is very  difficult for small businesses to acquire intranets for they are usually very expensive and small businesses cannot afford to spend in such high costs.  Bitrix24 understands this needs of small businesses that is why they offer free package of intranet for businesses. Yes, it is true. Small businesses can now acquire Bitrix24 services provided that they only have a maximum of 12 employees. This software lets every members of the team to be updated on every events that is happening within the organization.  The package includes calendar, activity planner, sales funnel and a whole lot more and that costs you nothing. Moreover, a price of $99 a month is given if you have more than 12 employees. Still a very considerable price to avail Bitrix24 services.

LogasterFor every business, we all know that having a logo is a must, whether it is online or not. But it  requires a hundreds of dollars to hire a professional logo designer. You may crowdsource the task but still it will cost you a lot. Do you know that you can create logos for free? Logaster offers a free logo-making services. What a relief, isn’t it? And there’s  more, you just have to pay $4.99 for subscription fee and you can get a lot of designs for business cards, envelopes, letterheads and a whole lot more.

PickyDomainsChoosing a good company name or even a domain for your website is very crucial especially for starting a business. Branding is actually a difficult step, coming up with a wrong name may break your company. Why? There are over millions of registered top domains over the internet and this fact will make it even harder for you to think one of your own. Thanks to PickyDomains, this is no longer a problem. All you have to do is register, pay $50 for the name and domain, and another $75 for the slogan, specify parameters, then pick among the recommended domains. Don’t worry, in case you did not  approve in any suggestions, a refund will be given.

Jet RadarExpedia, Orbitz and Cheapflights have been providing us cheap air fares. If you are a traveller, for sure you love these sites. But you will love JetRadar more. JetRadar offers a lot more cheaper tickets suitable for businesses that needs to make their employees travel frequently. To avoid price- comparison websites, airline companies tend to post their deals on their own site only.  JetRadar is like a meta search engine. To get the cheapest deals, JetRadar searches all 728 airlines, major flight sites and travel agencies. What makes this site different from other sites? Simple, some deals are kept hidden from the public and that makes you have a greater chance to get the deal.

iSpionageIf you are running a business especially online, knowing your competitors will be a great factor to keep you over the competition. iSpionage lets you sneak a little about what your competitors are planning. Are they spending a lot of money to bid on keywords? or which keywords give them most of free traffics? iSpionage will tell you a lot of important information. It will even tell you how much your competitors are spending on Bing and Google ads. You can have three searches a day for free but it will cost you $59 a month if you want to have access to everything.

5 Sites Where You Can Make Decent Money If You Like Writing

With the advent of the Internet, a lot of people nowadays are working from home. There are advantages and disadvantages, of course. But for most people, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. If you like writing and want to make decent money out of it, here are some sites you might want to check out:

5 Sites to earn money by writing

odesk1. – oDesk is an online platform where clients (employers) and contractors meet. If you don’t have an account with oDesk yet, all you have to do is sign up, upload your most recent photo and you’re ready to supply information about your skills, education, work experience and certifications. oDesk also provides a number of tests you can take to showcase your proficiency in certain categories. When scouring for jobs, take note there are jobs that pay by the hour and others at fixed rate. For hourly jobs, verified work is guaranteed payment. This can also mean scrutiny of a contractor’s work habits. For fixed-price jobs, you get paid per deliverable, and there is no need to log hours. On the negative, there is risk of non-payment because oDesk does not guarantee fixed payment.

Picky Domains2. – PickyDomains is a site that provides service to people looking to find catchy and unique inputs for a domain, name and slogan. PickyDomains taps into the online community for suggestions, and the contributor gets paid for suggestions the customer chooses and registers. Signing up as a contributor with PickyDomains is easy. Within minutes, your account can be set up and you’re ready to make suggestions. Depending on the order type and contributor ranking, payment averages at $20 to $75. Payment is made through PayPal.

about.com3. – is a site that provides people with answers and solutions to their everyday needs, whether it be about health, electronics, online tools, a hobby, employment and more. Contributors to are called guides and are considered experts in their fields and can cover an available topic in depth. Once accepted, a guide is offered a compensation package where he earns a base amount for content created. A guide who encourages readership and generates considerable amount of page views can earn more.

ReviewStream4. – ReviewStream pays people to write reviews on just about anything – from household products to cosmetics, restaurants to airlines, hotels, the latest gadgets, books, movies, a whole lot more. A review is more likely to get accepted if it is about a reviewer’s experience and opinion of a product rather than the product’s basic descriptions. For a review to make the cut, minimum word count is set at 200 words. If a review is rejected for being too common, more fact than opinion, ReviewStream may still buy it at bulk rate, $0.30 instead of the regular rate of $1.50. Once the minimum payout of $30 is reached, payment is made through Paypal.

Squidoo5. – At Squidoo, a page is called a lens, and a person who creates a lens is dubbed a lensmaster. A lensmaster does not have to be recognized as an expert in a specific field. It can be anybody interested on a certain subject. Squidoo relies on affiliate marketing and advertising for revenue. For every lens created, the lensmaster gets a 50% revenue cut. Minimum payout amount is automatically set at $10 but can be reset to $1. Payment is through PayPal.