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Online Job Searching: A Pro-Active Approach

There’s more to an online job search than simply trawling the Internet, or sending out you C.V en masse. According to employment guru Guy Kawasaki, it’s not who you know – it’s who knows of you. In this digital age, the Internet can be a remarkable networking tool, and finding the most beneficial employment connections is usually just a click and an upload away.

Job Searching


The first step to a successful online job search is to research, research and research some more. Before quitting your job, familiarize yourself with various job search websites. See what’s available in your particular field and where they’re located. You may need to relocate, depending on your industry. Many companies also advertise their salary offers, so you can get an idea of what to expect based on your qualifications and experience.

The devil is in the details

Use the Internet to find out who the major industry players are and have a good look at all their websites. Decide which companies you want to work for and get to know them in painstaking detail. The more you can customize your CV and your  employment pitch to each job, the better your chances.

Never underestimate the fact that most people don’t take the time to find out what the company’s five-year plan is, or who is in charge of HR. This research will come in handy during interviews, as it will show that you are genuinely interested in working for the company, and it will help you formulate probing and intelligent questions.


Remember that 70-80% of jobs are never even advertised! Make a list of all your contacts, from friends to previous co-workers. It’s wise not to ask them outright to help you, but rather say something like, “I’m looking for a job in IT. Do you know anyone who could point me in the right direction?”

Job Searching at LinkedIn

You should also familiarize yourself with LinkedIn, as this can help you tremendously with your online job searching. There are over two million Australian LinkedIn users, and if you contact the right person, you could be in luck. Make sure your profile is updated, and include your CV. Join groups that are associated with your profession. Strategy is important, as you can’t randomly connect with people, so choose wisely. According to Guy Kawasaki, you shouldn’t think what they can do for you but rather what you can do for them. Always bear that in mind, and pay it forward if you get a good introduction or contact.

Lastly, be Proactive!

When doing online job searching, it’s important not to just do a passive job search. Detailed research and well-planned networking are vital tools. So, be proactive. Tell everyone that you’re looking for a job, get the right connections, and put yourself out there!


Effective Ways to Ask A Raise from Your Boss

Let’s face the fact, we all want a raise. But the problem is your boss has not give it and did not even mention it. You would like to tell your boss about the raise but you are afraid that you may offend your boss.

Here are some tips that may help you on how to ask your boss about the raise:


1. Before asking for a raise, determine first how much your the average salary in the company. It would be wise to determine if you really deserve to have a raise in your salary, of course, your boss will not just simply grant your request if you does not deserve what you are asking.

2. Determine the financial health of the company you are working. If the company is financially healthy and it is capable of giving your salary a raise then you should try asking your boss about it. However, if the company is financially unstable, then wait for the right time when the company is stable enough to give the raise.

3. Before talking to your boss, prepare first your argument. You do not want to end your argument with your boss in a confrontation but you also have to make your case. Make a checklist which would support your case.  Set up an appointment to your boss and remember to be polite.

4. Be ready for whatever be the outcome of your conversation. If your request has been granted then it’s good, but if not then what will you do? Are you going to quit your job or continue working with the same salary you are receiving right now. Another situation is that if your boss agrees yet the raise is smaller than what you want, will you still continue working with the company or you quit and look for another job?

Indeed money is the best way of motivation. Raises and bonuses are great but remember not just look for the money. Money is not the only way which your boss can reward you. Do not take for granted the other benefits which your boss had given you.

If you really wanted to have a raise in your salary and unfortunately, your boss did not grant your request, then it is only appropriate to ask your boss about the requirements on getting a raise, or what does it take to get that raise you wanted.

Final Words

There is no harm in asking for a raise if you really think you deserve it. Ask your boss about it politely and be prepared for whatever answer he may give you. The important thing is that you are able to express your needs and if your boss is understanding enough to understand those needs then I’m sure he will grant your request if the company can. However, you should also remember that the company has also have its needs especially if it is financially unstable. Weigh things right, if you badly needed that increase then you should have looked for other job opportunities but if you do not want to leave the company and you still wanted to be part of it until it succeed, then continue working wholeheartedly.


8 Great Tips On How To Be Successful In Your Career


You might have been through  in many hardships before winning the job you have now. But having the job is just a beginning of a long journey in the employment race. For newbies who have just entered the employment world, let me give you some ideas on how to stay happy in your chosen career.

8 Tips for a Successful Career

Making The Call is Making the Progress

CareerOften times, we use to decline or delay things because of inappropriate or other personal reasons. And I tell you this is a bad behavior. If you are just delaying problems, you are building them up and eventually your problems will become bigger and bigger. Of course, nobody wants this to happen. To avoid this circumstances, it is better to face your problem and take actions as early as you can. You do not need to come up with the perfect solution, however, you have to think for a solution that is best for your problem.  Learn from your mistakes and move on.

Reasons to Quit

Problems are everywhere including in your work. However, your ability to handle these problems under pressure and stress is what matters most. If you love your job, give your best to it and do your task satisfactorily. Quitting may not be the best solution for your problem. But if you decided to quit, make sure it is the right thing to do.

Interruption is the Enemy of Productivity

Focus on your work. Do not be distracted by unnecessary things around. Be productive in everything you do no matter how simple these may be. Do not waste your time to unimportant things, remember “time is gold”. Put away things that may cause to be distracted.

Meeting is Toxic

Meetings are one of the distraction one could ever face. The long meetings could take up so much time resulting to the delay of work and less productivity. Emergency  meetings are the worst because they may happen in an unexpected time.

Make Tiny Decisions

Decisions are part of our lives. It is hard too make big decisions especially if it involves not only your life but also the lives of other people. It is advised that you take a closer look of the details and not the whole picture itself. Try to look at smaller aspects so that you would be able to analyze the outcome of your decision. In case you have made the wrong decision you would be able to make adjustments to avoid casualties or if you cannot avoid it, at least there will be less.

Emulate Chefs

Learn to share your thoughts and ideas from others. Because of competition, many are afraid to share their ideas. However, this is not a proper mindset. Teaching our co- workers and subordinates will help build a good working environment. They might even teach you what they know in return. In this way, cooperation is promoted that will lead in more productive working force.

Long Lists Don’t Get Done

Set your priorities.  Making a long list of your daily tasks will not be effective. You may shorten it by grouping these tasks and set them according to your priorities. This will help you avoid confusion and will make your task easier.

Go to Sleep

Though we have to give our best to our job, this does not mean you have to be a ‘workaholic‘. You also have to consider your health. Studies show that people with proper sleep work well, decide effectively and perform their task efficiently.

Being successful in your career is not only measured by how much you are earning or the position you are holding,  but also  on how you influence the lives of the people that surrounds you. Are they happy working with you? Does your boss likes the way you do your job?  And most importantly, are you happy in your chosen career?


Should You Choose Online Freelancing as a Career?

I have worked for the corporate industry for almost 6 years.  I have worked in different companies with different cultures and different people you have to deal with in my daily life.  I have traveled to different places to attend meetings, conferences, events, etc.  I’ve experienced the regular 9-5 job, I’ve tried the night shift, I’ve even tried a job wherein I was on call for almost 24/7.  It was not easy.  The travel alone is tiring enough because of the rush hour traffic.  The long nights in the office are inevitable due to deadlines, revisions, late meetings and the like.  Moreover, the politics of each workplace and environment may be unbearable for someone who is idealistic when it comes to work ethics.

freelancingMy corporate experience came to an end when I decided to focus on my family life.  Now, with two kids in tow – a seven year old and a 11 month old, it is important for me to be a part of their growing up stages, or their childhood.  The maternal instinct has kicked in.  Resigning from the corporate world and entering full-time motherhood was never easy for me.  I had so many doubts whether I can do it or not, and how to sustain my family’s lifestyle without a job.

image credit

My only hope after resigning was an online job. Yes, I am an online freelancer.  It was not easy at first since I had to find out where to get a job and how to find an employer.  I was nervous and doubtful with the future that looms before my family and I.  The only thing I was confident about was that I know I can write.  Luckily, I was able to find someone who would hire me as a writer.  Though the salary may not be at par with what I was earning before, it’s still a good shot.

benefits and advantages of online freelancing as a career

  • I work on my own schedule. 

My morning is filled with all the household chores – from cleaning the house, doing the laundry and tending to the kids.  As soon as I am done and the kids are already taking their afternoon nap, I’m off to work.  Work stops before dinner time since I have to prepare their food.  After dinner, I tuck them to bed and once they are asleep, I resume with my work.  I can control the number of hours I spend with writing.  There is no need for me to clock in to a time card.  No need to render endless hours of overtime (which are unpaid, by the way).

My employer lives in a different country where I am from.  Though we may differ in timezones, what’s important is that I was able to add someone to my network thus making it easier for me in the future.

  • I choose the working environment that I am in

When I was in the corporate world, I was confined in a cubicle and stuck to my workstation.  I was compelled to attend long and endless meetings.  I was obliged to listen to my boss’ ranting about not meeting the goals and all the other negativity.  However, now that I am a freelancer, I can actually choose where to work.  I can stay inside my house, and use my multipurpose room  – a mini-office, nursery, playroom and bedroom. Or I can choose to bring my kids along to a nearby coffee shop and work in peace while they play or read books. I can even work in  a park while my kids are busy running around.  Most importantly, I need not attend those unending meetings wherein I got bullied over and over again.



Tips When Working From Home

working from homeWorking from home is a totally different from working in an office or anywhere away from home.  This is what I realized since I opted to work from home.  The main reason why I wanted to work from home I want to be close to my son as he grows up.  You may have another reason if you are also working from home to earn a living. Nevertheless, I would like to share few tips that worked for me since I begun working at the comfort of my home.

By the way, before I started with my tips, I would like to acknowledge the fact that working from home is also challenging.  With me, it’s challenging between separating my personal life with how I am supposed to deal with my job or any project I get.  No matter what, our aim is maintain a happy and productive at-home working environment.

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Tips When Working From Home

Healthy Eating Habit

On top of everything else, you should keep yourself healthy, so eat well. Never check anything on your email or facebook without having a breakfast at all. This should be the start of every morning even you are not leaving the house.

Shower and Dress Up

Because you are not going to report to anyone, it is tempting to stay in your sleeping clothes and have a shower whenever you feel like it.  Have a nice bath and dress your best (you can be in your professional clothes if you really want to) makes you feel more professional and ready to work.  Taking the shower early in the morning prevents me from being lazy and lethargic all day.

Make a Routine

Make it a point to wake up early every day. Even if I am going to stay at home all day, I want to make sure I get up early and sleep when needed. This is one of the main reasons why I ended my office work just recently. Complete rest and sleep at night time can never be paid off by my salary anymore.  My body is aching for a healthy routine.

Exercise and Refresh

Taking a walk inside the village is a good way to exercise and freshen up. Visit the grocery, take a walk if possible.  When I come back home, I feel like I just arrived in the office and is ready to start another thing that is productive.   It is also important to maintain a physical separation of work and home and that is what I achieve from walking.

Working Space

This is one of the important things also, I have set a specific place at home where my computer is stationed and it’s only where I do my work and other income generating stuff. With this, I am able to keep my place happy and stress free.

These are just few I can share, add or minus depends on how you want things to be. If you are working online like me, congratulations!  You’ve done one of the tough decision a traditional employee hates to entertain.

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