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What is SEM and Why Should I Use It?

Search engine marketing (SEM) is one of those terms that is quickly gaining popularity. Marketing gurus are constantly talking about it, and businesses are constantly being told that they need to use it. The problem is that a large number of businesses still have no idea what it means or how to implement it into their strategies.


Put simply, SEM is an Internet marketing tactic. The purpose of SEM is to help increase a website’s visibility on the search engines through the combination of organic search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

If you are already implementing SEO in your marketing tactics, you’re halfway done with implementing SEM, and if you use it correctly, you can actually receive plenty of benefits.

1. You’ll reach your target audience.

With SEM, your ads will be seen by individuals who intentionally searched for your specific keywords. This means that these individuals are in the market for your products and services, giving them more of a reason to choose to click on your ad.

For example, if you sell light bulbs, you will use keywords such as light bulbs, lighting, bulbs, vanities, fixtures, etc. If an individual searches for these keywords, your ad could appear as a result (as long as you use the right keywords and are spending a decent amount on your PPC). So rather than your ad appearing in front of someone who searched for something unrelated to your business, your ad is being placed in front of someone who can actually use your product or service, giving your ad a better chance of being clicked.

2. SEM is extremely cost effective.

SEM allows you to implement a great marketing tactic without needing a million dollar advertising budget. With PPC ads, you can either set your own monthly limit or set your own price per click, allowing you to constantly remain within your budget every month. The more money you pay per click or the higher your monthly budget, though, will help your ad’s chances of being seen, so it may be wise of you to pay more than $10 per month on your SEM.

3. It’s easy to change.

If you notice that the keywords you’re using aren’t generating any results, you can change them whenever you want. This gives you the opportunity to determine what works and what doesn’t, and it allows you to make the changes whenever you want, giving you complete control of how your advertising works for you.

You can also change your budget whenever you want. You can always start out small just to get your feet wet and see how people are reacting to your ads. If you notice a great deal of interest, you can increase your PPC budget accordingly to ensure your ad is always being seen.

4. You’ll be using the right method.

Google is popular, there’s no doubt about that.  In fact, according to stat reports, Google services over 3.5 billion search queries per day. Whenever a person wants to find an answer or research a topic, they turn to Google in order to find what they’re looking for. This is the same for products and services. If an individual wants to find a mechanic in a certain town, he or she will turn to Google for information.  When you use SEM, your advertisements will be found in an area that is being viewed over 3.5 billion times per day.

If you’re not yet using SEM as part of your marketing tactic, it may be time for you to look into it. Not only will you be putting your ads out there in front of people who are searching for your product or service, but you’ll also generate a great deal of traffic to your site, which can easily turn into conversions.


Tips On Marketing – Strategies For A Limited Budget

When it comes to Internet marketing there are many avenues to explore with marketing:

Marketing Strategies For Businesses with Limited Budget

Here are a few marketing tips that can get your business noticed without breaking the bank and possibly help you to generate greater profits for your business.

1. Marketing is about branding your company name and website. You want people to remember you above your competition most of all. That is the point of marketing, to stand above the rest so you can gain a customer base and make sales. So the first thing that you need to do is develop brand awareness among your potential customers.

2. In order to do this you need to get the word out about your company and products or services. Article marketing is a low cost method of getting your name out and getting found in the search engines under organic searches. Article marketing also sets you apart as you are giving your customers information that they can use through reading your articles and they will remember you or click on your links for further information.

3. Blogging is also another low cost marketing method that allows you to connect with potential customers through your blog. You can offer them daily insights into the products or services that you offer and helpful hints that provide timely and relevant information. You will also be setting yourself apart as an expert on your product knowledge and people will respond to that with comments and feedback of which you can promptly answer.


4. Don’t overlook social media as a great resource for branding your name and website. Social media is big business these days and many big corporations as well as small companies are taking advantage of this platform to increase their brand awareness and connect with their customers and potential customers on a social level. You can use sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and others to announce new products and services, hold webinars, and even question and answer sessions with your potential customers.

5. As much as the Internet has become a part of our lives, do not forget offline strategies that can pull traffic in to your website. Many times you can take out a low cost ad in the local newspaper or print and distribute flyers to put up around town that will attract customers. Don’t forget to use catchy titles and other promotional tools that can drive traffic.

6. If you have the budget for PTC advertising this can also be a good medium to get your business found in the search engines. Paid-to-Click ads such as with Google Ad words can be cost effective if used with good marketing. Strategies such as catchy titles and phrases that offer solutions to your potential customer’s problems.

Using the above methods will help you to develop low cost marketing; strategies that are sure to work with your budget. The revenue that you can generate for your business will be maximized because your advertising dollars will be minimal compared to using more expensive methods of advertising.


The 7 Deadly Branding Mistakes

brandingOwning any sort of business requires good branding. One of the most important aspects of a business is its branding, for it will represent your company to your consumers. Branding agencies were born out of this important aspect in owning a business, these agencies create the most appropriate brand that would help thrust your business to the top. However, if you brand your business inappropriately, it could be disastrous.

Everything about your business needs to be branded, from logos to websites, all the way down to your business card. To elude the horrors of facing a failed brand here are 7 branding mistakes you should avoid.

The 7 Deadly Branding Mistakes

Brand and Target Market Mismatch

Creating a brand that doesn’t fit its target market identity is a very big mistake. Having a classic and old school type of company brand does not simply rebrand itself as a trendy and new school company brand because it does not cater to the trendy and new school market. Rebranding just to change the company image will never be successful unless it is accompanied by changing or adding new products or services that caters to a different target market. Remember to always match your target market.

No Knowledge of Your Market

One of the key aspects of a business is knowing your market. The company must have knowledge of what it’s catering and what target market is the company catering to. What does the company offer to the market? How does the company’s brand cater to its market? Failing on this aspect would result in the failure of your brand. The solution to this is market research, create surveys or questionnaires and understand precisely what your target market needs.


Never be inconsistent, especially when branding your business, as it is what represents the business. Inconsistency for your brand shows that it is undependable and it will in turn represent that in-dependability onto your business. Branding for your business should be matching all throughout any form of media, from the logo, company name, company background and it also includes your website and even business cards.

No Follow Through

Stick to what you can provide and know your company’s limitation, never brand your company to be the best in the industry when in reality it’s just getting its feet wet. Never create a brand that indicates a superior brand but doesn’t follow through with its products and services. Be sure that the company knows what it’s capable of and base your brand through it.

Not Utilizing Loyal Customer Base

Using your loyal customer base for feedback and suggestions is a very effective way to improve your company’s brand. See what your customer and their families response and have them talk about your brand. Getting their opinion about altering the company brand whether it is successful or not and using their opinion to promote your brand.


Stagnant companies are companies that have stuck with what was successful for their business long ago, and are afraid of losing their previous success through change. This greatly affects the company brand as it becomes too old and boring. An effective company needs change in order to keep up with the new competitors, this change not only involves the visual aspect of your brand but also its interior. The company must be on the same page with your brand and those who do not welcome the change must either be replaced or re-indoctrinated.

Limiting New Materials

Most companies use marketing materials and your company usually buys truckloads of these materials. Unfortunately these materials tend to get outdated really fast as new products and services gets introduced or even special promos and events. By keeping the old marketing materials and limiting in acquiring new and updated materials actually makes the company lose profit and also tarnish the company’s brand by providing outdated and irrelevant information to its prospective consumers. Design marketing materials that could keep up with the changes within the business.

By eluding these horrible branding mistakes, your business should be well off and will soon be one of the successful businesses.


Reasons Why You Should Market Your Business Online

The start of the new millennium offered a new approach in marketing and business. The development of social networking sites and the internet allowed a more techy and modern system known as e-commerce.  Countless of companies adopted this change and embrace e-marketing in their marketing strategy. Yet there are some businessmen who still have doubts in taking their business to the online world.


So, if you’re one to doubt the power of online marketing, here are some reason you should know on why it is best to apply e-marketing to your business.

Different and New Economy

When the internet was developed it also created a new economy. An economy that has a hold an explosive growth and immeasurable size that altered the method of doing business.  Successful companies like Ebay and Amazon dominated this new arena, where not long ago traditional Businesses use to dominate it.  There are a lot of small and medium size companies that have also successfully gain profit doing business online.

The internet is the best venue for business

A traditional business can gain sale when customers enter the shop. On the internet, the customers don’t need to be physically in the shop.  Sales may be gained by just a click. Through the right choice of marketing strategy, your online business may have more buyers compared to a traditional shop.

Customers can have an easy access to information

A few years ago, companies spent days to provide information or updates of services and products to the clients. It all changed thanks to the internet. Presently, companies can easily talk about the changes or additions to products or services within minutes. It is either done by emailing, blog posting, social media posting and so much more.

24 hours business availability

What is the best way to continue making sales than making your business available 24 hours a day? You can do business while you are sleeping or when you’re on a weekend getaway. Thanks to the internet your online shop will be open for customers all year round. Less investment, less man power and less over heads.

Low start-up cost

Establishing a website for your business is relatively cheap. There are many available affordable (some are free) tools that can help you create a site from scratch. Some business portals also provide website templates that will enable you to set your website in a few clicks.

If you have considered to market your business online. Your business will not just be exposed to the local market but …

You will have a global business

When you choose to participate in e-commerce, you can instantly become a global player. Your business can penetrate into the global market and having customers from all over the world. This would be the best thing about doing business online. Imagine a global market for your business. There’s just a lot of money on the table to lose not marketing your business online.


Benefits of Having Videos in Marketing Your Business

Competition in business nowadays are becoming harder and harder. With the help of technology, reaching the consumers has become incredibly fast. However, there are still many marketers who are not satisfied with their strategies because they are not able to build a connection between them. Indeed reaching the consumers is easy wit the aide of technology. However, the real challenge is building a connection between your business and the consumers.

As a marketer, it is your job to reach and build a connection between the business and consumers. It is not enough having a long flowery content in your page with great colors and images. Many online  marketers have already done that. You have to think of new ways to catch their attention and interests. Why don’t you consider putting a video presentation in your site. Experts said that putting a video on your site will add to its attractions and captures the interest of the visitor easily.

Compared to other forms of media, video is the most effective because it conveys a deeper meaning of the message. Static images, texts, and audio recordings may also deliver your message but video is more effective. Having a video on your site will make the audience feel like they are really communicating with the real person and not just with the business itself. According to business experts, the people prefer to do business with the real person instead of the brand.


Videos allow you to introduce your business as a human, the people will tend to look at you and your business as an  honest, trustworthy, professional and reliable. This is very important because that will motivate the consumer to patronize your business. They will choose your business instead of your competitors.

Video can be in many different types like …

  • testimonials,
  • product demonstrations,
  • and even video adverts.

Each has its own purpose but all of these are effective.

Testimonials are among the most effective marketing tools. Testimonials are for encouraging the people to trust your business. It is more effective if you have testimonials from outside sources. Video testimonials are far more better than written testimonials because there is only a small probability that it was fabricated. It is very easy to write testimonials but it would be very difficult for businesses to put it on videos.

Another effective video is the product demonstration. According to surveys, most consumers watch first the product demonstration before purchasing the item. This is to make sure that they are able to understand the purpose of the product, how to use it and if they really need the item. One thing that you should remember is that whenever a visitor watches your product demo, it means that he or she is already interested in your product.

So you have to make sure that your product demonstration is presentable, clean, and easy to understand. You should also make sure that you have to make the consumer feel that they will not waste their money when they will do business transactions with you.


Why It Pays To Create Your Own Market

Those who intend to join entrepreneurship may choose to be the one to create his own market or compete with the existing one. No one could exactly tell who can turn out successful in the endeavor with what one chooses to be. Both can fail and succeed regardless of whether there is an attempt to create a market or to consider the existing one. However, various studies have been made already and pointed out several advantages that creating a new market can offer. Read on this article for some advantages that having your own market can give you.


Advantages of Having Your Own Market

Once you will create your own market, you are considered creative.

This creativity will create a buzz in the buying market and will surely attract attention. With the best strategy that you will apply to hold your potential customers, success is potentially yours. When your product is unique and of high quality that is comparable to any other substitute products, revenue goals are achievable and you will be keeping the momentum as long as you want to.

Business models that are considered pioneering turn out successful and many customers will find its uniqueness an advantage on their part. This will also command authority and integrity knowing that you are not just copying other business strategies.

Competition is not tough when you have your own market.

You will focus on addressing the needs of your target customers instead of looking for ways and methods that will overthrow your competitor. You have your own products and services and you are not creating something superior from what is existing. It is also hard to get the market share with the established businesses around you that you are competing with. There is a potential to creating greatness when you have your own market. Your business techniques will be centered on creating the best about your products.

Advertising plan plays an important role.

Your advertising agenda will also place emphasis on how you will drive customers to buy the products and not on comparing with other existing products. Indeed, it takes time to introduce your product to the end users. It can also be a long way to establish the credibility but the idea that you have the chance that the target market will try the product is already an edge. This is an advantage on your part to prove that what has been promised about the product is really true. It would not be hard to let the customers make a try since you are promoting a new product; thus, trial is imperative and they also have this urge to make a try.

Many would say that the risk is greater when your market is new. However, it only necessitates careful planning on how you will go about the business endeavor and drive towards success. If you want to stay on the trade, risks should be faced. If you think you are taking risk when you create your own market, remember that you will be facing the same risk when you will compete with the existing one.


Keys To Creating A Successful Online Promotion

Branding is very important in the growth of one’s business. To develop one’s brand, one must have an initiative on how to increase online engagement and awareness. To do this, one may have a contests, have a raffle promo like sweepstakes and giveaways. There are lots of ways that you can use as marketing tools that will help in building relationships with the customers. To help you develop your online promotion, consider the following tips.

5 Tips To Creating A Successful Online Promotion

Make Your Campaigns Easy to Participate


In formulating new campaigns, be sure to make it super easy to participate. If you make it easier for the customers to participate, the more likely the customer will engage in your promotions. Too complex promotions tend to tire and bore the participants, so you better make it quick and simple. Lessen the number of fields in your entry form to make it more simple.

Create a promotion where you get people sharing photos

Utilizing photos in your promotional campaign will increase customer engagement. Consumers enjoy uploading and sharing their photos with their friends. Most of the time, images and graphics capture the attention of viewers easily than simply pure text content. So you better make sure that your promotion have some graphics so that it will not look dry and boring.

Make your promotions mobile-friendly

promotionWe all know that most adult people owns mobile phones. You should bare in mind that technology greatly affects business especially in today’s ‘high technology’ era. Remember to keep  up – to – date in every single changes in the technology trend  most importantly those that directly affects your business. And nowadays, online activities can be accessed through mobile. Hence, it would be wise to get your business accessed through mobile and make sure that your website looks fine when viewed using mobile devices. There are many company websites that look messy when viewed using mobile devices.

Make Your Customers and Staff Seed the Promotion

It would be helpful to your campaign to have your customers and staff seed the promotion. Try to ask your customers and your staff to spread good words to their friends. But of course, in order to do this, you have to build good relationship with your customers and your staff so you will not find it hard to ask them favor to spread awareness. If you are good to them, even if you will not ask them to do so, they will just simply do it.

Use Paid Media to Supercharge the Promotion

You may use social media like Facebook or Twitter to promote your ads and posts. Many people surf the internet for social networking, different kind of people that came from different parts of the world meet on social media web sites, so investing on ads these social media sites will be very effective.

Final Words

One more thing, you have to be very patient and hardworking in order for your business to survive in this very hard marketing competition. It will take a long time before you can see the effects of your hard-work.


Ways to Make Your Inbound Marketing Efforts More Effective

Inbound marketing, as opposed to outbound marketing, lets you attract customers by offering useful and interesting information in your website which leads to a sale rather than begging them to buy your product or use your services.

Generally, there are three basic steps involved in inbound marketing – you create eye-catching and useful content, you generate leads and convert them into something with monetary value (i.e. a sale), and you evaluate the methods you have used in order to keep track of your success and implement any changes when necessary.

inbound marketing

In this age of social media marketing, inbound marketing has been slowly replacing traditional marketing strategies which tend to drive potential customers away because of the aggressive approach used by marketers. As useful as inbound marketing is, however, many companies and individuals seem to be confused as to how to maximize it for their advantage.

The question still pervades – how can I make my inbound marketing strategy more effective?

Just like any methods or tools, the greatest ally of inbound marketing is time and timing. This means that it takes time before you can see the results; thus, you need to be patient and be discerning when to follow-up and when to just sit down. Which brings you to the next element – timing.

inbound marketingHow many times has a potential sale been ruined because you were too eager and caught your customer in a bad time, or too long in responding to a query or a follow-up? According to experts, the best time to call and turn your lead into a sale is 5 minutes after a person has viewed your website. If you take longer than that, you could lose an opportunity and a potential client. However, if there is good timing, there is also bad timing. Recent researches have shown that the best time to call somebody is on a Thursday between 8 and 9AM and between 4 and 5PM.

Furthermore, inbound marketing is not confined to a certain strategy or tool. Since your goal is to attract customers and turn them into a sale, you need to be as diverse as you can get to keep their curiosity which leads them to want more. You can do this by employing different methods and tools. And as you become more familiar with each of them, you can maximize its use become an expert in inbound marketing.

Finally, remember that just like any tools you use, you need to stick with the methods and tools you use in your inbound marketing campaign. Master them until you see the results. There are no shortcuts to success nor does a get-rich-quickly scheme provide you with long term results.


Why New Businesses Should Consider Online Marketing?

We live in a dynamic world – a world that is constantly changing. This is never truer than the time where we are at because of technology. Therefore, you have to be on the look-out at all times or you will wake up one day realizing that everything has changed except you. The fact that everything is happening very fast should be embraced especially by business people, both for their success and survival. And one vital ingredient for a business to survive in the modern world is online marketing.


What difference does this type of marketing have from traditional marketing?

First, it is cheaper.

In traditional marketing, companies usually spend huge sums of money for a product campaign. Most of the time, they have to get big-name celebrities to endorse their products. Online marketing, on the other hand, uses the power of everyday social networking sites, such as Facebook and YouTube. With these tools, you can create a strong market presence at a minimum amount.

Secondly, online marketing has a faster and far-reaching hand because everybody can access the internet anywhere in the world.


With this, you can market your product even in far-reaching areas making a small and thriving business in a rural area have clients in different continents. Coupled with the right strategy, what seems to be an impossible task becomes an opportunity and allows your business to flourish at a steady pace.

Because of the cost involved in it and the variety of software, apps, and other tools, online marketing is more flexible allowing you to design your marketing strategy to different age brackets with varying tastes. Aside from its flexibility, it is also easy and fast. When you want to launch your product, you can make your own web site and launch it in various social networking sites all over the World Wide Web.

Another benefit of online marketing is its personalized approach.

Since you have the freedom to put your personal touch to it, it gives your product a distinct personality which is unique from others. You also keep in touch with your clients in a more personal level as you answer queries. And once your clients, tried the products you are offering and are satisfied with it, they can give you positive and free reviews establishing the reputation and reliability of your business. You can even employ the help of family and friends, even complete strangers, to get involved with your marketing campaign.

Final Words

The benefits and advantages of online marketing are limitless and growing because the platform you are using, which is the Internet, is also growing. The only limit to this is your imagination. Therefore, as long as you let your imagination run wild, you always have an edge at a lesser risk.


Advantage of Online Media over Traditional Media

With the race for superiority as to which is better in attracting consumers’ attention, both online media and traditional media supporters have their strong arguments why each has their benefits and advantages. If you are one of those who advocate online media, there are a few things that come to mind – cost, proximity, exponential growth, and many more.

online media

There is no doubt that when it comes to marketing and advertising cost, online media can save a business more than traditional media. Instead of spending millions in an advertising campaign with no guarantee whether it will be successful or not, traditional media spells a much bigger risk.

Online media, on the other hand, has a myriad of free tools you can use to promote a product, a service, or a talent.

Think what Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and all other social media sites have done and made stars from virtually anonymous people and products. At what price? Not pretty much.

Another advantage of online media is the extent of its reach.

Traditional media, because also of the cost, has limitations as to how much people it can reach. In contrast, an advertising campaign using online media can reach even the impossibly reached areas because of the internet. Since the whole world is virtually connected to each other, a businessman from Asia can be aware of new products from other parts of the world and have them in a matter of weeks, or even days. A thriving business in rural United States can gain customers even from the farthest villages where there is an internet connection.

And since the reach of online media is unlimited, there is a promise of exponential growth.

There is, of course, no guarantee for success in either avenue; however, if your advertising campaign using online media becomes a hit, then you have a success story in your hands at such a low cost. What more, you can sustain and repeat the process again with low risks. Remember YouTube sensations that become multi-million stars because their video became viral and in a matter of months gained millions of followers worldwide? That’s the power of online media.

online mediaFinal Words

This phenomenon can be contributed to another factor of online media which is participation. Nowadays, when you want to promote a product, a service, or a person, the first thing you do is ask your friends in your social network to help you. This help usually comes in liking the page, viewing and sharing a video, tweeting and re-tweeting it, and blog about it. The friends of your friends will do the same process and what you have in your hands becomes a promotion at a free cost. And the ultimate reward of those who helped you comes in the satisfaction that you have managed to make something and someone go viral.

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