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Tips On Marketing – Strategies For A Limited Budget

When it comes to Internet marketing there are many avenues to explore with marketing:

Marketing Strategies For Businesses with Limited Budget

Here are a few marketing tips that can get your business noticed without breaking the bank and possibly help you to generate greater profits for your business.

1. Marketing is about branding your company name and website. You want people to remember you above your competition most of all. That is the point of marketing, to stand above the rest so you can gain a customer base and make sales. So the first thing that you need to do is develop brand awareness among your potential customers.

2. In order to do this you need to get the word out about your company and products or services. Article marketing is a low cost method of getting your name out and getting found in the search engines under organic searches. Article marketing also sets you apart as you are giving your customers information that they can use through reading your articles and they will remember you or click on your links for further information.

3. Blogging is also another low cost marketing method that allows you to connect with potential customers through your blog. You can offer them daily insights into the products or services that you offer and helpful hints that provide timely and relevant information. You will also be setting yourself apart as an expert on your product knowledge and people will respond to that with comments and feedback of which you can promptly answer.


4. Don’t overlook social media as a great resource for branding your name and website. Social media is big business these days and many big corporations as well as small companies are taking advantage of this platform to increase their brand awareness and connect with their customers and potential customers on a social level. You can use sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and others to announce new products and services, hold webinars, and even question and answer sessions with your potential customers.

5. As much as the Internet has become a part of our lives, do not forget offline strategies that can pull traffic in to your website. Many times you can take out a low cost ad in the local newspaper or print and distribute flyers to put up around town that will attract customers. Don’t forget to use catchy titles and other promotional tools that can drive traffic.

6. If you have the budget for PTC advertising this can also be a good medium to get your business found in the search engines. Paid-to-Click ads such as with Google Ad words can be cost effective if used with good marketing. Strategies such as catchy titles and phrases that offer solutions to your potential customer’s problems.

Using the above methods will help you to develop low cost marketing; strategies that are sure to work with your budget. The revenue that you can generate for your business will be maximized because your advertising dollars will be minimal compared to using more expensive methods of advertising.


Ways to Make Your Inbound Marketing Efforts More Effective

Inbound marketing, as opposed to outbound marketing, lets you attract customers by offering useful and interesting information in your website which leads to a sale rather than begging them to buy your product or use your services.

Generally, there are three basic steps involved in inbound marketing – you create eye-catching and useful content, you generate leads and convert them into something with monetary value (i.e. a sale), and you evaluate the methods you have used in order to keep track of your success and implement any changes when necessary.

inbound marketing

In this age of social media marketing, inbound marketing has been slowly replacing traditional marketing strategies which tend to drive potential customers away because of the aggressive approach used by marketers. As useful as inbound marketing is, however, many companies and individuals seem to be confused as to how to maximize it for their advantage.

The question still pervades – how can I make my inbound marketing strategy more effective?

Just like any methods or tools, the greatest ally of inbound marketing is time and timing. This means that it takes time before you can see the results; thus, you need to be patient and be discerning when to follow-up and when to just sit down. Which brings you to the next element – timing.

inbound marketingHow many times has a potential sale been ruined because you were too eager and caught your customer in a bad time, or too long in responding to a query or a follow-up? According to experts, the best time to call and turn your lead into a sale is 5 minutes after a person has viewed your website. If you take longer than that, you could lose an opportunity and a potential client. However, if there is good timing, there is also bad timing. Recent researches have shown that the best time to call somebody is on a Thursday between 8 and 9AM and between 4 and 5PM.

Furthermore, inbound marketing is not confined to a certain strategy or tool. Since your goal is to attract customers and turn them into a sale, you need to be as diverse as you can get to keep their curiosity which leads them to want more. You can do this by employing different methods and tools. And as you become more familiar with each of them, you can maximize its use become an expert in inbound marketing.

Finally, remember that just like any tools you use, you need to stick with the methods and tools you use in your inbound marketing campaign. Master them until you see the results. There are no shortcuts to success nor does a get-rich-quickly scheme provide you with long term results.


Why New Businesses Should Consider Online Marketing?

We live in a dynamic world – a world that is constantly changing. This is never truer than the time where we are at because of technology. Therefore, you have to be on the look-out at all times or you will wake up one day realizing that everything has changed except you. The fact that everything is happening very fast should be embraced especially by business people, both for their success and survival. And one vital ingredient for a business to survive in the modern world is online marketing.


What difference does this type of marketing have from traditional marketing?

First, it is cheaper.

In traditional marketing, companies usually spend huge sums of money for a product campaign. Most of the time, they have to get big-name celebrities to endorse their products. Online marketing, on the other hand, uses the power of everyday social networking sites, such as Facebook and YouTube. With these tools, you can create a strong market presence at a minimum amount.

Secondly, online marketing has a faster and far-reaching hand because everybody can access the internet anywhere in the world.


With this, you can market your product even in far-reaching areas making a small and thriving business in a rural area have clients in different continents. Coupled with the right strategy, what seems to be an impossible task becomes an opportunity and allows your business to flourish at a steady pace.

Because of the cost involved in it and the variety of software, apps, and other tools, online marketing is more flexible allowing you to design your marketing strategy to different age brackets with varying tastes. Aside from its flexibility, it is also easy and fast. When you want to launch your product, you can make your own web site and launch it in various social networking sites all over the World Wide Web.

Another benefit of online marketing is its personalized approach.

Since you have the freedom to put your personal touch to it, it gives your product a distinct personality which is unique from others. You also keep in touch with your clients in a more personal level as you answer queries. And once your clients, tried the products you are offering and are satisfied with it, they can give you positive and free reviews establishing the reputation and reliability of your business. You can even employ the help of family and friends, even complete strangers, to get involved with your marketing campaign.

Final Words

The benefits and advantages of online marketing are limitless and growing because the platform you are using, which is the Internet, is also growing. The only limit to this is your imagination. Therefore, as long as you let your imagination run wild, you always have an edge at a lesser risk.


Advantage of Online Media over Traditional Media

With the race for superiority as to which is better in attracting consumers’ attention, both online media and traditional media supporters have their strong arguments why each has their benefits and advantages. If you are one of those who advocate online media, there are a few things that come to mind – cost, proximity, exponential growth, and many more.

online media

There is no doubt that when it comes to marketing and advertising cost, online media can save a business more than traditional media. Instead of spending millions in an advertising campaign with no guarantee whether it will be successful or not, traditional media spells a much bigger risk.

Online media, on the other hand, has a myriad of free tools you can use to promote a product, a service, or a talent.

Think what Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and all other social media sites have done and made stars from virtually anonymous people and products. At what price? Not pretty much.

Another advantage of online media is the extent of its reach.

Traditional media, because also of the cost, has limitations as to how much people it can reach. In contrast, an advertising campaign using online media can reach even the impossibly reached areas because of the internet. Since the whole world is virtually connected to each other, a businessman from Asia can be aware of new products from other parts of the world and have them in a matter of weeks, or even days. A thriving business in rural United States can gain customers even from the farthest villages where there is an internet connection.

And since the reach of online media is unlimited, there is a promise of exponential growth.

There is, of course, no guarantee for success in either avenue; however, if your advertising campaign using online media becomes a hit, then you have a success story in your hands at such a low cost. What more, you can sustain and repeat the process again with low risks. Remember YouTube sensations that become multi-million stars because their video became viral and in a matter of months gained millions of followers worldwide? That’s the power of online media.

online mediaFinal Words

This phenomenon can be contributed to another factor of online media which is participation. Nowadays, when you want to promote a product, a service, or a person, the first thing you do is ask your friends in your social network to help you. This help usually comes in liking the page, viewing and sharing a video, tweeting and re-tweeting it, and blog about it. The friends of your friends will do the same process and what you have in your hands becomes a promotion at a free cost. And the ultimate reward of those who helped you comes in the satisfaction that you have managed to make something and someone go viral.


Benefits of Integrating Mobile into Your Marketing Strategy

To emulate Madonna, we are living not only in a material world, but in a mobile world as well. Take a look around and everything shouts mobile – from smartphones to tablets. Aside from these platforms, a lot of tools and software are being developed at lightning fast speed to enhance the mobile experience. Just look at the various apps you can download on your phone or tablet to make every area of your business and personal life much easier. This is a fact that you can’t deny no matter what kind of industry your business is involved in. Thus, you either have to go with the tide and succeed, or decide for the traditional approach and sink – a prerogative no one wants to take. Moreover, any business that wants to succeed need to be a step ahead of its competition.

Mobile Marketing

In terms of mobile integration, it doesn’t take a genius how big its influence and extent of its benefit in the information age we have. Add to that our lifestyle that is getting busier and busier by the minute. Instead of just lazing in a café with a laptop on the table, people now access the internet through their mobile phones and tablets while walking, waiting in line, on the subway, or on the bus. There is just no more limitations anymore. Therefore, if you want to increase your mobility and influence, integrating mobile into your business and marketing strategy is inevitable.

Furthermore, multimedia experts have attested that 20 percent of all web traffic to social media and business sites are accessed on a mobile device. If translated into figures, this means that there are 20 people in every 100 who accessed web sites using their mobile gadgets. They do this while doing the most mundane of task or just plainly killing time in any possible place you can imagine.

marketing strategyIn another survey, online shoppers who used their mobile devices to shop have tripled in number during the busiest season like Black Friday and Christmas. Add to this the percentage of people who use their mobile phones or tablets to search for items and information. Given these figures, imagine how much clients you have or might miss if you haven’t integrated mobile into your marketing strategy yet.

Through mobile marketing, you expand your customer base and the platforms how you can keep in touch with them. Aside from emails, social media, and search engines, you also get to maximize mobile messaging to inform and update your client base. Just make sure that when you use mobile messaging, you are using reputable providers or you are in danger of being flagged as spam. Implementing mobile into your marketing strategy will soon give you the much needed traffic you need and the sales figures you want.

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Ways to Increase Customer Conversion Rate in Facebook

Social marketing is a very powerful tool to get your message across. There are a lot of possible ways how you can use it because you can easily get in touch with people anywhere in the world. You can establish new relationships and re-establish old ones through different social networking sites, the most popular of which is Facebook. That is why a lot of businesses create pages on Facebook which are dedicated to their products and services to generate more traffic to their web site and gain more clients.


The question, however, is if you are getting the most out of Facebook? Or how do you know if you are getting the traffic you are expecting? The most obvious evidence that you are doing it right is being able to convert those visitors to your web site into buyers and regular clients. In order to do this, there are some factors you need to consider and guidelines you need to follow.

The first thing you need to remember in order to utilise Facebook to your advantage is to understand that this is not a marketplace, but rather a place to establish relationships – both personal and business in nature. This means that you do not sell your products on Facebook but to make your presence known by meeting people and keeping in touch with them. This is why Facebook was built in the first place – to keep in touch with friends and family by sharing your every moment with them. This brings us to the second point – photos.

facebookFacebook is about sharing and the best way to do this is through photos.

Therefore, if you want people to be interested in your products or services, you need to put photos that paint a very compelling and interesting image to people who visit your page. Remember though that it is not enough to put pictures of your products and then expect people to visit your web site and make a purchase. These pictures should make a strong statement even if they indirectly refer to your products. For example, if you are selling baby products, pictures of cute babies in various poses and activities using your products are much better and more interesting than just enumerating your goods and stating the benefits your clients can get from it.

To make your campaign on Facebook more aggressive, be sure to keep your content updated and interesting so that those who follow or like your page have something to expect. A much better method is encourage them to write short testimonials about your products after using them. You can also have a contest using your products as giveaways. For sure no one can ever turn down a good offer, especially if it’s for free.


Mapping Up Your Business – A Good Way To Gain Online Presence

Mapping UpThere are many ways to somehow harness the online presence of a business entity on the internet, however many of them are suitable for some of the businesses while not for others. One good process for gaining an online presence is Business Mapping. It is a process, which in general refers to the fact that who is responsible in essence for the responsibilities. It shows who does what, how it was being done, what process in terms of the standards were followed, and how to fix responsibilities in a more efficient way. Once you have effectively achieved it, there would be no problem of any uncertainty as to how it needs to be done and what are the requirements which need to be fulfilled.

Mapping up your business does not only involve these formal activities but dig in quite deep as they are the pioneering processes making things possible and setting up the most baseline rules that can govern the further activities.

Moreover, the process also involves the criterion which can decide on when we have reached the goals and have them under control effectively. As it turns out, there are three facts that are outcomes of any project and they are the ideas, facts, and finally the opportunities that we can come up with. On being well planned and completed all of these activities contribute in making up the long term as well as the short term issues possible.

The result of successful business mapping activities is that you can explore the actionable and far more effective answers which the other or even your company is finding hard to guess. It is especially true in the case of online businesses where the methodologies, tools and their knowledge pay heavily in making up a process that would help you build the online presence for the better.

Mapping upThe knowledge process areas however need to be paid keen attention as well if you are interested in reaching your goal of having an effective online market of customers and a good brand name for yourself as well. As, these knowledge process areas would ascertain success in mapping up your business even further and providing you with opportunities to go beyond the standardized versions and more easily achieved online business growth rate.

Moreover, these methodologies and tools would also provide you with the facility and ability to generate certain results for yourself which in essence would help you further in specification of an appropriate ICT infrastructure. This would ensure better product development and marketing activities throughout the company processes and therefore adding to your online market leader impression.

By mapping up your business in an effective manner the end results and intermediate values can be presented to your end-users obtaining the online information at different levels of hierarchy. It is also notable in the aspect of mapping up your business to provide you with the interaction with these online users who can help you in getting useful data that can in result guarantee you better results after proper analysis. This would also however result in the information traveling downwards in the loop and providing your processes with a better input for improvement.


Analyzing Competitors Strategies – A Good Way to Stay on Track

Competitors are always present regardless of the industry you’re in. Whether you’re a student or a professional, there’s always a room for competition. Because of this competition, some businesses would tend to hire professionals just to track their competitors’ strategies for their benefits. There are a lot of reasons why it is best to analyze the strategies of your competitors; understanding your opponents business and activities will keep you stay on track and ahead of them.

Here are some of the reasons why you should analyze your competitors’ strategies

  • strategiesBy giving an ample time to research your opponents business strategies will provide you a background and concrete basis for creating a competitive assessment. You’ll be able to gather intellectual facts about their business strategies, such as their goals, their target market, their approach and a better understanding on how they market their items, products or brands to the consumers.
  • This is the best way to stay on track since you’ll be able to determine your opponents’ secrets to success, you may follow them and the best part is you’ll get to know their flaws and mistakes. This way, you’ll be able to avoid the mistakes they have done and create a better business plan.
  • By identifying who your rivals are will give you an advantage; you should know who they are, what they stand for, what do other people think about them and how the consumers find them. This way you’ll be able to identify and differentiate your company from theirs. You can stay on track and even get ahead of them when it comes to marketing.
  • Analyzing your rivals approach and strategies will help you come up for a competitive, practical and smart decision. This is crucial when it comes to decision making for prices, promotions, and the places where you think your product is best appreciated. You’ll easily understand your market and who to target to keep track of your competitors prices, and forecast of your future consumers.
  • By doing this research, you’ll easily distinguish your opponents’ weakness thus making it easy for you to conquer the market and stabilized your product.
  • You’ll understand and see the ongoing trends, what is on demand and when it is highly demanded. You can also determine if what other products you can sell in the future and how you can profit.

Final Words

Just remember that by doing this so called competitive research you have to be well organized. You can start by knowing the opponent company; check their website and any products or services they are offering. You may also check on what are the things they’re good at or the things they excel most and what are their weaknesses. You can also try to differentiate what sets your competitors company apart from yours. If you’re not confident to do this, then hire a professional to work for you. You don’t want to end up having incorrect information thus causing your business to slow down or even fall due to stiff competition.


Surefire Ways to be Effective in Internet Marketing

Lots of people nowadays are fond of the internet, that is why there are also lots of marketers who are using internet as their marketing tool. But there are lots on internet marketers who failed to market their products and services and thus give a negative impact to their business. Below are some tips that would surely make you an expert.


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Ways  to be Effective  in Internet Marketing

1. Build Relevant and Quality Links

The common goal of every internet marketer is to drive traffic to the website, and one effective way of doing that is through link building. Though links are very important, you should only consider having links with credible websites and avoid link spamming. Link spamming is one of the dirty tricks of the ‘black hats’ to drive traffic to their site. And black hats are enemies of search engines so make sure these search engines would not see you as an enemy. They will surely lower your page rank or worse ban your website.

2. Treat Your Client as your Girlfriend

Make your clients feel like they are important. For us internet marketers, what really important is increasing our revenue, we should not let the clients feel that we are after for it. Present ideas and services in which the clients can also benefit. If the clients feel that the services you are offering to them is not beneficial, naturally, they will not keep it. Usually people seek for things that they think beneficial for them.

3. Make your Ads Pleasing

If you really wanted to increase your revenue fast then you may have some ads on your website. Place the ads into the parts of your site in which they can easily be seen. Do not put ads that might loo awkward for some readers. Choose ads that are suitable for any kind of audience. Adding some graphics would also help in attracting more visitors but do not over do it. Put the graphics in a way that is pleasing in the sight and does not make your website look messy. Also, too much graphics and flash effects can slow down the  loading of your website.

4. Outsource

Have you heard about outsourcing? If not, then it is time for you to learn about it. You could save a lot of money and you could lessen the expenses of your business by outsourcing some administrative tasks. It is a new way of increasing productivity and lessens the expenses. Very efficient and effective.

5. Make Your Content Informative

Content is very important so make sure that your content is informative. Though graphics help in attracting more audiences, still in your content depends whether the visitor will continue exploring your site or navigate away from your site. A good quality content will surely build a strong customer engagements.

6. You Must have a Good Marketing Strategy

I know that most marketers already know about this, but for those who don’t then let me tell you the basic marketing strategy – making the item to look like a ‘must have‘. Making the product looks very valuable for the eyes of the customers will surely make them rush to your company.

Final Note

Remember that in internet marketing, you have lots of competitors more than in offline marketing so you better make sure that you are updated on every changes happening online.


5 Marketing Strategies For A Startup Business


For sure that many of us wants to earn money. Many said that it is much more easier if you invest in online business. However, most who attempt did not success for they fail to implement proper start-up plan.

Marketing strategies that would help your business

Know your own point of view as a business

Before launching your business, make sure that you see things as a businessman’s point of view. You see, things would look very different if you will look at them as a businessman and as of a consumer. You have to weigh things because there would come time that you have to make certain decisions that will affect the future of your business.

Create your company’s brand

This is the most crucial part of introducing your business. You have to understand that before you can monetize, you should build first your brand. You have to build a strong connection that would bond you to your clients. It is important that your clients trust your brand so that

Start building awareness for your company

BusinessBuilding awareness for your company will help your business known more especially in your locality. You may sponsor an event like a marathon for a cause or sponsor a local team.  Join your  local Chamber of Commerce. Joining the local Chamber of Commerce will not only make your business known but also they would help you in improving and growing your business. You would also  get updates on the latest trends in marketing, economy and even technology. In this way you would be able to help improve your community and at the same time, getting your brand known.

Develop customer loyalty programs

BusinessWhen you acquire new customers, that is a good sign that you are in right business track. However, have you think about how are you going to keep these customers.  It is useless if you are just striving hard to attract and acquire new customers yet they do not become your regular customers. Create strategies that would keep the trust and maintain your current customers as well as winning back previous ones. Give special promos and discounts as well as freebies. It is also essential to have a Customer Relationship Management especially if your company is becoming bigger and bigger.

Once you have established  the other tips to a certain extent then, you can and should get creative

BusinessIf you are done with the first four steps, the next thing you have to do is to be creative. Of course, you should make new ways and strategies to make your site more innovative. If you do not make any changes to improve your site, your customers and visitors may find it very boring. Thus, they will navigate away from your site and look for a more interesting site or blog.

Final Words

Add a little spice into your website like putting some relevant graphics. Besides, the readers would understand your content better if they can see relevant images and icons in your website. These marketing strategies may seem so easy but if implemented improperly it will put your business into trouble.

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