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Earning Online Through Blogging

Making money online is what keeps me busy nowadays. Being able to create a descent income at the comfort of my home, without being constantly told what to do and when to do it is a luxury I enjoy while working at home. I get to see my family any time I want to, take a break and have a walk in a beach. I can even have a nap without worrying who may wake you up. This are the things I enjoy a lot that keeps me motivated in finding ways in creating and generating money through online jobs.

Blogging is also one of my favorite platforms when it comes to money making. I can express myself freely, sometimes not, but get paid in the end. Get paid for what we love doing is the best things a money maker would want to experience. Before I had a regular day job, I earn a descent income but my creative side is in shackles and has been very eager to break free.

Blogging gave my creative side the opportunity and the kick to start a career online

bloggingA few may ask if it is really possible to generate a steady and sufficient income from blogging online. It is possible, I did. Just like new ones, I had to endure the gruesome process of creating a blog and monetizing it. It took me a year before I managed to be able to create a substantial amount of income from my blog. How did I do it? It was not simple, but the hard work was worth it.

The problem with starting a blog is that we often focus on the money making idea. I created a blog thinking of the rewards that I would be getting without actually planning on how to be able to get that. This is a common mistake to many bloggers. It took me a while to realize that this should not be the case. Money from blogging is true but you still need to work for its, and at times, you need to work hard for it. After accepting and learning the fact that I need to put investments into my blog to monetize it, the positive changes happened.

Final Words

I invested my time and my knowledge into my blog. I started creating articles, studied search engine optimization, and took a short course in HTML and programming. It did not cost me a lot but the results it did for my blog was priceless. A constant amount of traffic was steadily building up in my blog. My readers are starting to post comments and suggestions in the articles I feature. Interaction between me and my target audience is also increasing. I was just surprised that one day an advertiser was already asking me for a space on my blog and was asking me what my ad space rates are. It was the best moment of my blogging life. Put your heart in what you do and the things you expect to happen will eventually arrive when you least expect it.


Finding Your Niche – Effective Way To Successful Blogging

Selecting the right niche for your blog or website is definitely very important in bringing success to your online business. It definitely has a big impact to focus on one niche as this will give you a sturdier following and reader base. This can possibly replace a need that may have not existed yet. You may have the right attitude but you do not know how to start. It’s like you really wanted to do things now but you don’t know which should come first.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you will be able to develop a strategy to find effective ways to successful blogging.


Good thing, we have prepared a list to help you in your quest for blogging success!

Here are some steps to guide you in narrowing down your options when finding a niche.

First, find a general area of interest you are knowledgeable and passionate about. Make sure that this is a topic which wouldn’t be a hassle for you to research and focus on in the long run. Some good examples of these general interest niches are “fashion“, “entertainment“, “sports” or even “making money online.”

Now that you have a general field of interest in mind, you need to start digging on a more distinct and specific category under this topic. For example, you can choose “basketball“, “MMA“, or “boxing” for sports or “affiliate marketing” for making money online.

You can take things one level higher when you choose a sub-category from the specific category you chose for your website. It is very important to have a targeted specific audience so you can offer very specific information, product or service. So if you choose “affiliate marketing“, then focusing on an article about affiliate products or promotion of affiliate services using different media would be great topics to write about.

You will soon find out more about the topic and you will be educating yourself more. When you dig deeper, you will be able to search for multiple categories and sub-categories in order for you to establish good reputation and authority in your website. Be sure to create original and relevant content so they will find their stay in your website worthwhile.

Soon enough, you will find a lot of people getting interested about your topics and when they share it to their networks, your target market base will increase.

Once you have provided them with the content they need, you can offer them the products and services you want to promote. If they are able to see the value of your products and services, your online business will start to grow. It’s not so long until you finally find a stable, sustainable market.

Definitely, choosing a niche you are comfortable expressing your opinions about can take you places. In the end, it’s all about a good market plan, mastery of your chosen niche, determination and perseverance that can bring you closer to your goals.

Do no forget to look back at what you have accomplished and see through the mistakes and find learning’s from them. Soon, you’ll find yourself caught up in blogging success!


Increase Your Revenue With Internet Marketing

One primary reason why lot of people are having business is because they want to earn money and increase their profits more and more. In internet marketing, there are so many ways on increasing your revenue.

Simple Tips in Increasing Your Revenue Through Internet Marketing

1. Links are very important so make sure that you pay lot of attention to them. In SEO, link building is very effective in driving traffic towards your website. Search Engines are very particular in links so make sure to link yours with credible websites that has higher page ranks.

2. Though we can never deny the fact that what really wanted is to increase our revenues, we should not show it explicitly for that will give a negative impact into your website. You should also think of ways in which your customers would also benefit. By doing this, your customers would feel that you are also caring for them and that alone builds trust between your company and your clients. People will always look for something in which they think beneficial for themselves.

3. Ads are also one of he factors that could affect your revenues directly. Make sure that you place your ads in parts of your site which are easily seen. Choose ads that are humorous yet wholesome for the eyes of every reader. You may add some graphics to attract more attention  but make sure not to over do it. Too much graphics will make your website messy and slows down the loading.

internet marketing4. Outsourcing Business Services can also be beneficial. By outsourcing administrative tasks or any other business services could save you a lot more money. The tasks have been completed, you have a lesser expenses and yet you are able to increase your business’ productivity.

5. Make your blog informative. Research conducted on internet marketing that blogs with informative contents have stronger customer engagements than those with poor quality contents. However, make sure that is not too long that will bore the readers. Make your content brief, informative and interesting.

6. When you market a product, make it looks like a ‘must have’ item. With proper marketing strategies that would make your product valuable for every customers, your revenue will surely increase higher than what you are expecting.

7. Since you have a lot of competitors in online marketing, make sure that you are equipped with proper knowledge, skills and technologies that would make you lead the competition. Stay up- to- date and ever give your opponents a single chance to surpass you. One single wrong move will break your business.

8. Give away coupons or offer special promos and discounts to attract more customers. This will surely attract more probable customers and then you have to make them trust you your business and brand. It is the very first thing you have to remember in marketing – to build trust, so that later on, these probable customers will developed into regular customers.

It takes  a lot of patient, time and effort to to increase your revenue especially if you are a beginner in internet marketing. It would be a big help if you understand and learn more about SEO for you to be able to succeed in this business.


Making Smart Decisions When You Need Extra Money

Times have become tougher nowadays.  The economy has not been stable for quite awhile. We hear about so many companies going bankrupt or being bought by a bigger company.  Some stores closing down since they have been in the red for a long time already.  Some people are in debt up to their necks with their mortgages, car loans, credit card bills and utility bills.  Some people are turning to “easy money” from loan sharks just to make sure that they have something to spend and make ends meet.

extra moneyIt has always been people’s habit to splurge when they have extra money either from a bonus or a tax refund.  People would always feel that since they worked hard for that money, then they have all the right to spend some of it to treat themselves either in a spa, party, a trip abroad, or a new dress or suit, or a new pair of shoes, or a new car or jewelry.  It is a person’s way to compensate himself for all the hard work that he has done.

This is surely good to hear and enjoyable to go through however, this could lead you to overspend and to be in debt even more.  In these tough times incurring more debts is a grave mistake since the banks’ interest rates have been increasing tremendously.

There are several ways that you can do in making smart decisions when you have or need extra money.  Let us say that you were lucky enough to find a hundred dollar bill lying on the street.  So many people have passed by the street but no one noticed this bill lying around but you.  This is no hard earned money.  This is merely and purely luck and timing kind of money.

So what do you do with it aside from splurge it on something you don’t really need?

Pay your other debts

If you have other bills or debts to pay, then use this money to pay those.  If your friend loaned you some money last week, then pay that off too.  Chop off whatever amount you can from the debts that you owe – credit cards, mortgage, car loan, mobile phone bill, utility bill, etc.  This could be very helpful since you would have to pay a lesser amount come the due date.  Make sure that your debts are all paid off immediately since it is really frustrating and stressful to have debts in mind. It can be very daunting to have debts in mind.

Put it in your savings

If you have a savings account, then deposit that lucky money and save it for a rainy day.  If you don’t have a savings account yet, then this is the best time you open one,  You will never know when you will need that money in the future so it would be wiser to put it in your savings account first.  Moreover, if you put in a savings account, then it can incur interest and your money can even double in a certain period of time.

You may have financial goals that you have been planning like a college fund for your son, or a new car in the next five years or maybe a future mortgage or a retirement fund. This extra money that you have today can be used for that.


[Video] Make Money from Images II

monetize images

How can I make money from my images? (part 2)

Last week’s Future of Publishing was about how to make money from images, and it was cut into more than one part so that it wouldn’t have to be watered down. This week’s episode is part two, where Newlands and Roup delve deeper into their interview:


  • Today’s internet users are blind to banner ads…
  • So much so that many publishers see click rates under 0.1% on their banner ads…
  • Monetized images often produce more money because users aren’t blind to them…

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[Video] Make Money from Images

It’s possible to monetize nearly every inch of your site without creating a spamfarm if you’re discreet about it and provide content that’s genuinely beneficial to your readers. However, doing it successfully can be tricky: You often need to employ creative methods to make sure that you’re making as much money as you can from your site. Sometimes you won’t see the results immediately and it’ll feel like you’re squeezing milk from a flint rock. In part one of this Future of Publishing episode, Influence People CEO Murray Newlands and VigLink CEO Oliver Roup interview image monetization experts Rey Flemings and Chas Edwards about how to make money from images:


  • Pretty much any appropriate website’s images can be monetized…
  • Regardless of the niche…
  • But the images should be interactive to produce the most money.

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