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The Internet Or Your Privacy: Which Do You Value More?

With the fast changing technology and the development of the internet, almost everything can be found online nowadays.  There are over a million people online at the same time.  There almost a million internet transactions in every minute.  The development of the internet technology has brought about convenience to everyone who has access to it.  It also made almost anything available with a single click of the mouse.  A message to a loved one can be sent in a fraction of a second, a pair of shoes can be purchased as well.  It gave way to video calling and other enhancements in technology.  Even mobile phones can now access the internet.  In essence, the internet has made the world smaller and easier to conquer.

The internet has allowed each and every one of us to have a more convenient life.  Job applications can be done online, emails are sent every moment, research materials can be obtained immediately, purchases like groceries, shoes, bags, apparel can be ordered, fast food chains and other restaurants accept delivery orders, some schools offer home study online programs, and there are so many more that have been available because of the internet.  It also allowed communicating to be more convenient. Online chatting was developed, video conferences, net meeting, etc.  Businesses need not spend too much on traveling and accommodation.

This development of the internet also has its share of negative effects.  There are those who abuse the convenience of the internet.  There are those who misuse the benefits of this technology.

Since anything can be obtained online nowadays, some people try to use the internet for fraudulent reasons.  Identity theft has been more prevalent.  Obtaining someone’s credit file can be done online, and some people do steal someone else’ information to either apply for a new credit card, mortgage, or a car loan.  Some petty thieves, though, try to get someone’s credit card information and make purchases online.  There was an increase in fraud claims with credit card companies because their information was stolen over the internet and their business cards were used online too.


Also, there are some people who use someone else’ name, birthday and other information to open an account with the networking sites.  Once they are able to do so, they post obscene pictures and much other stuff to ruin that person’s name and reputation.  Some, though, may hack into your email account or online banking, and get your information, or send prohibited emails that can ruin you.

Because of what has been happening, it is advised that we are to be very careful with giving out our information over the phone, and most especially, online.  Make sure that you are always connected to a secure network.  Passwords are to be kept secret thus no sharing of passwords should be implemented.  Moreover, the passwords you use should be a complex series of numbers, letters and punctuations.  Moreover, it is advised to avoid using your birthday, or your wife’s birthday, or anniversary as passwords.  These are information that can easily be stolen and can be found on your file.

Also, it is recommended that your passwords are changed every once in a while.  Moreover, your browser’s cache and cookies should be deleted too.  This is to avoid other people from getting your information from your browser’s history.  Lastly, payments and other transactions that involve giving out your information such as credit card number, bank account number, social security number, etc, should only be done with a website that has secured settings.

Although almost everything can be obtained online nowadays, it is our responsibility that no one gets our information through the internet.  We need to learn how to value online security.  Some people will take advantage of this technology but if we are responsible individuals, their fraudulent activities on the internet will not prevail.


Do Online Privacy Laws Really Protect Your Information?

The introduction of the internet has brought a whole new set of laws called the online privacy laws.  These rules and regulations are designed to protect the information of individual users on the internet.  However, this is actually a very difficult task for such laws because of the difficulties experienced in policing the online privacy law breakers.  Until some type of regulation ability is achieved, the internet is left to police itself.  That is why both companies or website owners and internet users must find ways to protect themselves from those who decide to go against internet privacy laws and misuse or store information with malicious intent.

Online PrivacyOne important thing that you have to realize is that every single thing you do online, including every single keystroke you make while connected to the internet, logged on to your email or browsing the web, can be stored in some way.  A lot of legitimate companies use these means of collecting behavioral information for marketing purposes.  Observing your activities, what you look at while browsing the internet or even what you discuss in your email correspondences can reveal to a company exactly how they should market their products to you.

 One major example of this is seen with Google’s web-based email, Gmail.  If you have a Gmail account, you better believe that Google is tracking the types of emails you receive and what the contents of those emails contain.  For example, if you discuss your weight loss achievements and strategies with your friend through an email, look at the advertisements that are shown on the side bar of your email screen.  Shockingly, you will notice that they will be about diet plans and diet foods.

According to current online privacy law, all of these data storage methods are acceptable.  That does not mean that there may actually be a law that intrinsically states that this is lawful.  Instead, it means that it has not been legally challenged.  You have to remember that the internet remains to be a landscape that is constantly under construction.  Technology is advancing so quickly that the laws cannot keep up.  Likewise, you should be aware that just like in the real world, the cyber-world also has criminals.  They will try to scam you to obtain your information.  Scammers may store any piece of information you provide for years and you may be surprised what they can collect over time.

Often, they may be able to determine when you were born, your address, your hometown, the names of your family members, your telephone number, your social security number, and much more.  They can obtain all of this information by tricking your into entering it on a fake site.  Or they may even hack into a database of a site you happen to be a member of and have already provided this information to.

If at any time you feel as if you have been victimized, it is best to consult a specialized online privacy law attorney.  Since these laws are always changing, it is best to rely on someone who deals with the laws on a daily basis.

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