Reasons Why You Should Market Your Business Online

The start of the new millennium offered a new approach in marketing and business. The development of social networking sites and the internet allowed a more techy and modern system known as e-commerce.  Countless of companies adopted this change and embrace e-marketing in their marketing strategy. Yet there are some businessmen who still have doubts in taking their business to the online world.


So, if you’re one to doubt the power of online marketing, here are some reason you should know on why it is best to apply e-marketing to your business.

Different and New Economy

When the internet was developed it also created a new economy. An economy that has a hold an explosive growth and immeasurable size that altered the method of doing business.  Successful companies like Ebay and Amazon dominated this new arena, where not long ago traditional Businesses use to dominate it.  There are a lot of small and medium size companies that have also successfully gain profit doing business online.

The internet is the best venue for business

A traditional business can gain sale when customers enter the shop. On the internet, the customers don’t need to be physically in the shop.  Sales may be gained by just a click. Through the right choice of marketing strategy, your online business may have more buyers compared to a traditional shop.

Customers can have an easy access to information

A few years ago, companies spent days to provide information or updates of services and products to the clients. It all changed thanks to the internet. Presently, companies can easily talk about the changes or additions to products or services within minutes. It is either done by emailing, blog posting, social media posting and so much more.

24 hours business availability

What is the best way to continue making sales than making your business available 24 hours a day? You can do business while you are sleeping or when you’re on a weekend getaway. Thanks to the internet your online shop will be open for customers all year round. Less investment, less man power and less over heads.

Low start-up cost

Establishing a website for your business is relatively cheap. There are many available affordable (some are free) tools that can help you create a site from scratch. Some business portals also provide website templates that will enable you to set your website in a few clicks.

If you have considered to market your business online. Your business will not just be exposed to the local market but …

You will have a global business

When you choose to participate in e-commerce, you can instantly become a global player. Your business can penetrate into the global market and having customers from all over the world. This would be the best thing about doing business online. Imagine a global market for your business. There’s just a lot of money on the table to lose not marketing your business online.

Why Business Website is More Important Than Your Facebook Page

In this era of computers, online community has been surrounded by social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn ann Foursquare. The evolution of social media has changed the business world. Facebook is today’s largest social networking site and has the largest online social community. Many businesses took advantage of its dominance online. Most of them has their Facebook Page, and they do not bother to have their own website. Indeed, having a Facebook page will surely bring a positive impact on your business considering there are lots of prospective clients and lots of opportunities.


However, having a Facebook page alone is not enough to make your business name stable and strong. It is still important that your business has its own website. Check out some of the primary reasons why it is still more important to have business website than Facebook Page.

Few Reasons Why Business Website is More Important Than Your Facebook Page

 ► Remember that most people that visit the internet starts on search engines to look for something that concerns with their interests. Your business need to have a space on that digital shelf. Your own business website will give you the opportunity to own a particular digital space.

 ► Most often, people who visit the Facebook do not visit the brand page. You see, Facebook was originally designed for social networking, thus most visitors are busy on chit chatting with their online friends and does not mind business pages. May be sometimes they may stumble upon them but that really do not mind. They even tend to forgot what really was it easily. So relying simple on Facebook pages is really a big risk.

 ► Another reason why you should have your own business website is that search algorithms change regularly. And they are making personal and business websites as big factor in their criteria on page ranking. Your content will be much more appreciated by search engines if they are put on a proper business site.

 ► You can use the website in many different forms like you will be the informer, the seller, the expresser, or the engager. The website can be of many different use to your brand depending on what you want the consumer will see it.

We all know that technology is changing fast and along with it, businesses that rely on it needs to cope up with these changes. Relying too much on Facebook and in it alone may cost you a lot. Remember that there are lot more social networking sites and a new lot more will rise online. Facebook may be the  leader on social networking but who knows, tomorrow it may be replaced by new ones considering that  there are lots of competitors Facebook needs to face.

Also, since there are also lots of platforms in which the consumers use to access the internet. It would be wise if you have a website that can be viewed similarly and efficiently on all platforms. Remember that in business world, the brand needs pay, own, and earn options in order to survive.

Why New Businesses Should Consider Online Marketing?

We live in a dynamic world – a world that is constantly changing. This is never truer than the time where we are at because of technology. Therefore, you have to be on the look-out at all times or you will wake up one day realizing that everything has changed except you. The fact that everything is happening very fast should be embraced especially by business people, both for their success and survival. And one vital ingredient for a business to survive in the modern world is online marketing.


What difference does this type of marketing have from traditional marketing?

First, it is cheaper.

In traditional marketing, companies usually spend huge sums of money for a product campaign. Most of the time, they have to get big-name celebrities to endorse their products. Online marketing, on the other hand, uses the power of everyday social networking sites, such as Facebook and YouTube. With these tools, you can create a strong market presence at a minimum amount.

Secondly, online marketing has a faster and far-reaching hand because everybody can access the internet anywhere in the world.


With this, you can market your product even in far-reaching areas making a small and thriving business in a rural area have clients in different continents. Coupled with the right strategy, what seems to be an impossible task becomes an opportunity and allows your business to flourish at a steady pace.

Because of the cost involved in it and the variety of software, apps, and other tools, online marketing is more flexible allowing you to design your marketing strategy to different age brackets with varying tastes. Aside from its flexibility, it is also easy and fast. When you want to launch your product, you can make your own web site and launch it in various social networking sites all over the World Wide Web.

Another benefit of online marketing is its personalized approach.

Since you have the freedom to put your personal touch to it, it gives your product a distinct personality which is unique from others. You also keep in touch with your clients in a more personal level as you answer queries. And once your clients, tried the products you are offering and are satisfied with it, they can give you positive and free reviews establishing the reputation and reliability of your business. You can even employ the help of family and friends, even complete strangers, to get involved with your marketing campaign.

Final Words

The benefits and advantages of online marketing are limitless and growing because the platform you are using, which is the Internet, is also growing. The only limit to this is your imagination. Therefore, as long as you let your imagination run wild, you always have an edge at a lesser risk.

Mass Email Marketing – A Good Way to Boost Your Exposure

Mass marketing comes it different forms. It can be done through the use of flyers and inserts. However doing a mass marketing through the use of paper is really an inconvenience, it takes a lot of time to prepare all the flyers and it even takes a lot of money to print and duplicate everything. Although this is a good exposure for your business, yet it’s heavy in the pocket. If you’re a starting business man and you haven’t profited yet from your business, then flyers is not a good idea. So, to save you from all the expenses, please note that there’s another form of mass marketing. This form is much easier, more convenient, and faster and a time saver strategy and that is mass email marketing. This marketing style is more preferred by all businesses especially online business.

email marketing

Unlike its counterpart (paper), mass email marketing doesn’t need a mail man or a third party person to go around and distribute what you have to market. This form is easy, and with just the click of an enter button then the word is spread thus leading you a faster exposure of your business. The best part of this strategy is that your email will most likely receive an instant response from your target recipients. It says that 2% will most likely respond if your e-mail is very enticing or attractive. So if you analyze it thoroughly, your exposure is fast and widely spread. It doesn’t limit you from reaching other places. Yes, you can reach international customers so exposure is worldwide and not limited locally.

email marketing2 Different Ways to do a Mass Email Marketing

It’s either you do it yourself or you hire a marketing firm to do all the emails and strategy for you. If you have a low budget, then you’d rather do it yourself. However, marketing firms can do a lot of things for you, such as analysis, assessing effectiveness of the strategy and campaign developments. It all depends on your priority. Both ways are a sure fire way to boost your exposure and inform everyone about your existence.

Boosting your exposure is easy, as long as your e-mail marketing strategy is planned well and catchy, most people will read it increasing the chances that they will also spread the news to their friends and family. So doing mass email marketing does not just depend on how many emails you send, the word of mouth is another positive thing mass email marketing can do you for you. By creating a buzz, everyone who receives your email will most likely inform other people about it, it’s either through forwarding your e-mail to their friends e-mail until everything is spread just as you want it. So your exposure is even increased more than expected.

Boosting your exposure by the use of this strategy is easy and attainable. Once you’re a hit on the net, you can expect a lot of things to happen. Even forums will be created just to talk about your business. A forum is a perfect arena for you – where people talks about certain things that may create curiosity for other readers, and again this will boost your exposure.

Tips on How to Execute Effective Email Marketing

One of the most used and common form of internet marketing is through email. Email Marketing has become popular as internet marketing tool because of its cost- effectiveness and it is very easy to use. Most online marketers used emails to reach their probable customers for wherever they may be.

Most larger businesses have used email as one of their marketing strategy. However, many small enterprise still doubt the ability of email as a marketing tool. Understanding the idea and the effects of email marketing for your company is very essential and it takes careful planning before implementing the said concept.

Tips in Using Email as an Internet Marketing Tool

Make it look very professional

The first and the most important thing you must remember is that  do not make your email looks like spam. Most  people are annoyed in spam messages and most of email service providers have spam filter features that would surely trap your email whenever they detected that it is spam. There is no use having a hard time on making your email beautiful or interesting if the recipient does not read it. Well, it is just that most people do not check their spam messages or does not even read them.

Make your message clear and concise

The message is the most important part of email for which in this part you state your intention to your readers. Make the message presentable and organize. You may use bullet points or numbered list so that it would be easy for the readers to understand your content. Avoid making your message to long. State your intention directly for when the readers find your message boring, they will tend to delete your message directly without finishing reading the entire message.

Make sure everything is properly set up

Email MarketingBefore sending out emails, be sure that you have tested them. Make some dry runs to evaluate if your emails are readable and if there is need to alter or change in some important parts like in the message. By doing this, you would be able to read first the message and make necessary changes.

Embed social media buttons on Email signature

An effecting way of increasing your visibility is to embed social media links and icons into your email. Through these links, the readers would be able to increase your brands visibility in a more natural ways.

Use Email Marketing Software

I know, most of us are not well acquainted in this kind of online marketing so having an Email Marketing Software would be very helpful. However, you must be very careful in choosing you Email Marketing Software. There are many factors to be considered such as the features, integration, and of course, the price.

When choosing Email Marketing software, check first its features. Though most of them has one thing in common like running effective email marketing campaigns, choose the software that has features that integrates with other platforms like social networking sites, Google Analytics or Paypal.

Final Words

Just like in other marketing strategies, the price is also an important factor to be considered. Just as stated on the earlier part of this article, The basic knowledge in email marketing is important. You cannot just simply “go with the flow” without analyzing the effects of this in your company. You must weigh things in which the most beneficial for your business. Using Email as a marketing tool has been used by a lot of businesses already and they have seen a lot of good outcomes and result.

Marketing Tips To Keep Your Customers Coming Back For More

For web owners, the increase in bounce rate as well as the decrease in their site’s visitors are signal that they are losing the interest of their readers and would become worse if they would not do something about it.

MarketingThe primary goal of marketing is to acquire new customers and keeping your current clients, But what will you do if you noticed that you are about to lose your regular customers? Are you just going to let it happen and watch your business to go bankrupt? Of course no businessman would wish that to happen. So how are you going to keep your regular customers? To understand this better, let us first determine what makes your regular customers to stop patronizing your products and services.

The main reason why you lose your clients interest or your visitors do not revisit your site is boredom. When the customers already find your services boring, they tend to look for something fresh and new  that would satisfy their  needs. Another factor is that your site’s content has no relevance or the information given is already obsolete. A poor site would also lose their clients easily. When the readers find your site unuseful or not attractive, of course they will shift immediately for sites that are more attractive, informative an useful. Remember that you are not the only online marketer so you should be careful and watch your competitors. Your competitors will surely find ways to win over you.

So how are you going to retain your customers as well as attracting new ones? Check them out:

Marketing Tips To Keep Your Customers Coming Back For More

MarketingMake sure that your content is fresh and correct

Your customers would love to read news and information that are fresh, correct and complete. A site that has no content would be useless, and the content is the most important part of your website. People would search the net because they want find something, make sure that they would find that ‘something’ in your blog. Also, do not forget to update your blog with the latest news and events or even other promotions that you might be having.

Make your site attractive and eye- catching

MarketingDesign your site that would help your clients to have an easy navigation from one page to another. Put some graphics for they catch human attention rather than pure text just make sure that they are put in a way that will look good and organize, and not messy. Also, too much graphics would slow down the loading of your web pages. Graphics should also have relevance in your site and your site’s content.

MarketingNetworking is important in marketing so make use of social networking sites

Most networking sites are free so make use of them. Creating your own page to connect to your clients would also give them alternative way of getting inform of your new updates. Besides, you can find a lot of probable customers on social networking sites for a lot  of people from different places gather together online.

Final Words

A lot of successful businesses have done this already and there is no doubt that they manage to push through. If these simple tips are implemented well, attaining your marketing campaign is as easy as ABC.

Increase Your Revenue With Internet Marketing

One primary reason why lot of people are having business is because they want to earn money and increase their profits more and more. In internet marketing, there are so many ways on increasing your revenue.

Simple Tips in Increasing Your Revenue Through Internet Marketing

1. Links are very important so make sure that you pay lot of attention to them. In SEO, link building is very effective in driving traffic towards your website. Search Engines are very particular in links so make sure to link yours with credible websites that has higher page ranks.

2. Though we can never deny the fact that what really wanted is to increase our revenues, we should not show it explicitly for that will give a negative impact into your website. You should also think of ways in which your customers would also benefit. By doing this, your customers would feel that you are also caring for them and that alone builds trust between your company and your clients. People will always look for something in which they think beneficial for themselves.

3. Ads are also one of he factors that could affect your revenues directly. Make sure that you place your ads in parts of your site which are easily seen. Choose ads that are humorous yet wholesome for the eyes of every reader. You may add some graphics to attract more attention  but make sure not to over do it. Too much graphics will make your website messy and slows down the loading.

internet marketing4. Outsourcing Business Services can also be beneficial. By outsourcing administrative tasks or any other business services could save you a lot more money. The tasks have been completed, you have a lesser expenses and yet you are able to increase your business’ productivity.

5. Make your blog informative. Research conducted on internet marketing that blogs with informative contents have stronger customer engagements than those with poor quality contents. However, make sure that is not too long that will bore the readers. Make your content brief, informative and interesting.

6. When you market a product, make it looks like a ‘must have’ item. With proper marketing strategies that would make your product valuable for every customers, your revenue will surely increase higher than what you are expecting.

7. Since you have a lot of competitors in online marketing, make sure that you are equipped with proper knowledge, skills and technologies that would make you lead the competition. Stay up- to- date and ever give your opponents a single chance to surpass you. One single wrong move will break your business.

8. Give away coupons or offer special promos and discounts to attract more customers. This will surely attract more probable customers and then you have to make them trust you your business and brand. It is the very first thing you have to remember in marketing – to build trust, so that later on, these probable customers will developed into regular customers.

It takes  a lot of patient, time and effort to to increase your revenue especially if you are a beginner in internet marketing. It would be a big help if you understand and learn more about SEO for you to be able to succeed in this business.

4 Vital Tips to Help Increase Your Affiliate Sales

AffiliateAffiliate marketing is a somewhat new concept which entails selling a product or a service for another vendor. Affiliate marketers are compensated in the form of a commission for every lead or sale that is generated by them.

Many web entrepreneurs derive considerable benefits from affiliate marketing as there are thousands of different products to be promoted.

This very appealing area of internet marketing is highly competitive, however, and many people who attempt to engage in affiliate marketing have little success at it. Some affiliate marketers, on the other hand, earn six or seven figure incomes each year from their efforts.

4 essential tips that online entrepreneurs need to follow if they wish to increase their affiliate sales.

1) Pay Close Attention to Your Conversion Rates

A website’s conversion rate is determined by dividing the total number of visitors to your website who follow a prescribed action by either signing up for your mailing list or purchasing a given product advertised on your site by the total number of visitors during a specific period of time.

So, for example, if you are offering an ebook on weight loss for sale on your website and your site generates 100 visitors per day and out of those visitors, 5 people purchased your product, your website’s conversion rate would be 5/100 or 5%.

If your website has a low conversion rate, then you can safely assume there is some problem with your site. This problem could be in your sales copy, your site’s navigability, your site’s loading time, your site’s appearance, the payment process you have set up, or your targeted keywords.

2) Robust Call-to-Action

Most people who are surfing the internet want to be guided in their actions. In other words, the vast majority want to be told what action to take.

If your site does not give clear and concise directions, many visitors will be lost and will quickly leave your site. Give them specific instructions: Click here to get your free weight loss product now.

Adding a BUY your diet plan NOW button in bold will certainly increase your conversion rate. Don’t forget to offer freebies so that visitors feel as if they’ve received a direct benefit from visiting your site.

3) Add customized landing pages with PPC advertising

When using Pay-Per-Click advertising it is vital to customize your site’s landing page in to your targeted keyword(s). You can analyze your keyword(s) by asking yourself certain questions such as:

  • What would spur a person to search on this particular keyword when using a search engine?
  • What type of specific products or services are they searching for?
  • Does the keyword serve any commercial value or is it purely informational?

Once you have been able to answer these questions, you should be able to set a plan that will attract your customers and advertisers and satisfy their needs adequately.

4) Establishing trust is the best way to sell products

You increase your potential sales by gaining the trust of your visitors. Consumers will only purchase products they feel they can trust. Emphasize any accolades the products you promote have received from other past customers.

This will give new customers a reason to trust your product and you. Add any testimonials you have received by leaders in your industry. It is extremely important that any testimonials you provide be both unsolicited on your part and completely true.

Adding a privacy policy will allow your customers to be assured about the way you will treat their personal information and that it will remain completely private and not be shared with a third party.

If you consistently re-evaluate your website and your marketing data and restructure your offers to meet your client’s needs, your affiliate sales will rise as time passes.

Applying these tips to your marketing campaigns and you can be on your way to earning a good income from affiliate marketing in no time.

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Should a Business Consider SMS Marketing?

As technology advances, so as the businesses. And for businesses, marketing plays an important role. The success of the business is greatly affected by their marketing strategies. Since most of people nowadays rely on mobile phones as their primary communication device, there are also some businesses that uses Short Message Service (SMS) as their marketing tool

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS MarketingSMS marketing is a marketing strategy that uses text messaging to distribute marketing messages such as special offers, new products and services, and updates about a particular product.

SMS marketing emerges when people started to communicate using mobile phones. Of course, the cellular service providers are among the very first companies to use SMS marketing. They have the edge over other companies considering that they already have the numbers of their individual customers and the technology to reach the customers quickly.

Many companies are encouraged to use SMS marketing because of many reasons. Let us check out the following benefits of SMS marketing, you may want to consider investing to it too.

SMS Marketing For Business

Video by Mobile Sales Boost

Benefits of SMS Marketing

  1. SMS marketing is very fast . It can deliver the message in an instant not just to a single person but a lot more. There are lot of marketing strategies but not all can deliver your message as fast as SMS marketing.
  2. SMS is flexible in nature. You may opt to send message to only few individuals or you may send messages to your entire list all at once. SMS marketing can also be integrate in other forms of online marketing.
  3. SMS marketing is also more effective than email marketing. In SMS marketing, once a person received a message it is most likely to be opened unlike email which is sometimes unopened or worst block by spam filters.
  4. With SMS, subscriber action is incredibly high than any other marketing strategies.
  5. In SMS marketing, messages may look very personal. Messages are directly received by individuals without passing through any barriers not like email that needs to ask permission from the customers to avoid spam filters.
  6. Messages are clear and concise. Because SMS can only consist of around 160 characters, it forces the sender to make its point directly and avoid unnecessary contents.
  7. Imagine how many people have mobile phones. Since there are millions of users of mobile phones,your market potential is also great. Imagine you can tap each and everyone on this market potential and that is good news for your business.
  8. SMS marketing promotes green environment. Just like online marketing strategies, SMS marketing is also environment- friendly marketing.

Now that you have determine the benefits of SMS marketing, you also needs to know its fall backs.

Final Thoughts

SMS marketing may sometimes go invasive to many people. Some individuals may tend to abuse their access to their customers. They send messages frequently that are becoming annoyance for the recipients. There are also some companies that will ask first their customers if they wanted to receive messages from them to avoid being invasive. The fact that SMS can only contain 160 characters per message, it may be very difficult for senders to come up with short marketing message.

Some says that marketing your business through SMS will be the next big thing in marketing your business. Do you think SMS marketing is a main factor businesses should consider?

How Blogging Has Changed The Advertising Industry

For businesses, advertisements are very essential for their success.  There are lots of forms of advertisements. Printed, radio,billboards and television advertisements are among the most common forms. When internet was developed, online advertisements also come. Printed advertisements are the oldest but still in use today.

BloggingFor online businesses even those who are offline, advertisements are very important. Some even invest in PPC or pay- per- click advertisements. But nowadays, many are using blogs as a form  of advertisement.

Originally, blogs were made so that bloggers are able to share their ideas, thoughts and experience publicly through internet.

But what makes these businessmen think that blogs can be useful for their business?

There were many businessmen that are also bloggers. Since they share their ideas publicly online, many people with the same interest were attracted to it and did the same thing. Eventually, a community was built, and it became bigger and bigger. Many acknowledged the ability of blogs to bring people together and later on, they started using blogs to promote businesses.

Benefits of blogging for businesses

BloggingCommunity Builder

Blogs are like online diaries. For small businesses, blogs are of big help.  Through blogs, they are able to share their expertness and knowledge on a particular field with a lot bigger audience. Also, blogs provide an opportunity for people to gather together and share their ideas. This is an excellent way of attracting possible customers.

Web Publishing Solution


Blogging software are very user- friendly. One good thing about blog sites is that you do not need to have background experience in web development to use these software. This is much more easier and cheaper than hiring professional web developers that needs to code everything. You just simply register, put some personal information and once you are in, you may start sharing your ideas. Some blogging sites offer lots of free templates to choose from so you do not need to bother yourself of hiring a professional graphics designer.

High Search Engine Rankings


One way to drive traffic is through search engines. The main objective of online businesses is to rank on the top spot. To improve your rank, some businesses use Search Engine Optimization (SEO). However, SEO may cost you a couple of bucks. Blogging sites offer a lot more cheaper solution. Blogging sites can increase your ranking because of links and contents. There are lot of techniques in Search Engine Optimization, and a little content management, it is sure that your rank will soar up high.

Lower Costs


Unlike other forms of advertisement, blogging are among the cheapest. There are lots of blogging sites that offer free service packages. You do not have to pay for the ads, or bid for keywords to drive traffic.  All you have to do is to have a proper content management and a basic skills in search engine optimization. However, if you opt to have some advance features, you may have to pay for it but in a reasonable costs.

Imagine how blogging was able to change the way advertisements reach the audience in a wider coverage and in cheaper costs.  With sufficient knowledge and skills, one can maximize the ability of blogs in promoting products and services more effectively than any other forms of advertisement.

Do you think blogging will be the better than the usual form of advertising?