Google Keep – Better than Evernote

 Developers of Google has continuously been working extra hard to meeting the demands of their users. With the tremendous popularity of mobile apps to the international market, Google has found them selves obliged to compete in other mobile apps developers and create mobile friendly apps.

 If you have been actively using Evernote (a mobile apps that lets you  store your audio or text notes, memos, checklist and even images,) then it’s compelling to say that Google has recently launch a similar apps called Google Keep. Although both apps offer the same functionality the two are distinctly different from each other.

Google Keep has an attractive user interface.

Much as every person would like to use very useful apps to meet their needs, some of them have very poor user interface. It’s not really a big question why a lot of mobile users remove some very useful apps. A lot of users would intentionally abstain from using apps because they find the interface to be so complicated. Since the time Google introduced their latest mobile apps, Google keep generated a quite positive response from users. So far, an average rating of 4.45 stars were given in Google play store.

Easier to make and manage checklists.

Google Keep has an easier access to options for creating and editing notes and even checklists. There are times when you are in a real rush and must do notes or get notes in a hurry. With Google Keep’s easy to use interface you can get the list faster and easier. You don’t have to browse further on the apps just to make or get a note. You can either choose to view them in a list or snippet format.  Or you can also sort similar notes or checklist by assigning a particular color to them.

Easier Voice to text dictated notes

Both Evernote and Google keep allow users to verbally input notes and have it transcribe in a text format in the apps. Since Evernote offers a lot of options in the interface. Dictating notes is much easier in Google keep. You can easily find the button to dictate your notes compared to Evernote’s very complex interface. Google keep allows you to record your own speech then the apps will automatically transcribe through the excellent voice recognition service used by Google.

No payment in storage when Syncing

Google keep offers easier access in managing notes using Google Drive. The files are synced to your Google Drive and can find all the backup data of your files there. This provides a bit higher storage capability compared to Evernote’s 60mb/ moth storage capacity. Evernotes also charge $5 per 1Gb of extra premium storage. While Google offers free space using Google drive. As long as there is an extra space in your Google Drive you don’t have to worry about losing back files.

Google Keep

Final Words

With Google Keep’s simplicity and usefulness, taking notes or making checklist is a lot easier. Also Google has a very well establish reputation and you can be assured that you have a good quality of mobile app running in your android devices.

Download Google Keep on your Android Smartphone and Tablet now.




Photography and Google+

Do you love taking pictures? Certainly taking a lot of pictures is fun. You are able to preserve memories and have it viewed through the internet. With some many sites that offer free space to upload pictures from, choosing the best one is not easy. Although these sites are similar since they allow your pictures to be viewed and shared in the net, Google+ is quite different.

The most widely used search engine now joins the social media trend by introducing Google plus to the public. One prominent feature of Google+ is that it allows the user to store pictures to their account. This is not actually new in social media or when using other photo sharing sites. However, there some features that are distinguishable when using Google plus.

Every person would love to save all those pictures in one area. Yet, there are times that the free space is limited. Most of the free space is about 5GB. This is quite small if you are frequently taking up pictures. Google plus enables a person to have a 15GB free space to store pictures. This can be a lot especially for full-size photos. This can be an advantage for people who would prefer to have an external back-up file.


Another good thing about Google+ is that it integrates your profile page to your Google email account. Unlike Facebook, where you need to have a separate email, account to create a profile page. Through Google+ you can easily send those pictures via email or just share it through your profile page.

For people who are taking pictures from smart phones and tablets, uploading has never been easy. When you install Google apps in your device, all the pictures you take will be automatically uploaded to your account. It will really save you important time. The Only thing you have to do is turn on the Auto Backup in your mobile app and your seconds away from sharing the recent pictures you took. You don’t have to transfer the pictures from one device to another it’s certainly time efficient.

Your friends and family can instantly see the pictures you’ve taken using their Google account. It’s a fact that a lot of people are using Google to provide them with their email needs. So the best way to share your photos without login to another site is Google+.

Organizing photos made easy with Google+

  • Another great thing about Google+ is that is automatically organizes the photos you’ve uploaded. You can browse the photos according to the date and location. It is easy to see the most memorable shots since they are well organized. It will free you from the hard work of organizing a lot of photos.
  • It also allows you to edit pictures using the creative kit. If you want to enhance the quality of the photo, you can easily adjust the setting thru Google’s own photo editor. You don’t have to use another app for your photo editing needs.

Google+ has made it easy for you to upload, organize, edit, and share the photos that are memorable and treasured.


Google Now – The Next Step In The Evolution of Search

In these fast-paced and web-driven times, intelligent personal assistants are now taking over the roles of once-venerated search engines. Perhaps today you’ve already heard about names like Siri, who excel in what’s called “knowledge navigation” or search. With search at the heart of the Internet, search is what “drives the majority of web traffic” and delivers the users that create the profit online. And ever since the development of search engines in the 1990’s, the entry of newer search mechanisms like Google Now, is revolutionizing the way people search.

Google Now

Here’s why Google Now is hailed as the “the next vital step in the evolution of search”.

The Number of Searches Online is Increasing

According to search engine experts, the amount of searches being carried out today, has amazingly doubled, or even tripled, over the years. While in previous years, web data was just updated periodically, like once a month, today content is being updated by the millisecond. For example, In Google alone, 34,000 searches are being made every second.  And with the surge in the number of web searches, users today are looking for more targeted and relevant results, which are mostly aligned or connected with their personal profiles and public data.

What Google Now Specializes In

Google Now was designed to be a great add-on to the Google search application. The service recognizes repeated actions which a user performs, whether it is common locations, repeated calendar appointment, search queries and more, and displays more information in the form of “cards”.  These specialized cards are comprised of Activity Summary, Birthday, Events, Flights, Gmail Events, Gmail Flights, Gmail Hotels, Gmail Package Tracking, Gmail Restaurants, Movies, News, Places, Public Transit, Sports, Stocks, Research Topics, Traffic, Travel Attractions Nearby, Translate, and Weather.

Google Now’s Effect on SEO

A lot of search engine optimization or SEO experts also believe that Google Now will have a profound effect on SEO. They stress that Google Now’s more in-depth understanding of user’s search needs  will definitely lead to better and more positive conversion rates. Google Now is also raising the bar when it comes to “data mining”, because of its predictive search capabilities.  And although this doesn’t mean that search is fast becoming obsolete, but it’s just making search more relevant, and targeted. And although it will be quite premature to say that any sort of ranking will take place on Google Now’s information cards, it is more likely that the best practices for search engine optimization will further be influenced by this new development.

Is Google Now the “next step in the evolution of search” ? Well, the new service is just doing exactly what it’s hyped about –  trying its best to “anticipate” what you will want to know next.  Well, you could safely say that Google Now is a further, positive step in the evolution of search.


Google Zebra – Better than Penguin and Panda?

We all know that Google – as the world’s largest search engine is striving hard to make their service even better. Recently, Google launched its newest algorithm, – the Google Zebra. Search Engine Optimization or SEO and online marketers were greatly affected when Google launched their Panda and their other updates. Many believed that Google is doing it to kill SEO. However, experts said that Google needs SEO to continue being the leader in search market.

Inline with its mission statement, “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful,” Penguin and Panda were launched by Google to improve their search services. Traditional search uses keywords however, Google wants to bring the search technology at new heights. Since the development of the internet, it defy physical boundaries and limitations, businesses has also emerged online. Since then, people starts to adapt online environment and internet has become a necessity.

Google Zebra

When business people notice the great impact of online technology, they started to use it as tools in their marketing strategies. Hence, Search Engine Optimization was born. Most internet users go online because they want to find something or they want to connect with other people. Online marketers take advantage of these opportunity to introduce their products and services in a larger audience. However, some online marketers has abused the privileges of the internet. Some strategies of these online marketers has become annoying in many of the viewers because they are irrelevant to the topic they want to search.

And then Google wants to penalize those abusive online marketers and website owners. And also improve their search services. They are changing their search algorithms regularly so that search results will be more relevant and accurate. However, Google clarifies that they wanted SEO to be better ad not to kill it. Business strategists said that SEO is necessary for Google to continue its reign in online market.  But that does not mean that updates like Panda, Penguin and Zebra has no impact or lesser impact on SEO. The truth is it really has a big impact on website that are driven by SEO. However, this updates are helping good SEO marketers to boost their ranking and penalize those who are not. Google clearly states that in order for online marketers to be on top of the search rankings, they need to follow Google’s rules and guidelines. This is to ensure that everyone online is on the right track and minimize the violation committed not only by the marketers but also of the users themselves.

Final thoughts about Google Zebra

Good quality sites need not to worry on Google’s updates. Instead, they should be grateful about it. These updates of Google are based not only on stacks of keywords but also on the content itself, making it more relevant and better search. Zebra is only a part of Google’s campaign in making SEO better. This move is not only for the benefit of Google and of the SEO marketers but it also greatly affects how internet users work and use the resources in the internet.


Pros and Cons of Google’s Disavow Tool

The disavow tool by Google launched recently has the power of strongly benefiting or hurting the site owners who have shown their desperation in adding the various SEO based techniques to their web content. Google Disavow Tool would be the game changer for many as it can either turn the game in or against your favor. It can negatively have an impact on your site if you have included the bad links in their sites, if this Disavow tool finds any problem or error as compared to its algorithm then it will put your page to a really lower position too. Therefore, the efforts of any SEO practitioner who attempted to use the bad links would mean that this new Google Disavow Tool would certainly not allow you to remain on top or at a good ranking in Google’s search engine results.

Disavow Tool

Image credit: webcoursesbangkok.com

Some of the pros and cons that can be attached to this tool by Google are:

The webmasters who suffered previously from the devastating effect of the Penguin attack would find themselves at a better position when they would come across the Google Disavow Tool. These SEO practitioners can now improve their own position in rankings by getting rid of the spam links or bad links in their web content. As this tool by Google would delete these links by itself to improve your rankings which were previously bad due to the introduction of Penguin update made not so long ago, by Google. This would give these webmasters to revive their web content and prospects of improving their business as a whole.

Disavow Tool  This Google Disavow Tool by Google would also provide you with an improved set of results for managing your overall site back to its better position as the webmasters who haven’t done anything wrong or fraudulent in terms of spam links can now enjoy a better position via this tool. Removing these negative links would be helpful for fulfillment of the cause of improved ranking.

Moreover, you can get rid of such bad links that can not only dent your SEO prospects but also divert your visitors away from your site as these links at times don’t help but put a negative result on the site. This tool would assure you in getting to a better position in future also by helping you in this way.

Things are not meant to be perfect, so if there are a lot of pros about something, there are always cons.

Check out some of the cons of Google’s Disavow Tool

The cons however of this tool also exist, as there is wide grown debate on internet that the Google Disavow Tool would also give you disadvantages in form of the crowd source spam detection. Instead, it is also going around as a theory that this tool might make the phenomenon of spamming easier. This theory might be correct as the tool would take some time in clearing the spam links by itself from whole internet. Another associated disadvantage is that the tool would be very slow in making the changes throughout the internet as the internet is such a huge phenomenon with so many servers and other relevant processes that govern it.

Here’s a Google Hangout video by Josh Bachynski regarding the pros and cons of Google’s Disavow Tool. Check it out guys.

These pros and cons associated with this disavow tool are of varying intensity depending on the scale at which you have or have not previously followed the practices.


Why Businesses Should Start Using Google+

It seems that all things are vastly transitioning to online. There’s online friends, online books, online stores and of course there are already online businesses. With these vast transitions, one must always be up to date in order to get ahead of their competitors. Getting ahead of your competitors is a great deal; it could put you in a top position and could even increase your sales to a maximum level. Most small and even big businesses are now using Google+ for their businesses. The question is why.


Reasons why businesses nowadays should prefer to join Google+

For those tech savvy persons, Google+ has its own advantages when it comes to business. Through Google+ one can follow your business and link to your business profile and allow other people to check on your business.

Google+ offers “Google Places” where one can locate a person or a business with a map on the Google site. The best part is, your business will end up on the top list of Google search, this makes it easier for people to locate your business and find more information. In fact, your business will appear on the top searches without doing anything, Google+ does it for you once you have established your profile.

Google+ can definitely increase traffic to your site. So if you have an online business such as an online store then this is a great way to boost your company’s name.

Google+ also offers their feature “Google Hangout.” This is best for people with small businesses. Here you’ll be able to connect with your friends, colleagues at work or even to your prospective clients through the use of live video chats. You can establish rapport and connect effectively. This way your prospective clients will see how you look like and can see if you’re sincere or not.

Google+ offers SEO ranking. One could easily spread the name of their business and increase traffic to their website through SEO. Writers can write articles and use SEO keywords and direct traffic to your site. Readers of online articles will have a better chance of reading and learning about your site, this brings recognition and eventually wide world spread of your business name.


Final Thoughts on Google+ for Business

Overall, even though Google+ isn’t as big as other social networks like Facebook yet this is advantageous. How? Because Google+ has only enough users, this makes it possible to spread your business to all users easily and fast unlike using Facebook which currently has 800 million users. Google+ currently have 40 million users, it’s quite small compared to Facebook yet it can definitely provide positive advantages for your business, all you need is to familiarize yourself and establish your profile and you’re good to go.

Whether you use Google+ or not, that is your prerogative however if you really want to succeed and be known then the wisest thing to do is use Google+, for some this might not turn out great but for most users even big businesses Google+ is worth using!



Ways To Recover from Google Penalization

Webmasters always find ways to get their sites on top of search engine rankings especially on Google considering that Google is the largest and most used search engine in the internet. In searching for ways to boost their rankings on top, many webmasters have engaged in unethical ways resulting in Google penalization.

If you notice that your website’s link is not shown in Google’s Search Engine Result Pages (also known as SERP) then it is probably being penalized  or it is greatly affected by the changes in search algorithms of Google. Are you surprised? Yes, search engines do change their search algorithms frequently and in regular basis. Why? This is to prevent the ‘blackhats‘ from doing unethical things in the internet. The term ‘blackhats‘ refers to the webmasters who are doing unethical things in the internet.

GoogleThe studies that have been conducted on the behavior of search engines show that whenever there are alterations in the algorithms of search engines, the ranking of the websites are also affected, especially those websites that were designed based on SEO or Search Engine Optimization. According to these studies, search engine rankings fluctuate that results to a lower rankings. So if your website has lower rankings it does not mean that you are being penalized, it may also be that the search engines changed their search algorithms and your website is affected of it. If you are being penalized then, you might have violated some of their rules.

We all know that Google is the most used and the largest search engine in the internet. No wonder why lots of webmasters pursue to design their websites based on Google. Google does not like this kind of SEO so they continually improve their algorithms and technology. Also, it improves the filtration process and the detection of any violation done in the internet by some unethical webmasters.

GoogleBut if you already done something wrong in the internet and unfortunately Google detected you and penalized you then there are some ways which you can recover from it. Well, the first thing to do is to understand how the filtration of the Google is done. Google is checking the backlinks that is connected to your website. If most of these links came from untrusted sites, then there is high probability that Google will penalize your site. You see, Google also have list of non-reputable sites that are making unethical practices in the internet. So if you are have these kind of links then you better get rid them off your site and file a reconsideration request.

Though you filing a reconsideration request may help you recover from the penalty, the best weapon is still ‘prevention’. You must avoid doing unethical practices like reciprocal linking, link spamming and poor quality directories.

You must build a good reputation for your site. If you want to have an SEO-friendly site, engage in a positive SEO like having a high quality contents which is the very important part of the website and in which also have big impact on the search engine rankings; link building is also one way, just make sure to have linked in a well-reputable sites.


Benefits of Google+ Page for Businesses

Most of us are really fond of social networking. Social Networking began its popularity with Friendster, and became more popular because of Facebook.

Since most people in online community have their own account in different social networking sites, Many online marketers also saw its potential as an effective online marketing tool. That is why social networking is not only beneficial for consumers but are also beneficial for businesses, it may be online or offline. Today, lots of other social networking sites occur and one of which is Google+. Well if you have not heard of it yet, Google also launched its very own social networking site.

So we all know that Google leads the race in online search, and launching their own social networking site will surely shaken major competitors in social networking like Facebook and Twitter.

“So what are the edge of Google+ on other networking sites especially in my business?”, surely this question will definitely pop up into your mind while reading this article.

Benefits of having a Google+ page for your business

Google+1. Search Engine Rankings are very important especially in  an online business. According to Eric Schmidt, Google’s Executive Chairman, that one important factor in search engine rankings are the social signals or the activities of the public on a certain social platform. Since Google+ is already part of Google, there is a high probability that your visitor’s engagement will increase as well as your exposure.

2. You are directly connected to the public as well as with other platforms. Since Google is the most used search engine, it is most likely that people will use the features that is more easy to access. Besides, when you create a Google+ page, when you type in “+” and the brand name into the Google Search, it will lead you immediately to its page.

3. Another good thing about Google+ is that the circles. You can customize everything in Google+ from the appearance of your page to who can access and view your page as well as the posts in your page.

4. When you have a Google+ page, you can integrate your page to other Google products and services as well as its future products. Isn’t it wonderful, you would be able to update your page in whatever changes the Google has to made especially in online marketing.

In case you haven’t set up a Google+ page for your business or for your blog, check this amazing videos and blog post on how to set up a Google+ page for your business.

Blogs and Videos to help you out in setting up your Google+ Business Page



If you have a video or a blog post related to setting up a Google+ page for business, feel free to share it with us, we’d be happy to add it up on the list we have.

Final Words

Online Marketing is a tough job considering that you got tons of competitors. You have to learn techniques and strategies to out-stand from the rest. Also, you have to keep learning and update not only yourself but also your business. Since Google is the leading search engine in search technology, and they made frequent changes in their search algorithms, you have to utilize resources that would make you up to date and will not left you behind the competition. One good start is through subscribing and utilizing Google products and services like Google+. Because for sure, they had a great impact on Google’s search engine rankings.

Have you set up a Google+ page for your business?  If yes, did it helped you? For those who haven’t set their page, I think it’s the perfect time to have your business a Google+ page.


Google Authorship – Do You Have Yours?

Are you a writer or a blogger? How do you protect your works from other who want to stole them? Have you heard about Google Authorship?

What is Google Authorship

Google Authorship  is a new feature released by Google. This is to protect the ownership of the author and verify the authenticity of the content.  This is the answer of Google for higher number of plagiarisms and thieves who stole the content of other people. Google Authorship is very beneficial not only for the author but also for the readers. The author would be protected and it could increase the rank of the author’s blog on search engine rankings. The Google Authorship would strengthen the engagement between the author and the readers. The readers would know that the content they are reading was verified and authenticated. For an average person who just want some information, having seen a content with authorship and rank  means trust and authoritative search results.

Google Authorship

Google Authorship is very easy to implement, you just have to follow Google’s directions. Once you have Google Authorship you will have your contents to stand out among other contents. It would increase your ranking in search engines and more audience will most likely to read your content. You will also see your content and your photo on the Search Engine Result Pages.

Here is another interesting benefit the Google Authorship will give you. You will know how many times your web pages where displayed in search engine results page as well as the number of clicks it gained. You will see this statistics in Webmaster Tools account. Isn’t it amazing? You would be able to know if your readers are still interested in your contents and if you attract more visitors. Thus, this help you determine if you are taking the right path in online marketing, and if not, you would be able to do something about it.

Google Authorship

Since Google will prioritize contents with Google Authorship, it gives more exposure for the blog. Having Google Authorship will greatly affects your search engine rankings considering that Google is the largest and most use search engine in the online market today.

Chris Countey talks about how to get Google to know more about you as an author, using the rel=me, rel=author tags, and Google+ profiles, how to protect yourself from negative SEO.

Google Authorship Explained by Chris Countey

Below are some good resources on how to get your very own Google Authorship. Just take your time visiting them just in case you find it hard to implement them on your blog.

WordPress Blogs

Blogspot Blogs

If you have a post regarding tips on how set up Google Authorship, feel free to comment below and we will include it on our post.

With the help of having a Google Authorship, content creators would be able to increase their accountability as well as focusing on where the contents were posted and also who posted them. By doing this, Google was able to eliminate content creators who are just stealing the works of others or having a poor content. This will also improve Google’s services on search in which very important for the consumers. It is part of the stepping stone of achieving a more advance search services by Google. Google said that they aim to develop a search system in which the users would be able to find what they really mean and not only focusing on the keywords – which are the traditional way of searching.

Google encourages the content creators to use the Google Authorship. This will not only help them protect their contents from thieves but also it can increase their click-through rates that leads to a surprisingly great increase in the revenue.


6 Great Reasons to Use Google Adwords

I am pretty much sure that you have heard about Google Adwords. If you haven’t, then let me tell you something about it. Google Adwords is a program that can help business owners to reach out their customers through websites in few hours.

Google Adwords is absolutely perfect for small businesses whose operating cost is very low. Business owners can very well afford Google Adwords program and get results in just few hours.

However there is a negative perception about Google Adwords among Internet marketers and small business owners. They normally think that Adwords is very difficult to use, but this is not true.

After using Google Adwords for sometime, I found out 6 advantages of it.

6 Great Advantages of Using Google Adwords

Maximum Exposure

Google Adwords will guarantee you maximum exposure for your business. You can reach out to the widest range of consumers who are coming from different backgrounds.

Today there are over 1 billion people who are online. Adwords program can help you to reach them in no time. As a matter of fact Google is the main player in search engine market. Hence every 9 out of 10 people come to Google search engine.

You can reach out to desktop users, laptop users and even hand held mobile devices. So exposure wise Google Adwords is the best.

To The Point

Next great thing about Google Adwords program is that it is very targeted and to the point. One important fact you have to keep in mind that you do not need just readers but potential customers.

What does it mean? Well It simply means to sell your products you do not need just 1 billion people who are regular readers. Therefore adwords program trims the unwanted traffic and targets people who are closely related to the product you are selling.

So if your product is about losing weight then Google Adwords will target only people who want to lose their weight.  Therefore you get maximum profit by selling products to right kind of people.


Google AdwordsThird great attribute of Google Adwords is that competition is very manageable. There are many other business owners who will be using this program. So you will face some kind of competition from there side.

Hence you have to bid for keywords very carefully. Adwords program will help you in creating your daily budget. This program is very fair and you can trust Google to be transparent.

But I suggest you not to be afraid of competition. You just have to rank high in top 3 ad positions.

Low Cost

Google Adwords is not a free program. As I said earlier you have to adjust your daily budget. Google will only show ads when you pay beforehand using credit card.

You can surely bring down your daily cost for showing advertisements. Choose keywords carefully, see to it that fewer advertisers are competing for it.

If you manage your budget smartly then Adwords can pay you high dividends. You can reach out and sell maximum products to your potential customers, at the same time you spend less on advertisements.

24 X 7

Unlike offline marketing, Google Adwords is always available. Your advertisements will be showing 24 X 7 without any interruption. So it means you will be in touch with your customers all the time.

These days a business can only survive if it is running 24 X 7. In fact because of this reason business owners are moving their business from offline to online.

Google Adwords program is perfect if you desire to run your business 24 hours in a day.

User Friendly Interface

Last reason for using Google Adwords would be its user friendly interface. From creating advertisements to managing budgets, everything can be done easily and hassle free.

Even if you are new to Adwords program, it takes hardly few days to master all the key functions or features of this program. Google will fully co-operate with you by taking through each and every step.

Moreover, Google keeps updating Adwords interface over a regular interval of time. So that it can become easier for users like you.


In concluding remarks I would only say that Google Adwords is one of the best programs to increase your online business revenue. Some of its advantages are

  1. Maximum Exposure
  2. To the point
  3. Noncompetitive
  4. Low cost
  5. 24 X 7
  6. User Friendly Interface

I hope you can get started now.

Pritam Nagrale is an internet marketer & a full time blogger. He also runs classes for SEO training in Mumbai where you can learn latest SEO strategy & how to use Google AdWords effectively.

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