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Photography and Google+

Do you love taking pictures? Certainly taking a lot of pictures is fun. You are able to preserve memories and have it viewed through the internet. With some many sites that offer free space to upload pictures from, choosing the best one is not easy. Although these sites are similar since they allow your pictures to be viewed and shared in the net, Google+ is quite different.

The most widely used search engine now joins the social media trend by introducing Google plus to the public. One prominent feature of Google+ is that it allows the user to store pictures to their account. This is not actually new in social media or when using other photo sharing sites. However, there some features that are distinguishable when using Google plus.

Every person would love to save all those pictures in one area. Yet, there are times that the free space is limited. Most of the free space is about 5GB. This is quite small if you are frequently taking up pictures. Google plus enables a person to have a 15GB free space to store pictures. This can be a lot especially for full-size photos. This can be an advantage for people who would prefer to have an external back-up file.


Another good thing about Google+ is that it integrates your profile page to your Google email account. Unlike Facebook, where you need to have a separate email, account to create a profile page. Through Google+ you can easily send those pictures via email or just share it through your profile page.

For people who are taking pictures from smart phones and tablets, uploading has never been easy. When you install Google apps in your device, all the pictures you take will be automatically uploaded to your account. It will really save you important time. The Only thing you have to do is turn on the Auto Backup in your mobile app and your seconds away from sharing the recent pictures you took. You don’t have to transfer the pictures from one device to another it’s certainly time efficient.

Your friends and family can instantly see the pictures you’ve taken using their Google account. It’s a fact that a lot of people are using Google to provide them with their email needs. So the best way to share your photos without login to another site is Google+.

Organizing photos made easy with Google+

  • Another great thing about Google+ is that is automatically organizes the photos you’ve uploaded. You can browse the photos according to the date and location. It is easy to see the most memorable shots since they are well organized. It will free you from the hard work of organizing a lot of photos.
  • It also allows you to edit pictures using the creative kit. If you want to enhance the quality of the photo, you can easily adjust the setting thru Google’s own photo editor. You don’t have to use another app for your photo editing needs.

Google+ has made it easy for you to upload, organize, edit, and share the photos that are memorable and treasured.


Why Businesses Should Start Using Google+

It seems that all things are vastly transitioning to online. There’s online friends, online books, online stores and of course there are already online businesses. With these vast transitions, one must always be up to date in order to get ahead of their competitors. Getting ahead of your competitors is a great deal; it could put you in a top position and could even increase your sales to a maximum level. Most small and even big businesses are now using Google+ for their businesses. The question is why.


Reasons why businesses nowadays should prefer to join Google+

For those tech savvy persons, Google+ has its own advantages when it comes to business. Through Google+ one can follow your business and link to your business profile and allow other people to check on your business.

Google+ offers “Google Places” where one can locate a person or a business with a map on the Google site. The best part is, your business will end up on the top list of Google search, this makes it easier for people to locate your business and find more information. In fact, your business will appear on the top searches without doing anything, Google+ does it for you once you have established your profile.

Google+ can definitely increase traffic to your site. So if you have an online business such as an online store then this is a great way to boost your company’s name.

Google+ also offers their feature “Google Hangout.” This is best for people with small businesses. Here you’ll be able to connect with your friends, colleagues at work or even to your prospective clients through the use of live video chats. You can establish rapport and connect effectively. This way your prospective clients will see how you look like and can see if you’re sincere or not.

Google+ offers SEO ranking. One could easily spread the name of their business and increase traffic to their website through SEO. Writers can write articles and use SEO keywords and direct traffic to your site. Readers of online articles will have a better chance of reading and learning about your site, this brings recognition and eventually wide world spread of your business name.


Final Thoughts on Google+ for Business

Overall, even though Google+ isn’t as big as other social networks like Facebook yet this is advantageous. How? Because Google+ has only enough users, this makes it possible to spread your business to all users easily and fast unlike using Facebook which currently has 800 million users. Google+ currently have 40 million users, it’s quite small compared to Facebook yet it can definitely provide positive advantages for your business, all you need is to familiarize yourself and establish your profile and you’re good to go.

Whether you use Google+ or not, that is your prerogative however if you really want to succeed and be known then the wisest thing to do is use Google+, for some this might not turn out great but for most users even big businesses Google+ is worth using!



Benefits of Google+ Page for Businesses

Most of us are really fond of social networking. Social Networking began its popularity with Friendster, and became more popular because of Facebook.

Since most people in online community have their own account in different social networking sites, Many online marketers also saw its potential as an effective online marketing tool. That is why social networking is not only beneficial for consumers but are also beneficial for businesses, it may be online or offline. Today, lots of other social networking sites occur and one of which is Google+. Well if you have not heard of it yet, Google also launched its very own social networking site.

So we all know that Google leads the race in online search, and launching their own social networking site will surely shaken major competitors in social networking like Facebook and Twitter.

“So what are the edge of Google+ on other networking sites especially in my business?”, surely this question will definitely pop up into your mind while reading this article.

Benefits of having a Google+ page for your business

Google+1. Search Engine Rankings are very important especially in  an online business. According to Eric Schmidt, Google’s Executive Chairman, that one important factor in search engine rankings are the social signals or the activities of the public on a certain social platform. Since Google+ is already part of Google, there is a high probability that your visitor’s engagement will increase as well as your exposure.

2. You are directly connected to the public as well as with other platforms. Since Google is the most used search engine, it is most likely that people will use the features that is more easy to access. Besides, when you create a Google+ page, when you type in “+” and the brand name into the Google Search, it will lead you immediately to its page.

3. Another good thing about Google+ is that the circles. You can customize everything in Google+ from the appearance of your page to who can access and view your page as well as the posts in your page.

4. When you have a Google+ page, you can integrate your page to other Google products and services as well as its future products. Isn’t it wonderful, you would be able to update your page in whatever changes the Google has to made especially in online marketing.

In case you haven’t set up a Google+ page for your business or for your blog, check this amazing videos and blog post on how to set up a Google+ page for your business.

Blogs and Videos to help you out in setting up your Google+ Business Page



If you have a video or a blog post related to setting up a Google+ page for business, feel free to share it with us, we’d be happy to add it up on the list we have.

Final Words

Online Marketing is a tough job considering that you got tons of competitors. You have to learn techniques and strategies to out-stand from the rest. Also, you have to keep learning and update not only yourself but also your business. Since Google is the leading search engine in search technology, and they made frequent changes in their search algorithms, you have to utilize resources that would make you up to date and will not left you behind the competition. One good start is through subscribing and utilizing Google products and services like Google+. Because for sure, they had a great impact on Google’s search engine rankings.

Have you set up a Google+ page for your business?  If yes, did it helped you? For those who haven’t set their page, I think it’s the perfect time to have your business a Google+ page.


Does Facebook Need To Catch up to Google+ or Vice Versa?

So Google is going to completely kill Google Buzz in the near future and they have said something along the lines of “To create a better future we must first be honest about our past.

I personally never used the Google Buzz system, partly because – why use something that twitter does better, and party because when it first got started it faced all those privacy issues that everybody was so upset about.

There was a lot of “Buzz” (pun intended) about the new Google Plus social network which was so dubbed as the “Facebook Killer” and the ultimate solution to combining Twitter and Facebook.

…as if that is what we crave in our social world. First of all, to discuss the title of this article let’s make two points to why Twitter and Facebook were so successful, and why Google Plus (at least in my mind) seems to be just… there.

google versus facebook

  1. Facebook and twitter developed because it filled a purpose in our lives. There was a need in our lives (we just didn’t know it yet) for a better online social experience. These two different companies offered completely different platforms, and the foundation of each from the start, was both original and exciting. Since the soul of each was social, it made sense for us (psychologically) to dive right in.
  2. Google had the “fastest growth rate ever” but if you are able to put a little blue arrow on a website that millions of people visit each day, to say “Hey check this out” Does that really mean that everyone is joining because it’s cool and it serves a necessary purpose or because Google just has that kind of power? The other part of this is that it was extremely easy for people that already had a Gmail account to sign up and join

Yes Google has 40 million + users – I am one of them – but I am never using it, as I imagine is the case with a lot of other users out there. Also, one of the only reasons that I joined Google + in the first place is because I was am so affiliated in the tech and SEO world (be it that I help to provide a white label content writing service as well ) that I wanted to be one of the first people there to check it out to see what business advantages it would have to people that specialize in Internet marketing, which is definitely the case for a lot of other users as well.

This brings me to my next couple of points. Google plus is something that theoretically has a lot of “useful” and “cool” features, but when it really comes down to it, it doesn’t matter, and it definitely isn’t enough for the mass amounts of people to steer away from twitter and Facebook. The next couple of points outline what it “cool” about Google +, but it really doesn’t matter in the real world.

Privacy – We Really Need it (But not too much)

1) At first glance, “circles” seem to be really cool. I mean one of the “so-called” problems of the Facebook world is that there really is (or was, they have caught on) no way of organizing your friends, so that you could make who you wanted to see certain able to and so you could limit people from seeing certain updates.

However the whole point of our social lives is to let people see us (and in the online world that usually means the best part of us). It is possible to make things private on Facebook, and if we really wanted to we could make sure that every single one of our posts gets to the right people.

But here’s the main problem with that: It is much easier to decide to express something that is relevant to everybody than it is to have to go ahead and make everything private. Besides, if we want something to be private to only a few people, there are better ways of doing so… Like email for instance…

2) Something else that I thought was pretty cool at first glance about Google plus was the ability to search for information in the social streams. Although this is a “cool” feature, it really isn’t that useful. I might as well use the regular search engines, and a lot of my results just show people that have agendas and are trying to get high click through rates so that they can make some money (having a Google Plus and updating it regularly in the SEO world may be just as valuable as hiring for a link building service)(although sometimes photographers – which is a common Google Plus type user – upload cool pictures that come up in the searches).

Search barely meets social with this type of model, and if that is what Google is trying to accomplish with features like being able to search for people that have created posts about your search terms… well it is definitely not the end result (there never is). It is an awesome tool for people in the Internet marketing industry however. In fact, it is like the SEO’s searching best friend.

3) Google’s approach on making everything happen systematically is awesome in some areas of life -especially when it comes to search. But Facebook offers more spontaneity and that as what we as humans crave in our lives in the social word. We need a little bit of something that is “out of the system.”


So far, to me, Google represents an informal type of “LinkedIn” Except for it is primarily for people that are in the Internet business. We will have to wait to see if that changes over time. Facebook may take a huge hit when they releases Timeline to everybody, as it might make people totally forget about Google plus all together.

The leadership at successful companies normally possess more than intuitive genius, however you’re unlikely to find many with a MS in Management hanging on their wall either.


The Amazing Advantages of Google+

Google is the number one search engine nowadays. It is considered to be the top choice for internet browsers, advertisers and businessmen. But with their new Google+, people would surely love the features that they created. It is as if they have merged their search engine into a big and huge social networking media. Although it is much like the well known Facebook because of its capabilities to share photos, videos and many others but actually, it is a unique social network. Here’s the reason why.

Advantages of Google+

google plus 1. The Google+ focuses on sharing different social groups not on the large group of friends. Subscribers on this social network can drag and drop their own friends and buddies into different social circles like family, friends, co-workers and many others. They can classify them according to what group they want. Whenever a friend is removed from the list, a smoke and an animation will appear and on the other hand, when a group is removed, it will roll away on the screen.

2. The Google+ also features a different kind of photo storage and video chat. There is a section designed for viewing, managing as well as editing a certain multimedia. Photos that are tagged, shared and uploaded can be edited with the image editor. Meanwhile, the video chat allows a particular group of friends or loved ones to chat together. It can accommodate to a maximum of 10 people and the good thing about it is the cool features that it presents. The chat screen will quickly change as to whoever will be talking so it is like talking to an actual big group.

3. There is also an engine where users can find interesting contents such as articles, photos, videos and many others that are fascinating for one’s preference. This is called the Google+ Sparks wherein every up-to-date and significant contents coming from the Google search engine and in this social network can be obtained. It is much like a one-stop shop wherein a user does not need to open another search engine to search for something rather; he/she will just use the Sparks feature and find anything and everything on it.

4.  Google+ can also be accessed through Android mobile phones. This application can allow the user to access the features of Google+ anywhere he/she goes. Whether he/she wants to utilize the Sparks or connecting to his/her group of friends is desired, it is all possible with just the convenience of an Android phone.

 Despite the fact that Google+ is much like the prominent Facebook and Twitter, they make sure that they have the features that none of them possesses. So it is definitely a brand new social network, not a copy cat from those mentioned social network sites. More features will be included in the months to come.

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