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Ways To Recover from Google Penalization

Webmasters always find ways to get their sites on top of search engine rankings especially on Google considering that Google is the largest and most used search engine in the internet. In searching for ways to boost their rankings on top, many webmasters have engaged in unethical ways resulting in Google penalization.

If you notice that your website’s link is not shown in Google’s Search Engine Result Pages (also known as SERP) then it is probably being penalized  or it is greatly affected by the changes in search algorithms of Google. Are you surprised? Yes, search engines do change their search algorithms frequently and in regular basis. Why? This is to prevent the ‘blackhats‘ from doing unethical things in the internet. The term ‘blackhats‘ refers to the webmasters who are doing unethical things in the internet.

GoogleThe studies that have been conducted on the behavior of search engines show that whenever there are alterations in the algorithms of search engines, the ranking of the websites are also affected, especially those websites that were designed based on SEO or Search Engine Optimization. According to these studies, search engine rankings fluctuate that results to a lower rankings. So if your website has lower rankings it does not mean that you are being penalized, it may also be that the search engines changed their search algorithms and your website is affected of it. If you are being penalized then, you might have violated some of their rules.

We all know that Google is the most used and the largest search engine in the internet. No wonder why lots of webmasters pursue to design their websites based on Google. Google does not like this kind of SEO so they continually improve their algorithms and technology. Also, it improves the filtration process and the detection of any violation done in the internet by some unethical webmasters.

GoogleBut if you already done something wrong in the internet and unfortunately Google detected you and penalized you then there are some ways which you can recover from it. Well, the first thing to do is to understand how the filtration of the Google is done. Google is checking the backlinks that is connected to your website. If most of these links came from untrusted sites, then there is high probability that Google will penalize your site. You see, Google also have list of non-reputable sites that are making unethical practices in the internet. So if you are have these kind of links then you better get rid them off your site and file a reconsideration request.

Though you filing a reconsideration request may help you recover from the penalty, the best weapon is still ‘prevention’. You must avoid doing unethical practices like reciprocal linking, link spamming and poor quality directories.

You must build a good reputation for your site. If you want to have an SEO-friendly site, engage in a positive SEO like having a high quality contents which is the very important part of the website and in which also have big impact on the search engine rankings; link building is also one way, just make sure to have linked in a well-reputable sites.


Tips in Panda-proofing Your Website

 When you have a business or blog hosted online, you need steady and huge amount of traffic to the site. It should also be user friendly to drive the traffic. Attracting organic traffic from search engines can be the effective and cheapest way. But post panda effect, online marketers feel attracting traffic from search engines has become relatively tough. Google panda is a set of algorithms designed to get rid of low quality hosting websites or which are less user friendly.

Google panda had a remarkable effect on the search quality but on the other hand it shut down many online businesses. To panda proof your website, you need to repeat certain specific steps on a constant basis:

Five Tips in Panda-proofing Your Website

1. Avoid depending on auto generated content, this content are not on the favorites of search engines. If a search engines recognizes such content on your site, it will be regarded as spam content. And you might lose your traffic.

2. Try to write unique content as your posts every time, pay specific attention on the length of the posts as well. A well detailed and lengthy post is entitled to be useful to the user as it will contain more information on that specific topic. The length of the posts should be at least 400 words and get rid of all the articles which have low content from the search results. You should also note that Google panda causes a wide-site penalty as opposed to page-by –page penalty. So, if one of the pages has low quality the whole site might be shut down.


3. Get rid of all the pages that add little or no value to the site, such as disclaimer, about us, contact. Either assigns noindex tags to all these pages or Robots.txt to stop crawling of these pages where ever possible.

4. Learn and implement SEO techniques on the site. A well researched and applied search engine optimization is likely to have positive impact on the site. Prior to writing the posts do a thorough research of all the high searched rich keywords and try including them in your post. But avoid stuffing keywords in the posts; this may affect the quality of your site. Build quality backlinks to your site. While looking for the backlinks be aware the backlinks should be within your niche and from popular and authorized sites else they won’t be adding any benefits.

5. Building social media relations can be handier in tackling the panda effect. You can start with creating pages on popular social platforms such Google+, Facebook, twitter and Digg. Link back these pages with your site and add various share bottoms on the site. Social trust adds huge difference to the rankings, specially +1 vote of Google. Google can give you high ranking based on these votes even if the posts may not be optimized, owing to the trust of the user on the social networks.

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Apart from these position and placement of the ads are important too. Try to give specific attention to the posts rather than the ads. These tips are worthy enough to secure a site from the panda effect. Keep tracing the panda updates as they keep on changing the algorithms.


Google Panda and SEO

Web publishers and website owners have been using the advantage of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in gaining traffic and improving their ranks in many search engines. The more there is traffic in your website, the greater is the chance of gaining popularity and importance that is why people aim to be on the top. Search engine sites such as Google can help web owners when it comes to gaining free traffic that is why it is important to also improve the sites content for Google to notice. It is hard for website owners to do that since there are certain criteria that Google follows in order to display on the top list those sites that have the highest rank. Yet, many things changed in the matters of SEO as Google Panda emerged.

Panda – Google’s New Search Engine Algorithm and its Impact to Search Engine Optimization

As Google released its major search engine algorithm update which is the Google Panda, many websites have been affected to lose its ranks and even caused the reduction of their visitors’ numbers. This is due to the efforts of Google to improve their way of ranking sites to a better and no cheating kind of rules. The goal of the said update is to reduce the rankings of low quality sites and also promoting only those sites that has original content and of high quality. Low quality site would include those that contain copy content from other sites that have low substance while high quality sites are those that said to have original content and has useful substance. This was done by Google due to the fact that many publishers have been doing some taking advantage of getting top rank without having useful and original content.

There are certain ways on how Panda determines those that are worthy to be ranked high thus they can be good reminders for many web publishers. Google determines the quality of website through certain factors such as “Time on Site”, the bounce rate or the measure of people that might be entering a site without even doing anything, social indicators such as recommendations from people, page views in each visit, traffic and many more. Google Panda not only looks for original content but also contents that are constructive and can be considered as of high quality. This may promote only those that are considered high quality website but sad fact is that some of its SEO rules are affected and will become not useful anymore. This would include certain rules such as SEO keyword posting which was then a very useful part in promoting website ranking. With Panda, using heavy keywords carelessly can only lead to the downfall of SEO ranking.

Although some intentions might be good, it can be of harm also especially if the website you have published may contain unoriginal and unimportant information which can lead to reduction of web rank and even website penalty. It is recommended that to avoid such worse case scenarios, you should keep in mind the rules that Google give for website publishers and also remove those uninformative contents.

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