Should You Reapply After Being Rejected?

All of us are very afraid of rejection, from the rejection by our peers to other rejections on your career. It is a part of reality and the best thing for us to do is to deal with it. It is a reality that exists in our world that we can’t please everybody. Especially when it comes to applying a job and being rejected, it is an uneasy experience especially to those who are seeking for jobs seriously.

Though we will be putting our egos on the line for this situation, but there are only two sides in each coin. Maybe its between you are overqualified for that job or under qualified.


Why You Could Benefit from Attempting to Reapply

There will be a lot of reasons behind why you where rejected. You are maybe overqualified for that job or there are unnecessary technicalities on your resume. The employers won’t give you details on what you must put on your resume or what is the reason why he or she didn’t accept you on the first place. It is better to try another shot, than to do nothing.

Contacting the Company for Reconsideration

If you already decided to reapply again, the next step you will do is to contact the human resources department officer and ask permission if it is OK to submit your resume again. It is worth the risk, because maybe this time you will be accepted. You must also ask a couple of details from the HR officer on what to put or not to put in your resume.

Adding Keywords to Your Resume

After being given a go signal to resubmit your resume, it would be a waste of opportunity to submit the same resume that was rejected before. The clever thing for you to do is to edit your resume and add some keywords that would connect to the position you want to have. Make it sure that it will be attractive and it could catch the attention of the employer.

You must see to it that you must review your resume over and over again to find some inappropriate words and other indefinite details. It must be prefect and presentable, it will be a great risk but it will be all worth it.


Effective Tips to a Successful Freelancing Career

Most of us have a local job and careers to keep us all busy; from being a nurse, a doctor, a dentist, a store manager and a lot more that eats our time and gives us a lot of stress. Yes, this is the reality and that is how our world works. However, in this generation everything seems to work differently. Of course we still need professionals to keep us healthy yet there are some careers that are not worthy of our time, the reason most of us took those kind of jobs is because of financial issues. So what if there’s a profession that can help you out from your demanding careers and bosses? This is definitely something that everyone would love to do. As mentioned, today’s time works different, now it’s more high tech and fast, and money is also fast earned. The profession I’m talking about is the world of freelancing.


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Freelancing career means working for yourself, you are the boss, your own your time and you manage how much you earn. This is the simplest definition of freelancing, from the way it sound this is far better than sticking to your demanding jobs. So if you want to be successful on your freelancing career, here are some freelancing tips to help you in your journey.


Effective Tips to a Successful Freelancing Career

Build Self-discipline

This is the first and major factor to determine your success in freelancing. Having the discipline makes you work harder, more focus, more fast and a lot more you can think of! So everything all boils down to discipline. If you have the discipline, you produce high quality results thus satisfying your clients. This is a start of your career, one you satisfy your clients, they will keep coming back for more. That also means money on your part!

freelancerOutsource Staff

Once you’ve gained enough clients, big projects and constant jobs online, this only means your work is piling up. There are even times when you can’t handle everything but you can’t resist and say no to all the upcoming projects! So your tendency is to scramble and think of ways to finish everything that is needed. Now, here is where outsourcing comes in. You have piling work and the best way to have everything done is to outsource another freelancer to help you out. This makes you more effective in hitting your turn around time. Once you outsource, the job is divided into 2, you do your own chosen tasks and you delegate the rest to your staff. All you have to do is set a deadline and proofread or check everything once done. If all is well then pass it to your client. This makes your work faster and easier, thus giving you faster income and less stress in hitting the deadline. Of course you have to pay your staff to keep him or her motivated.

Be Organized

Being organized allows you to have strategies. These strategies provides you great ways to market your service and have enough projects for you and for your staff, so from one staff to another, until you create your own empire! How amazing is that? This makes you more successful and has a lot bigger income.

Final Words

These are the 3 tips to help you start your freelancing career, simple yet very effective. Your career will certainly flourish and that is guaranteed. With these 3 tips, you will never go wrong in your freelancing career. You will know once you are rising for your projects will keep on coming.



3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Becoming a Freelancer

Nowadays, whether it’s because of the general state of the economy, companies cutting down on costs via workforce reduction or simply the desire to take matters into their own hands, a lot of folks are joining the ranks of the freelancing population. Depending on your preference, freelancers are also called work-at-home professionals or independent contractors.

FreelancerThe Good News

If you’re a freelancer, there’s no such thing as:

  • swearing at heavy traffic
  • racing against time to punch in for work
  • commitment to a particular employer
  • corporate politics to contend with
  • some fellow breathing down your neck with every move you make or word you say

If you’re a freelancer:

  • you’re your own boss
  • you can choose your clients
  • you set your own pace and designate your own time

And if you’re an online freelancer, you can take your work anywhere you please, whether while vacationing in Bali, watching the sunset in Santorini or frantically running away from a herd of raging bulls in Madrid.

The Bad News

Freelancing is NOT a bed of roses – a statement that has been used and abused but cannot be emphasized enough. Freelancing has its ups and downs, and it requires a lot of work, especially in the beginning. You would have to diligently market yourself to find trustworthy clients. You might even have to start with pay that’s below industry average just so you can showcase your skills, establish a reputation and an impressive work portfolio. If you’re prepared to swallow all these hook, line and sinker, then, you have a good chance of making it big as a freelancer.

However, before you take the freelancing plunge, here are three questions you might want to consider asking yourself first:

1. Do I have the right tools?

A gardener has his garden tools. A hairdresser has a different set of tools. If your intent is to work online, whether it’s an IBM, a Mac or a Novatech you’ve got, you have to make sure that your computer is always in tip-top shape. That’s not saying you have to have top-of-the-line specs, especially if you can’t afford it. At the very least, invest in hardware (computer, headset, transcription pedal, microphone, etc.) and software that you can constantly rely on.

Oh, and don’t forget, make sure to subscribe with a trustworthy Internet service provider, too.

2. Am I focused and disciplined enough?

When you have the power to choose when to work with no boss hounding you every step of the way, it’s so easy to fall into the procrastination trap. When laziness strikes, everything you’ve diligently memorized about time management flies out of the window.

And even if you’re all prepped up to get things done, social media sites like Facebook, G+, Twitter can divert your attention. Before you know it, time has slipped away and you’re running late for a deadline. How focused and committed you are to accomplish what is expected of you within the time frame agreed upon will determine your success as a freelancer.

3. How long will my cash reserves last?

With freelancing, recognize that the paycheck isn’t going to be deposited to your bank account like clockwork. Your clients will very rarely agree to upfront payments. And you may need to work for a few days up to months on one specific assignment before you receive any compensation. The solution? If you want to make a full-time career out of freelancing, make sure you have enough savings to last for several months (at least six months is ideal). This way, you don’t have to live with just the bare essentials.


Just like anything worth investing your time in, freelancing has its pros and cons. But if after addressing the above questions you’re still all smiles, then, perhaps, it’s time you took the freelancing plunge.

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Should You Consider Freelancing as a Career After Graduation?

The day after graduation is the day you start facing reality and unemployment. We can say than 10 years ago was less competitive compared to today’s time. A graduate faces more pressure and more competitors when it comes to job application. Of course, all of us have to start somewhere. So if you don’t have the experience needed for a specific job opportunity, then stop sending your resumes!


Luckily, new graduates can take advantage of the technology and what it can offer. If you don’t have the needed skills for office jobs, or whatever jobs it might be, you could be successful in online freelancing. You can work as a writer at the comfort of your home. As a graduate, would you consider a career as a freelance writer, web designer or whatever it is?

Here are some thing consider before jumping into a decision.

If you’re good at what you do best, then freelancing is suited for you.

Why? It’s not true that freelancing isn’t a steady job; in fact it offers you endless job opportunities that aren’t offered in the real world of traditional jobs. As I’ve said, if you are good at what you do best then many clients will hire you, endless projects with big pay contracts lining up for you. You’ll easily pay your dues!

Not all jobs you get is permanent

Once a contract has ended or your freelance job has ended, you have the choice to re-apply in minutes to another open job post. You don’t have to worry about going out, dressing up and printing your resumes and at the end of the day not get hired. How frustrating is that? Freelance career offers endless jobs, thousands of new job everyday with great pay to choose from at the comfort of your room! How great is that?

Freelancing is competitive world

You need to have the best skills to be chosen for the said position. However, the best part is you can learn as time goes by and eventually take all the great paying jobs once you’ve build a rapport to your clients and great feedback.

No regular schedules

You can bring your jobs anywhere you go. You can travel anytime and bring along your laptop or tablet. Start your jobs at any time you like but you need to make sure that you’ll finish it on time.

The world of freelancing is kinda saturated

Freelancing is a growing field. Eventually it will grow to an even bigger industry and everyone will go on freelance. As a recent graduate, it’s best to familiarize yourself in this field; this is suited to younger generations since almost all recent graduates grew up using Web 2.0 technologies.

If this career doesn’t work for you then you may shift into something else

If you think this is not a good venue for you to kick things off or start a career with, try something else or try getting a job based on your educational background.

Final Words

There are a lot of reasons why you should consider freelancing after graduation, the only thing you need to make sure is your commitment and discipline! If you don’t have these, then freelancing may not be the right career for you. Choose your career path wisely and think of the things you’re capable of then decide if freelancing suits you and your lifestyle.


Effective Ways to Ask A Raise from Your Boss

Let’s face the fact, we all want a raise. But the problem is your boss has not give it and did not even mention it. You would like to tell your boss about the raise but you are afraid that you may offend your boss.

Here are some tips that may help you on how to ask your boss about the raise:


1. Before asking for a raise, determine first how much your the average salary in the company. It would be wise to determine if you really deserve to have a raise in your salary, of course, your boss will not just simply grant your request if you does not deserve what you are asking.

2. Determine the financial health of the company you are working. If the company is financially healthy and it is capable of giving your salary a raise then you should try asking your boss about it. However, if the company is financially unstable, then wait for the right time when the company is stable enough to give the raise.

3. Before talking to your boss, prepare first your argument. You do not want to end your argument with your boss in a confrontation but you also have to make your case. Make a checklist which would support your case.  Set up an appointment to your boss and remember to be polite.

4. Be ready for whatever be the outcome of your conversation. If your request has been granted then it’s good, but if not then what will you do? Are you going to quit your job or continue working with the same salary you are receiving right now. Another situation is that if your boss agrees yet the raise is smaller than what you want, will you still continue working with the company or you quit and look for another job?

Indeed money is the best way of motivation. Raises and bonuses are great but remember not just look for the money. Money is not the only way which your boss can reward you. Do not take for granted the other benefits which your boss had given you.

If you really wanted to have a raise in your salary and unfortunately, your boss did not grant your request, then it is only appropriate to ask your boss about the requirements on getting a raise, or what does it take to get that raise you wanted.

Final Words

There is no harm in asking for a raise if you really think you deserve it. Ask your boss about it politely and be prepared for whatever answer he may give you. The important thing is that you are able to express your needs and if your boss is understanding enough to understand those needs then I’m sure he will grant your request if the company can. However, you should also remember that the company has also have its needs especially if it is financially unstable. Weigh things right, if you badly needed that increase then you should have looked for other job opportunities but if you do not want to leave the company and you still wanted to be part of it until it succeed, then continue working wholeheartedly.


Freelancing Tips – Treat Your Clients as Your Girlfriend

In all businesses, no matter what kind of business it is or wherever the business is located, clients are the utmost important. This is the very reason why lots of businesses especially the large enterprises have customer service so that they could understand the needs of each customer and to attend with their every needs. To help you improve your services to your clients, you may want to consider the following.

Freelancing Tips To Help you Improve Your Services to Your Clients

    From the moment you launch your business, be honest to your clients an d state clearly and directly your intentions. It is important that your clients know what your business is all about to avoid confusions.

    The saying “Do unto others want you want them to do unto you” applies here. If you want to be treated special then you have to treat every clients special. If the client felt that he is special in a n organization, he would stick to it and patronize it as long as he can still feel the comfort the organization is giving to him.

    Avoid false advertisement. It is not right to fool your clients, when the clients discover that you are fooling them, they will mad at your business and sometimes might cause them to act violently.

    If you want to gain more money, do it in a righteous way and do not trick your clients and steal from their homes. You may raise the product price depending on the needs of your company.

    If you want to introduce new products and services, you should be careful and plan out everything so that the clients will not be overwhelmed and they will be able to adopt new services and products you are offering.

    While running your business, there will come times that you will hear crazy questions and requests. Try to be nice when answering these requests, but when you feel you have to be assertive, then do not hesitate to assert authority yet remember to keep your tone calm and non- judgmental for your actions may affect the reactions of your other clients.

    Treat your clients equally no matter how you feel about them and do not humiliate them. Respect each clients and do not look down at them regardless of their appearance. Serve them gracefully and give what is due to them.

■    Issue on privacy is very important. Make sure that you do not release or show client’s information in public or in other person without the client’s consent. Many businesses have encountered many legal problems because of privacy issues so make sure you know these laws to avoid these legal problems.

    Make some time to have some conversation with your clients. This will help in strengthening the bond between you and the clients. Also, this is effective in acquiring some information that might help in improving or develop new services.

    If you had arranged a meeting with them, stick to it. People do not like to be waiting for so long or postpone the schedule. Sometimes, clients do not like surprises.

And there you have it, some simple yet effective freelancing tips. Make sure to remember all these so that your clients will keep coming back for more.

If you further freelancing tips that you think we miss to include on our list feel free to share it via comment section.


Career Management – Quick and Easy Ways To Land a New Job

Because of some undesirable news you heard over the television about massive layoffs and lack of job opportunities, you might feel somehow discouraged to look for a job. But if you are a talented and skillful person, looking for a job is not a problem. There are lot of companies that are looking for talented and skillful people who are willing to commit in helping their companies to grow. If you think you have the qualities that these companies are looking for then you only need to make them find you.


We all know that the competition in job hunting is very tough and you have to make a difference from them to standout. Before you submit your application letter, you should bare in your mind that it is only the beginning of your career.

Useful tips for a better career management

Make some self-reflection

Determine your skills and talents, things you are best in and things you can do. Also, you have to know your weaknesses and limitations. To help you identify these, remember what you did during your previous employment. Make a checklist of your interests, strengths and weaknesses so that you can evaluate yourself in which field you must take.

Set an objective in your career

Identify what is your ideal ob and describe it like what you really wanted to do and how much salary you will earn.

Observe the job market

Determine what kind of job is in demand. You have to be someone whom difficult to replace. Show the people what you can do and prove that you are best on it. Competition is very hard so you have to take an effort to upgrade yourself. Most employers wanted people who are self- motivated and has that attitude of learning new things eagerly.

Do not think unemployment as a vacation

Even unemployed, you must work like an employed one by looking for a job. You must work at least 40 hours a week. Wake up early, have a heavy breakfast, get yourself dress up and go out look for a job. During the interview, be smart and make an impression just don’t overdo it. Making an impression will increase your chance of being hired.

Remember that not all jobs available are being advertised

Most of them are kept hidden and they are just waiting for you to uncover them. Be a vigilant and do some research. Surf the internet, there are lot of websites that offer free registration on posting your resume online. Read newspapers and magazines, and be alert on job fairs.

If you are lucky to be hired then you must treat the company as if it was your own

You will perform better having this in your mind because you will care for the company and give the best service you may give. It does not matter who’s signature is in your paycheck you only have to think that you are self-employed and you responsible in developing the company.

And there you have it, you are now ready to go and find that job you really want. One more thing, remember “Patience is a Virtue”.

If you have something in mind to add to our list of useful tips for a better career management, feel free to share them at the comment section, we will be happy to add it up on our post.


8 Great Tips On How To Be Successful In Your Career


You might have been through  in many hardships before winning the job you have now. But having the job is just a beginning of a long journey in the employment race. For newbies who have just entered the employment world, let me give you some ideas on how to stay happy in your chosen career.

8 Tips for a Successful Career

Making The Call is Making the Progress

CareerOften times, we use to decline or delay things because of inappropriate or other personal reasons. And I tell you this is a bad behavior. If you are just delaying problems, you are building them up and eventually your problems will become bigger and bigger. Of course, nobody wants this to happen. To avoid this circumstances, it is better to face your problem and take actions as early as you can. You do not need to come up with the perfect solution, however, you have to think for a solution that is best for your problem.  Learn from your mistakes and move on.

Reasons to Quit

Problems are everywhere including in your work. However, your ability to handle these problems under pressure and stress is what matters most. If you love your job, give your best to it and do your task satisfactorily. Quitting may not be the best solution for your problem. But if you decided to quit, make sure it is the right thing to do.

Interruption is the Enemy of Productivity

Focus on your work. Do not be distracted by unnecessary things around. Be productive in everything you do no matter how simple these may be. Do not waste your time to unimportant things, remember “time is gold”. Put away things that may cause to be distracted.

Meeting is Toxic

Meetings are one of the distraction one could ever face. The long meetings could take up so much time resulting to the delay of work and less productivity. Emergency  meetings are the worst because they may happen in an unexpected time.

Make Tiny Decisions

Decisions are part of our lives. It is hard too make big decisions especially if it involves not only your life but also the lives of other people. It is advised that you take a closer look of the details and not the whole picture itself. Try to look at smaller aspects so that you would be able to analyze the outcome of your decision. In case you have made the wrong decision you would be able to make adjustments to avoid casualties or if you cannot avoid it, at least there will be less.

Emulate Chefs

Learn to share your thoughts and ideas from others. Because of competition, many are afraid to share their ideas. However, this is not a proper mindset. Teaching our co- workers and subordinates will help build a good working environment. They might even teach you what they know in return. In this way, cooperation is promoted that will lead in more productive working force.

Long Lists Don’t Get Done

Set your priorities.  Making a long list of your daily tasks will not be effective. You may shorten it by grouping these tasks and set them according to your priorities. This will help you avoid confusion and will make your task easier.

Go to Sleep

Though we have to give our best to our job, this does not mean you have to be a ‘workaholic‘. You also have to consider your health. Studies show that people with proper sleep work well, decide effectively and perform their task efficiently.

Being successful in your career is not only measured by how much you are earning or the position you are holding,  but also  on how you influence the lives of the people that surrounds you. Are they happy working with you? Does your boss likes the way you do your job?  And most importantly, are you happy in your chosen career?


Should You Choose Online Freelancing as a Career?

I have worked for the corporate industry for almost 6 years.  I have worked in different companies with different cultures and different people you have to deal with in my daily life.  I have traveled to different places to attend meetings, conferences, events, etc.  I’ve experienced the regular 9-5 job, I’ve tried the night shift, I’ve even tried a job wherein I was on call for almost 24/7.  It was not easy.  The travel alone is tiring enough because of the rush hour traffic.  The long nights in the office are inevitable due to deadlines, revisions, late meetings and the like.  Moreover, the politics of each workplace and environment may be unbearable for someone who is idealistic when it comes to work ethics.

freelancingMy corporate experience came to an end when I decided to focus on my family life.  Now, with two kids in tow – a seven year old and a 11 month old, it is important for me to be a part of their growing up stages, or their childhood.  The maternal instinct has kicked in.  Resigning from the corporate world and entering full-time motherhood was never easy for me.  I had so many doubts whether I can do it or not, and how to sustain my family’s lifestyle without a job.

image credit

My only hope after resigning was an online job. Yes, I am an online freelancer.  It was not easy at first since I had to find out where to get a job and how to find an employer.  I was nervous and doubtful with the future that looms before my family and I.  The only thing I was confident about was that I know I can write.  Luckily, I was able to find someone who would hire me as a writer.  Though the salary may not be at par with what I was earning before, it’s still a good shot.

benefits and advantages of online freelancing as a career

  • I work on my own schedule. 

My morning is filled with all the household chores – from cleaning the house, doing the laundry and tending to the kids.  As soon as I am done and the kids are already taking their afternoon nap, I’m off to work.  Work stops before dinner time since I have to prepare their food.  After dinner, I tuck them to bed and once they are asleep, I resume with my work.  I can control the number of hours I spend with writing.  There is no need for me to clock in to a time card.  No need to render endless hours of overtime (which are unpaid, by the way).

My employer lives in a different country where I am from.  Though we may differ in timezones, what’s important is that I was able to add someone to my network thus making it easier for me in the future.

  • I choose the working environment that I am in

When I was in the corporate world, I was confined in a cubicle and stuck to my workstation.  I was compelled to attend long and endless meetings.  I was obliged to listen to my boss’ ranting about not meeting the goals and all the other negativity.  However, now that I am a freelancer, I can actually choose where to work.  I can stay inside my house, and use my multipurpose room  – a mini-office, nursery, playroom and bedroom. Or I can choose to bring my kids along to a nearby coffee shop and work in peace while they play or read books. I can even work in  a park while my kids are busy running around.  Most importantly, I need not attend those unending meetings wherein I got bullied over and over again.



From Freelancing to Internet Marketing – Should You Make the Jump?

A lot of people enjoy their job as a freelancer online.

I mean why wouldn’t you?

internet marketingYou get to set your own hours, you’re usually doing something you enjoy (writing, illustration, design, etc…), you’re earning $$, and most important of all, you don’t have to go too far away from your family to work.

It’s an awesome job description and very few people can claim to be in a better situation career wise.

If you’re a freelancer and you’re satisfied with this kind of setup, then kudos to you. I’m glad that you found something that makes you happy, assuming that it does make you happy.

But just so I don’t have to stop writing at this point, why don’t you indulge me and read on as I raise several points that might make you think twice about your career choice.

My objective in this post is not to force you to veer away from the path that you’ve chosen, but to present you with what I feel is an important consideration.

Let me start with a statement and a question:

  1. You can’t freelance forever
  2. Do you really want to?

You Can’t Freelance Forever

You will grow old and will be forced to retire at some point.

Yes, because you work online, you have the option to extend your working years as much as you want. Most clients are unlikely to fire you just because of your age. In fact, most of them don’t even know or care about your age. They just want results.

But you will reach a point when it becomes physically or mentally impossible for you to work. And that’s where the problem of freelancing lies.

Where do you get your money then?

If you had worked for a company offline then perhaps you’d have some sort of retirement plan. But being a contractual worker, it’s unlikely that your clients would set one up for you. That’s exactly why they decided to outsource jobs to you in the first place, because they didn’t want to deal with this type of expense for their employees.

If you have savings, then good for you.

But how long will that last?

This is the first problem that I saw with freelancing when I started. There was no retirement plan, so I had to make one for myself. But I’ll get into that later.

Let’s move on to my next point.

Do You Really Want to Freelance Your Whole Life?

This same question can actually be worded differently and then asked to someone who doesn’t work online.

Do you really want to be an employee your whole life?

Granted that you’re contractual if you freelance online and you have the option to choose your clients. You could even consider yourself self employed since you don’t really have a boss.

But you still need to WORK FOR SOMEONE in order to earn.

You still need to meet deadlines, follow project guidelines, and you can’t always take off when you want to because your clients might need you (although you have more leeway than most in this department).

Basically, you’re still working on the projects of other people.

They pay you for your work but you have no stake in whatever it is that you built because at the end of the day, you’re just another laborer. Most of the time, you’re not even able to take credit for the things you created.

You may have gone online to run away from the corporate set up or the daily grind of office work. But if you really look at your situation, did you really get far enough?

My Story

The answer I found to these two dilemmas that I discovered was internet marketing. Well to be more specific it was the generation of Passive Income through Internet Marketing.

It may not be for you, but it works for me. And I hope you’ll bear with me as I tell you my story.

I used to be a freelance writer so the move from freelancing to Internet Marketing wasn’t too difficult for me.

To be honest, I actually set my sites on IM really early, about a month into freelancing.

I remember thinking back then how curious it was that people were willing to paying me to write for them.

I started with $5 an article. Then some people started paying me $10, $15, and one client even paid me $25 per article (long ones of course).

It was insane to me. I couldn’t understand why they would pay so much.

Then I stumbled into adsense, then sites like hubpages and later on I found the warrior forum and several A-list bloggers that talked extensively about passive income. My favorite to date is still Pat Flyn ( although the guys from AdsenseFlippers is a close second because I really love their niche site creation method and I plan to copy it for my own.

Anyway, this led me to the realization that I was in the wrong industry.

I didn’t want to work for anyone; I’m lazy by nature to be honest. I don’t like to be given deadlines or to be told to do things in a certain way. It’s especially infuriating for me to be told to “correct” an article that already is (of course I’d willingly do it if it wasn’t).

But what really got me fired up most was the thought that my $10 or $15 article could potentially be making them $5, $10, $15 or even more dollars A MONTH. And I know it’s possible because an article of mine on hubpages once earned me $15 in one month through Amazon Affiliates.

I was effectively being paid a onetime fee for articles that could potentially make them 10-12 times the same amount in the course of a year.

Now if they could do it, I thought, why can’t I?

So I gave it a try and I now have 1 blog, 2 niche sites and 29 articles on hubpages that make me a couple of bucks a month.

Not a lot of earnings I know, and if you head over to my blog you’ll find out exactly how small an amount it is.

BUT at least I know that what I’m earning is passive income.

Meaning I could literally stop freelancing now (I’m on an indefinite break actually), leave all my sites alone, and the meager amount I earn would just keep coming in every month.

But of course I’m not going to do that. Now that I know I can earn money through my sites and my articles I’m going to continue scaling things up.

The goal is to reach a point when I can depend on my passive income to pay for all my expenses without having to work.

Basically what I want to build is a collection of sites and businesses online that will earn me enough passive income to sustain whatever lifestyle I wish to live. A very big goal I know, but that’s what I want.

I’m not sure how long it’ll take to get there but at least I know for sure that it’s possible.

It could take me years, but however long it is, I know it’s much much better than working for someone till I’m old enough to regret all the time that passed me by.

So what about you? What’s your plan?

The whole point really of me talking about my story like this is to show you that you shouldn’t be content with simply earning $$ and working at home comfortably. I never was, but mostly because I’m lazy and was looking for something that can sustain my laziness for long termJ.

There are much better opportunities available to the people who actively look for them and it doesn’t even have to be Internet Marketing.

IM is just what works for me.

You just need to realize that you have that option. That you can, and should, start something today that could potentially allow you to retire in 3, 4 or 5 years from now if you want to.

In fact, even if it takes 10 years for you (or me) to develop something sustainable and long term, isn’t that still better than being a freelancer for 20?

I’m not saying you should stop freelancing or whatever it is you’re doing now and totally devote your time to passive income generation. I don’t think many of us can do this anyway.

My point is that you should START something now if you haven’t yet.

You could build your business, or if you’re like me, your sites while you continue to freelance. But seriously consider starting something now. Because like I said above, it’ll probably take a long time to set up.

I know that at the rate I’m going it’ll take me years to generate what I’d consider a respectable income from my articles and sites. But I also know that I’ll get there.

If all the popular IM people were able to do it, why can’t I? They were all just regular people before they became successful after all.

How about you? What’s your plan?

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