Are Green Jobs Changing the World


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The Top Jobs you Might Consider for a Career Change Within The Green Sector

In the same way that many of us now work in jobs that didn’t exist when we were at school (just witness the rise of the digital sector), our children are likely to be considering a range of cutting-edge jobs in the green sector in just a few short years. And certainly this green sector does offer a wealth of opportunities, with some of the finest minds in technology, science, policy and business working together to find innovations in the sustainability and environmental arena. Government policy seems set to drive more and more industry towards greener operating models and the public purse looks likely to heavily fund this burgeoning sector in the medium term. It also offers fantastic career opportunities, with many roles still emerging and developing along with the sector itself.

 A Wide Range of Jobs

The green sector covers a gamut of professions – so there is likely to be something that will match your skill set. The opportunities for freelancers and self-employed people are huge – whether that’s as carbon-management consultants, sustainability project managers, freelance CSR communications professionals or PhD students working on funded research projects.

 Built Engineering and Built Environment

For those qualified in the growing areas of design and sustainability building management, BREEAM  jobs are an interesting and rewarding role, often suitable for freelancers and the self-employed. Other top jobs include sustainable engineers and architects and designers of energy-efficient homes.

 Energy and Renewables

The UK is under pressure to transition to a lower-carbon economy and move quickly to do so. This means creating energy security and driving innovation. For example, £200 billion is needed to make necessary upgrades to the nation’s electricity infrastructure in the next decade and similar targets are in place to double renewable energy. In fact, government targets state that by 2020 15% of UK energy must come from a range of renewable sources such as solar, geothermal, marine, wind, bio-fuels and hydro. There are many opportunities in these sectors, from the scientists who develop new bio-fuel crops to the car designers and producers who manufacture energy-efficient hybrid cars. Vast project teams with all kinds of skills are required to work on these large-scale energy projects, which often have generous budgets attached.

 Green Opportunities

The UK has a binding target to cut 80% of carbon emissions by 2050. At the same time, business is realizing the attractive cost savings, marketing benefits and wider opportunities that greener operations can bring. An ‘Eco-system‘ of environmental activities and businesses is rapidly springing up as a result – everything from SIA consulting through to permaculture, water management and corporate social responsibility. This offers fantastic opportunities for those who can get qualified in new and in-demand roles and either join existing organizations offering such services, or set up their own businesses or consultancies offering them to companies and other organizations.

 The growth of the green sector is only set to continue, so smart opportunists will position themselves accordingly to meet the demands of a changing world and make sure that their skill set and experience aligns them well to building a rich and diverse career within the sector – today and in the future.


Experience Blogging with Jux

Not so long ago, in fact it’s just few months ago, Jux was introduced into social media. The main purpose of this is to give an easy way to bloggers who does not have very in-depth experience and technical knowledge in blogging to have an enjoyable and productive life as a blogger.

This publishing platform allows the user to present their works in a portfolio format that is streamlined. Basically, what this aims is to fill the gaps in Blogger and Flickr and to make the blog of neophyte bloggers looks more effective and professional. This will allow the user to post quotes, videos and photos, do slideshows and even do a countdown is a very user friendly interface.


To able to experience this, you have to visit and have yourself registered. I have done it myself to secure my name availability. Immediately after I signed up, I was given options of what kind of post I want to do. Options I have are to post a block quote, an article, a countdown, a slideshow, a photo or a video. I chose to do an article. To my surprise, I was also given a chance to send my post to the world through facebook, twitter and email, options that I also have with my existing blogs. Editing the blog is also easy; options to edit its title, blog description and byline are available.

Compared to other blogging platforms, Jux is totally free to use. It also does not have any advertisement which most of the time is present in other blogging platforms. Having this, gives an opportunity to truly express what or who the blogger is without competing to advertisement within the blog. This ensures that when a reader visits your blog, the attention is on the blogger’s post 100 percent. But since this platform has been around for a few months, we can expect more improvement and changes from time to time. This is one way to improve benefits of bloggers and readers at the same time.

As expected, there are possibilities of basic charges to incur on certain features of the blog in the future. Possibly themes and every rate of exposure, but this is just an assumption. Of course we don’t want to eliminate the fact that the creators of this platform will need funds to support its users and also need to earn to support themselves. That is just normal and should not be taken against the developer.

Few things that are not yet available on this are the option to write comments on videos and photos uploaded by the user. It does have yet the ability to have the blog followed on RSS yet, (rest assured developed have promised this is being developed).  I will be looking after this feature in the future, hope it would not be that long.  Have you tried it or planning to create one? Share your thoughts about your experience with Jux.

Pin Something Interesting with Pinterest

Social Media is starting to act a very important role in our daily lives. A lot of people all over the world connect with each other by means of the internet; because of it, world is starting to become a big global village.  A lot of social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr are part of this social media, they allow people or companies to connect and interact with one another. Another social networking website today that is starting to make a name in social media industry is Pinterest.


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Pinterest is essentially an online pinboard where you are able to ‘pin’ messages, photos, audios or videos on your own personal page and let people that following you sees them. It lets you to interact with people who might share your interests in life with. All you need to do is make a pinboard by choosing any certain task. You be able to make a pinboard on how you will be renovating or redecorating your house. You be able to obtain ideas from other people and pin them all on your pinboard. It lets you to connect with others in this way. You be able to make as many pins as you want. All members can see your pins. In this manner they can comment or like your pins and obtain new fresh ideas.

So what does the word pin mean? Pin It means something  that you are pinning someone or something that is interesting or something that is valuable. For each image you pin, always put an engaging description or title. You can also share these pins on your Facebook or Twitter page. As browsing users on Pinterest, you will be able to find that main multi-billion dollar companies are also making use of this website, companies like Nordstrom and Whole Foods Market.

Ways Brands can use Pinterest

  • Contests
  • Market Research
  • Showcase Customers
  • Present Concepts in a New Way
  • Put a Face to Your Brand
  • Possibility to Sell More Products
  • Promote Your Image Content

What makes Pinterest interesting

  • Drive visitors to your blog/website
  • Discover new and pinteresting stuff from fellow Pinteresters.
  • Meet and Greet Pinteresters from around the world.
  • Showcases your best stuff.

 Pinterest is a magnificent tool for businesses, as users buy items they hit upon that are being pinned. Several of these items might be clothes, beauty products, toys, and gadgets, anything you can think of really!  Because Pinterest is in beta at the moment, you need to request for an invite or ask a friend if to send you an invite before you can be a member of the website. However, that task has to be easy. Go now to their website; ask for an invite and you have to be all good.


How To Do Email Marketing Effectively

Email Marketing engages a lot of time and effort to make sure that its marketing campaign is efficient, just similar to any other type of marketing. This is very significant, since an unsuccessful marketing campaign is just known as a big waste of time and money. Using a lot of your effort, time and money for a marketing campaign that is not targeting a great deal of people and is not very much convincing for the people who receives your email for them to visit your site and ask for you service or buy your product is not sensible. This article will tell you the right email marketing tactics to perform for your business to grow and met your objectives effectively.

As one of the most significant features of marketing, email is a great way to check your marketing exertion are attaining the people of you target future clients. One technique to carry this out is to inquire previous clients and also the possible clients to connect on your email allocation list. This will assist you to ensure most members on your email allocation list have a real interest in your services or items. This is essential for the reason that you are much more probable to produce sales when you are selling your item to this kind of an audience than you would if you were managing your market to a big amount of audience that are not interested in your products.

Email Marketing

One more feature of marketing successfully is to appoint a skilled professional writer to write the content for your emails or e-newsletters you are using to email your advertisement to your possible clients. Having your newsletters written is able to provide you an important edge above the opposition if they are drafting their newsletters themselves. The superiority of the content you are sending to your clients is an indication on your business and badly written content without essence will imitate badly on your business.

Successful email marketing has to be written in a way which will demand your audiences’ objective. If needed you have to carry out market research to find out demographical details for your target clients. This study might also find out inclinations the target clients might have for receiving marketing details. This might comprise the kind of language used, the layout of the emails, and the arrangement of the emails and even artistic look of the emails. Giving importance to these small details can make the email marketing campaign considerably more efficient.

Final thoughts

Lastly, efficient email marketing has not to be seen in spam box of your clients’ email. This is a hard circumstance. In a lot of instances, an email marketing campaign will engage allocating group emails but care have to be engaged in these activities to keep away from having these emails seen as spam messages. This is significant for the reason that a lot of Internet service contributors take in spam filters which put algorithms to all email account to find out which messages really are spams and which ones are real. Emails which are considered to be spam may never attain the anticipated recipients. Emails which might it throughout the spam filters might as well be routinely deleted if the Internet user thinks it seems like spam. For this basis care have to be taken to make sure all marketing emails give superior content, promote only delicately and preferably are only sent to your clients who have specially demanded details about your services or products. This will provide you the finest opportunity probable to attain your target clients or audiences and have an optimistic notion on them and hopefully attract them to visit your site and buy your products or ask for your services.