Facebook Now Supports Hashtags – Pros and Cons

Facebook the social media kingpin has recently add another feature that a lot of twitter users are familiar of – Hashtags. It’s pretty unclear why Facebook allowed it in their system. Although there are speculations that Facebook allowed Hashtags so that they will have absolute dominance over twitter. This could be a very big trouble for twitter or it could also back fire on Facebook.

Hashtagging has been popular to a lot of users and at times very useful. However it’s not really good for people to use hashtags all the time. There are some people who are annoyed in seeing hashtags in their Facebook feeds.

Facebook Hashtag

Is it useful to Facebook users?

A lot of people use Facebook to connect with their friends and relatives. It’s common to see people posting status so that they can update their friends about what’s happening to their personal life. Yet, for some people who have followers and don’t accept people whom they do not know. Hashtags can be useful. Since it provide links to topics that are trending and often times being talked about. This provides followers to know what topics that are currently being talked about by the person they are following.

However for people who are conservative and more private seeing those Hashtags could make them uncomfortable. Others would see it as a nuisance and unimportant. At one point it could also create a lot of distraction to users who are unfamiliar with twitter and Hashtagging.

Can it help users?

For some people who would like to be updated all the time,

  • A hashtag can provide them the latest and trending topic that is widely talked about.
  • It links them to people who have Hashtag a topic or an event.
  • This would connect people even if they are not friends on Facebook.
  • This also allows people to be constantly updated to their followers. It may help some users to know the status of people they are following.

There are also times that Hashtags don’t provide any help to Facebook users. For some people hashtagging may be irrelevant and just adds distractions to a post.

What can a user get from hashtagging?

Facebook HashtagMost of the time a hashtag is used to link similar conversations. Users can get a list of people who are also talking or interested in the same topic. This connects people with similar interest even if they are not friends on Facebook. It provides users a wider audience of people having the same topic or event on mind.

For some seeing some misspelled word with a # sign before or after it could only bring confusion. However a user has the option to either put a hashtag or not- when posting a status update on Facebook. A hashtag can be advantageous if you are the type of user that has lot of followers and is frequently a source of updates and news.

For whatever reason what Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg has on mind on integrating hashtags to their platform, all the users can do is to decide whether to include a hashtag or not in their next post.


How to Show Your Clients the Value of Facebook

The method on how people advertise certain business evolved since the development of Facebook. A lot of businesses have successfully gained profit from shifting towards the new trend of social media. This site can potentially aid in the growth of a business.


Now, it came to a point that you have a client and he/she is not totally convinced about Facebook. What can you do to change your client’s stand?

Convince the client

The first thing you can do is preventing your client from having a closed mind. You can research for things that you can present to the client that may help change their stand.  Look for examples of similar businesses that have a Facebook page and acquired many followers. Show to the clients the things that their business is lacking in.

You can also capture the attention of the clients by showing to them some data on the page’s user growth and head-turning estimations of continuous growth. At his point, you can focus on the client’s specific market. It is necessary to show the client your credibility. You can do this by showing some page’s that you’ve developed and set up.

Discuss the goals

Have a discussion on the Goals of the clients. Begin to present to the client all the wonderful possibilities of having a page while not neglecting the expectations of the client. Tell the clients the odds that the page won’t generate thousands of fans within 24 hours. Identify the required amount of promotion and exposure of new products and offers, determine the target demographic for business, and show to the client how easy it can be to promote new deals that fit to various genders, ages and regions.

Assure there will be no risk at Facebook

There are some companies that worry that their presence in Social media will fail and create public scrutiny. If this happens, assure and show to them how you will create a plan to handle the risk. You should also mention that by actively and transparently participating in social media help create brand loyalty. Some other clients may also be concerned about the needed manpower and money to maintain a page. So, be sure that you have outlined the budget that includes advertising, operations and labor cost.

Have a Trial period

Now that you have successfully won the clients, it’s time to suggest a test period. The trial period may last for 2 months. On the trial period, you should be able to identify what type of post you will have. Whether causal, formal, or informative. Does the audience look for funny, journalistic or conversational voice? Lastly create a schedule for posting.

After the trial period, submit a detailed accomplishment report to the client.


Ways to Increase Customer Conversion Rate in Facebook

Social marketing is a very powerful tool to get your message across. There are a lot of possible ways how you can use it because you can easily get in touch with people anywhere in the world. You can establish new relationships and re-establish old ones through different social networking sites, the most popular of which is Facebook. That is why a lot of businesses create pages on Facebook which are dedicated to their products and services to generate more traffic to their web site and gain more clients.


The question, however, is if you are getting the most out of Facebook? Or how do you know if you are getting the traffic you are expecting? The most obvious evidence that you are doing it right is being able to convert those visitors to your web site into buyers and regular clients. In order to do this, there are some factors you need to consider and guidelines you need to follow.

The first thing you need to remember in order to utilise Facebook to your advantage is to understand that this is not a marketplace, but rather a place to establish relationships – both personal and business in nature. This means that you do not sell your products on Facebook but to make your presence known by meeting people and keeping in touch with them. This is why Facebook was built in the first place – to keep in touch with friends and family by sharing your every moment with them. This brings us to the second point – photos.

facebookFacebook is about sharing and the best way to do this is through photos.

Therefore, if you want people to be interested in your products or services, you need to put photos that paint a very compelling and interesting image to people who visit your page. Remember though that it is not enough to put pictures of your products and then expect people to visit your web site and make a purchase. These pictures should make a strong statement even if they indirectly refer to your products. For example, if you are selling baby products, pictures of cute babies in various poses and activities using your products are much better and more interesting than just enumerating your goods and stating the benefits your clients can get from it.

To make your campaign on Facebook more aggressive, be sure to keep your content updated and interesting so that those who follow or like your page have something to expect. A much better method is encourage them to write short testimonials about your products after using them. You can also have a contest using your products as giveaways. For sure no one can ever turn down a good offer, especially if it’s for free.


Getting Your Business Visible Online

Getting you business online is vital. Most people will take to the internet to find a service or company either through a search engine or by going straight to a website they have been recommended. It is a good first point of contact for customers. They can research your company and services or products before ordering or making direct contact.

The better presented and easier to use your website is, the more likely customers will have confidence in your business. Updated information and detailed content is also another important factor for a good business website.

The presentation of your website is only half of your battle. Next you will have to get your business to be visible online so people know you exist. Search engine optimisation companies are well equipped to handle new businesses seeking help; they can help you by doing things such as link building to help you get higher in searches which will lead to a higher volume of traffic to your website. They can also look at your conversion rates and work hard to improve these. SEO companies can vary is cost, so if you pursue this path, then gather quotes and meet with each company to establish what they can do for you. It is also good to look at some examples of past clients to see how they have improved their ranking.

There are several things you can do yourself to get started. This can improve your traffic and will raise your online profile.

Set up social media business pages

Social media is a great first step to get a buzz building behind your business. There are several different social media outlets. It is best to give them an initial try to see which you prefer. You can also link your social media pages up so they can update each other so you only have to maintain one page effectively.


businessPinterest allows users to set up a variety of mood boards. With these mood boards they can pin images of scenes they like, products they want, ideas for the future, or designs that inspire them etc. Pinterest can be great for a business to spread word about their products. Setting up an account is simple. You can then upload your images by entering your website address. This will ensure that your image when clicked by a user; is directed to your website so they can purchase the item. Your images will be re pinned by other users in time and then re pinned again and so on until the image spreads and is added to different peoples mood boards.

Make sure the link to your website works properly so that users can be directed to your website, and label your image to describe what it is by using some essential keywords so that your image will appear in Pinterest searches when a user is looking for a particular type of image.

Pinterest is an image sharing site, so it doesn’t really allow for networking, comments or feedback from those who look at your images. However it is a great way to get your products out there.


businessTwitter is more interactive than Pinterest; other users can re-tweet your updates, or reply to you. It is easier to attract followers and find fellow users to follow than some other social media sites due to the layout. It is very simple to set up and allows for easy interaction with fellow professionals, and even celebrities.

Make sure your profile is updated with what you do and your website address so fellow Twitter users can find out more about you quickly and easily.


businessFacebook is the most interactive of the social media outlets. Your fans can like your images, and comment on your updates, share them, and message you. Facebook is a great tool to get to know your customer and tell them about what you do and your business as well. You can also run surveys and ask them which product they might prefer out of a new range for example, and this can be valuable feedback to help you establish your product lines.

Facebook is relatively simple to set up, the format changes occasionally and requires updating, but in general is one of the best and most popular places to list your business.

Basic SEO

businessYou have the power to make sure that what you have put on your website is going to be good enough to attract visitors. Think about including keywords throughout your website, make use of Meta tags, label images, and make sure your links within your website function well. These basic features can make a huge impact on your website traffic and to your business as well.

Many make the mistake of building a website with image based text. Google can’t read this text, so essentially your website can’t be found. Make sure you use actual text and plenty of content describing what you do so you are visible in these related searches.

businessBlog for Business

Blogging is a good way to keep your website updated, and it allows you to add more and more content so you might be able to feature in more searches. Use keywords within you blog, of course make it sound natural.



Facebook Search Engine – Is it Possible?


Everybody knows that Google dominated the market in terms of search technology. However, its competitors are finding ways to overpower them. Facebook the world’s largest social networking site is planning to launched its very own search engine. Maybe even you are enjoying the different services Facebook is currently offering. Facebook has changed the way people makes a connection and communication in the entire globe.

Facebook the leading social networking site continues to reign and empowered with so many features and applications which their members are enjoying like games, photo editing, chats and video calls. Another good thing that boosts Facebook up to its position right now is because of its mobile version that allows members to access all applications and features via mobile. But Facebook is planning to extend its dominance and enter the competition in search engines. But what would be the impact of this in search engine industry and how would this affect the people in the internet society?

FacebookAccording to a survey taken by Greenlight, an independent digital marketing industry, if Facebook launches its own search engine, Google+ will still dominate the search market however, Facebook may become second in rank. Because Facebook’s huge number of members, it is most probably that their members will use their search engine and Greenlight predicted that Facebook will get a quarter of share in the search market globally except users from Russia, Japan and China.

The “Search and Social Survey (2011-2012)” conducted by Greenlight asked 500 people. The respondents comprised of law enforcement professionals, students, lawyers, accountants, medical staff, unemployed persons and everyone. The researchers asked the respondents how they deal with search engines, online advertising and social networking. This is to determine the insights of consumers’ way in engaging online marketers.

Greenlight research resulted in: 5% of the respondents will surely use the Facebook search engine if in case that Facebook will launch their own Search Engine to compete with Google’s. 26% responded that they will not use Facebook search engine. 17% responded they ‘Definitely’ and ‘Probably’ use Facebook search engine and a total of 48% responded ‘No’ and ‘Probably Not’. Greenlight concluded that 22% of the search market globally will use Facebook search engine.

These findings show that Facebook will definitely become a major player in search market and it will bring a lot of changes in the way people use the internet – it may be on internet marketing or online social networking.

Google on the other hand knows that they should not just simply relax for their competitors are up for something big. Google continues to work hard to constantly retain its current position as the share leader in search market. Recently, Google launched its new search technology, the ‘Knowledge Graph‘ that will definitely change the way users search. Google’s Knowledge Graph was designed to understand what the users really mean and not just simply base its search through keywords just like other search engines usually do.

Is it really possible for facebook to launch a search engine?

One thing is for sure, the competition over the search market would definitely getting tougher and tougher with the possibility of  Facebook  joining the game. Although these things are just rumors and hearsays but it is one big possibility that a search engine from Facebook is really achievable. As a matter of fact, Facebook had recently made some enhancements over their system.


The Internet Without Facebook

Have you ever wonder what would our lives be if Facebook was not created?

One of the leading social networking sites in the modern times is Facebook. People who are using the internet know what it is. Even if you ask kids or older people who are fond of surfing the internet, it will not be a surprise if they are  familiar with Facebook. This website is capable of bringing everybody closer even if they are physical far from each other. The website is able to let their users do many things. They can play online games, they can communicate with other people, they can express their emotions and unspoken thoughts and they can even promote their business.


Everything is possible with Facebook! It only shows that our traditional way of living have been improved because of it. According to the latest survey, there are approximately 2.2 billion people who are using Facebook as part of their lives. Most of them state that life without Facebook is worthless. The potentials of this social networking site benefited people in many ways.

Common benefits that are enjoyed by Facebook users

  1. Medium for Communication. Before, we have to spend money for calling our love ones through telephone. Even if we are using our mobile phones, we are still aching for the cost of rates. There are many telecommunication companies that are exaggerating their rates because of the demand. But with the help of Facebook, we can reach out to other people through the internet. There are applications installed in the website that is able to provide voice over internet protocol and video calling.
  2. Gateway for Online Business. Like I’ve said, there are online marketers both local and international who uses Facebook as the ground for their business. It is easier to promote your products and it’s free. You can enhance the potential of acquiring many customers because the website connects you to billions of users.
  3. Treatment for Boredom. Both men and women, young and old are playing online games on Facebook, aside from the fact that it’s free, the games makes your dull moment exciting and full of fun. You can even play games with other people while communicating to them and even if they are not beside you. This makes Facebook really exciting. As a parent, having Facebook makes you worry less of your children from going out because they are busy with their Facebook either playing or chatting with other friends.

These are just few things that are made possible because of Facebook. Not to mention the possibility of having an online job, there are cases reported wherein crimes were solved because of this social networking site. There are many people who fully depend on the website because of its benefits.

So when you imagine internet without Facebook is like losing an important part of your life.


Create Your Own Facebook Infographics with GetAboutMe

Facebook has become one of the most successful and most used social networking sites in the world. Almost everyone who knows how to use a computer and has internet access owns a Facebook account. Some even have two accounts under their name. Facebook users use this media to tell the world what they feel, what they know, places they have been and uses it as a means to communicate to other people in every corner of the world. Yet today, with the advent of GetAbout.Me, your Facebook page can be changed into something more creative, more fun and more interactive page about yourself. Let’s take a look at how it works.

GetAbout.Me is a program or an application that uses infographics. Infographic is a way of presenting a data or fact about a product or about a person. If you will use GetAbout.Me as a part of your Facebook profile, you’ll get to see how many statuses you had for last year, how many photos you enjoyed sharing with your friends, or how many likes you have received in every comment you made. This application will analyze everything for you and present it in a way that can be easily understood. It can show you what time of the day you are most active as well as the percentage of friends you had in terms of gender and preferences. Interesting? Find out how you can use it!


To be able to use this service, all you have to do is sign up to their website. The website will ask you to login using your Facebook account’s email address and password. This application will simply generate your social network activity report and will tell you how Facebook addict you are. The good thing about this application is, after generating the report, you will be given the chance to check it for yourself first and see if it is worth posting. If you wanted to, you can post it in your wall for all of your friends to see. If not, it can be kept private and al reports about your media activity can be sent to your email.

This website and application will help you look at yourself and your Facebook profile differently. You might even find the statistics interesting especially the result of the analysis. You might find yourself surprised to know how addicted you are in telling the world of your achievement via your statuses or your pictures.

Highlights of your Facebook Infographics Created with GetAbout.Me

  • Shows your your nearest and farthest check-ins
  • List down Facebook pages and groups you’re in.
  • Categorized your friends list based on zodiac symbols
  • Indicates the number of photos you’re tagged with
  • Shows a graph of where your friends from and where they live now
  • Shows a graph of your activity for the past 12 months
  • Shows your most active day on Facebook

Check my Facebook Infographic created by GetAbout.Me Check It

Final Thoughts

Still, infographics presentation are one of the best and easiest way of presenting facts and only Facebook and this application can give you that satisfaction.  So what are you waiting, check  GetAbout.Me now and start creating your very own Facebook infographics.


How to Deal with a Negative Comment on Facebook for Business

You know how important Facebook is for business. If you don’t have a Facebook page, you might as well be nonexistent. So you put a lot of thought and effort into marketing on the social network, and you monitor your page closely. It’s a great way for you to connect with your customers and learn more about them. Hopefully, they’ll take the time to write on your wall about how much they love your business.


But what if the opposite happens? Every business will one day experience receiving a negative comment on Facebook. It definitely sucks, but it won’t necessarily ruin you. What matters isn’t exactly what was said, but how you deal with it.

Tips to handle negative comments on Facebook for your business

Don’t Ignore the Problem
Whatever you do, don’t act like the negative comment doesn’t exist. It’s much easier to ignore what someone has written online than to ignore an unhappy customer in your store. You could even just delete the post and pretend it never happened. Don’t do this. You need to address the comment and hopefully appease the poster. By facing the criticism head-on, you’ll show other customers your dedication to their satisfaction and willingness to improve.

Respond Publicly
You want visitors of your page to know that you’ve addressed criticism by responding publicly to the comment in question. Come up with a carefully crafted response that is genuine, and “reply” to the negative comment. Make your response concise and polite. A public response will hopefully impress other customers, and it will prevent them from only seeing one side of the story.

Don’t Be Defensive
In your response, do not be defensive. Offer a sincere apology, even if the customer is in the wrong. You’ll want to give the same response you would if the confrontation were face-to-face. A simple, “We’re very sorry you had a bad experience with us,” can go a long way. Try to avoid justifications, and definitely don’t make any accusations back at your critic.

Respond Privately
Your Facebook page isn’t just about appearances. You genuinely want your customers to be happy, so you should go beyond a public response and contact the poster privately. Send a private message to the poster. In it give a more detailed response than the one you put as a reply to the original comment. Again give a sincere apology, and if you’re willing to do something to make the complaint right, like offer a refund or a discount next time, do so in your private response.

Learn Something
You should be utilizing Facebook as an important tool to gain some insight into your customers’ likes, dislikes, and personalities. Besides just looking for praise, you should be open to suggestions for improvement. Try to learn something from the negative comment, even if it was malicious. Is there anything the comment is telling you about how you can make your business better? Perhaps you can learn something that will help prevent other negative comments in the future.

Just by following these very simple yet effective tips, gaining success in facebook is within your grasp. Have you experience of getting negative feedback at your facebook page? Share us your experience and how you manage to retain your reputation at Facebook.


The Secret Facebook Actually Wants You to Know

There are many bloggers and social media “masters” out there that will try to tell you secrets of becoming a Facebook guru. They will claim to know how to get followers quick and thus more traffic and money to your blog. They have half of that correct, more followers can equal better business for your blog. But getting Facebook followers fast does not necessarily mean quality for your blog.

You want good quality followers. You want followers who are have the same common interest as you. You want followers who will be engaged not only on your Facebook page but on your blog as well. Gaining followers fast and easily cannot guarantee this. But gaining followers with my tactic below can help.

The only way you can guarantee you have quality followers is to go out and get them.

Yep, you guessed it.

The secret many don’t tell you is that to be a Facebook Guru you need to be active on Facebook.

Before Becoming Active

Be sure your page is in order. Have your blog linked in the info section along with its description and an email you can be reached at. Get some updates up and share some links from your blog and others. Be active on your page first and foremost.

Tip: Don’t follow pages with your personal Facebook profile, like them with your blog’s Facebook page. For instance, I have a profile for me, AllieRambles. I also have a page listed under that as Ramblings of a WAHM w/ Allie. This way when you comment your blog and your name show up.

Ready to Be Active on Facebook?

I have come up with 4 simple steps to more Facebook followers:

1. Find and follow pages that are in your niche.

Go out and look for blogs that are in your niche, and then follow them. You can also look at what your friends are following on their Facebook pages. And don’t forget to see who your followers are following AND do they have Facebook Pages you can follow also?

2. Start being active.

The key to finding good quality followers is to become a quality follower yourself.

Like and share every day. It only takes 20-30 minutes out of your time to login, see what is on your timeline and simply like and share for the pages you found.

But don’t just stop there.

~ Contribute comments.

~ Answer polls.

~ Ask questions of the page owner or his/her followers.

Be sure to always keep the information on topic; do not change the subject being discussed. Remember you are here to gain followers. You need to become a source of information for people. They will come to your Facebook to find more of what you have to offer.

3. Watch for notifications.

Facebook allows you to get notified via email, use this. Then follow up with more conversation and likes to other comments. And always follow up with the owner of the page conversation when directed to you.

4. Mention pages when you link/ share their post.

When you share a post on Facebook you can put an “@” sign in front of the page’s name. Various names will automatically pop up. When you click that name it will be included in your message thus notifying the party of your mention of them. This gets the other person’s attention and hopefully they will remember you.

Facebook Mention

With Engagement comes Interested Followers

It does take some work to find great followers but when all your efforts pay off and you have an engaged community on Facebook you will be happy you took the time to build it and become the Facebook Guru you always dreamed of being.

Guest Article by Allie of Ramblings of a WAHM

Does Facebook Need To Catch up to Google+ or Vice Versa?

So Google is going to completely kill Google Buzz in the near future and they have said something along the lines of “To create a better future we must first be honest about our past.

I personally never used the Google Buzz system, partly because – why use something that twitter does better, and party because when it first got started it faced all those privacy issues that everybody was so upset about.

There was a lot of “Buzz” (pun intended) about the new Google Plus social network which was so dubbed as the “Facebook Killer” and the ultimate solution to combining Twitter and Facebook.

…as if that is what we crave in our social world. First of all, to discuss the title of this article let’s make two points to why Twitter and Facebook were so successful, and why Google Plus (at least in my mind) seems to be just… there.

google versus facebook

  1. Facebook and twitter developed because it filled a purpose in our lives. There was a need in our lives (we just didn’t know it yet) for a better online social experience. These two different companies offered completely different platforms, and the foundation of each from the start, was both original and exciting. Since the soul of each was social, it made sense for us (psychologically) to dive right in.
  2. Google had the “fastest growth rate ever” but if you are able to put a little blue arrow on a website that millions of people visit each day, to say “Hey check this out” Does that really mean that everyone is joining because it’s cool and it serves a necessary purpose or because Google just has that kind of power? The other part of this is that it was extremely easy for people that already had a Gmail account to sign up and join

Yes Google has 40 million + users – I am one of them – but I am never using it, as I imagine is the case with a lot of other users out there. Also, one of the only reasons that I joined Google + in the first place is because I was am so affiliated in the tech and SEO world (be it that I help to provide a white label content writing service as well ) that I wanted to be one of the first people there to check it out to see what business advantages it would have to people that specialize in Internet marketing, which is definitely the case for a lot of other users as well.

This brings me to my next couple of points. Google plus is something that theoretically has a lot of “useful” and “cool” features, but when it really comes down to it, it doesn’t matter, and it definitely isn’t enough for the mass amounts of people to steer away from twitter and Facebook. The next couple of points outline what it “cool” about Google +, but it really doesn’t matter in the real world.

Privacy – We Really Need it (But not too much)

1) At first glance, “circles” seem to be really cool. I mean one of the “so-called” problems of the Facebook world is that there really is (or was, they have caught on) no way of organizing your friends, so that you could make who you wanted to see certain able to and so you could limit people from seeing certain updates.

However the whole point of our social lives is to let people see us (and in the online world that usually means the best part of us). It is possible to make things private on Facebook, and if we really wanted to we could make sure that every single one of our posts gets to the right people.

But here’s the main problem with that: It is much easier to decide to express something that is relevant to everybody than it is to have to go ahead and make everything private. Besides, if we want something to be private to only a few people, there are better ways of doing so… Like email for instance…

2) Something else that I thought was pretty cool at first glance about Google plus was the ability to search for information in the social streams. Although this is a “cool” feature, it really isn’t that useful. I might as well use the regular search engines, and a lot of my results just show people that have agendas and are trying to get high click through rates so that they can make some money (having a Google Plus and updating it regularly in the SEO world may be just as valuable as hiring for a link building service)(although sometimes photographers – which is a common Google Plus type user – upload cool pictures that come up in the searches).

Search barely meets social with this type of model, and if that is what Google is trying to accomplish with features like being able to search for people that have created posts about your search terms… well it is definitely not the end result (there never is). It is an awesome tool for people in the Internet marketing industry however. In fact, it is like the SEO’s searching best friend.

3) Google’s approach on making everything happen systematically is awesome in some areas of life -especially when it comes to search. But Facebook offers more spontaneity and that as what we as humans crave in our lives in the social word. We need a little bit of something that is “out of the system.”


So far, to me, Google represents an informal type of “LinkedIn” Except for it is primarily for people that are in the Internet business. We will have to wait to see if that changes over time. Facebook may take a huge hit when they releases Timeline to everybody, as it might make people totally forget about Google plus all together.

The leadership at successful companies normally possess more than intuitive genius, however you’re unlikely to find many with a MS in Management hanging on their wall either.

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