Facebook Now Supports Hashtags – Pros and Cons

Facebook the social media kingpin has recently add another feature that a lot of twitter users are familiar of – Hashtags. It’s pretty unclear why Facebook allowed it in their system. Although there are speculations that Facebook allowed Hashtags so that they will have absolute dominance over twitter. This could be a very big trouble […]

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How to Show Your Clients the Value of Facebook

The method on how people advertise certain business evolved since the development of Facebook. A lot of businesses have successfully gained profit from shifting towards the new trend of social media. This site can potentially aid in the growth of a business. Now, it came to a point that you have a client and he/she […]

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Facebook Search Engine – Is it Possible?

  Everybody knows that Google dominated the market in terms of search technology. However, its competitors are finding ways to overpower them. Facebook the world’s largest social networking site is planning to launched its very own search engine. Maybe even you are enjoying the different services Facebook is currently offering. Facebook has changed the way […]

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