Content is King


Why You Need to Focus on Content Creation?

What makes you keep reading a good book? The answer is simple – a book that presents a new idea in an interesting and engaging way. So it goes with your website content. You have to offer something new to people without sounding bland or stodgy.

With hundreds, or even thousands, of web sites offering various kinds of content, how can you make yours stand out from the rest? The answer lies in how you create your content. Your content will greatly impact your success for a number of reasons.

Content Creation

Content increases your legitimacy.

Content that looks and sounds professional sends people the message that you are serious with what you are doing or offering them. If you want people to take notice, it should shout professionalism and style. However, content does not end there. If people know that they can get something new from your web site, they will come back and recommend it to other people. Therefore, a well-crafted and well-written content is necessary.

Content increases your searchability.

Search engines base their ranking algorithms on the number of likes and shares a certain website has. The logic is very simple – your authority becomes even more established with every like, shares, and links your website has. As your website’s authority increases, so does its ranking in search engines. When the keywords related to your website is used and you are on the top rank, the possibility of people finding you and using your services or buying your products become higher.

Content increases your appeal.

Have you noticed what types of websites get the most shares in social networking sites? The interesting and appealing ones based on the design, pictures, and information – in short, the overall content. If you want your business to get noticed, you need to have content which is funny, informative, or unique. Therefore, you need to find out what types of information or pictures you can put on your website that can be easily shared.  Aside from the appeal, your website content will further give you a distinctive style or enhance your brand. Therefore, it is important to choose content that enhances and builds up your goals and values. Be as creative as you can possibly be but still keeping the goal in mind.

Content lets you connect with your customers.

Your content is not limited to your ideas, but to your customers as well. You can involve them by encouraging them to send their pictures where they are using your service or product. When this happens, you can accomplish more at such a short time with lesser expenses involved.


Boost Your Blog’s Traffic by Creating Share-worthy Contents

Yes it is true that by blogging every day you boost your blog’s traffic. However, there are cases when you can’t get in front of your computer, access it and blog every day. For instance, there are cases of black outs, cases of computer or laptop issues, cases of internet connection problems, or even health issues that will surely get in your way of blogging every day. So what is the best way to boost the traffic of you blog? One sure way to increase traffic aside from blogging every day is by providing great and high quality content blogs. You will never go wrong if you share something that is worth reading, worth spending time and worth sharing in your blog.


Photo Credit – Roy Delez

You must think of unique ideas to write about, you can even do niche blogging. Although this is a wide topic, you still have an option to narrow it down and create high quality content so that it will catch everyone’s attention. There are hundreds if not millions of niches in the blogosphere yet you can be sure to create waves and attention if you provide share worthy contents. You can also start on pillar articles. These are the common articles we found on the internet. Articles that everyone would love to read since these types of articles provide readers information that are vital and helpful, you just need to establish your target audience and write what you think is important to them. Information they can use every day. Pillar articles are informative hence readers would tend to go back time to time to recheck your articles. So these ways are example of blogging without having the need to write every day.

trafficOne can also start blogging news and current events. These types of blogs are very important, the same as with pillar articles. Blogging the latest craze or news provides your audience a sense of awareness hence it keeps them addicted to your blog. Say for example, your target audience is those who are Hollywood fanatics, and then blogging something about famous stars and current issues about Hollywood actors and actresses will certainly catch attention. So it all depends on your audience. Of course another way to increase traffic is to provide news worthy content. Something that will interest everyone, although for this type of blogs it’s difficult to establish a reputation yet this will surely increase your blog traffic.

Allow new voices to your blog. This means to say you have to be creative and probably allow others to post something in your blog. This is what you call guest posting. These will also increase the traffic in your blog and as a bonus; this new voice could create great content for you blog. So overall, if you want to increase your blog traffic, be unique, creative and allow interaction with you. Having a share worthy blogs is a sure way to soar high and at the same time eliminate the need to blog every day just to increase traffic.


Elevate Online Presence with SEO

It simply cannot be stressed enough that it makes no difference what your website looks like or what you are offering your customers, if they cannot find it then you are not going to be successful. SEO is crucial in getting your site noticed by those who need to find you. There are a number of things that you can do to ensure that your site can be found and here are the top SEO methods that offer the most effective results.


Here are basic SEO components  a webmaster should  consider to elevate a website’s online presence. Hope you will find it very helpful as most of us now tend to forget them.

SEO on Site

In order for your website to be listed at the top of major search engine results pages, you have to have the right keywords in place. You need to implement the proper keywords or key phrases as well as description tags, image tags and titles.


In order to impress your visitors and keep them coming back, you have to offer them something useful. Relevant content is worth its weight in gold and will ensure that your visitors find helpful information on your site. It also helps you to build your reputation as an expert in your field and can assist you in gaining those much desired results page ranks.


Speaking of SEO on your site, you have to ensure that you are using the right keywords and/or key phrases for your business. You need to research, or have an SEO firm research, to find what specific keywords people are searching for when they are looking for your products or services. Having the right keywords is essential in getting your site noticed.

SEO Off Site

This includes things like article marketing, press releases, link building and other things that you can do that do not involve being on your site at the time. A company blog, community groups and social media marketing are all things that you can get involved in to raise your search engine results page rankings and get your site out there for people to find.

As you can see, SEO is critical in ensuring that your site gets noticed by the right people. You do not simply want visitors to your website; you want people on your site that are looking for specifically what you have to offer. The right SEO campaign can go a long way in helping you to increase your business awareness and your business revenue.


Disadvantages of Posting Press Release on Your Blog

Most bloggers and online marketers use press release to create traffic on their sites. The biggest advantage a press release could give to your website is drive traffic because a lot of people are interested in reading press release and when they are intrigued, they will explore some more and click the links towards your other websites or blogs.

Press Release

Press release could optimize your website’s visibility. Press release can boosts your site’s ranking in Search Engines. The length of your site’s exposure depends on how well the press release was written as well as how known it was in the internet market. The power of press release is astonishing which could give your blog or website much longer exposure.

Press release could also help you in building brand. Since many people are interested in press release, it is also beneficial for you to get your brand name out with those  press release. A latest release will surely attract many viewers attention and that is the best opportunity for you to embed your brand’s name on the readers mind.

Readers want a fresh and updated press release so make sure that you write the latest and do it correctly. It will be more effective if you leave a comment box in your press release so that reader could give their opinions and reactions.

Disadvantages of Posting Press Release

Despite of these may benefits of press release, there are also disadvantages. You have to see to it that your content is not duplicated for  Google will give a penalty for contents that has been copied. Another down part of using press release is that you have to ensure the balance between your site’s page ranking, SEO capability and link strength and of course the ease of use, which are very tedious.

Pay per post sites guarantees a longer exposure while if you use free press release distribution may also  give you an exposure but not as instant as the pay per post.

Do not forget to update your blog or your website in terms which Google trusts. This is when every time you post new new press release it will be indexed by Google when it is published.

Press release is indeed beneficial for your business, however, you just have to be very careful. In writing press release you have to consider if it is newsworthy. People will not mind a press release that is not worth of their time. Also, write in terms which viewers and readers could easily understand. Avoid terms that are technical or unfamiliar and make it point directly. Eliminate words that are not necessary and irrelevant to your press release. Make it plain and simple. If you make your press release too long and flowery, your readers might get bored or they do not understand the your press release resulting them to navigate away from your website or your blog.

Matt Cutts explaining the disadvantages of posting press release on your blog

Final Thoughts

Make a headline that will surely grab the attention of your readers. Headlines are usually the readers read first and this is when they decide to continue reading your content or move away to other press release.


Why Do You Need to Write Quality Content?

Blogging is a hobby many people have turned into an income generating activity. There is nothing wrong with this, in fact, it a healthy way to earn a living because writers can express themselves with something they love to do and at the same time their passion for writing makes them earn money.  Do you want to blog, write, express yourself and most of all EARN a living? Should you say yes, continue reading to get the best tips in writing quality content articles for your blog or journal.

Reasons in making quality content


  • Readers look up to writers as an expert of the topic.  Research is the backbone of a well written article, so it’s always best to conduct a research on anything you are going to write about.
  • Clarify your views. Be clear about any topic. No readers will enjoy trying to figure out what you would like to say. Being vague has no place in the world of writers and readers.
  • Brainstorming. This activity helps any writer not to run out of idea to write about. Brainstorming brings out all the ideas a writer have within.
  • Fine tune articles before publishing. Be sure to check spelling and grammar before an article is finally posted. Having no spelling or grammar error makes the image as a writer more trustworthy and respectable to its readers.
  • Know what your audience or readers like to read. This is a way to keep the interest of your readers. If you give them what they want to see, coming back to your blog from time to time will be part of their online routine. Read on comments made to your blog posts to determine what’s on their mind and how you will keep their interests.
  • Keep it short and simple. Long articles are hardly read up the last sentence by many readers. An ideal length you can make in one post is about 400 to 450 words. Remember, you do not need to pour in all your ideas in one post, break it if you need to and do further discussion on your next post. Leave a question for your readers to ponder about and give them a chance to react and participate with the discussion.
  • Look for ideas to talk about. A good writer does not seat around and wait until ideas strike them. A good one will search of a good topic to talk about and write about it immediately.

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Being a writer is a vocation driven by passion. A person needs to have a strong drive to be able to write quality articles. One of the most important drives a writer can get is by writing the article for themselves. Being a writer, you are the first one to read your article so you should be the first one to be pleased about it. Wait for no one to be pleased with your work; you should be the first one to be happy about it in the first place. Anything you did that you are happy about, many people will be happy about it too. The quality of your content is the symbol of your name and reputation.


Important Things That Every Article Should Have

For today’s websites and online based business companies, articles are very important. They help in the success of the website as they bring traffic to the website. It has turn out to be a technique in making a website run and receives more income. A webmaster has to have the wisdom to put in articles in his website that will work for them and help them earn them a lot of advantages.


Articles have been recognized to be the most efficient way to bring traffic to a website. Articles are an aspect in giving a website high ranking in search result of search engines. The higher a website ranks the bigger piece of the traffic flow pie he obtains. By means of a high rank in traffic flow, there are more income and more possibility for other profits producing systems as well.

However, it is not only about putting a lot of articles in your website; they have also particular necessities. These necessities have to be assembled to get the utmost profits an article will give to your website. A quality article will attract the attention and interest of your clients and keep them coming back for more.  There is also a possibility that they may suggest your website to other people.

There are certain things you have to consider in writing articles. Below is some tips to help you to make a quality articles to make your website successful and earn more profits and well traffic flow.

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Four Things an Article Must Have

Keywords and Keyword Phrases

An article has to constantly be galloped on the keywords and keyword phrases. As every website visitor visits to a website, there are people who are only browsing but essentially in search of a precise something. When this occurs, a searcher typically goes to a search engine and keys in the keywords they are seeking. It might be anything they would like.

The initial thing you have to consider is that you should have an article that contains the keywords that are related to your website itself. For instance, if your website is for auto parts, your articles should be about cars and its different parts. There are lots of tools in the internet that can help you in knowing what keywords are mostly searched. You be capable of using this tool to settle on what keywords to utilize and write about.

Keyword Density

Be acquainted that you contain your keywords and keyword phrases; you have to utilize them efficiently. An article has to have a solid keyword density for search engines so users might notice them. Articles have to be at least 10-15% keyword density in their content for search engines to rank a website high in their results. Attaining a high rank is the greatest effect of an article to a website.

Keyword density is the number of times a certain keyword or phrase has been mentioned or used within an article. The number differs conditional on the amount of words utilized in an article. A successful article should contain a keyword density that is not excessively high or excessively low. With an extremely high density, the real meaning of the article is mislaid and might turn off a reader and also the search engines. It arrives off as unrelenting. A low amount might be mistreated by the search engines.

Good Article Content

Similar to what is said above, you cannot just put any articles you want in an article. They should also be easy to read and understand. Articles should also entertain people and give good information and assist them for their needs. Articles have to be written fine with right spelling and excellent grammar. You need to make your work good and high-quality so people will trust you.

People react well to figures, details and signs. Do your best to get to gather great details and information for your articles. A high-quality article will help build your reputation as a professional in terms of your chosen career. With this, more and more people will trust you and of course your product.

Linking Articles

One more thing to keep in mind is that, if you’re planning to submit articles to article directories, don’t ever forget to include the link to your own website. A small resource box with a concise depiction of your website and you has to put right after your articles that you have submitted. If people be fond of your articles, they may possible click on the link the link and bring them to your website.

One Final Thought

Articles have turn out to be a wonderful online marketing tool to drive an unrestricted amount of free targeted traffic flow to your own site. These 4 things to consider in making articles for your website are the ways that will not just assist you to attain higher rankings in the search engines, but will also make sure that you are planning an expert and well-written article for your visitors to take pleasure in.


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