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Effective Ways To Unlock Employee Creativity

Creativity role is very important in our daily routines and lives especially nowadays when we are facing challenges and problems on a daily basis. The complexity of things has been increasing by the day as it is becoming problematic to resolve certain issues emerging out of unique problems. So, as it turns out, these unique problems must have super unique solutions for making the venture of profit making in businesses a roaring success. The people employed by various companies often face the problem of getting stuck in their daily routines of work that they are not able to harness their own originality and creativity in achieving success in business overall.


However, the employers are continuously thinking upon making the employee creativity a possibility by various activities and presenting to their employees certain scenarios that can best help them in thinking differently on the problems faced in business activities on a daily basis. Employee creativity can significantly help these employees in not only making a mark for themselves but also for the entire company or business to achieve greater heights of success through them. These activities may involve anything from games to uniquely arrange programs, etc. that are planned and thought of by the creative team closer to the employer. This in essence also depends on the employer’s business as a whole, as the particular business in a niche may mean differently to different employees and their job positions may also let them see things differently.

Some of the activities to go for creativity and generally make the employees think more and in better way may involve the following:

  • Games

Games may be considered as the source of permanent enjoyment and support for many individuals. These games help the employees in not only getting close to each other and working in harmony but also provide them with the ability of thinking differently. The choice of games is very important for improving Employee Creativity, as this choice might be very different for the employees who are involved in different activities altogether. For example, an employer may use chess as a game if his company involves use of really innovative strategies, or other health oriented sports as well for improving the team work in the office overall. These activities not only help the employees in harnessing their creativity but work wonders for businesses, as many case studies have shown this in the past.

  • Snacks and food

Snacks and food not only involve the eating habit improvement but also provides you with inspirational ideas. As the phrase, ‘food for thought’ somehow applies to the snacks. These snacks or other different dishes presented for eating may allow your employees to develop a stronger sense of beauty, taste and having good experiences overall. The collaboration, conversation, etc. also increases through this.

  • Staff relationships

For Employee Creativity, it is also very important to make them feel important and equal to each other. Therefore, having a hierarchy in an office where there are good relations and ease of conversation between employees and administration would also help these employees in getting inspired. Therefore, this would also help with improved Employee Creativity.


Effective Tips to Be More Productive

In any field you may be working on the ultimate goal to always be productive and meet your set goals. Distractions are everywhere especially in the work place that’s why you need to learn how to plan your day effectively and ensure you are productive at the end of the day. The things that distract us and keep us from being productive are the common things like social media and co-workers.


Effective and Efficient Tips to Be More Productive

The most important thing is to carefully plan the activity of a given day. Allocate time for each activity and make sure you stick to your time table and that you are well organized.  Time management is one of the hardest things for most people hence you need to keep track of time and set reminders on given tasks and appointments. Activities that are simple should be allocated with less time while those that require all your attention need more time. It’s always advisable to start with the tough activities and get them out of your way before embarking on the simple tasks. Have a calendar of all the tasks you wish to accomplish and set a deadline and a time frame and make sure you stick to it.

productiveThe second step is to get rid of all the things that distract you and keep you away from productivity. For most people the things that most distract them are the modern gadgets like smartphones and computers. If your mobile is the biggest distraction while you are working make a point of shutting it off or putting it in silent mode. The computer can be a distraction especially if you have internet connection so disconnect the internet connection as you work to avoid the temptation of logging in to social media like Facebook. Co-workers can be another source of distraction if not well handled. You can let them know when you do not want to be disturbed and hold off any visitor until the work is done. You also need to put priority on the task ahead of you, the task that are very urgent should be given the first priority and avoid delaying unfinished work.

Get organized, you need to keep your desk well organized and store the office tools somewhere where you can access them easily.  The general rule of any office environment is keeping the tools you use most at arm’s reach. Most people will spend more than 5 minutes looking for a letter opener which leads to waste of time and low productivity at the end of the day. Make sure the tools you use are the right tools and also in good working condition.

Learn to file and categorize documents both the hard copies and the soft copies, this will save you time you would have used to search for a document of a file. There are some habits that can lead to less productivity in a given day like regularly checking and replying your mails. Set a designated time to do that, shut off the temptation, you can mute the incoming email notification sound and work as productive as you can!


Effective Tips to a Successful Freelancing Career

Most of us have a local job and careers to keep us all busy; from being a nurse, a doctor, a dentist, a store manager and a lot more that eats our time and gives us a lot of stress. Yes, this is the reality and that is how our world works. However, in this generation everything seems to work differently. Of course we still need professionals to keep us healthy yet there are some careers that are not worthy of our time, the reason most of us took those kind of jobs is because of financial issues. So what if there’s a profession that can help you out from your demanding careers and bosses? This is definitely something that everyone would love to do. As mentioned, today’s time works different, now it’s more high tech and fast, and money is also fast earned. The profession I’m talking about is the world of freelancing.


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Freelancing career means working for yourself, you are the boss, your own your time and you manage how much you earn. This is the simplest definition of freelancing, from the way it sound this is far better than sticking to your demanding jobs. So if you want to be successful on your freelancing career, here are some freelancing tips to help you in your journey.


Effective Tips to a Successful Freelancing Career

Build Self-discipline

This is the first and major factor to determine your success in freelancing. Having the discipline makes you work harder, more focus, more fast and a lot more you can think of! So everything all boils down to discipline. If you have the discipline, you produce high quality results thus satisfying your clients. This is a start of your career, one you satisfy your clients, they will keep coming back for more. That also means money on your part!

freelancerOutsource Staff

Once you’ve gained enough clients, big projects and constant jobs online, this only means your work is piling up. There are even times when you can’t handle everything but you can’t resist and say no to all the upcoming projects! So your tendency is to scramble and think of ways to finish everything that is needed. Now, here is where outsourcing comes in. You have piling work and the best way to have everything done is to outsource another freelancer to help you out. This makes you more effective in hitting your turn around time. Once you outsource, the job is divided into 2, you do your own chosen tasks and you delegate the rest to your staff. All you have to do is set a deadline and proofread or check everything once done. If all is well then pass it to your client. This makes your work faster and easier, thus giving you faster income and less stress in hitting the deadline. Of course you have to pay your staff to keep him or her motivated.

Be Organized

Being organized allows you to have strategies. These strategies provides you great ways to market your service and have enough projects for you and for your staff, so from one staff to another, until you create your own empire! How amazing is that? This makes you more successful and has a lot bigger income.

Final Words

These are the 3 tips to help you start your freelancing career, simple yet very effective. Your career will certainly flourish and that is guaranteed. With these 3 tips, you will never go wrong in your freelancing career. You will know once you are rising for your projects will keep on coming.



3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Becoming a Freelancer

Nowadays, whether it’s because of the general state of the economy, companies cutting down on costs via workforce reduction or simply the desire to take matters into their own hands, a lot of folks are joining the ranks of the freelancing population. Depending on your preference, freelancers are also called work-at-home professionals or independent contractors.

FreelancerThe Good News

If you’re a freelancer, there’s no such thing as:

  • swearing at heavy traffic
  • racing against time to punch in for work
  • commitment to a particular employer
  • corporate politics to contend with
  • some fellow breathing down your neck with every move you make or word you say

If you’re a freelancer:

  • you’re your own boss
  • you can choose your clients
  • you set your own pace and designate your own time

And if you’re an online freelancer, you can take your work anywhere you please, whether while vacationing in Bali, watching the sunset in Santorini or frantically running away from a herd of raging bulls in Madrid.

The Bad News

Freelancing is NOT a bed of roses – a statement that has been used and abused but cannot be emphasized enough. Freelancing has its ups and downs, and it requires a lot of work, especially in the beginning. You would have to diligently market yourself to find trustworthy clients. You might even have to start with pay that’s below industry average just so you can showcase your skills, establish a reputation and an impressive work portfolio. If you’re prepared to swallow all these hook, line and sinker, then, you have a good chance of making it big as a freelancer.

However, before you take the freelancing plunge, here are three questions you might want to consider asking yourself first:

1. Do I have the right tools?

A gardener has his garden tools. A hairdresser has a different set of tools. If your intent is to work online, whether it’s an IBM, a Mac or a Novatech you’ve got, you have to make sure that your computer is always in tip-top shape. That’s not saying you have to have top-of-the-line specs, especially if you can’t afford it. At the very least, invest in hardware (computer, headset, transcription pedal, microphone, etc.) and software that you can constantly rely on.

Oh, and don’t forget, make sure to subscribe with a trustworthy Internet service provider, too.

2. Am I focused and disciplined enough?

When you have the power to choose when to work with no boss hounding you every step of the way, it’s so easy to fall into the procrastination trap. When laziness strikes, everything you’ve diligently memorized about time management flies out of the window.

And even if you’re all prepped up to get things done, social media sites like Facebook, G+, Twitter can divert your attention. Before you know it, time has slipped away and you’re running late for a deadline. How focused and committed you are to accomplish what is expected of you within the time frame agreed upon will determine your success as a freelancer.

3. How long will my cash reserves last?

With freelancing, recognize that the paycheck isn’t going to be deposited to your bank account like clockwork. Your clients will very rarely agree to upfront payments. And you may need to work for a few days up to months on one specific assignment before you receive any compensation. The solution? If you want to make a full-time career out of freelancing, make sure you have enough savings to last for several months (at least six months is ideal). This way, you don’t have to live with just the bare essentials.


Just like anything worth investing your time in, freelancing has its pros and cons. But if after addressing the above questions you’re still all smiles, then, perhaps, it’s time you took the freelancing plunge.

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Advantages of Using Social Networks for Job Hunting

As we all know, spreading news and other important details are always best spread through the word of mouth. Same goes for job hunting, it’s far better in spreading your skills, your capabilities and your overall performance through the use of social networks. Social networks are great when it comes to connection, you can connect to almost anyone whether you know them or not.

Because of advanced technologies, job hunters nowadays have far better chances finding a job online, Why?

Social networks

Let’s talk about the advantages of using social networks for job hunting.

You can connect to different people or different companies

All you have to do is compose your profile, and you can just share it to anyone. There’s less effort compared to printing your resume, and passing it to different companies yourself, not only is your time wasted hunting and locating all your desired companies but your money is wasted as well. What if you’ve done this and all your efforts weren’t paid off? Imagine how much you spent and end up not being hired? This is not a good plan for starters who are looking for their first job.

With the use of social networks…

You can easily connect to your desired companies in an instant

Speed and time is crucial hence this is highly commendable. If you compare it, calling and visiting a company physically is time consuming, employers might not be available at the time you applied. However, with the use of social networks you can speed your chances of being hired.

You’re exponential growth could increase giving you a big chance to be noticed and get hired

Being “viral” on social networks could help you get noticed easily! Some of your friends and followers might repost your status giving you enough advantages to catch the eye of an amazing company, you’ll never know!

And lastly.

You can click the like button of the companies you desired and follow their company online

You’ll receive the latest updates and if there are open positions, you’ll be one of the people who’ll get the announcement as early as possible. You can check on what are the types of people they need, the roles and responsibilities required, their vacancies and a lot more.  You can also connect and receive the latest information about the different important people in the said company.

Final Words

At this age, more and more employers are posting job opportunities, internships and a lot more for hiring. Social networks has a lot of advantages, interviews can just be conducted online. Skype is mostly the preferred way of conducting an interview. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and a lot more are the sites usually flooded by millions of people, either for personal reasons, business or job hunting. Therefore using social networks for job hunting is one of the most effective ways of being noticed, increase your chances of being hired and also the most cost effective job hunting strategies one could undergo.


Freelancing Tips – What to Avoid During Interview

Unemployment rate of today’s time has risen up and some are looking for different ways to fight against unemployment. One of the most sought after jobs nowadays is working as an online freelance writer. Being a writer is not an easy job, it takes hard work, a lot of brainstorming and most importantly a lot of selling. As a writer, not only should you be efficient when it comes to writing but you must be able to sell your work.


However, before you promote your masterpieces, there’s one thing you need to sell in order to be considered as a successful freelance writer. You need to sell yourself to publishers, blog owners or some to an advertising firm. So before going into grueling interviews, here are some tips you need to know to be considered for the position as a freelance writer.

What to Avoid During Interview

Avoid showing signs of incompetence

There are a lot of signs for employers to determine that the person being interviewed isn’t confident. One common example is the refusal of compliments. There are cases when an interviewer give’s compliment, your tendency is to shrug the compliment and denies it. Example, the client compliments you for being smart and you’ll reply with “thanks but I only contributed this part”. This is a sign that you’re not competent.

Avoid far out answers

If a client asked you simple questions, then answer it in simple sentences. You don’t have to answer it in paragraphs or an answer that may take more than 3 minutes. Be simple, straight and honest. You don’t have to make up stories just for the sake of saying something.

Avoid garbled words

It is natural to be nervous during an interview; however you need to calm yourself and avoid using words that only you can understand. Stop repeating a word over and over. It will sound like you don’t know what you’re talking about.

Avoid discussing your rate

Some writers are more concerned about the rates rather than the job getting it done correctly. If you want to be hires for the position you’re aiming for, be professional and do your best, your client will decide for your rate based on the job you provided.

Avoid waiting for the client to initiate the closing

This means that once everything is cleared, the client provided his or her instructions, you got all the need information for the writing job then it’s better for you to initiate the closing spiel. Let say, you may ask your client if he or she is ready to start the contract so you can also start your writing. In this way, the client knows that you are eager to start with the job right away.

These are some common things you need to avoid during an interview. So before going on a quick interview for a freelance writing job, ask yourself if have you done these things before and what should you do to avoid these errors. These tips may save you from losing a job opportunity so take these seriously and soar high on your freelance career!


Career Management – Quick and Easy Ways To Land a New Job

Because of some undesirable news you heard over the television about massive layoffs and lack of job opportunities, you might feel somehow discouraged to look for a job. But if you are a talented and skillful person, looking for a job is not a problem. There are lot of companies that are looking for talented and skillful people who are willing to commit in helping their companies to grow. If you think you have the qualities that these companies are looking for then you only need to make them find you.


We all know that the competition in job hunting is very tough and you have to make a difference from them to standout. Before you submit your application letter, you should bare in your mind that it is only the beginning of your career.

Useful tips for a better career management

Make some self-reflection

Determine your skills and talents, things you are best in and things you can do. Also, you have to know your weaknesses and limitations. To help you identify these, remember what you did during your previous employment. Make a checklist of your interests, strengths and weaknesses so that you can evaluate yourself in which field you must take.

Set an objective in your career

Identify what is your ideal ob and describe it like what you really wanted to do and how much salary you will earn.

Observe the job market

Determine what kind of job is in demand. You have to be someone whom difficult to replace. Show the people what you can do and prove that you are best on it. Competition is very hard so you have to take an effort to upgrade yourself. Most employers wanted people who are self- motivated and has that attitude of learning new things eagerly.

Do not think unemployment as a vacation

Even unemployed, you must work like an employed one by looking for a job. You must work at least 40 hours a week. Wake up early, have a heavy breakfast, get yourself dress up and go out look for a job. During the interview, be smart and make an impression just don’t overdo it. Making an impression will increase your chance of being hired.

Remember that not all jobs available are being advertised

Most of them are kept hidden and they are just waiting for you to uncover them. Be a vigilant and do some research. Surf the internet, there are lot of websites that offer free registration on posting your resume online. Read newspapers and magazines, and be alert on job fairs.

If you are lucky to be hired then you must treat the company as if it was your own

You will perform better having this in your mind because you will care for the company and give the best service you may give. It does not matter who’s signature is in your paycheck you only have to think that you are self-employed and you responsible in developing the company.

And there you have it, you are now ready to go and find that job you really want. One more thing, remember “Patience is a Virtue”.

If you have something in mind to add to our list of useful tips for a better career management, feel free to share them at the comment section, we will be happy to add it up on our post.

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