The Do’s and Don’ts of Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail campaigns can offer companies a cost-effective and precise means of reaching their ideal target audience. Without basing their campaigns on the optimal direct mail strategies, even the most respected brands are doomed to fail in their marketing initiatives.

To be effective in their direct mail marketing campaigns, companies must consider the industry-wide best practices.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Direct Mail Marketing

DO Utilize an Effective Call to Action

The success of a direct mail marketing campaign will be largely based on how well the company communicates with their audience. The first step in this process is the call to action within the campaign. It’s imperative that the call to action tells the audience precisely what action they are required to take to move the business relationship forward. Companies can use urgency to improve the impact of their call to action. For example, businesses might use the phrase; “Call today – Limited Stock Available” to inspire action.

DO Commit Resources to Proofreading

A direct mail campaign is one of the best ways of communicating quickly and effectively with a core audience-base. Companies that make errors in their grammar and spelling are doomed to campaign failure. It’s the reason that it’s so important that organizations employ an expert proofreader before sending out their direct mail marketing campaigns. The proofreader can ensure that all content is clearly and professionally written and can reduce miscommunication issues.

DO Set a Goal For Your Campaign

It is always a good move to set a goal before you start your marketing campaign. And set a target for each of your campaign so that at the end of the day we can easily say if the campaign was a success. And if the first time was a success it would encourage the stakeholders and excite them.
And also evaluate which mode of direct marketing is giving more results so that we can focus more on that the next time.

DON’T Send Out Campaigns Without an Effective Testing Plan

In order for companies to experience the lasting benefits direct mail campaigns can bring to their marketing processes, they must have a plan for testing their campaigns. Companies should be continually testing their new campaigns and comparing their “A” mailing with their “B” mailing. This commitment to testing and research empowers companies to determine which strategies yield the optimal results.

DON’T Over Exaggerate

Make sure that the description is not over the top or too much fluffy. People may not tolerate all those adjectives and your mail may go straight into the dustbin. Always be to the point and describe how the product is going the benefit them. And try to make them curious about the product, that works mostly.

DON’T Send Out Impersonal Mailings

Direct mail should be personalized for the recipient. It’s important the recipient feels as if they are being reached out to directly by the company. By using the recipient’s name in addressing direct mailings and mentioning their name often within sales letters and other direct mail documents, companies can help forge a strong connection between themselves and their potential customers.

By simply learning the do’s and don’ts of the direct mailing industry, and by basing their campaigns on the proven effective strategies utilized by the market leaders, growing businesses can achieve an exceptional return for their campaign investment.


What If I Don’t Register My Business?

Registering your business is a simple and effective way to get started. In the province of Ontario the process is fairly straightforward and inexpensive. You only need relevant information like your business name, address, and type of business or product.

Unless you are operating under your own name, business registration is a must in the province of Ontario. Even if your business does share your full name, registration can help you in many ways. The registration procedure is not time consuming and offers many benefits.



One of the most important aspects of operating a business is return-on-investment. ROI (which coincidentally is the French word for “king”) is how you make back the money you’ve spent and can start making profits. Due to its inexpensive nature, business registration is one of the investments you’ll make back quickly.

Failsafe Asset Protection

If your business goes under or you are involved in a lawsuit that could end very badly for you and your business, registration can offer a form of protection. You’ve probably put your heart, soul, and every penny into your business. When you register your business, your assets and liabilities are considered separate from your personal resources. Should your business fail, you won’t lose your personal effects.

Get Serious

The bottom line is that registered businesses are taken seriously by big-name corporations and investors. When people want to invest with you, they want to know that you’re also invested in your business. Registration proves that you have a plan in place for your business’ future and are serious about pushing your product or services to a greater market. This doesn’t mean that you have to have world domination on your mind, but it does imply that you have an idea of where you’d like your business to be and how you see it making money. Basically, investors see a registered business as their own ROI.

Expansion Could Be In Your Very Near Future

You may not be ready for expansion right away but it could be just around the corner. Expansion allows you to hire more employees, move into bigger digs, and further develop your product line or service offerings. You may need to move from your online site to an actual office space due to increased demand or even set up a factory to manufacture your product. After registering your business, all the aforementioned scenarios will be much easier to undertake.

Say “Yes” to Registration

Business registration is important and should not be taken for granted. It is probably best that you do register your business sooner rather than later because you may have an easier time operating. Registering a business helps you plan for the future, anticipate success, and protects your personal assets.

Additionally, you can be fined in Ontario for not registering your business. Unless you have deep pockets and more assets than you can count, register your business. It’ll save you time and money in the long-run. And it is always a wise decision to take the help of an online business incorporation while registering the business. They can help you with anything from finding a name for your business to registering it.

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Passion – Key to a Successful Online Business

Passion is a deep word that most of us hear often yet doesn’t really understand its in-depth meaning. So before we move further, let’s define what passion really means. Passion is a feeling that is paired with an action to achieve something. So even if you claimed you have the passion for business yet you are not doing anything to succeed in the field of business, then you don’t really have the passion for it. It should always be paired with an action to be successful in something. When it comes to online business, what makes entrepreneurs online successful? It’s not their knowledge about how to run the business; it’s not their knowledge about algorithms but it is their passion which makes them successful with their online business. By learning things to improve your online business all boils down to your passion.


So if you don’t have the passion for succeeding online, then you don’t have the drive to learn things to be number one in the field of online business.

Qualities of a Passionate and Successful Online Entrepreneur:

 They are hard worker – Passionate online entrepreneurs succeed mostly because of their passion to render long hours of work on their business. So you can definitely line them to hard working people. They tend to forget about the hours, sleep less and work more.

 They are risk takers – In business you have to gamble especially if you’re a starting company where you need to do a lot of things to be noticed. Create an awareness and effective strategies and by doing these you have be fearless in taking a risk.

 They know where they stand – Successful business entrepreneurs know their selves better hence deciding something is not an issue. They know where they are coming from, they know their limitations and their capabilities. So these successful online entrepreneurs mostly have an idea where they stand from the start of their business.

 They love to explore – This is one attitude that most successful online entrepreneurs have. They are not scared to try new things and try to incorporate it to their business. It’s a way of checking if this method will work or not. As we all know, the best teacher is experience. So taking valuable lessons from their experiences when trying new things certainly brings out the best in them.

Final Words

So if you’re planning to venture on an online business you must have all these qualifications. It’s something you need to ensure your success. Of course, you must also understand the nature of the business you are about to explore. It is a good idea to try something new however it is far better to try it packed with proper knowledge that you can use to be successful someday. So you can start browsing on things that will help you create a strong online business foundation, experiment, take risk and know yourself. You’ll never know if you’ll succeed online with your business unless you try it.


How Branding Yourself Helps You Brand Your Business

Branding yourself provides a lot of benefits. Some may not realized this but this is certainly true for most big and successful corporations. Branding is effective for big companies and so is to individual persons. Branding is similar to a logo. While having a good logo brings some benefit to an entity, we must know that branding can even bring more or far beyond our imagination.


What are the benefits branding can provide:

  • If you brand yourself, you are creating a unique identity. Identity for yourself and for your business. In other words, branding yourself creates an unforgettable or memorable business. Because of this, your clients will most likely keep coming back for more and in the end creates a sense of loyalty. As we all know, loyalty is very important when it comes to business.
  • Branding provides you credibility. Therefore, it is important to think of a good brand that will provide a feeling of credibility. Business partners will think of you as someone with good standing because of your brand. Your style will be sought after and they can easily distinguish you from the others. Right clients are easily enticed because of your brand.
  • Branding yourself helps you kick start your name and business. People will be more familiar with your business and can easily identify you.

Of course, before putting up a brand for yourself always think of the best brand that can easily be communicated. You need to be precise, you must know your goals and target. This means you have to be focus. You can start creating a plan for your business, though this is an entirely different area, yet creating your business plan helps you distinguish your goals. Thus, making it easy for you to think of your brand. You have to come up with something realistic and as much as possible associated to the public. The public is your critic, your consumers and is the best judge when it comes to brand.

The most important thing in branding yourself is to identify your target market. You need to ask yourself who are your clients? Once you’ve define everything, you can start writing it on a paper. You can start thinking for your business name and eventually come up with your own logo.

You can also provide a page for your business. This is a site where anyone can get to familiarize themselves with your business. It should contain something about you and your business. In this site you can provide information about the brand of your business. You must keep your brand consistent. If you lose your brand, then it’s just like losing your identity, losing your business and possibly losing your market.

Finally, never fail to update your brand. There are really times that a company evolves and changes its target consumers, and here you’ll realize how branding can affect a business. Even if a company changes its brand, it will live forever especially if the brand was communicated effectively to the public.

Using Google Places for Your Business

What is Google Places?

Many  people search the internet for businesses so it is important to have your business listing found on Google. Have you heard of Google Places? It is another service offered by Google where you could create listings faster and it is absolutely free.

google placesThough your business has already shown in Google, it is wiser to verify your listings and check if the details are accurate. As soon as you verified your listings in Google Places, you will see the changes instantly and you could add some notifications.

One good thing about Google Places is that even if you do not  have your own website you can still promote your business. With Google Places, maintaining your online presence is very easy. You can even monitor how many researchers have seen and visit your listing.

Google Places also allows you to customize your listings by adding some photos and videos. You could also give some coupons that would make your first time visitors to come back for more – and these all are totally free.

If you are still in doubt of sing  Google Places then consider the fact that 97% of the consumers search online for business and 73% of them is dependent on the information provided by Google. This statistics only shows that Google dominated the search market. Most internet marketers spend their time on perfecting their online strategies like in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), they fail to see the importance and benefits Google Places has to offer for them.

Google Places has been introduced in the public on the year 2009. Google described the service as “a webpage for every place in the world, organizing all the relevant information about it.

google places

Indeed, Google Places has been a great help for many business establishments especially small businesses. However, many committed lots of mistakes which leads to a very unproductive marketing.

One thing that you should remember not to do in Google Places is that ‘keyword stuffing‘. Do not put on plenty different categories for that will just confuse the readers. It would be better to choose only one category.

The basic information of your business should be properly indicated. Your business’s contact information should be provided like the phone number, email address and business location. Check the video below.

Using Google Places To Promote Your Business

Final Words

There are generally lots of ways on how to optimize your ranking using Google Places: you could show off some photos with tags that are keyword-friendly and you could upload some videos. These would attract the attention of the readers as well as capturing their curiosity.

The description of your business have also an impact on your readers. You should make it sound like you are proud of serving the community and do not make it so obvious that you are just want to increase your revenue (which is what really matters for most of the internet marketers). Also, state the different services and products your company are offering. It is important to be precise and straight forward so that the consumers would understand easily what is your business all about. Too flowery will not help and just lead to confusion.

5 Marketing Strategies For A Startup Business


For sure that many of us wants to earn money. Many said that it is much more easier if you invest in online business. However, most who attempt did not success for they fail to implement proper start-up plan.

Marketing strategies that would help your business

Know your own point of view as a business

Before launching your business, make sure that you see things as a businessman’s point of view. You see, things would look very different if you will look at them as a businessman and as of a consumer. You have to weigh things because there would come time that you have to make certain decisions that will affect the future of your business.

Create your company’s brand

This is the most crucial part of introducing your business. You have to understand that before you can monetize, you should build first your brand. You have to build a strong connection that would bond you to your clients. It is important that your clients trust your brand so that

Start building awareness for your company

BusinessBuilding awareness for your company will help your business known more especially in your locality. You may sponsor an event like a marathon for a cause or sponsor a local team.  Join your  local Chamber of Commerce. Joining the local Chamber of Commerce will not only make your business known but also they would help you in improving and growing your business. You would also  get updates on the latest trends in marketing, economy and even technology. In this way you would be able to help improve your community and at the same time, getting your brand known.

Develop customer loyalty programs

BusinessWhen you acquire new customers, that is a good sign that you are in right business track. However, have you think about how are you going to keep these customers.  It is useless if you are just striving hard to attract and acquire new customers yet they do not become your regular customers. Create strategies that would keep the trust and maintain your current customers as well as winning back previous ones. Give special promos and discounts as well as freebies. It is also essential to have a Customer Relationship Management especially if your company is becoming bigger and bigger.

Once you have established  the other tips to a certain extent then, you can and should get creative

BusinessIf you are done with the first four steps, the next thing you have to do is to be creative. Of course, you should make new ways and strategies to make your site more innovative. If you do not make any changes to improve your site, your customers and visitors may find it very boring. Thus, they will navigate away from your site and look for a more interesting site or blog.

Final Words

Add a little spice into your website like putting some relevant graphics. Besides, the readers would understand your content better if they can see relevant images and icons in your website. These marketing strategies may seem so easy but if implemented improperly it will put your business into trouble.

Increase Your Revenue With Internet Marketing

One primary reason why lot of people are having business is because they want to earn money and increase their profits more and more. In internet marketing, there are so many ways on increasing your revenue.

Simple Tips in Increasing Your Revenue Through Internet Marketing

1. Links are very important so make sure that you pay lot of attention to them. In SEO, link building is very effective in driving traffic towards your website. Search Engines are very particular in links so make sure to link yours with credible websites that has higher page ranks.

2. Though we can never deny the fact that what really wanted is to increase our revenues, we should not show it explicitly for that will give a negative impact into your website. You should also think of ways in which your customers would also benefit. By doing this, your customers would feel that you are also caring for them and that alone builds trust between your company and your clients. People will always look for something in which they think beneficial for themselves.

3. Ads are also one of he factors that could affect your revenues directly. Make sure that you place your ads in parts of your site which are easily seen. Choose ads that are humorous yet wholesome for the eyes of every reader. You may add some graphics to attract more attention  but make sure not to over do it. Too much graphics will make your website messy and slows down the loading.

internet marketing4. Outsourcing Business Services can also be beneficial. By outsourcing administrative tasks or any other business services could save you a lot more money. The tasks have been completed, you have a lesser expenses and yet you are able to increase your business’ productivity.

5. Make your blog informative. Research conducted on internet marketing that blogs with informative contents have stronger customer engagements than those with poor quality contents. However, make sure that is not too long that will bore the readers. Make your content brief, informative and interesting.

6. When you market a product, make it looks like a ‘must have’ item. With proper marketing strategies that would make your product valuable for every customers, your revenue will surely increase higher than what you are expecting.

7. Since you have a lot of competitors in online marketing, make sure that you are equipped with proper knowledge, skills and technologies that would make you lead the competition. Stay up- to- date and ever give your opponents a single chance to surpass you. One single wrong move will break your business.

8. Give away coupons or offer special promos and discounts to attract more customers. This will surely attract more probable customers and then you have to make them trust you your business and brand. It is the very first thing you have to remember in marketing – to build trust, so that later on, these probable customers will developed into regular customers.

It takes  a lot of patient, time and effort to to increase your revenue especially if you are a beginner in internet marketing. It would be a big help if you understand and learn more about SEO for you to be able to succeed in this business.

Advantages of a Mobile-ready Website

In this computing age, everybody owns a mobile phone.  Most people nowadays use mobile phones to browse the web. Because of this trend, it is important for webmasters to design their websites to be mobile- friendly. It is to ensure that graphics and contents will not mess up when viewed using mobile phones.

Mobile ready

Mobile marketing has proved to be effective for some good reasons. Since most people today bring their mobile phones together with them, it is the most effective tool in reaching out your customers as well as getting probable clients. It is important to make your business mobile- ready so whenever the customer wants to browse your website via mobile, they can view them easily.

Make sure that your website’s content is complete. So whenever the customer visits your site, he would found the information he is looking for. This will increase the engagement rate of customers to your site. According to research came from Omniture, “mobile- optimized experiences produced an average 75% higher rate of engagements per visit for mobile users”.

Making your website mobile-ready will also improve your brand’s visibility. Having a positive online experiences, the customer will have a good brand image of your company. Remember that in marketing you aim to build an integrity in your brand name. Since the number of mobile web users are growing rapidly, your competitors are also increasing. You have to make a way to standout.

Mobile phones are indeed a great marketing tool for your business. It enhances accessibility, mobility and exposure. Here are some simple tips to make your website mobile friendly.

Tips to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

1. Mobile users are tech savvy, so you have to optimize your website. It is more efficient to create a website separate for mobile users. By doing this, you are making way for the customers to have an easy access into your website. You are providing them an easy navigation and a good online experience. Remember that your website looks different when you view it using a desktop. Desktop computers have wider screens in which you can view your website’s designs and contents perfectly while in mobile and smart phones, they may look messy for these devices are much more smaller than desktops.

2. When designing a website for mobile users, you have to consider the designs and contents. Make sure that your website is easy to access (that means it should load fast because  the customers do not want to wait for so long, you may loss probable customers), interactive and relevant. It is not necessary to have animations and flash designs because the customers might not appreciate it very much. Remember that mobile phones have smaller screens and too much graphics may slow down the loading of your website.

Final Words

It is also essential for you having even basic knowledge in SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Since the competition is brought online, it is important to make your website ranked on top of search engine rankings. Getting your website mobile friendly will greatly help in driving traffic towards your website.

Advantages in Using CRM Software

In any business, the welfare of the customers is the most important. That is why having a Customer Relationship Management is necessary especially in larger companies. The primary objectives of Customer Relationship Management is to look, attract and acquire new customers. The CRM is also responsible in retaining and maintaining the company’s current customers and winning back former customers.

Keep in mind that you have to build a positive relationship to your customers. Through this, you would be able to get positive response that will help develop trust between your company and the customers.  This would keep and retain your current customers that would eventually become your regular customers. This would also attract  new customers.

What are the advantages of using CRM Software

CRM SoftwareOne of the major benefits of having a CRM is that it improves the quality of service. The CRM collects all information of the clients then analyzes the data and help you in decision- making. With the help of Customer Relationship Management, you will assured that your system is running safe and secure.  Another benefit of having a CRM software is that it can help you save a lot of money. Of course, purchasing a software might be expensive but compared on hiring, training and paying employees, it will save you a lot.

The biggest challenge on implementing a Customer Relationship Management is training the users. CRM software might contain complex data an these may be difficult of the unwell- trained users to comprehend.

Having a Customer Relationship Management software needs to have careful planning. Remember that in this system, the relationship between your company and your clients is at stake. You have to plan out everything. It is also important that you consider its usability. You have to determine the benefits it will bring to your company and its impact in your business as well as your employees.

Since all information provided by the customers were collected by the CRM, it is important to keep them secure. The company as well as the vendors should ensure the quality of the system that it is secure enough to protect confidential information.

Researches and studies regarding on software show that the most important feature in an application software is its security. This feature is very crucial in system development, software developers and programmers should balance security as well as the usability. The software must be easy to use and navigate.

This is the biggest challenge software designers and developers have to face in  system development – to produce a software that is highly secured and yet easy- to- use. Most software developed with high security features tend to compromise its usability feature and most software developed with a great usability tend to compromise security.

Final Words

Security and usability are both important features of a software especially if it is for Customer Relationship Management. It is very essential for the customers that they would feel secure in the CRM  software so that they would give their trust. And also, it is also important that they would feel comfortable of using CRM software especially if they would find system very user- friendly.

Should A Business Rely Too Much on SEO?

For business marketers especially online marketers, the very first thing to consider is to make their website SEO-friendly. Most websites were designed based on SEO. And when we say SEO (Search Engine Optimization), comes a long with it the name Google. It is the leading search engine in entire web.

In order to drive traffic to your website, webmasters rely on SEO. Why? Imagine how many website are there in the world wide web, there are over millions and you have to make a way to stand out among the rest.

Businessimage credit

When a person wants to know or look for something, he would definitely go first to search engines to help and assist him of what he is looking for. It would be a big advantage if your website is in the top rank of Search Engines Result Pages or SERP. But search engines also need to update and sometimes change their algorithms in search which as affects the ranking of websites. This might be tedious in part of the webmasters. However, SEO is not the only way in growing your business.

Tips in Growing Your Business Without Relying Too Much on SEO

1.  Joining a local Chamber of Commerce will definitely help your business to get known especially those small businesses. Joining a Chamber of Commerce will give you lots of benefits. You will be able to get updates on what is happening in he business world. You will also be given a chance to make connections in which you could introduce your products and services.

2. Have you tried raising a fund for a charitable cause? Well, if you haven’t, then now is the time. Try to sponsor a walk or a small league team, by doing this you will be able to help other people and at the same time you are promoting your company or brand.

3. Other forms of advertisement are also effective. Remember that in online marketing, SEO-friendly websites are great however, what about offline? What are your other alternatives in promoting your products offline? Technology nowadays may really be advance but the traditional way of marketing is still proven effective up to this moment. Paper advertisement as well as radio and TV ads are still effective.

4. Giving away discounts and coupons will definitely give your brand a boost. The discounts will surely make your customers rush immediately into your business to avail the promo.

Final Words

Relying on a single way of promoting your business is very dangerous. You must have different alternatives so whenever something goes wrong, you would be able to cope up with the loss.

As for small businesses who cannot afford to get their brand on a TV advertisement or other expensive forms of advertisement, having a marketing strategy that has carefully planned base on their target market even in a limited budget would definitely serve its purpose.

Remember that the future success of your company is greatly affected on how effective your marketing strategies are. Getting your brand to be known and develop integrity is the primary goal. A poor marketing strategy may cause your business to break.