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What If I Don’t Register My Business?

Registering your business is a simple and effective way to get started. In the province of Ontario the process is fairly straightforward and inexpensive. You only need relevant information like your business name, address, and type of business or product.

Unless you are operating under your own name, business registration is a must in the province of Ontario. Even if your business does share your full name, registration can help you in many ways. The registration procedure is not time consuming and offers many benefits.



One of the most important aspects of operating a business is return-on-investment. ROI (which coincidentally is the French word for “king”) is how you make back the money you’ve spent and can start making profits. Due to its inexpensive nature, business registration is one of the investments you’ll make back quickly.

Failsafe Asset Protection

If your business goes under or you are involved in a lawsuit that could end very badly for you and your business, registration can offer a form of protection. You’ve probably put your heart, soul, and every penny into your business. When you register your business, your assets and liabilities are considered separate from your personal resources. Should your business fail, you won’t lose your personal effects.

Get Serious

The bottom line is that registered businesses are taken seriously by big-name corporations and investors. When people want to invest with you, they want to know that you’re also invested in your business. Registration proves that you have a plan in place for your business’ future and are serious about pushing your product or services to a greater market. This doesn’t mean that you have to have world domination on your mind, but it does imply that you have an idea of where you’d like your business to be and how you see it making money. Basically, investors see a registered business as their own ROI.

Expansion Could Be In Your Very Near Future

You may not be ready for expansion right away but it could be just around the corner. Expansion allows you to hire more employees, move into bigger digs, and further develop your product line or service offerings. You may need to move from your online site to an actual office space due to increased demand or even set up a factory to manufacture your product. After registering your business, all the aforementioned scenarios will be much easier to undertake.

Say “Yes” to Registration

Business registration is important and should not be taken for granted. It is probably best that you do register your business sooner rather than later because you may have an easier time operating. Registering a business helps you plan for the future, anticipate success, and protects your personal assets.

Additionally, you can be fined in Ontario for not registering your business. Unless you have deep pockets and more assets than you can count, register your business. It’ll save you time and money in the long-run. And it is always a wise decision to take the help of an online business incorporation while registering the business. They can help you with anything from finding a name for your business to registering it.

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Killer Ideas To Make Your Employees Stand Out

Whether your business is large or small, non-profit or for profit or local or international, your employees are one of the biggest keys to your success. Average employees will produce average results, but employees who are inspired and dedicated to your mission can take your company to the next level and help you achieve your goals.

While it may be challenging at times to get your employees excited about their jobs, investing in your employees can pay huge dividends. There is no “one size fits all” solution that will work for each type of business, but you have the power to get your employees excited and committed to the company.


Before you can increase employee morale, however, you need to first understand what’s holding them back. Do your employees feel valued and appreciated? Do they have the tools necessary to efficiently complete their jobs? Are they receiving fair compensation and benefits for their efforts? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, it’s time to start researching! Your employees are your best source of information, so don’t be afraid to ask them honest, candid questions. If you are nervous about providing honest feedback, create a way for feedback to be submitted anonymously.

After you have compiled all your information, you can develop a detailed plan for increasing employee satisfaction. If you try to implement 10 different improvements at once, you’ll likely become confused and overwhelmed. Instead, focus on one area of improvement at a time. If your improvements are implemented successfully, you’ll notice progress in many different areas of your business.

Happy, content employees pass their enthusiasm along to customers, so you’ll likely see an increase in your customer retention. If your employees are excited about the products and services you offer, they will also be able to sell more products and attract new customers. It takes some time and effort to develop a culture of excellence and appreciation in your business, but it is a worthwhile investment that is likely to payoff in the future.


5 Tips for Improving E-commerce Within Your Business


From the start-up to the multinational, every business needs an online presence.

To increase website traffic and convert online visits to sales, there are five key things that any website must have in order for their E-commerce to be successful:

Web Design

Your website is your shop window; taking the time to make it attractive is the first step to success. For a return on your set-up investment, use quality imaging and keep it simple.

It sounds obvious, but too many websites fail because the creator has tried to make them interesting by using a variety of font styles and colours or imaging.

Use high quality images, choose as style and make it consistent across every page.

Keeping each page clean and crisp makes it user-friendly for customers and makes them more inclined to make a purchase and visit your site again.


Making your website look professional helps to establish your business as a legitimate, reliable one. The next step is to make sure it’s as user friendly as walking around a store.

Imagine your stock in a retail outlet, how would you lay out your merchandise to make each item easy to locate? The ease with which shoppers could find your products instore should be replicated online. Online customers will soon lose interest if the item they’re looking for is difficult to find.

Streamline your stock and group it into categories to make the shopping experience an efficient one, and avoid the temptation of cramming everything onto the landing page. Clear navigational links will lead customers to the right place.


Remember that by default, online shoppers are online readers too. Make sure that any information they need is easy to read.
Your products may be excellent, but if the text used to describe or promote them is dull, overly-complicated or too lengthy, shoppers will become impatient and go to another website where a retailer gets to the point.

The content should represent your company, so find a tone of voice and vocabulary that matches your brand and stick to it.
Update it regularly with original writing that gets picked up by Google search engines and shows your customers that you have your finger on the pulse of your industry.

Make it Mobile Friendly

More and more consumers are using mobile devices to compare prices and shop online.

Some web pages don’t load correctly on a smartphone, causing the layout to appear jumbled and impossible to navigate, which makes your customers leave the site in favour of one of your competitors.

Developing your website with responsive design technology can help you overcome this. Simply, it identifies the type of software and screen resolution of the user and adapts the web page accordingly to make it user-friendly on any device.

Postal Service

Any efforts you’ve made to make your website attractive and user-friendly will quickly come undone if your business fails to deliver. Using a reliable postal service is crucial for securing the reputation for excellence you are trying to achieve.

Look for a flexible distributor who offers varied delivery services, can manage bulk or ad-hoc mailings, can pick and pack orders and can distribute your products overseas.

Even if you don’t need a mail service of that scale yet, starting out with one gives you the freedom to expand as your business grows without the cost or inconvenience of changing supplier.

For more information on delivery services and making them E-commerce friendly for your business, contact the industry specialists at Asendia.


The Benefits of a Social Media-Friendly Website

Creating a social media-friendly website can be so rewarding and lets you enjoy the benefits that comes along with it. Here are some of the benefits that you might want to enjoy and might make you reconsider to create or transform your current website into a social media-friendly one.

Social Media

The Benefits of a Social Media-Friendly Website

Engaging and Interactive

A social media-friendly website provides engaging and interactive contents that people love and would result in having a wider range of audience as well as having a greater reach for your content through social media platforms. Also by utilizing web syndication you can provide constant fresh content through syndicated websites for your own as well as having your own content to reach further through your syndicated websites. Integrating your website with social media platforms and blog not only brings more additional content but can also be a catalyst for the social engagement of your brand. Although having social media widgets do not give you SEO benefit, it would still make up for the constant content and interactivity of your website.

Here’s an interesting fact that will surely entice you to be more active on social media.

  • 27% of time spent online is on social networking
  • Facebook boasts of 1.11 billion monthly active users
  • Twitter has a 550 million-user base
  • 50 Million Users Visit Pinterest

Higher Search Visibility

Joining and having social media network content to your website and having a direct connection with your audience; and talk about concerns, suggestions, and even criticisms help provide more information and make it easier for search engines to index, crawl and rank. Inbound links from your audience in social media platforms improve search visibility. Adding reviews and forum not only makes your website more social media-friendly but also adds more variety to your content through the contributions of your audience from the reviews and what they talk about on your forum. What people talk about in your forum also helps in stretching your search visibility.

Benefit of Sharing

Sharing can be beneficial, giving and sharing good content can in turn make your website reach out to the very depths of social media and other websites. With the help of social media your content along with your website can be shared countless times and bring in more traffic and prospective consumers.

Now here a very surprising and fascinating statistics about social media.

  • 2 new member registrations are acquired by Linkedin every 2 second
  • Porn sites are no longer the go-to sites on the web
  • About 93% of businesses uses social media
  • Privacy Settings? 25% of Facebook users doesn’t bother at this at all

Final Words

In conclusion to this topic, a social media-friendly website taps into the vast opportunities that social media communities provide. The power of the people to decide what great content is and what is worthy to be shared and talked about can be harnessed and be utilized in favor for your website. Making the steps in creating a social media-friendly website and keeping the traits that make it that way is essential to the success or failure of your website.


Creating and Managing a Successful Business Blog


Identify Target Audience, Setting Goals and Blog

When creating a Business blog you have to make sure that you dedicate yourself to it and set goals. After that you should start with identifying who you want to read your blog. Now everything has to start with selecting a blogging service from a number of free blogging service platforms (WordPress, Blogger, and HubSpot). In most cases you would need to purchase your own domain name to maximize your blogs SEO. If you are new to blogging and having trouble setting up your blog, try asking help from your family or friends that has experience in setting up a blog.

Provide Features, Good Content and Editorial Calendar

After setting up your blog it would be time to start thinking about what features you will be providing with your blog, and then select a theme that provides the features you need along with most appealing theme for your blog. The features that you will be providing are for the readers that will want to have their problems solved with the content and features within your blog.

Create content that solves the readers’ problems or provide them with links that may help them further, your first blog post is important and you should avoid having an impression of a sales type of post and be more educational.
Since you have set your goals and have identified your target readers earlier it would be time for you to set an editorial calendar.

You need to plan what your content is and make sure that it is very informative and relevant to your target audience, as they would be your stepping stones onto a successful business blog. Make sure that your content is consistent and set the frequency of your content over time. In making a good editorial calendar:

  • You must select topics and themes that are relevant to you and your audience.
  • Create a calendar of your selected topics along with its titles and content.
  • Set all relevant dates of events for your industry for you to assign the best content for that event.
  • Use Google Calendar for your editorial calendar or Plugins from your blog platform that can organize posts that are to be published.

Business Blogging

Practice and Utilize SEO Techniques

Utilizing SEO requires experience in the practices of search engine optimization; you can start by learning the basics of SEO and apply it to your newly built business blog. However, if you do not have the time to learn and can shell out money then you can opt to select an SEO service provider that is reputable and can work with the specifications that you want to be achieved.

Engaging With Your Audience

Make use of guest blogging and get your audience involved with your blog and theirs, making a connection to different bloggers and providing more content for your blog. By making connections, you may be able to get to a wider range of audience through the followers of your connections. Social media is also a great source to get more audience, sharing your content on Twitter or Facebook will greatly help in spreading your business blog.

Keep On Going

Balance your frequency and consistency as it will be the key in the growth of your business blog. Keep getting new ideas and topics and post regularly, over time, your blog will have more audience and will be able to generate more traffic. The point is to keep being motivated and continue to grow your business blog and if you have reached your goals, simply make higher goals.

All the necessary tools you need to make a successful business blog are within your reach. It’s up to you to make it successful and keep it that way.


The 7 Deadly Branding Mistakes

brandingOwning any sort of business requires good branding. One of the most important aspects of a business is its branding, for it will represent your company to your consumers. Branding agencies were born out of this important aspect in owning a business, these agencies create the most appropriate brand that would help thrust your business to the top. However, if you brand your business inappropriately, it could be disastrous.

Everything about your business needs to be branded, from logos to websites, all the way down to your business card. To elude the horrors of facing a failed brand here are 7 branding mistakes you should avoid.

The 7 Deadly Branding Mistakes

Brand and Target Market Mismatch

Creating a brand that doesn’t fit its target market identity is a very big mistake. Having a classic and old school type of company brand does not simply rebrand itself as a trendy and new school company brand because it does not cater to the trendy and new school market. Rebranding just to change the company image will never be successful unless it is accompanied by changing or adding new products or services that caters to a different target market. Remember to always match your target market.

No Knowledge of Your Market

One of the key aspects of a business is knowing your market. The company must have knowledge of what it’s catering and what target market is the company catering to. What does the company offer to the market? How does the company’s brand cater to its market? Failing on this aspect would result in the failure of your brand. The solution to this is market research, create surveys or questionnaires and understand precisely what your target market needs.


Never be inconsistent, especially when branding your business, as it is what represents the business. Inconsistency for your brand shows that it is undependable and it will in turn represent that in-dependability onto your business. Branding for your business should be matching all throughout any form of media, from the logo, company name, company background and it also includes your website and even business cards.

No Follow Through

Stick to what you can provide and know your company’s limitation, never brand your company to be the best in the industry when in reality it’s just getting its feet wet. Never create a brand that indicates a superior brand but doesn’t follow through with its products and services. Be sure that the company knows what it’s capable of and base your brand through it.

Not Utilizing Loyal Customer Base

Using your loyal customer base for feedback and suggestions is a very effective way to improve your company’s brand. See what your customer and their families response and have them talk about your brand. Getting their opinion about altering the company brand whether it is successful or not and using their opinion to promote your brand.


Stagnant companies are companies that have stuck with what was successful for their business long ago, and are afraid of losing their previous success through change. This greatly affects the company brand as it becomes too old and boring. An effective company needs change in order to keep up with the new competitors, this change not only involves the visual aspect of your brand but also its interior. The company must be on the same page with your brand and those who do not welcome the change must either be replaced or re-indoctrinated.

Limiting New Materials

Most companies use marketing materials and your company usually buys truckloads of these materials. Unfortunately these materials tend to get outdated really fast as new products and services gets introduced or even special promos and events. By keeping the old marketing materials and limiting in acquiring new and updated materials actually makes the company lose profit and also tarnish the company’s brand by providing outdated and irrelevant information to its prospective consumers. Design marketing materials that could keep up with the changes within the business.

By eluding these horrible branding mistakes, your business should be well off and will soon be one of the successful businesses.


How A Blog Can Help Your Business

Most blogs are purposely made for entertainment and information. But more than that, they also generate interest and make money for your business.


No, blogs aren’t for everyone. But see how they can accomplish these five basic business objectives:

Blogging provides quicker promotion

Blogging can serve as an information source. Through blogging, you can stream video email and other related video communication regarding your business. Technology has a very big impact on the business field. Since most people are use computers and other similar devices, people in any corner of the globe would know about you. See if you have a close friend who experienced your service and found it satisfying. What will your friend be able to do next?

Probably, your friend would link your site to others. This is just one of your means to let others know that there exists such name that you take pride of.

Blogging makes up your identity

Blogging can also providee an effective marketing tool to establish yourself as an authority in your field. Not only can that generate leads, but it also gives your business a face and a personality and sends a positive message about your credentials through the business field.

Blogging improves your ranking

Blogging, in any means, improves your ranking in search engine results. It creates traffic to your site allowing readers to post their response and feedback. If done properly, blogs have a tremendous benefit relative to search engines. With blogs that allow comments, every new post and every new comment become an additional Web page filled with additional keywords to be picked up by the search engine spiders.

Blogging becomes the newest means to build up customers

Just as important, blogs that solicit reader comments can provide a sense of immediacy to your customers. In one respect, that’s a ready source of feedback on what you’re doing right and what you need to improve. This somehow gives you a right track on how to establish more yourself from others point of view.

Blogging influences public opinion

A blog on your website can help add some personality to your business and can show customers who they are dealing with, showing that there is a face behind your business. Having a blog is an amazing way to allow your opinions and others insights to shine through.

While blogging can be a useful tool for your business, it’s important to remember that blogging isn’t always easy, it can sometimes be a lot of work – something any business owner is already aware of.


Effective Tips For Succeeding In An Emerging Industry


Have you ever thought of launching your own business in an unproven industry? This may take you sleepless nights, yet give you a more rewarding part when goals become realized. As many entrepreneurs have done, it may let you invest a lot of hard work and determination as well as these following keys before you see the real meaning of success:

Effective Tips For Succeeding In An Emerging Industry

Look around

It’s best for you to meet with the existing demands and needs of the market rather than creating one and try to generate demand for it. With your defined knowledge and skills, you can develop these through linking other people whom you think can help you in realizing your goals. Remember that two brains are better than one; how much more if it’s more than that?

Be creative

What are the things you used to do since then? If you haven’t found it profitable, improvise it. There are ways that you can do better if you would use your mind sharply. Let no rust ruin your mind. Think and think deeply. Observing others’ mistakes is not always bad. Sometimes, it may serve as your guide for dos and don’t’s. It may also the same with duplicating someone’s work. If you see a certain strategy that makes others develop themselves, why not copy it or add some additional tricks.

Success is not all about money

See some entrepreneurs who invest lots of money, yet failed? In business, money is just a part but it always takes your creative mind to work it successfully. Even if you only have $100 dollars in your pocket, if you are resourceful enough to meet your objectives, then you can get what you want (even left a penny). You alone is a great investment!

“Take the risk whatever it takes”

This is probably the most famous quote of millions of entrepreneurs. Being a real one doesn’t fear to try new things. Creeping out from your comfort zone is the best place to improve yourself. Not until you declare a change in yourself you would be able to push forward.

Always decide

Are you afraid to make decisions? Or are you just afraid to fail? Come on dude! You already lost the game if that’s the case. To decide is to be ready for the future consequences. Be ready to whatever consequences or failures you take. Remember that a person who can’t decide is far worse than one who makes a wrong decision. You could move forward if you know how and when to decide. Never fear to lose. Having failure is not an opposite of success; rather it’s on the time you quit!

In the world of business, it’s not about how much you able to compete with others, instead, it’s about how you lead yourself and calculate risks with a belief to succeed. There’s nothing easy to make money but there’s always been a simple road if you learn yourself the values of sacrifice and acceptance.


Ways to Cultivate Creativity in Your Company

Every company needs creative talents in one way or another. It is more desirable to have people with enhance creativity as part of their characteristics. There are a lot of benefits a company gets if the work force is very creative. However, how would company managers and supervisors bring out the creativity of the people within the company?


Effective and Proven Ways to Cultivate Creativity in Your Company

Encouraging Individual Creativity

It is interesting to note that almost all people have the potential or talent to be creative. It’s only a matter of igniting those hidden traits and enhancing it. This could be beneficial if your company can identify innate talents and skills of every employee and develop it to be more useful and productive in achieving the company’s goal. The Management should plan ways to let the employees maximize their creative skills.

Giving rewards and incentives

Since creativity is innately in every person certain techniques should be applied to utilize and maximize all its potential capabilities. You can fully motivate an employee or the entire work force to be creative by giving them or a particular employee special reward.  You can either give a bonus or a special incentive like giving them a paid day off or vacation. This motivates the employees to do extra effort to be creative and be more enthusiastic with their job.

Hiring people that are potentially creative

When choosing applicants in your company, be mindful enough to choose people with well develop creative skills. You can give them creativity assessment test. This measures how creative they will be on their job if they get hired. You can also measure an applicant’s creative skills thru their answers in the interview. Some applicants would give more interesting and intelligent response than others.

Teach employees to love their jobs

There should be improvements in the company in terms of quality and efficiency if the employees are inspired to do their work, as they will have more passion and enthusiasm to every job that they do. The employees would produce excellent output if they are enjoying the things that they are doing. It brings a lot of positive ideas if the employees truly love their jobs.  Employees will be more eager to participate in achieving the company’s goal and would want the company to be successful.

Invest in Creative workshop and Seminars

There is no better way to get strategy and techniques in enhancing skills and talents from your people than from a professional. You could get resource person that will help you in developing the full potential of your workforce. Professionals trainers and resource speaker can greatly contribute in achieving your immediate goal of building a well establish creative work force.

Make each employee a part of a big Family

Establishing a friendlier and caring working environment allows employees to be more comfortable. If the employees are more at ease in doing their job they will be more likely to be more useful to the company. When employees feel that the company is like a second home, they will be more likely to use their skills and talents efficiently and effectively. It is absolutely essential to make each employee be a part of the company so that his/her creative skills will be honed properly.

Final Words

Getting the most of your employee’s potential capabilities is essential for your company to succeed. It’s also important to have a creative workforce that would work hand in hand to achieve the company’s mission and vision. With this concept in view your company and employees will surely have a creative time and will be able to achieve more.


Surefire Ways in Motivating Your Sales Team in Tough Times

In marketing and Sales, there are times worth celebrating. Times like reaching or even surpassing the target sales quota. But this is never constant in the realm of sales and marketing. There are times when the figures are low, and it seems that sales are dropping toward the abyss. This creates an awful feeling to men and women in the sales team. Worst, some of the sales team members undergo a state of frustration and disappointment.

It is a nightmare when this kind of troublesome times happens to the team most especially to the team leader. It is certainly a challenge to boost up the morale of the team during these times. Countless of ways would promise a result, but not all of them are effective. It may be hard for you as the team leader to alter the mood of the team if you don’t have the right techniques.


There are a few ways in which you can use to turn your team’s mood upside down. It may not be the best one, but it will surely motivate the team during tough times.

Let’s begin with the things you should do as a leader.

  • As a leader, you should set an example. Being the person who is leading the team, certain responsibilities are given to you. This includes responsibilities for motivating the team.  During tough times, you should show to the members that you are at ease.
  •  Avoid showing any weaknesses like discouragement and fear. Rather show to your member that you are courageous enough to move on and overcome tough times.
  • Show eagerness to overcome this trail. The worst mistake that leaders can commit is during times of crisis they are the first one to panic. Avoid doing this and lead the team to encouragement.
  • Gather information that is crucial for your team’s success. You may want to invest time in getting facts that are of enormous use in motivating your team.

Now that you know how a respectable leader responds to tough times that are inevitable. Handling the members is the next thing to do. You should be able encourage members to continue on with their job by having group sharing.  Be sure that each of the members are able to express their feelings and frustrations. This kind of activity helps each member release the negative emotions dwelling on them. Negative emotions create discouragement and may distract a person’s focus to the job.

You may also want to create a team building activity. During this time, you can discuss all the facts you’ve gathered before that will help in motivating the team. You and your team may also discuss some ways and strategies to increase the sales and make the target attainable. This kind of activity not only motivates the team, but it builds friendship and develops teamwork.

The greatest motivating factor for the whole team is by telling them that some events are unavoidable. When a leader is very much determined to overcome tough times the entire sales team would follow.

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