Why Personal Branding Matters

And where could you find the word “Google” previously? When internet has not yet acknowledged towards million of people around the globe, normally encyclopedias or dictionary is the main target of the researcher.  But for now, you can personally search all the way through internet the word “Google”.  Did you attempt to Google a certain person? Yes, I did try it also to assure that the employer who hires me as worker really has good background. I also try searching a name of an employer who appears in other legitimate online job website but unfortunately he does not appear to Google search engine results.

In fact, I had submitted an article for him as a requirement but he never paid me.  Likewise to employers for instance, before they will appoint or come up with final employment a potential contractor or let us say worker; they will look for it to well-liked search engine — Google. Why they will look for your name? Employers also wanted to have good background to their possible employer.


Did you know that whenever we sign up to any social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter; our personal facts or information is automatically searchable? It can’t be eluded that owing to huge quantity of information as well as additional issues causative toward search engine optimization (SEO), these social sites frequently come out in close proximity to the top in Google searches for individual qualities.

In reality, your latent employers will Google you. Do you have any thought that employers will look for your name? No body’s perfect, remember.  As we live for free in this country, it can’t avoided to do stupid things like drunken liquor and a friend you takes you a picture and then post in the most visited social networking site — Facebook . Oh, it’s an embarrassment for you. Other activities are going to bars, casino, discos, dating with somebody and all of these circumstances are taken and posted on Facebook. Employers has different thinking, some of them will think that you are out goers, bad influence and etc. that will easily destroy your reputation upon applying to your employer. You must know how to put out of sight those images that would give poor sense to your employer.

What should you do so that you appear presentable or professional online?  You can commence now. I will provide you the steps in order to make the most of your personal brand online professional.

  • Profile Listing — How many society online that you have registered? Are you registered on Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn or you tube what else? You must clear your browser’s cookies and then Google your name.
  • Removed your Unnecessary Images — you can watch around to any online sites you are indexed. Delete your pictures which are not good to see to other people or to your possible employer. If the content to your account is extensive, just set your profile into private so that no one could view it except you.
  • Improved your Personal Image — present yourself online with coolness or poise properly. By means of distributing links otherwise conversing content or you can connect to societies associated to your line of work. And prove to your employer that you are interested to your career.
  • Your own Life must be Confidential — Like in Facebook as well as twitter, you can change your recommended settings into privacy settings. This is necessary to control shared information’s or photos.
  • Your Alerts must be Systematized — Yahoo and Google Alerts tools are alerts you can utilized. These tools will assist you to check your trade name online. For example you set up alerts to your name; you can follow where you are viewing online on a daily basis.

Personal branding actually matters because if you don’t manage your name online, your employer might discourage in hiring you as he/she had viewed your images which they think that you are bad influence applicant for the reason that as they searched your name, they find odd as their first impression.


Effective Tips To Rebuild Your Brand After A Major Mistake

Making a business is more than advertising your brand. It can be considered successful if it has to have a positive image with the buying public. In case there is a major dilemma that your brand would encounter, see the keys below to rebuild your image and to regain trust of the public.


Effective Tips To Rebuild Your Brand After A Major Mistake

Know the root

More often than not, big things come from small packages. Minor incidents that cause hurt to the consumers and fund losses should be dealt immediately. If you see some abnormalities in the process, take action on hand through legal means. Have a belief that it can be solved well and reassure the consumers that the problem is being addressed.

Admit your mistakes

One best way to address the problem is to be honest in accepting the blame. Express regrets about the incident before it becomes scandalized and over exaggerated. Don’t be pressured. There is a still a chance to stand up if you know what you have done and assure yourself not to do it again. You are not alone. You can consider getting the services of a public information firm to help you through.

Use Media Alerts

Since your goal here is to regain the trust of the public, you may use the media to replace the negatives into positive ones. You can donate to charitable organizations, answer questions honestly, or maybe arrange press conferences. Advertise your brand with more positive and colorful imagery. These are just to show that you are brave enough to face the problem and accept the fault done.

Make a fresh beginning

Part of the acceptance is to get ready to move on and step up to the new level. Everyone deserves a second chance. Instead of focusing mainly on the issue, why not change the name of your brand but the same staff to work with? In this way, you can create another brand that’s different from the past and give a new future to your brand.

Get inspirations

Trying to weigh your problem over the others? Do you have the same weight, or yours can be lighter for the other brands? You have to realize that if others can solve bigger problems, why can’t you? Successful people never become as they are today had they not encountered a major crisis in the life of their brand.

It’s not how many times you fall, it’s the times you rise again from a major fall. Failure doesn’t mean the end of the road; it’s just a way to challenge yourself for a greater plan, for a greater purpose, to succeed and to improve yourself.


The Digital Influence and How to Become One

Digital influence is undoubtedly one of the popular trends in social media because it allows different brands in the market to connect and attract large numbers of customers. It’s the new form of advertising where a word of mouth is used and it has proven to be highly effective compared to other forms of marketing. Digital influence is all about identifying your target group and finds innovative way to communicate to them through social media. The influence will only work if there are proper strategies and processes which are not only effective but captivating.

What is Digital Influence?

Digital influence is measured by how well your consumer knows about your brands and the products and services you offer. You also need to create a sense of mutual trust with your customers which will in turn make them loyal. In the world today everything revolves around the World Wide Web where everything is digitized and that’s why you need to establish your digital influence and make your business thrive.

digital influence

The first thing to create digital influence is by  having a strong brand, after having your brand you must make it known to all your potential customer, the last step will be trust creation. There are ways in which you can increase your digital influence, first make sure you have rich and informative content to share. If your content is rich it will be shared through different networks.

To determine how digitally influential you are,

 You can post topics or discussions with your audience and see how may well it’s spread or tweeted.

 Get involved in the topic you start because this will create a deeper connection with your target audience.

 If you have a certain network, try as much as possible to connect with other networks because this will increase your digital influence. By joining your network you will be able to reach more people and have them talking about your topics and discussion thus increasing your digital influence even further.

digital influenceA point to note is that the social platform plays a fundamental role in your business that’s why you must ensure you have the strongest digital influence.

Social media like Facebook, Google+ and twitter are some of the most influential social sites which can be tapped to advance the digital influence since they are accessible all over the world. To know how much digital influence your business has, you can use the following tools. Klout which will measure your online presence and dominance by grouping more than 35 variables which are further categorized into size of the audience, reach and Amplification.

Peer Index is another tool which can be used to measure digital influence but it uses a different approach which is activity, authority and the audience. When using the Peer index you will be able to understand how to further your digital influence. Other tools you can use are Twitalyzer and Crowd Booster. To be successful in your business you have to make sure you have a strong digital influence on different networks of the social media and keep measuring your influence from time to time.


Be Authentically Interesting – Surefire Way to Establish a Brand for Yourself

Branding is an important factor when you venture in on a business. Branding your company, your business, yourself will either make or break you. Therefore, one can say that running a successful business starts and ends in branding. Your peers, your rivals, your business competition, your friends and family will most likely identify you for your brand. It describes you as a whole, so if you want other people to describe you or your business in a positive way, then here are some surefire ways to establish a brand for yourself.


image credit – winweb.com

Surefire Ways to Establish a Brand for Yourself

Personalization – To build a connection to other people, may it be your customers or clients you need to have a picture that will represent you or your business company. It’s either you create your own logo to represent you or if you want then you can provide your own personal picture. This way you can establish a connection effectively thus creating a possible sale.

Create a Tag Line – Tag line is one sure way of reminding the customers of what your company is all about. This is a short phrase that will represent your company and the goal of your company. So having your own unique and interesting tag line is perfect in branding yourself.

Real-time Response – If you have an online business, providing an instant response to your customers is a great deal. This way, customers will brand your company as someone who cares and responses immediately to customer needs. So if someone inquires and your response is instant then there’s a 100% possibility that you can close a deal and have a sale. There are customers who want instant reply, most of them get to excited and impulsive that if they have the needed answer they tend to automatically buy an item. So having someone to provide an immediate response is important.

 Advertisements – Running a business must include advertisements. Of course you have to make sure that your ads are personalized and memorable. Something that people will think of you once they see or hear it. That is what branding is all about. Always see to it that everything you do includes your company.

 Spread the Word – You have to invest to build your brand. When I say invest this means you need to invest money to spread the word about your company. You can opt paying writers to write an article about your company, do some public speaking and even media interviews. These are surefire ways to personalize and build your brand.

These are some of the many surefire ways to brand yourself. You need to think, brainstorm and create your own strategy. This is what business is all about, strategy, building your own name and branding it for everyone to know and eventually patronized. If you want to succeed, you’ll never go wrong in branding yourself and the products you have. If you’re a small starting entrepreneur then you have to start on a low budget however you must ensure that you have to invest in spreading the word about the existence of your company or business. Brand is a big factor for your business’ stability so don’t be left behind.



How Branding Yourself Helps You Brand Your Business

Branding yourself provides a lot of benefits. Some may not realized this but this is certainly true for most big and successful corporations. Branding is effective for big companies and so is to individual persons. Branding is similar to a logo. While having a good logo brings some benefit to an entity, we must know that branding can even bring more or far beyond our imagination.


What are the benefits branding can provide:

  • If you brand yourself, you are creating a unique identity. Identity for yourself and for your business. In other words, branding yourself creates an unforgettable or memorable business. Because of this, your clients will most likely keep coming back for more and in the end creates a sense of loyalty. As we all know, loyalty is very important when it comes to business.
  • Branding provides you credibility. Therefore, it is important to think of a good brand that will provide a feeling of credibility. Business partners will think of you as someone with good standing because of your brand. Your style will be sought after and they can easily distinguish you from the others. Right clients are easily enticed because of your brand.
  • Branding yourself helps you kick start your name and business. People will be more familiar with your business and can easily identify you.

Of course, before putting up a brand for yourself always think of the best brand that can easily be communicated. You need to be precise, you must know your goals and target. This means you have to be focus. You can start creating a plan for your business, though this is an entirely different area, yet creating your business plan helps you distinguish your goals. Thus, making it easy for you to think of your brand. You have to come up with something realistic and as much as possible associated to the public. The public is your critic, your consumers and is the best judge when it comes to brand.

The most important thing in branding yourself is to identify your target market. You need to ask yourself who are your clients? Once you’ve define everything, you can start writing it on a paper. You can start thinking for your business name and eventually come up with your own logo.

You can also provide a page for your business. This is a site where anyone can get to familiarize themselves with your business. It should contain something about you and your business. In this site you can provide information about the brand of your business. You must keep your brand consistent. If you lose your brand, then it’s just like losing your identity, losing your business and possibly losing your market.

Finally, never fail to update your brand. There are really times that a company evolves and changes its target consumers, and here you’ll realize how branding can affect a business. Even if a company changes its brand, it will live forever especially if the brand was communicated effectively to the public.


Branding or Monetization – Which Should You Consider First

 Many people think that blogging is a very easy task – it is merely  about writing. But the truth is, blogging is a much more complex than simply writing. Aside from you have to maintain good quality contents, you have to make ways which would out win your competitors. Whether you like it or not, you cannot deny the fact that you are not the only blogger in the entire world wide web  and that would always be the reality.

For sure, you also want to earn something out from your blog. But the big question is “Is your blog is ready for monetization?”. Before you go monetizing, you have to consider many factors that might affect the future success of your blog.


Launching your blog is the most crucial part. When you introduce your blog, it should have an impact on  readers. It would be wise if you have your own niche and then stick to it.  It is important that you set standards in which the audience would think that you are the top on your field. As the saying goes “First Impression Lasts“.

Though we really wanted to monetize immediately, it is not wise to do so if you just launched your website. It is advisable to wait until you could build up your brand. It is important to get the trust first of the readers before jumping into monetizing. To create a brand you have to have an informative and useful content.

Few reasons why branding is important

  • Having a good brand helps readers in distinguishing you from your competitors
  • If you established a good brand, it simply means you have a good reputation.
  • Reader loyalty is never a problem once you established a brand for yourself
  • Introducing something new is not that hard
  • If you are into selling products, it is not hard to sell something as most people trusts you

Be creative so your readers will not get bore on reading and visiting your blog. Observe the response of the readers so you would be able to know what your readers want. Then once you have already built a strong bond between your readers, you are now ready to monetize.

BrandingDo not be so hasty on monetizing your blog, hurrying too much may spoil your plans. Learn the techniques in which you could monetize your blog in a creative way. You may offer products, special promos or services with your logo or your blog’s logo on it. If you want to advertise, choose text ads rather than ad buttons. Put a contact page in your blog or website where your readers and clients can reach if they want t ask you something. Monetizing can be very fun especially if you are earning much but remember to consider your clients and viewers opinion for if they did not like the sudden transformation of your blog, you might lose them.

Make use of the resources you will find over the internet. You can promote your site through advertisements and SEO, or join forums. This will greatly increase the traffic of your blog and website. Engage into affiliate marketing. You will find lots of affiliate programs on the internet that only requires you to fill out an application form. Choose only those companies who are appealing in to your audience’ eyes.

It takes time before you could monetize your website. You just have to be patient. You also have to remember that you are not the only blogger in this world so expect tons of competitors. The challenge is how you are going to keep up and lead the competition.


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