Truth About Making Money Thru Blogging

There have already been a lot of forums and discussions talking about the reality of making money through blogs. Are they for real? Is it really possible to make money from a blog?

The truth is the possibility of making money online is there. It will always remain as an open opportunity for those who would like to venture on it. The capacity to make money online through blogging makes the situation differ from one blogger to another.

What are the ways or options a content writer can grab to be able to start monetizing their blogs? There is only one great rule a blogger should follow to be able to create a blog with superb potentials of making money. Bloggers should start creating contents with high quality.

Bloggers should always ask these questions before creating a blog

  1. What will my blog be about?
  2. Do I know a lot about the topic my blog would focus on?
  3. Am I credible enough to supply knowledge in information to the people who would be possibly reading my blog?
  4. Could I sustain my blog with quality articles on a regular basis?
  5. Will advertisers be interested in having their products and service in my blog?
  6. Do I have the basic knowledge I blogging, search engine optimization and other technical tasks that may affect the traffic as well as the monetizing potential of my blog?

Bloggers should never blind fully venture into blogging unless they are equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to be able to be successful. Blogs to be successful ones should be carefully planned out. What would your blog be about? Is it a photography blog, a lifestyle blog, a health blog or a beauty blog? To create good and consistent traffic, your blog should focus on a specific are. There are thousands of bloggers out there. For your blog to get noticed, you need to have something unique or different to offer.

Once you find your niche, the capacity to supply your blog with articles related to the topic your blog is about is the next thing to consider. Are you going to write the articles yourself or are you going to hire for help? The content your blog is the very essential component you should focus on. A senseless blog will never go far. Build an audience that will read your blog by creating content worth their time to be read. Once you gain and grow your audience, you can slowly monetize your blog. There are a lot of advertising sites that are willing to share revenues to you if you really want too, but the guarantee of making money instantly is not guaranteed. It all goes back to the quality of the contents your reader would be seeing in your blog every time they visit.

Making money through blogging is true, but it is only if the content writer will create decisions that will be beneficial to his blog. Making money though blogging is not an overnight process. It takes time and a lot of hard work for a blog to be successful.


4 Surefire Ways To Make Money Through Blogging

If you’ve been working at a blog for some time now, watching your visitor numbers go up and wondering how you could cash in on the volume of people visiting your blog, then you need to look at doing some advertising. Most people think about advertising when they start their blog, but they may be disenchanted with the profits after they get to their first Google AdSense payday.

make money blogging

How do you make advertising work and generate income on a blog? It varies and it’s something that you have to work with to get it right. To some extent, successful advertising and profit generating strategies vary depending on the topic of your blog. If you want to make money blogging, then put on your thinking cap and start experimenting to figure out what will work best for your blog.

Most bloggers use Google AdSense as an income generator.

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What is Google Adsense?

Google AdSense is a cost-per-click program that pays you when visitors click on the ad that you display on your blog. It’s a clever and simple concept, but it doesn’t make a lot of money unless you have a lot of visitors. If you’ve got quite a few people going to your blog each day, then you may be pretty satisfied with a program like Google AdSense.


There are other similar programs like Chitika, Media Net, Infolinks that people have started using on their blogs with some success. These ad programs are easy to implement and start generating income for your blog right away. If you don’t have a ton of visitors to your blog and Google AdSense or Chitika aren’t helping you make money blogging the way you had hoped, you need to try some other strategies.

Here are some of the Top 13 Best Baying CPC/PPC Ad Networks

1) Google AdSense
2) Media Net
3) Bidvertiser
4) Chitika
5) Infolinks
6) Clicksor
7) Vibrant Media
8) Exit Junction
10) Blogads
11) Kontera
12) CPX Interactive
13) Click Booth

You can sign up to CPM Ad networks. This method doesn’t require ample amount of clicks but it pays based on impressions. Ad networks’ rate per thousand impression varies so choose the one with the best rate.

How a CPM Program works:

1.  Sign up on the program.
2. Grab the  Ad Code.
3. Place it anywhere you want on your website and you’re done.

Top 10 Cost Per Impression Ad Networks

• Tribal Fusion
• Advertising.Com
• Casale Media
• Burst Media
• CPX Interactive
• Technorati Media
• BannerConnect
• ValueClick Media
• Adtegrity
• AdPepper

You could also work with affiliate programs like Amazon or FlexOffers to make money blogging. These programs pay more per instance, but people have to buy something in order for you make any money from it. If you don’t have a ton of people following your blog yet, but the followers you do have are extremely devoted, affiliate programs may be the best way for you to make money blogging.

If you’re the type of person who is passionate and patient enough to write on diverse topics,  you can always consider checking those websites that pays you to contribute an article on their website. Depending on the website but these websites pays lucrative amount for your contribution. The list below will help you get started.

Sites That Pay for Guest Posts

• HowlRound
• XOJane
• Fuse Financial Partners
• Model Railroad Hobbyist
• Doctor of Credit
• IncomeDiary
• The Krazy Coupon Lady
• The Penny Hoarder
• Make a Living Writing
• The Write Life
• Be a Freelance Blogger
• Write Naked
• Funds for Writers
• A Fine Parent
• Cracked
• Listverse
• Knowledge Nuts
• TopTenz
• BootsnAll
• Matador Network
• International Living
• Brazen Life
• WorldStart
• UX Booth

Lastly, you can always attempt to sell ads directly to businesses who might benefit from having a connection to your blog. Although selling ads directly to businesses can generate more income quickly in one big chunk, you may have to work pretty hard to get it. You’ll need to do some sales or hire someone else to do sales for you if you want to make money blogging by selling ads directly to businesses that are somehow related to your blog topic.

Set aside some time to message the businesses who do buy ads from you. This could take as much time as the blogging itself if you want to do it right.

Lots of people out there have figured out how to make money blogging. If you’ve gotten to the point where you’ve created a successful blog, then you just need to work out the kinks in your advertising strategy to create a steady income from your efforts.

make money blogging

[box type=”warning” align=”” class=”” width=””]There are still a lot of ways on how to earn from blogging and I’m pretty sure we missed  some of it. Feel free to share it on the comment section. We would be glad to add it up on this article.[/box]

How A Blog Can Help Your Business

Most blogs are purposely made for entertainment and information. But more than that, they also generate interest and make money for your business.


No, blogs aren’t for everyone. But see how they can accomplish these five basic business objectives:

Blogging provides quicker promotion

Blogging can serve as an information source. Through blogging, you can stream video email and other related video communication regarding your business. Technology has a very big impact on the business field. Since most people are use computers and other similar devices, people in any corner of the globe would know about you. See if you have a close friend who experienced your service and found it satisfying. What will your friend be able to do next?

Probably, your friend would link your site to others. This is just one of your means to let others know that there exists such name that you take pride of.

Blogging makes up your identity

Blogging can also providee an effective marketing tool to establish yourself as an authority in your field. Not only can that generate leads, but it also gives your business a face and a personality and sends a positive message about your credentials through the business field.

Blogging improves your ranking

Blogging, in any means, improves your ranking in search engine results. It creates traffic to your site allowing readers to post their response and feedback. If done properly, blogs have a tremendous benefit relative to search engines. With blogs that allow comments, every new post and every new comment become an additional Web page filled with additional keywords to be picked up by the search engine spiders.

Blogging becomes the newest means to build up customers

Just as important, blogs that solicit reader comments can provide a sense of immediacy to your customers. In one respect, that’s a ready source of feedback on what you’re doing right and what you need to improve. This somehow gives you a right track on how to establish more yourself from others point of view.

Blogging influences public opinion

A blog on your website can help add some personality to your business and can show customers who they are dealing with, showing that there is a face behind your business. Having a blog is an amazing way to allow your opinions and others insights to shine through.

While blogging can be a useful tool for your business, it’s important to remember that blogging isn’t always easy, it can sometimes be a lot of work – something any business owner is already aware of.


5 Ways You Can Earn Through Blogging

The art and practice of “blogging” was believed to have started in 10994, when a guy named Justin Hall created the first ever blog. While blogs are generally like journals, where the person updates it everyday, and talks about everything possible under the sun. If done properly, blogging can actually be a worthwhile and profitable activity. According to blogging experts, the average blogger in 2008 made a average $6,000 a year, while others even earned as much as $200,000 a year.


Here are five ways on how you can earn from blogging.

Research on the Popular Topics

To successfully earn as a blogger, determine the topics or subjects that you are truly comfortable talking or discussing about Research about the popularity of the topics you find interesting, to ensure that topics you prefer are those that more people are discussing and searching about today.

Use Google Keyword Tool

Another way of finding the right keywords or topics, would be to use tools like Google’s Keyword Tool, and Market Samurai, to fully ascertain or assess how people today search for particular topics or keywords each day, or each month.

Create Your Blog

The next step would be to determine the right platform for your blog. You could choose from WordPress to Blogger.com to Google Blogger, and if you got extra cash to spare, you can actually buy a hosting service, where a large company holds you blog, an makes it fully accessible to the public.

Create Content

The next step would be to start writing, based on the content that you really like discussing about, and the target market or niche that you’d like to concentrate on. Just make sure you create a catchy and interesting name for your blog, and ensure that it will be reflective of what your target market or niche will find, when they read about it. Also remember to write at least one blog post at the start, and make regular postings at least once or twice, or more than that, per year.

Monetize Your Blog

To monetize your blog, research and select the right monetization option for you. Like for example, you could market or write about e-books, newsletters, white papers, and other products. Some monetization options include placing link or text ads from Chitika or Google Adsense. And after choosing the right monetization option for you, learn about keyword placement, placing backlinks, meta tags, and other useful techniques.


Monetizing Your Blog – Beginners Guide

If you are reading this, I would guess that you are a new blogger, or just an interested internet user who happens to hear or learn about the possibility of making money through blogs. You would continue reading because you would like to know more about the in and out of the process of monetizing your blogs. I may be mistaken but you can also be a blogger, who has already a blog but is having troubles in monetizing it. You may have tried out different tips and advices and found out that they did not worked for you so your scouting for ideas and other methods on how you can really make money from your blogs.


You have come to the right article. In brief, I would discuss to you how to monetize your blog, especially for rookies.

How to Monetize Your Blog

What is a blog?

A blog is an online platform used by content writers to express a thought, share an experience or an idea or simply find an online space where they can write about the things they would like to share others.

Knowing what a blog is, your purpose for blogging should fall in between the lines of its meaning to be able to create a blog. You blog for a reason, and if your reason for blogging is because you want to make money from it, you have a few things to consider;

The niche of your blog

A niche in blogging dictionary is an environment your blog has, the universe you intend to create in your blog. By simplifying it, a niche is an area you are familiar with or a place you would like to create. If you would want to create is a blog about dogs, then your niche or your blog’s universe is about dogs. To make something so big simplified and unique as well, you can blog more specifically, like a blog about dogs used for hunting. The more unique your blog is, the more unique and compact your target audience will be

Target audience of your blog

Before creating a blog, you need to have a target audience. A blog about dogs used for hunting will definitely target dog owners who have dogs that accompany them during hunting trips and not dog owners who carry their dogs in their purses. Write articles about topics you like for the people you would like to be reading your articles. In blogging, you should remember that you are not only writing for yourself but also for a reading audience, especially when you intend to make money from it.

Your target advertisers

Your blog is about dogs for hunting and your readers are dog owners who have hunting dogs, so what are the advertisements that a dog owner with a hunting dog would possibly view? Dog accessories, protein supplements for their pets, vitamins, training services for hunting dogs and the like are the possible advertisers you will attract.

To make it short, to monetize your blog, you need to have three things, a target advertiser, a target market and a creative brain to be able to create a content worthy to be read.


Earning Online Through Blogging

Making money online is what keeps me busy nowadays. Being able to create a descent income at the comfort of my home, without being constantly told what to do and when to do it is a luxury I enjoy while working at home. I get to see my family any time I want to, take a break and have a walk in a beach. I can even have a nap without worrying who may wake you up. This are the things I enjoy a lot that keeps me motivated in finding ways in creating and generating money through online jobs.

Blogging is also one of my favorite platforms when it comes to money making. I can express myself freely, sometimes not, but get paid in the end. Get paid for what we love doing is the best things a money maker would want to experience. Before I had a regular day job, I earn a descent income but my creative side is in shackles and has been very eager to break free.

Blogging gave my creative side the opportunity and the kick to start a career online

bloggingA few may ask if it is really possible to generate a steady and sufficient income from blogging online. It is possible, I did. Just like new ones, I had to endure the gruesome process of creating a blog and monetizing it. It took me a year before I managed to be able to create a substantial amount of income from my blog. How did I do it? It was not simple, but the hard work was worth it.

The problem with starting a blog is that we often focus on the money making idea. I created a blog thinking of the rewards that I would be getting without actually planning on how to be able to get that. This is a common mistake to many bloggers. It took me a while to realize that this should not be the case. Money from blogging is true but you still need to work for its, and at times, you need to work hard for it. After accepting and learning the fact that I need to put investments into my blog to monetize it, the positive changes happened.

Final Words

I invested my time and my knowledge into my blog. I started creating articles, studied search engine optimization, and took a short course in HTML and programming. It did not cost me a lot but the results it did for my blog was priceless. A constant amount of traffic was steadily building up in my blog. My readers are starting to post comments and suggestions in the articles I feature. Interaction between me and my target audience is also increasing. I was just surprised that one day an advertiser was already asking me for a space on my blog and was asking me what my ad space rates are. It was the best moment of my blogging life. Put your heart in what you do and the things you expect to happen will eventually arrive when you least expect it.


The Impact of Blogging and Online Influencers

Blogging plays a big part in online marketing. Blogs can be thought as online diary, where an individual shares his experiences online and allows other people to read and react on it. Many marketers use blogs to attract visitors and drive traffic to their websites. Many bloggers also use their  blogs to generate revenues.


Since Google is still the world’s leading search engine, the content of the website is a large factor in their ranking. Most often, people search the web because they want to learn something. Blogs are the most effective source of information. For readers, it would be a great help if they find what they are looking for in single blog and they need not to navigate more to other sites. For online marketers, the blogs help them to build a brand or a name. With a sound content and the use of right graphics, one’s website will look more professional and more credible. Hence, one will look like a specialist or expert on his own field.

Blogs also connect people. Since, the blogger shares his experiences, opinions and views, other people will read it and react on it. Hence, the communication between the blogger and the readers becomes stronger and trust builds through frequent exchange of information.

In general, there are lot more benefits blogs has to offer to everyone. Consider these benefits below:

Benefits of Blogging

Blogs help in building community

Blogs offer opportunities for people to share their knowledge and expertise in larger audience in different parts of the world. Hence this provides an opportunity for larger audience to connect and build a community.

Blogs are lower cost alternative to have web presence

If you own a small business and you do not have sufficient money to hire a web developer or you you do not have the time to learn HTML, then blogging is the best way to get your name or brand out over the internet. All you need to do is to share some helpful information and make it look like professional so that the readers will see it as credible and reliable source of information.

Blogging is also have different easy-to-use web publishing tools

You do not to worry if you know nothing about HTML or web development. If you want to have a website you can access many user – friendly tools and with some few clicks, you have your own website.

In online marketing, everyone is working hard to rank high in search engine rankings

Blogs have great points in Google’s search algorithm, so it would help a lot if you have one. You can also add some advertisements in your blog to generate more revenue.

Final Words

You can do a lot of stuff on blogs, all you have to do is to be creative. One must not underestimate the impact of blogs not only online but in the entire marketing business in general. It influences the lives of people who shares it and reads it, and reacts on it. In a gist, blogging is simply more fun and beneficial.


Blogging as a Hobby and Much More

Words are like swords; they can cut, lead or change a whole civilization. If an individual has the capacity to make the most out of the words they are capable of thinking and saying, they should seize that chance to have their voice heard and their novels read, thinking that maybe it can make a difference.

Freelance writing is one of the silent, yet in demand jobs there is worldwide. In reality, a rookie freelance writer earns an average of 40$ a day, that’s 14,600$ a year. Professional writers can earn around 100$-300$ a day or 109,500$ a year, an average salary a college professor gets. The amazing thing about this is that these freelance writers are usually people with day jobs. So imagine the monetary benefits a full time freelance writer gets in a year. Really big, right?


A freelance writer usually starts small. They are often individuals who would like to release their tensions and problems through writing. Most freelance writers are seasoned bloggers who started writing as a hobby. How can this simple hobby be a solid foundation in being able to be a successful freelance writer? Every successful endeavor starts with simple baby steps. To become a seasoned writer, an individual needs to nurture his writing talent. What makes it easy for these people to do so is that they are doing something they love doing. It really makes a difference if a person does things whole-heartedly and happily. There was never a successful blogger who did not love blogging.

Blogging is a very defined activity …

.. but the places and the people these blogs reach out to may seem to be far but within a “clicks” reach. As a hobby, blogging can bring a sense of contentment to the blogger. The writer often creates a place where he is comfortable to be and say what they really feel about an issue, be open with their emotions or just simply be free to speak their mind. Little did they now that when they started to create a blog, they have already initiated to build a community. Bloggers from different sides of the world usually have a common stand or belief. Every time they bump into each other, they find a new friend, or an ally, or someone to back them up with the values and ideas they commonly share.

Of course, there are bloggers out there who makes a living from their blog. They make money from the hobby they enjoy doing. It is very incredible to discover, that the epitome of a professional can be achieved through the simple method of blogging. The much more important thing about blogging besides the personal satisfaction and the money that comes with it is the knowledge that a blogger continues to write and exceed what he has achieved one day to another because this makes him happy. Being happy in what we do, even with or without the personal or financial benefits we get from matters a lot on our lives.


Why Chat Boxes Are Not Good For Your Website?

A long time ago, people get in touch with each other in town squares where they talk about anything under the sun. There they also meet new friends and establish business contacts, both new and old alike. Town squares have long been replaced by chat rooms and if you want to make it more private, you install a chat box in your own web site.

chat box

If you a website that promotes your business or services, placing a chat box in your website can be a good idea to communicate with your clients and potential customers in a more personal way. You will also be able to specifically address problems and questions without having your clients sort through your replies as opposed to forums or comment boxes.

However, although a chat box lets you keep in touch with other people faster and easier, the question is if it really is good for your web site? Let’s look at a few reasons why putting a chat box in your web site is not a good idea.

Few reasons why putting a chat box in your web site is not a good idea

The main disadvantage of a chat box in your web site is it affects the loading time of your web site. Chat boxes, together with widgets and scripts, can make your website lag. The slow download time can drive away your customers because of having to sit down and wait for it. Don’t stuff your backend with non-essentials and lose potential customers because you’re making them wait long.

chat boxAside from causing your website to lag, spammers can use the chat box to put unnecessary text that will cause it to lag even more. Other people can use it to advertise other products by pasting links to your competitors’ websites. With this, you are being destroyed by the competition in your own backyard.

If spammers won’t get the better of you, then the pranksters might. They can not only post spam and pranks, but they can also post insults and curses on your website. Remember that chat boxes are not as private as you think they are. At times, what you have posted might continue to haunt you forever. This time, what happens in ‘Vegas’ does not just stay in ‘Vegas’.

Spam, unwanted advertisements, and cuss words are unwelcome realities in your web site which you need to get rid of. This means extra work for you as you maintain the site and if you do not know how, you will have to spend extra to do the dirty work for you. What seemed to be a harmless widget or add-on becomes something that can cost you a fortune.

Instead of a chat box, create a mailing system instead which is more formal and personalized. Replying to your customers through email will make them more special.


How Blogging Changed the Advertising Scene

Looking back to twenty years ago, the advertising industry heavily relied on TV. Using different types of people – from ordinary Joes to big name celebrities – to put a face and represent products and services, these advertising campaigns are very costly. The sad part, though, about these campaigns is that they only reach half of their target audience. Thus, companies always face the risk of losing a huge amount of money if their advertising campaign becomes a flop.

Fast forward to the present, TV and print advertising is still common but the ever evolving technology has changed some rules and methods of advertising. Thanks to the internet and the introduction of new technology, the world has become smaller and simply relying on traditional advertising isn’t enough anymore. Why settle for capturing only 20 percent of your target audience when you have the possibility of reaching even the farthest corner of the world through social networking.


One of the most prevalent of these is advertising through blogging.

Just look at the army of bloggers and the number of blogging sites, and you will never be able to imagine how great this army is. Not only have they increased in number, they have increased in influence as well. Governments of the world have been shaken and leaders ousted as people expressed their discontent and anger through personal blogs. The passion then spread like wildfire and became a revolution. On a lighter side, blogging has done the same way to advertising. It has changed the rules to a once exclusive industry where only big advertising companies dominate the scene. Through blogging, regular people have managed to do the impossible – a case of David slaying the giant.

Another rule that blogging has changed is the amount of money that goes into advertising.


How many millions do traditional ad campaigns spend just to air a 2-minute commercial without any guarantee if it will click or not. With blogging, you can promote a product for free and involve your family, friends, and acquaintances in the marketing process. This is where the fun also begins because the satisfaction doesn’t come from monetary rewards but from how you can make things possible through the concerted effort of a community.

Furthermore, the reviews made by bloggers are more honest and reliable because they have experienced the product or the service firsthand. These blogs are candid views of men and women who are responsible enough to help others avoid buying a substandard product or using a poor service.

There are many ways how blogging has changed not only the face of advertising, but every aspect of our lives. The most obvious, however, is that it has made our world smaller and more accessible.

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