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Utilize Questions on Quora and Gain More Web Traffic

Keywords are essential in internet marketing. More so, the right keywords related to your business or service are very crucial if you want to drive more traffic into your website. However, there is an interesting observation that has been made which showed that most of the time, people use questions rather than keywords when using search engines such as Google and Bing.


For example a student who needs to answer his homework would type in the exact question given by the teacher in order to find the answer he is looking for. Then, a housewife who suddenly has the urge to bake a cake using and ran out of shortening might type in a question asking for an alternate to shortening. . A person who has questions will not think of keywords when searching for something. And these types of moments are what make Quora very useful to anyone who has a question that requires an immediate answer.

Quora is your FAQ hub for all sorts of niches answered by experts or pundits.

Through this site, you can get a lot of knowledge and expert help if you are searching. On the other side of the coin, you can showcase what you know and what you have or utilize it as a marketing tool to build up your prestige. It can be used to your advantage to build a strong online presence.

quoraOne way to maximize Quora is to build a profile that highlights your skills, interests, and expertise on topics or niches you are most familiar and comfortable with. Focus more on the questions you have answered and build a link to your website to cement and strengthen your authority regarding the subject matter. Be sure it reflects and represents the product or service you have.

One method to make your ranking rise quickly is to modify your profile based on the topic question. As you change your area of expertise based on the focal point of the question, your answer will climb the ranking ladder as well. This will lead more people right at your doorsteps, so to speak, as they seek expert advice and specific answers to the question.

In order to keep a steady stream of followers, try to focus on one or three areas of interest to build your reputation on. Although it is advised not to put all your eggs in one basket, too much diversity can also harm you as you can spread yourself too thinly.

Finally, make sure to build your reputation by maintaining the quality of the answers you give to the questions. Always make sure that they are well-researched as one mistake can ruin the reputation you have carefully built.


Boost Your Blog’s Traffic by Creating Share-worthy Contents

Yes it is true that by blogging every day you boost your blog’s traffic. However, there are cases when you can’t get in front of your computer, access it and blog every day. For instance, there are cases of black outs, cases of computer or laptop issues, cases of internet connection problems, or even health issues that will surely get in your way of blogging every day. So what is the best way to boost the traffic of you blog? One sure way to increase traffic aside from blogging every day is by providing great and high quality content blogs. You will never go wrong if you share something that is worth reading, worth spending time and worth sharing in your blog.


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You must think of unique ideas to write about, you can even do niche blogging. Although this is a wide topic, you still have an option to narrow it down and create high quality content so that it will catch everyone’s attention. There are hundreds if not millions of niches in the blogosphere yet you can be sure to create waves and attention if you provide share worthy contents. You can also start on pillar articles. These are the common articles we found on the internet. Articles that everyone would love to read since these types of articles provide readers information that are vital and helpful, you just need to establish your target audience and write what you think is important to them. Information they can use every day. Pillar articles are informative hence readers would tend to go back time to time to recheck your articles. So these ways are example of blogging without having the need to write every day.

trafficOne can also start blogging news and current events. These types of blogs are very important, the same as with pillar articles. Blogging the latest craze or news provides your audience a sense of awareness hence it keeps them addicted to your blog. Say for example, your target audience is those who are Hollywood fanatics, and then blogging something about famous stars and current issues about Hollywood actors and actresses will certainly catch attention. So it all depends on your audience. Of course another way to increase traffic is to provide news worthy content. Something that will interest everyone, although for this type of blogs it’s difficult to establish a reputation yet this will surely increase your blog traffic.

Allow new voices to your blog. This means to say you have to be creative and probably allow others to post something in your blog. This is what you call guest posting. These will also increase the traffic in your blog and as a bonus; this new voice could create great content for you blog. So overall, if you want to increase your blog traffic, be unique, creative and allow interaction with you. Having a share worthy blogs is a sure way to soar high and at the same time eliminate the need to blog every day just to increase traffic.


Surefire Ways to Boost Your Website Popularity

The internet is filled with a lot of websites to look at. There are those that offer information and there are those for the entertainment purposes. Then there are those that are used for in the business aspect. These websites allow for online shopping as well as online auctions wherein people can sell and buy stuff online. The most popular form of websites today are probably the ones involved with social media. These websites generate a large sum of income and popularity every day. It is possible for an ordinary person to make his own website. The beauty of it is that you can use it in any way you would want it.

To create and maintain a website is a hard task, boosting its popularity is hard as well but not impossible. If you want to boost your websites popularity there are ways that you can do to do that.

websiteRecommend your website to your friends

The first is to start locally by word of mouth to your friends and local communities. This is probably old fashioned and the returns maybe slow and close to none but it’s a way that doesn’t require much effort or money.

Do it via social media style with either Facebook or Twitter.

You can make posts about your site or share it with other people. You can also Tweet about it and if you have a lot of followers then it’s another effortless way to do it. Then again the results may not be spectacular since not all people may be interested but it’s not so rough on the budget.

Comment on blog and forum sites.

Try to find blog and forum sites that have the same field as your website then try to promote your site with them through it. Since the people have the same interest then boosting your website will be easy and again effortless. Just be careful to read the blog or forum sites’ guidelines as there are those that don’t really allow external links. If that’s the case don’t post the site’s link directly but make words to entice other posters to privately message you to get a copy of the link.

PPC Advertising

The fourth one is a bit tricky and expensive but if you have the resources then you can pull this off. Try to make an advertising partnership with already major websites like Google and Facebook. It is a bit expensive but the results can be promising.

Final Words

Once you master all these steps and ways your website can be very successful. These ways are merely suggestions on how to improve your website’s popularity. They aren’t really mandatory or give the results you may like. The thing to take into consideration is that nothing big happens immediately. There are those with humble beginnings like YouTube that simply started as a college project by a couple of friends. Now it is one of the biggest websites in the world. Try pouring your heart and soul into it so that one day it can grow big.


Build Blog Traffic with Commentluv

commentLuvIn order to gauge how healthy your blog is, there should be more than a couple of comments in each and every post. It should not be just any comment but it is important that the comment is related to the topic where the comment is left (this means that your article was read by the visitor). Why, because there are some blog hoppers who will simply leave a comment about anything under the sun and have nothing to do with your post just to simply advertise their website.  Leaving a comment practically gives a commenter a chance to show a link back to his/her website to encourage more visitors.

Let us face the fact that that is one of the reasons why comments are left to your blog post. Aside from the decent percentage of those who really want to read you blog because they get entertained or they really need the information you give, a large number of blog commenter do simply comment as a way of free advertising.  The more traffic your site have, the better chance they get someone to click going to their blog.

Given this scenario, I believe that blog commenter’s should still be rewarded to get a chance to showcase their website to other visitors. Anyway, this is vital to all bloggers. Even yourself, would like to have someone visit your website and comment about your posts. This encourage every to hop from one website to another, giving everyone a chance to be visited and at the same time enriches the knowledge of those who blog hop. How? Well, reading stimulates knowledge.

If you want everything I mentioned on top, I think it’s time I introduce you to Commentluv.  This pretty little tool, allows you to get more traffic, encourage readers to comment about your posts, and its gives you more chance of getting back links for the benefit of your website, at least to your latest post. If you leave a comment to a Commentluv enabled blog or website, you get a chance to add a link going back to your site. This actually allows one to give a brand to their website and to increase its visibility.

Reasons why CommentLuv is important for commenters

Backlink rewards
Sites is branded and becomes visible
More networks
Establish a link building campaign

Reasons why CommentLuv is important for website owners

More chances of getting links to blogs with similar niche as yours. Search Engine loves this
Very easy to install

Keywordluv comes along with Commentluv, so you should know this as well. Having a Keywordluv plugin also allows your blog to have an edge in getting comments. Many commenters love to showcase their anchor texts. So with Keywordluv, instead of leaving comments that looks like “example @ the best example”, this will look like “example from the best example”. Doing this actually allows the website to rank well with their keyword on the search engines therefore it brings more traffic.

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