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How to Choose a Good Online Advertising Agency

I understand that as a business person, your marketing strategy is a crucial part of your business. Since the technology nowadays have going more and more online and mobile, many businesses tend to hire online advertising agency to manage their marketing functions. However, choosing the right advertising agency for your business is quite harder than what you think.

You have to consider many things. If you fail to get a reliable advertising agency, you may end up wasting your money and and worse create a bigger problem to your company. To help you out of your problem, consider the following guides.


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Tips in Choosing a Good Online Advertising Agency

Look for the portfolio.

Well I guess this is the very first  thing you have to look for when you want to hire not only an advertising agency but this is also true in almost all business transactions you want to have with. The portfolio will give you an idea what to expect in that certain advertising agency. You could also see if the agency has done something similar in your case and whether they have completed the project satisfactorily. If they do, then you can be confident that they could also have the same or more positive result.

Check the performance of the agency.

It would also be wise if you ask some of their previous clients about the performance of the agency. Read many testimonials about the agency.  You may give a phone call to those who made the testimonials just to make sure that they are not fabricated. You also have to do your homework. It will not harm you if you background check the agency. Remember the name of your business and its future is at stake.

Always know their prices and rates.

Price is also a factor that you cannot take for granted. Of course, it is important that the advertising agency has affordable packages for different kinds of clients. You need to perform price comparison. However, you should bare in mind that the offered services should be good enough to satisfy your needs and preferences. You should not compromise their performance to the price. Choosing an expensive option does not mean that it is the best option for your business needs. If you have a tight budget, then you have to look for an advertising agency that has a fixed pricing structure.

Look for advertising agency that know the nature of your business well.

The advertising agency should understand the nature of your business and your needs in particular. If they do, they would be able to formulate a marketing strategy that is best for your business. There are different kinds of advertising agencies, there are agencies that are good at one thing yet are poor in another. Not all agencies that are good in graphics design are the best, remember that you need to consider your target market.

And there you have it, four effective guides in choosing your online advertising agency.  The above mention guides are proven effective by many advertising experts. You may find lots of advertising agencies but remember to make comparison in their performance and also on the price.



Why Infographics Are Good Advertising Medium

Infographics or Information Graphics are means of presenting data or information with the aide of visual tools. Infographics is not new to us. Actually, during ancient times, humans used maps or other visual tools to represent their lives. Today, infographics had been the primary tool in presenting information from maps to slide presentation.

Infographics is also an effective marketing tool. Since it integrates writing and analysis into graphics, understanding complex data is made easy. To capture one’s attention, infographics should be informative yet visually compelling.


sample infographics from Christianity Today

The use of infographics as a marketing tool has becoming more trending. Marketers who used infographics has said that they surprised of the results and response of the customers. Let us see how infographics affects your marketing strategy.

Studies show that people tend to understand information through graphics rather than text. You can share these graphical information to your customers using social networking sites like Pinterest and Facebook.  Graphics could also grab one’s attention than text-based information. By doing this, you can have a much wider coverage of reaching out not just your current customers but also probable customers.

Because graphics are more attractive than text-based, they are more flexible and effective. By giving out visually attractive information, you are also giving the clients as well as your probable customers that your company is a working and innovative company that will continue to develop and grow. This will build a strong and good branding.

Another good thing about infographics is that you can embed them in your website or blogs easily. Since there are tough competition on online marketing, you should make a way in which you would lead the competition.

Embedding infographics in your website and blogs is one way of promoting your brand and this will widen the coverage of your marketing arena.

tips in creating an effective infographics for your website

1. Make sure that the information is accurate and concise. It is important that the information is correct and complete. The readers will not like it if they discover that the information you provide them is wrong and that will give a negative impact in your company.

2. Choose an attractive theme and template. It would be better if you choose templates that will complement the infographs to enhance its visibility. Use icons that are relevant in to your infograph and be careful not to put things that will make it look messy.

Should you use Infographics?

Infographics are indeed effective, however, you must be aware of its pitfalls. Of course, everything has pitfalls. Since infographics catch attention faster than text-based, you should also be aware that people would also lose their interest once they found out that the information provided is incomplete or incorrect. You should create a balance between content and the infographs. An ideal website will use infographics to catch the reader’s attention and then contents must follow up. In this way, the reader will find your blog useful and worth reading. Also, you can build a good relationship towards your readers that will later on become your regular readers.

Make up your mind, if you think Infographics will help you then go for it.


Should A Business Rely Too Much on SEO?

For business marketers especially online marketers, the very first thing to consider is to make their website SEO-friendly. Most websites were designed based on SEO. And when we say SEO (Search Engine Optimization), comes a long with it the name Google. It is the leading search engine in entire web.

In order to drive traffic to your website, webmasters rely on SEO. Why? Imagine how many website are there in the world wide web, there are over millions and you have to make a way to stand out among the rest.

Businessimage credit

When a person wants to know or look for something, he would definitely go first to search engines to help and assist him of what he is looking for. It would be a big advantage if your website is in the top rank of Search Engines Result Pages or SERP. But search engines also need to update and sometimes change their algorithms in search which as affects the ranking of websites. This might be tedious in part of the webmasters. However, SEO is not the only way in growing your business.

Tips in Growing Your Business Without Relying Too Much on SEO

1.  Joining a local Chamber of Commerce will definitely help your business to get known especially those small businesses. Joining a Chamber of Commerce will give you lots of benefits. You will be able to get updates on what is happening in he business world. You will also be given a chance to make connections in which you could introduce your products and services.

2. Have you tried raising a fund for a charitable cause? Well, if you haven’t, then now is the time. Try to sponsor a walk or a small league team, by doing this you will be able to help other people and at the same time you are promoting your company or brand.

3. Other forms of advertisement are also effective. Remember that in online marketing, SEO-friendly websites are great however, what about offline? What are your other alternatives in promoting your products offline? Technology nowadays may really be advance but the traditional way of marketing is still proven effective up to this moment. Paper advertisement as well as radio and TV ads are still effective.

4. Giving away discounts and coupons will definitely give your brand a boost. The discounts will surely make your customers rush immediately into your business to avail the promo.

Final Words

Relying on a single way of promoting your business is very dangerous. You must have different alternatives so whenever something goes wrong, you would be able to cope up with the loss.

As for small businesses who cannot afford to get their brand on a TV advertisement or other expensive forms of advertisement, having a marketing strategy that has carefully planned base on their target market even in a limited budget would definitely serve its purpose.

Remember that the future success of your company is greatly affected on how effective your marketing strategies are. Getting your brand to be known and develop integrity is the primary goal. A poor marketing strategy may cause your business to break.


Advertising Outside The Box – Tricks for Your Business

Small to medium size businesses are forever being told these days that online is where it is at and that any advertising budget should be spent advertising online. At the same time they are also constantly being told that they should devote as much time as possible to developing their business social media profile and to building backlinks. All of this is good advice and these are important steps for a modern business but they should not be taken at the expense of some of the old fashioned (but still effective) marketing strategies. It is important to spend some time on advertising in the real world too. Online may be everything these days, but there are still a large number of people out there who prefer to find services and products in the real world. As well as that, even those of us who spend a lot of time online are not immune to noticing clever and strategic real world advertising. And if you are hoping to advertise in the real world on a budget you will need to be strategic in how you do it – most small businesses cant afford to advertise in newspapers, on television or on billboards. Instead it is important to attempt advertising and go for alternative ways of transmitting your business message. This article will suggest a few to get you started:


Alternative Advertising Techniques

Piggyback the Newspaper Delivery Routes

Ok, so you cant afford to advertise in a national paper, but what you can do is jump on the back of their circulation in your area. Spend a couple of days talking to all the local newsagents and news delivery services in your area. Ask them if you can include some marketing literature in with their papers when they are delivered. If you can hit on a price you are both happy with then you will find this an excellent way to get your business known around town. And if the newsagents say no, try the people delivering them – they might be even more willing to do a deal.

Stick Stickers and Banners All Over the City

Work out where most of your potential clients and customers are likely to congregate. That might be the places they go to commute to work, the places they eat lunch or the bars they hang out in after work. Once you have picked some places, find as many ways as possible (without breaking the law) of getting your stickers and banners in plain sight at all of these places. That might mean in local printing stores, coffee shops, on the subway, or in the windows of local supermarkets. The point is to get your brand (and what you do) in people’s heads. You can tap local print brokers to mass produce stickers and banners for you.

Car Bumper-Stickers

This one depends on the nature of your business but there is no doubt that having your company name plastered all over your car, your family members’ cars (and anyone else who is willing) will get you all kinds of free advertising all over the city. Just bear in mind that this might not be suitable for all businesses, particularly those of an executive nature.

Local Advertising

Despite national newspaper and national television being most likely out of your price range, you can still take advantage of local tv and local papers. These will probably be a great market in which to get the attention of other local businesses.

Yellow Pages

Don’t rule out the good old Yellow Pages just because most people use Google. There are still a large percentage of (mostly older) people who reach for the Yellow Pages before they turn on the computer. This will cost you very little, or nothing at all to advertise in and will inevitably send some business your way at some point in the year. Make sure you do it.

Final Thoughts

Since these are traditional and conventional methods but they are proven to work and still a lot of businesses have been using this advertising method. Though a lot of people rely mostly on the internet but there are still people that prefer the usual method of how information is being delivered to them, in short, they prefer this kind of advertising.


Tips to Successfully Advertise on LinkedIn

Established as “social network for professionals”, LinkedIn is where people network with other professionals in their industry. That’s why you have to keep two things in mind when you decide to advertize your offer on LinkedIn: first, the ads that will do well are B2B offers – actually, LinkedIn is THE place for B2B advertising; second, those people aren’t there primarily for shopping, so you have to make a killer ad to get their attention – and here are some basic rules to help you start the right way.

Tips to Successfully Advertise on LinkedIn

Creating an ad

LinkedIn ads are very short – 25 characters for headline and 75 characters for copy, and the picture is only 50×50 pixels, so make the best use of each element. Before you start, ask yourself: what is it in my offer that could attract a professional? How can it make his or hers life easier?

  • LinkedinHeadline: don’t put in your company name, it’s not effective – rather clearly lay out what you’re offering. A strategy that is proven to be effective is to call out your target audience by title (“Are you a CEO?”).
  • Copy: include a free offering and a strong call to action: “download now”, “get your coupon”, “request a demo”. People on LinkedIn don’t have time to guess what you’re offering them, so make your message clear. It’s wise to specify the end date, or that the offer has a limited supply – this will significantly increase the click through rate of your ad.
  • Picture: since it’s very small, best practice is to use a photo of a person’s face, or something else relevant to your offer that is visible in smaller size, and make sure it’s in bright colors to match LinkedIn white background.
  • URL: you can choose to send visitors to your LinkedIn group, or to your website. Make sure that the landing page is relevant to the ad, and in some cases you may want to create a special landing page for traffic from LinkedIn to provide great user experience for visitors.

You will want to make many different ads (LinkedIn suggest at least three, but they allow 15 per ad campaign) and to test them; the one that performs better than others will be shown more often, and then you can turn off the others and try out the new ones.

Besides that, it might be useful to check LinkedIn today to find out which news and stories are being shared the most, so that you can modify your offer according to the latest trends.

LinkedIn Targeting the right audience

You can target the audience by industry, job title, geography, company, age or LinkedIn group. That makes it easy to display your ad to the right people (you will not target CEOs if you’re selling office supplies). However, if you choose to select your audience by their job title, keep in mind that different companies have different titles for the similar roles (secretary, office assistant, office manager).

LinkedIn Budgeting

As with all PPC adverts, you’re bidding against the other advertisers for your ad to be displayed in front of the right people. This will require some experimenting, until you find just the right price to pay for your ad. LinkedIn offers suggestions of a bid range and a minimum CPC for your ads (the lowest is about $2.0), and a minimum daily budget is $10. You can also choose to pay per 1000 impressions, but it’s better to start with CPC option until you’ve narrowed down your most effective ads.

Analyzing your ad performance


You’re paying for it, so you should keep an eye on the effectiveness of your ad campaign. LinkedIn will provide you with basic information (how many click has each ad received), and you can use it to see which keywords and designs are most effective, but you’ll also want to use Google Analytics to track conversions on your website. A good CTR for LinkedIn ads is 0.025%, so if yours is bellow that number, you should change some part of your ad; on the other hand, if your CTR is good, but you’re not getting enough conversions and the visitors aren’t staying on your website for more than 5 seconds, then something’s not right with your landing page and you should reconsider it.

This should be enough to get you started, if you haven’t already. If you have, then please share your thoughts and experience with LinkedIn ads!

Jeff Gross is an internet marketing expert. Through his company, Jeff successfully leverages social media marketing, SEO, and website development to boost local businesses like Serije on LinkedIn and across the web.


How to Improve Online Advertising Effectiveness

advertisingWith so many methods and tools available for marketing and advertising a company, it can be just as hard choosing one to use as it was starting the company in the first place. Online advertising gives you the chance to meticulously analyze the effectiveness of your campaigns unlike with the use of traditional media. You can also target your audience much more precisely, which will allow you to increase sales and publicity.

No matter what type of business you have, you can choose from search engine optimization tools, to pay-per-click advertising programs, to more and less costly ones. The tricky part comes in when you have to devise a plan on how to maximise your advertising options in a way that will reach your targeted audiences.

Important advertising considerations

So what are the most important aspects of advertising? The first and foremost thing to look out for when it comes to effective online advertising is the impact of your marketing campaign on your direct sales. Are you selling more services and products due to a well-implemented advertising campaign? If you are, then you know you are on the right track. If your sales are not increasing it does not mean that your campaign was not effective. It could have worked in other areas, such as creating brand awareness and a brand image, building an online network, or attracting consumer engagement and feedback. These factors will all affect your sales indirectly.

You can also increase sales by linking your network of websites to your own site. Link building techniques are very efficient for enhancing online advertising because they make your site more visible, credible and established. It is vital that you build and maintain a strong online reputation in order for your online advertising campaigns to attract customers. By sustaining a positive online presence you will have a trusted reputation, which is not always easy to build in a competitive and overloaded web of businesses.

Link building is not a sin – if you do it properly

online advertisingDon’t just use any old links, make sure that the links your site provides or the sites you are linked to are also firms with a positive reputation, otherwise it won’t add much to the credibility of your business. It also helps to list your business in an online directory, but make sure you list it in one that is directly relevant to your field of expertise or your link building efforts could be worthless in the end.

If you can build effective links, you will reap the awards with a better ranking on search engines and your site will be promoted in more than one place. Remember to return the favor to these web sites by offering them something that would be of value for their own advertising and reputation. That way they will be more willing to maintain contact with you and help you even further wherever possible.

Copy writing your advertisements is also essential when it comes to online advertising and selling your products to potential customers. Having a well-written copy that is persuasive will not only attract an audience, but also convert that audience to customers. If you want to keep the interest alive then you can also create discussion threads where your customers and potential customers can interact and you can include your advertisement in. This will attract more visitors to your site and company.

Know your stuff

Lastly, when it comes to online advertising don’t forget to research information about the users you are seeking to attract. This will increase effectiveness by helping you decide what sort of advertisement to create and when to launch it. And remember not to go by the number of clicks, as they do not indicate the size of your real target audience. What is most important is a demographic analysis of your target audience, and what type of advertising would be most valuable and effective for that group.

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