How to Choose a Good Online Advertising Agency

I understand that as a business person, your marketing strategy is a crucial part of your business. Since the technology nowadays have going more and more online and mobile, many businesses tend to hire online advertising agency to manage their marketing functions. However, choosing the right advertising agency for your business is quite harder than […]

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Why Infographics Are Good Advertising Medium

Infographics or Information Graphics are means of presenting data or information with the aide of visual tools. Infographics is not new to us. Actually, during ancient times, humans used maps or other visual tools to represent their lives. Today, infographics had been the primary tool in presenting information from maps to slide presentation. Infographics is […]

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Tips to Successfully Advertise on LinkedIn

Established as “social network for professionals”, LinkedIn is where people network with other professionals in their industry. That’s why you have to keep two things in mind when you decide to advertize your offer on LinkedIn: first, the ads that will do well are B2B offers – actually, LinkedIn is THE place for B2B advertising; […]

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