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Use Social Media With Ease To Promote Your Small Business

Are you using social networking sites to promote your small business? If you aren’t, you may be missing out on potential sales. Although you don’t have to be a marketing expert to benefit from social media marketing, you do have to know how to utilize the programs effectively to keep the cost affordable, yet grow your business.

Interact with consumers

Although there are social media software programs available to help you manage multiple social media accounts, avoid automating all the tasks. While automation leaves you with more time to manage other aspects of your business, it’s still important to communicate with your customers on a personal level by engaging with them in real time.

Anyone who “likes” you on Facebook or follows you on Twitter is a potential customer. But while automated replies allow you to stay active on social media when you can’t be online, you should interact personally whenever possible. Take the time to address some of the comments people leave — both positive and negative. Even if you can’t reply to every comment and message you receive, make an effort to reply to several comments each day.

When people post really amazing comments, consider re-tweeting their tweet or “liking” their Facebook page. Give those users a shout out by tagging them in a comment. Extend them the interest they extend to you. Each day visit the Twitter pages of some of your fans.

Ask for input and then listen to what people have to say

Give both current and potential new customers the opportunity to tell you what they think about the products or services you offer. If there is something your business isn’t doing well, take the feedback you receive from followers and implement their suggestions whenever possible.

Give followers a reason to check your social media sites frequently

Host debates on Twitter, or run contests and giveaways at regular intervals. Set up contests so that individuals must engage with your site to be eligible to enter.Consumers love to enter giveaways that offer products or services for FREE.

Get followers to return to your site by posting information that ties to your business or industry, but that helps them in some way. For example, if you sell exercise equipment, post articles that offer advice for helping people get on a path to improved health. Consumers generally find FREE but valuable information as attractive as free items. You can also designate a specific day each week or month to post your latest sales or special promotions.

Use social media to help others

Avoid using social media venues simply to attract more business. Use social networks to reach out and help others. Participate in fund raising campaigns at different times throughout the year by donating a portion of your sales to charitable causes, including charities that benefit your own local area. Look for ways to work with other businesses to make the communities you serve better places.

You don’t have to be a social media marketing guru to implement a successful social media marketing campaign. The key is to be actively involved on social networking sites. Get to know your followers; allow them to get to know you, and more business is sure to follow — pun intended.



How Mobile Marketing Helps Your Business

In a business, marketing is very important. They can advertise their products to the customers. It is in the hands of the people behind every business, the success of their products or services. If they marketed it based on the satisfaction of the customers, then there is a big chance that it will prosper. Before, they use traditional marketing wherein they advertise the products personally to the customers. But now, most businesses use Mobile Marketing.

mobile marketing

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What is Mobile Marketing

is a type of marketing wherein the advertisements of the products or services of a business or company are sent through text. They send it to their clients’ mobile number to make them familiar with the products or services that they offer. It is an extension of Internet marketing, dependent largely on a form of permission-based marketing. It is the modern art of advertising and promoting products through the use of Mobile Phones. Yes, you read it right. [/box]

Some businesses make use of mobile phones nowadays to communicate with their clients. We are living in a modern world, that is why, all things in this world change as the new inventions emerge.

Almost 99% percent of people in this world have mobile phones. We use it in communicating with loved ones, colleagues and other people that are important to us. Businesses find it as an advantage to make their business become popular, and to familiarize people with their products or services. We all know that we are using our mobile phones every day, every minute and every hour. It has expanded rapidly because it is an easier way to make people aware of their products.

It is very helpful to a business or a company since they do not need to talk personally to their clients but they can send those messages advertising their products and talk about these products/services through mobile phones, either text or call. Through the use of mobile marketing, they can now make an interaction with their clients and customers. They can tell them the benefits, advantages and other features of the products that they are selling. It is what is used widely now in the business world.

Different companies have different strategies in marketing. It depends on the people assigned in if the advertisements can attract customers or not. Majority of people nowadays are busy with their work, studies and other stuff, for that, they do not have time to meet these people just to listen personally to the advertisements of the products that they want to purchase, that is, it is also an ease on the part of the customers who want to buy products, or avail services from a company.

Now, they can just communicate through mobile phones to understand the product, know the advantages and disadvantages of the product that they want to buy. If they have any questions or clarification, they can just call, send SMS or email through their mobile phones.

Everything is not perfect, mobile marketing has also its upside and downside, let’s check them out.

pros and cons of mobile marketing

Quick results Platforms too diverse
Easy to work with Privacy Issues
Convenient to Use Mobile Phone Navigation
Direct Marketing
instantaneous User Response Tracking
Potential of Going Viral is High
Mass Communication Made Easy
This Niche is not Highly Concentrated
Microblogging Benefits
Mobile Payments

There are many companies now who are making the most out of mobile marketing in introducing, advertising or promoting their products.



Here are some interesting resources (infographics) about the state of mobile marketing.


Meet Your Match:  Finding Your Target Market on Social Media

In a world of a billion consumers, how do you find who’s right for you?  Who among them are your potential customers?  Do you just randomly send out feelers, hoping someone will notice? A business that seeks to thrive can’t afford to just wait to be noticed.  You need to go out there and find your match.

Social Media

So how do you find your target market in the immense world of social media?

  1. Learn what your potential customers are interested in

Find out the characteristics of your target market.  Their age range, gender, and location are just some of the important information you need to determine their online profile.  Which sites do they usually visit? What topics are they following? At what times of the day are they usually online?

  1. Identify your keywords

Think about how customers would search for your kind of service or product.  What keywords would they type in search engines?  These are the keywords you will need to include in any promotion or marketing material you create.  These keywords should regularly be used in your newsletters, emails and most especially, on your website content, blog posts and social media posts.

  1. Social media sites

Some of the largest social media sites which you need to be a part of are Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and Pinterest.

You can use your keywords and customer’s online profile to find categories, communities and groups that you can join or follow, and establish a connection with them.  This is where you can see what most of your customers are often doing and what they’d likely want to know more about.

  1. Strike up conversations

Build a personal connection by liking, sharing and commenting on other’s posts.  Let people know that you are genuinely interested in them and they’ll trust you with their business.

  1. Create fascinating content on your site

You need to be up-to-date on current events and trends. Read up and research on what everyone is talking about recently and then integrate these topics with content about your product or service.

With these tips, you’ll be sure to find and catch the attention of your target audience, the people who will benefit most from your product or service, on social media.

Social media, when used correctly, can help you maintain your relationship with your loyal customers.  At the same time, you can expand your network and stay attuned to the people you’ll likely be doing business with in the future.


What is SEM and Why Should I Use It?

Search engine marketing (SEM) is one of those terms that is quickly gaining popularity. Marketing gurus are constantly talking about it, and businesses are constantly being told that they need to use it. The problem is that a large number of businesses still have no idea what it means or how to implement it into their strategies.


Put simply, SEM is an Internet marketing tactic. The purpose of SEM is to help increase a website’s visibility on the search engines through the combination of organic search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

If you are already implementing SEO in your marketing tactics, you’re halfway done with implementing SEM, and if you use it correctly, you can actually receive plenty of benefits.

1. You’ll reach your target audience.

With SEM, your ads will be seen by individuals who intentionally searched for your specific keywords. This means that these individuals are in the market for your products and services, giving them more of a reason to choose to click on your ad.

For example, if you sell light bulbs, you will use keywords such as light bulbs, lighting, bulbs, vanities, fixtures, etc. If an individual searches for these keywords, your ad could appear as a result (as long as you use the right keywords and are spending a decent amount on your PPC). So rather than your ad appearing in front of someone who searched for something unrelated to your business, your ad is being placed in front of someone who can actually use your product or service, giving your ad a better chance of being clicked.

2. SEM is extremely cost effective.

SEM allows you to implement a great marketing tactic without needing a million dollar advertising budget. With PPC ads, you can either set your own monthly limit or set your own price per click, allowing you to constantly remain within your budget every month. The more money you pay per click or the higher your monthly budget, though, will help your ad’s chances of being seen, so it may be wise of you to pay more than $10 per month on your SEM.

3. It’s easy to change.

If you notice that the keywords you’re using aren’t generating any results, you can change them whenever you want. This gives you the opportunity to determine what works and what doesn’t, and it allows you to make the changes whenever you want, giving you complete control of how your advertising works for you.

You can also change your budget whenever you want. You can always start out small just to get your feet wet and see how people are reacting to your ads. If you notice a great deal of interest, you can increase your PPC budget accordingly to ensure your ad is always being seen.

4. You’ll be using the right method.

Google is popular, there’s no doubt about that.  In fact, according to stat reports, Google services over 3.5 billion search queries per day. Whenever a person wants to find an answer or research a topic, they turn to Google in order to find what they’re looking for. This is the same for products and services. If an individual wants to find a mechanic in a certain town, he or she will turn to Google for information.  When you use SEM, your advertisements will be found in an area that is being viewed over 3.5 billion times per day.

If you’re not yet using SEM as part of your marketing tactic, it may be time for you to look into it. Not only will you be putting your ads out there in front of people who are searching for your product or service, but you’ll also generate a great deal of traffic to your site, which can easily turn into conversions.


Benefits of a Good Shopping Cart Software

Shopping Cart SoftwareE-commerce, when done right, has the potential to meet or even exceed any sales you’re getting from physical business locations. Many companies run both offline and online merchant options for customers, because both types of merchant options are lucrative, and they both support each other and are integrated with one another. If you’ve decided that launching an online store is right for you, keep in mind that there are several things you’ll have to do, if you haven’t done them already: register a domain, set up a hosting account, appoint a webmaster or set yourself to this task, and pick a shopping cart solution for your website.

Registering a domain can be done through a domain registrar, through your hosting company, or often through an all-in-one company that offers domain registration, hosting, shopping cart installation and general website management. It’s up to you to choose how to proceed with the registering of a domain, as well as the setting up of that domain on a hosting account.

When it comes to picking the shopping cart system you’ll use for your website, you’ll find that there are hundreds of choices available. If you only have a few products to sell, you may find that adding PayPal’s “Buy It Now” button is sufficient, since even customers without a PayPal account can still utilize PayPal for completing a credit card transaction. However, if you have numerous products to sell, or you plan on expanding, then going for the fully loaded shopping cart software is your best course of action.

Shopping cart software, such as what this online store software showcases, covers all of your needs for running an online store. A shopping cart will help you set up inventory, enable customers to quickly and easily find and add items to their virtual cart and then checkout, and help you keep tabs on product stock as well as the orders that are coming in. Shopping cart software is generally pretty easy to install, and the vendors almost always provide support so that if you run into an issue, you can simply contact them for help.


5 Augmented Reality Apps

Augmented-reality-001The term “augmented reality” sounds as though it was taken from a George Orwell novel, but the concept is completely different from what you knew about digital interaction. At best, it allows you to point a device at anything and trigger a technologically advanced provision of information involving anything from landmarks to free coupons.

While the concept gives mobile gadgets a powerful new level of interactivity, its ultimate effect is to turn your world into an interactive wonderland in which you are led to ever more exciting pursuits. While most app developers are jumping on the AR bandwagon, five applications have managed to do so more than the rest.

1) Google Goggles
Google’s unyielding efforts to develop new ways to sift unwanted data out of your searches and deliver customized content from the web has built a sturdy foundation for Google Goggles.

The search engine’s potent algorithms and god-like data access have allowed it to transform so perfectly into an AR app that you’d be forgiven for thinking its labors have always been leading up to this point. The Goggles let you capture images of landmarks, books, and more in order summarize the information about your visual landscape.

Google’s pairing with Android Air’s formidable 1.6 version is a match made in heaven but the firms will soon be joining forces in a more official sense with the release of a Google phone, which will add even more use to their AR efforts.

2) Wikitude
AR’s pervading trend has the most established brands’ apps winning the top prizes in popularity contests–with good reason. Like Google, Wiki has constructed a colossal database, which has allowed it to turn your phone into an enchanted lens.

Wikitude World Browser turns your planet into something magical by giving you compelling, budget-friendly information about where you go and what you do. It pushes social networking to new heights by putting you in touch with geo-targeted tweets, Foursquare venues and Flickr images while letting you build a world that is entirely customized to thrill you alone.

3) Home-spun Goodness
When you’re not globetrotting, certain apps for free coupons turn to AR as a way to inject energy into your shopping life. Spending trips are turned into social sprees by letting you send your friends the free coupons they’ll adore.

It also cuts the blushing out of discount dating by digitizing your restaurant vouchers. More pertinently, the app is breathing life into local economies by encouraging geographically relevant business endeavors that touch home, play and work life.

4) Wi-Fi and Cappuccino
 Whether you’re hunting down a quiet location for a meeting or a Wi-Fi venue from which to finish that report, WorkSnug locates the premium spots in your locale. It leads penny pinchers to the closest free internet hotspot and uses decibel measurements from users’ check-in points to help you find a hushed environment that won’t fray your nerves. If your brain only kicks in after a perfectly brewed cappuccino, the app tells you where to find the best places.

5) Back Yard Tourism
In another case of web-king turned AR leader, Flickr’s developer has created a premium application that helps you unearth the secrets of your own town. Findery is an acutely functional app that lets you tell your neighbors about the treasures and tales outside your front door. In exchange, it gives you access the memories that your neighbors attach to the places they love, turning the familiar into a fairy-tale.

As the little sister of virtual reality, AR constructs an enhanced view of the world around you without modifying it. Harry Potter’s video-enhanced, talking newspapers put the technology on the map before it emerged in its living splendor and, as a genuine product, it has evolved to become infinitely more electrifying than even JK Rowling’s imagination could muster.


The Benefits of a Social Media-Friendly Website

Creating a social media-friendly website can be so rewarding and lets you enjoy the benefits that comes along with it. Here are some of the benefits that you might want to enjoy and might make you reconsider to create or transform your current website into a social media-friendly one.

Social Media

The Benefits of a Social Media-Friendly Website

Engaging and Interactive

A social media-friendly website provides engaging and interactive contents that people love and would result in having a wider range of audience as well as having a greater reach for your content through social media platforms. Also by utilizing web syndication you can provide constant fresh content through syndicated websites for your own as well as having your own content to reach further through your syndicated websites. Integrating your website with social media platforms and blog not only brings more additional content but can also be a catalyst for the social engagement of your brand. Although having social media widgets do not give you SEO benefit, it would still make up for the constant content and interactivity of your website.

Here’s an interesting fact that will surely entice you to be more active on social media.

  • 27% of time spent online is on social networking
  • Facebook boasts of 1.11 billion monthly active users
  • Twitter has a 550 million-user base
  • 50 Million Users Visit Pinterest

Higher Search Visibility

Joining and having social media network content to your website and having a direct connection with your audience; and talk about concerns, suggestions, and even criticisms help provide more information and make it easier for search engines to index, crawl and rank. Inbound links from your audience in social media platforms improve search visibility. Adding reviews and forum not only makes your website more social media-friendly but also adds more variety to your content through the contributions of your audience from the reviews and what they talk about on your forum. What people talk about in your forum also helps in stretching your search visibility.

Benefit of Sharing

Sharing can be beneficial, giving and sharing good content can in turn make your website reach out to the very depths of social media and other websites. With the help of social media your content along with your website can be shared countless times and bring in more traffic and prospective consumers.

Now here a very surprising and fascinating statistics about social media.

  • 2 new member registrations are acquired by Linkedin every 2 second
  • Porn sites are no longer the go-to sites on the web
  • About 93% of businesses uses social media
  • Privacy Settings? 25% of Facebook users doesn’t bother at this at all

Final Words

In conclusion to this topic, a social media-friendly website taps into the vast opportunities that social media communities provide. The power of the people to decide what great content is and what is worthy to be shared and talked about can be harnessed and be utilized in favor for your website. Making the steps in creating a social media-friendly website and keeping the traits that make it that way is essential to the success or failure of your website.


Top 5 iPhone Productivity Apps for Students

Go ahead students — grunt, groan, roll your eyes! Perhaps your parents bought you an iPhone and now you are looking for the best apps to download. If you finally want to make the Dean’s list and get ideas on how to start saving money, why not download these productivity-boosting iPhone apps and get ready to organize and excel your performance at school?

Iphone Apps

Top 5 iPhone Productivity Apps for Students

iCloud and iWork

First on the rank is the iCloud and iWork platforms. These apps are just amazing tools to turn in your assignments. What’s great here is you can save your documents from your computer and email them to your instructor. So, whenever you forgot to submit your homework, you able to do it while walking to your class.


Give it a try and take advantage on this coolest organization kit. This one is a must-have free app on any connected iPhone device. This would be a great choice if you don’t want to scratch your head with all the hectic schedule that you have at school. This app allows you to jot down notes during lecture, clip web pages, record audios, store PDFs and snap photos. This is also perfect for a group project to share files with your friends as well as create your schedule and to-do-lists.


This is another free app that knows everything and assess you in all your subjects. It’s like a search engine which you can just type what you want to know and here then displays its related images, top articles and top blog discussions. After typing, you may have to wait for a short time until the information is all ready.

Scan Pages

One easy and useful app that you must have is Scan Pages. This gives you the ability to scan a page off a desk to store in your phone and email it to someone. This is perfect for you if you want to keep records of your receipts or signed documents right away. It can take pictures, analyze them and shows them to you in a clear format that can be saved on your device.

Square App for iPhone

Do you look for an extra way to make money? As a student, you don’t just have to rely from your parents. You too can bring an effort to support your studies. This free app accepts credit cards and is useful to sell products like shirts and accessories. This is just a perfect way to get you started in making money.

With these top five iPhone apps, you would not only excel in school, but you could also make your life smoother, easier and open to learn through the use of technology.


Effective Tips To Rebuild Your Brand After A Major Mistake

Making a business is more than advertising your brand. It can be considered successful if it has to have a positive image with the buying public. In case there is a major dilemma that your brand would encounter, see the keys below to rebuild your image and to regain trust of the public.


Effective Tips To Rebuild Your Brand After A Major Mistake

Know the root

More often than not, big things come from small packages. Minor incidents that cause hurt to the consumers and fund losses should be dealt immediately. If you see some abnormalities in the process, take action on hand through legal means. Have a belief that it can be solved well and reassure the consumers that the problem is being addressed.

Admit your mistakes

One best way to address the problem is to be honest in accepting the blame. Express regrets about the incident before it becomes scandalized and over exaggerated. Don’t be pressured. There is a still a chance to stand up if you know what you have done and assure yourself not to do it again. You are not alone. You can consider getting the services of a public information firm to help you through.

Use Media Alerts

Since your goal here is to regain the trust of the public, you may use the media to replace the negatives into positive ones. You can donate to charitable organizations, answer questions honestly, or maybe arrange press conferences. Advertise your brand with more positive and colorful imagery. These are just to show that you are brave enough to face the problem and accept the fault done.

Make a fresh beginning

Part of the acceptance is to get ready to move on and step up to the new level. Everyone deserves a second chance. Instead of focusing mainly on the issue, why not change the name of your brand but the same staff to work with? In this way, you can create another brand that’s different from the past and give a new future to your brand.

Get inspirations

Trying to weigh your problem over the others? Do you have the same weight, or yours can be lighter for the other brands? You have to realize that if others can solve bigger problems, why can’t you? Successful people never become as they are today had they not encountered a major crisis in the life of their brand.

It’s not how many times you fall, it’s the times you rise again from a major fall. Failure doesn’t mean the end of the road; it’s just a way to challenge yourself for a greater plan, for a greater purpose, to succeed and to improve yourself.


Google Acquiring Waze – Pros and Cons

One of the more persistent acquisition rumors as of late has come true: Google just confirmed that it bought Waze. As many expected, the deal will see Waze largely operate independently of its new parent while supplying Google Maps with traffic update features.

Google Waze

Below are must-read pros and cons about this new Google app:

Pros on Google Acquiring Waze


This traffic app is available for download and can be used anywhere in the world, but while some countries have a full basemap, other countries still require users to record the roads and edit the maps.

Keep mobile maps lead

In addition to turn-by-turn voice navigation, real-time traffic, and other location-specific alerts, Waze simultaneously sends anonymous information, including users’ speed and location, back to its database to improve the service as a whole. This crowd-sourcing allows the Waze community to report navigation and mapping errors and traffic accidents simply by running the app while driving.

User involvement

Waze uses cupcakes and other gaming conventions to further engage users, allowing users to drive over icons of cupcakes and other road goodies located in certain locations to earn points. The mini-games encourage more user involvement and competition, and that means more valuable road information for the users and the database where those details are otherwise slim or lacking. In addition to mini games, Waze offers points every time a user reports traffic or road hazards. These points can be used to change the user’s avatar, and to “level up” one’s status in the community.

Waze brings fun on the road

By simply driving around with Waze open, you’re already contributing tons of real-time traffic & road info to your local driving community. You can also actively report accidents, hazards, police and other events you see on the road, and get road alerts on your route too. Find the cheapest gas station along your route with community-shared fuel prices. Waze also makes it fun and simple to meet up and coordinate with friends on the road.


Free: Route-recommendation take into account the current traffic situation
Road data up to date and editable by the users
Free real-time event messages with photos of traffic jams, accidents and hazards
The only navigation system for BlackBerry Smartphones with screens larger than 3.5” and with a minimum resolution of 800×480 pixels

Cons of Google Acquiring Waze

The only big disadvantage of Waze is that you have to download maps in real time while driving since maps are not included in the app. This can really take time when you zoom out on a map to see where the navigation is actually taking you.

Overall, It’s all about contributing to and benefiting from the ‘common good’ on the road, so hop on board and get involved in your local driving community today!

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