How Is Software Tested Before Official Launch?

Software BugThe software testing process is one that is incredibly important for any program that is released on the internet. Unfortunately, many business managers have no idea what such a process involves. Let us take a look at this vital development process so that we can make really good decisions in the future. It is inevitable that you will eventually launch some sort of application since mobile marketing grows and there are so many interesting uses that are present for businesses.

  1. Define Needs

According to Bugfinders, the first step is always defining the needs of a client. The professional testers will talk with clients so that needs can be defined. Work statements are developed. They usually included test case examples, writing test cases, defining requirements, clarifying devices and countries that may be covered. To put it as simple as possible, the testing team needs to understand the work that is to be done based on what the app or software has to do.

  1. Launching A Test Project

The test phase will usually start really fast after the Work Statement is accepted by a client. It is possible to have all talks via email or phone. However, a face-to-face meeting is always recommended and can even be scheduled during the actual test period. After the project is launched, testers start doing work. An internal team is always created so that the best possible results can be offered.

  1. Project Management

The testing phase does not simply continue without supervision. There is always a project manager that will make sure deadlines are respected and proper work is done at all times. In the event that there are high priority issues that appear during testing, the manager will always talk to the client about it. In addition, the project manager will update the client on testing progress.

  1. Bugs Are Reviewed

The testers will identify bugs that may exist in the application and will then review them. The project scope is analyzed so that bugs are compared. This process is necessary so that the tester can see if the bug would have an effect on the user. Review teams always make sure that all bugs found are understood by the client so that developers can fix them. In addition, if a bug can be solved by the testing team, a report about them is offered, after they are solved.

  1. Fixing Bugs

The client is always offered two options. He can have his team take care of the bugs or he can take advantage of the support that is offered by the testing project manager. It is possible in many situations to pass all the responsibilities to the testers. The really good companies always have access to developers that are really skilled and that can fix bugs.

The different steps that are taken by a software/app testing team can vary from one project to the next. However, the ones mentioned above are the ones that are usually taken. Make sure that you always test everything before you launch it as you never know what bugs might still exist in the programs you created.

Feature Packed and Powerful Google Nexus 7 2.0 Set To Challenge The Apple iPad Mini


The Google Nexus 7 2.0 is the latest update to 2012’s Nexus 7.0. Set to become the first tablet to run on Google Android Jelly Bean 4.3, it is powered by a Qualcomm quadcore 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S4 processor. Packed with powerful features, it is being touted as the next challenger to the Apple iPad Mini.

Thinner yet powerful.

This is what the Google Nexus 7 2.0 is all about. It is the latest version of Google’s smallest tablet. Initially, it will be available in the United States but will be launched in other markets soon. Considered as the world’s sharpest display, Google Nexus 7 2.0 has retained some of the features of its predecessor but also made some improvements on it.

So what does the new Google Nexus have to offer smart phone users? A collaboration of two technology giants namely Google and Asus, the Nexus 7 2.0 is highly touted as the biggest challenger to Apple’s iPad Mini. Here we will review Google Nexus 7 2.0.

Google Nexus

The Physical Features


At the onset, one would see some glaring similarities between the Google Nexus 7 2.0 and its predecessor. However, a closer look would reveal some slight changes in the latest version. Starting off with the weight, the two versions of the new Nexus are lighter than the original which weighed 11.99 ounces. The Wi-Fi and LTE versions weigh 10.23 ounce and 10.55 ounce, respectively.

When it comes to the dimensions, the Google Nexus 7 2.0 is 200 millimeters long, 114 mm wide, and 8.7 mm high making it taller, narrower, and thinner than the first Nexus. At 4.5-inch in portrait orientation, the Nexus 7 2.0 is easier to handle in one hand. It is perfect for reading as it can be easily grasped with just one hand.

Gone are the plastic faux-metal edges and the rubber back from the first Nexus. Taking its place is an all-black, all-plastic external with a matte finished back portion. This makes the matte back protected from fingerprints.

The bezels on the front area surrounding the display are narrower than its predecessor. Asus trimmed down each side of the tablet by 2.75 millimeters but the top and bottom area remained the same. The reason behind the narrower bezels, according to the two companies, is to provide a better user experience when in landscape mode. The front-facing camera is located above the display but is found at a different spot than in its predecessor.

On the right edge of the tablet, one can find the power/sleep button and the volume rocker. The headphone jack rests at the top edge. On the back side of the tablet, there is two speaker grilles (at the top and bottom) near the micro USB port.

The new Google Nexus 7 will be available in three versions: two are Wi-Fi only offering support on 802.11a/b/g/n on the 2.4Ghz and 5.0 bands. The third version will offer support for LTE and HSPA. At 0.64 lbs, it is lighter and more convenient to carry than the original Nexus.


Like its predecessor, Google Nexus 7 2.0 definitely packs a punch. It is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro 1.5 Ghz CPU and a Andreno 320,400 Mhz GPU. It is available in 16GB or 32GB memory varieties and has 2GB of RAM. It runs on a quad core NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor.



The Google Nexus comes with a 1,920 x 1,200 high definition resolution and up to 323 pixels per inch. This is slightly better than the 1024 x 768 and 163 pixels per inch of the iPad Mini. Apps like Need for Speed, Prince of Persia, Asphalt, and Riptide will look great on the Google Nexus 7. Its surround sound speaker makes listening to music and watching movies a worthwhile experience.



The new Google Nexus 7 runs on Android Jelly Bean 4.3. It will be the first tablet to do so. The latest operating system brings a wide range of changes to the Nexus. This is Google’s answer to Apple’s Siri. First of these many changes is Google Now. This feature comes with a search box and several on-screen “cards” which can be scrolled to access things such as local weather, traffic update, nearby establishments, flight information, to name just a few.

Another interesting feature that comes with Google Now is voice control. Just like Siri, it will provide information that you require such as the time in a certain region or the location of a nearby establishment. If it does not know the answer to your question, it will google the information.

With Jelly Bean, you can view Maps without the need for Internet access. You can set it on “Make available offline” from the drop-down menu, configure the area you like to use and download Google Maps on your device. This makes the Google Nexus the perfect GPS device.

One of the major updates in Jelly Bean involves face recognition when unlocking the device. It requires the user to blink in order to unlock the device. Although it is still not secure, it will be difficult for another person to unlock your device without your face.

Another new feature that comes with Jelly Bean 4.3 is Restricted Profiles. Previously, users can create several accounts for one device. Now with Jelly Bean 4.3, users can create preset restrictions on apps and content. To do this, the user will need to use a lock screen. Aside from access, the Restricted Profile feature can place restrictions on certain app settings such as in-app purchases and age limit.

The Drawbacks

Despite all the new exciting additions to Google Nexus 7 2.0, it is not a perfect tablet. It only allows 8 GB of internal storage and does not have a micro USB card slot for additional storage. You may need to shell out additional cash to get the 16GB version.

Yes, the new Nexus comes with a front facing camera ideal for video chats. But you may become disappointed with the sound and video quality if you try to use it in Google Talk or Skype. If you want to listen to your favorite tunes, you may need to attach it to a speaker or headphones as the sound may not be that good.

Just like any Android device, battery life may become an issue. On what Google calls “active use,” Google Nexus may last up to eight hours. The good thing is that Asus and Google has added a wireless charging features so you can extend the juice of your device.

iPad Mini vs. Google Nexus


So Google is laying down the gauntlet against the iPad Mini with the new Google Nexus. When it comes to design level and the number of quality accessories for both devices, Apple still leads the pack. iTunes remains unmatched when it comes to music downloads. The Apple App Store remains to be the iPad Mini’s strongest suit, as well.

The iPad Mini also has the advantage over Google Nexus 7 2.0 with its thin frame. The iPad Mini is only 0.28 inches thick as opposed to the Google Nexus which is 0.41 inches thick. Of course, the iPad Mini has a larger screen making it much more ideal for browsing the Web or viewing media.

The Verdict

When you are looking for a budget tablet, the new Google Nexus 7 2.0 has a lot to offer at an affordable price. It has the speed and the power that can help ensure a worthwhile mobile computing experience.

MyLife.Com – Simple Way To Search and Connect with People

Today, many public media weblogs have upgraded the method individuals talk with each other. Tweets, Facebook or MySpace, LinkedIn between various types of email solutions in on the internet, although, several individuals get that they contain to handle many records to remain connected with each other. gives a result that makes on the internet communicating simple again by mixing all of their sign ups in one a single system. MyLife is the well-known public networks which give useful solutions for the customers.

MyLife programs information from all of the records to a single position. That way, individuals do not contain to hassle that they have skipped essential up-dates. E-mail, Tweets, Linkedln and Facebook or MySpace information all will go to the identical position. That makes it much easier for individuals to control their records. MyLife is the position that individuals often want to make valuable personal and professional relationships, plus move together contact information and public devices to assist make easier their life. considerably makes the online concept by simply again, like it was often proven to be. makes it easier for individuals to get latest connections. While LinkedIn and Facebook or MySpace allow individuals to look for reviews on their weblogs, MyLife looks its individual describes, the web and community information to help them to search individuals. Most of the grownups make use of the Internet to get other individuals, containing professional connections and long-lost buddies. When individuals use MyLife, they search across 700 thousand outlines, providing them a bigger probability of getting the best person quicker.

Individuals may use MyLife to look for information about them. That offers people much control of information in on the internet about them. If people search something that men and women do not wish, then they may run to suppress the details. It is a position control system in on the internet that places people control. MyLife is the most acquainted social media service.

Mylife.comGiven the want for features, it is no matter that many customers have often authorized up. Getting a range of public media and e-mail solutions makes experience in now is fast-running world. Getting a longer period managing those records, but does not make any experience at all. With MyLife, individuals can get shorter period frame that they find verifying their information. Guests get entry to more information than individuals will get on some other weblogs. Those are good requirements to sign-up for now. You will find something unique in the world of social media.

Final words about

MyLife allows individuals next step in concept technological innovation that locations them in control without demanding a longer period. To make their life even easier, MyLife has locations more solutions on a program that lets individual’s accessibility their public media and e-mail information. The cellular program of allows individuals look for new conversations and see who has been looking for them. When individuals get the MyLife power in their wallet, they may often accessibility their records without hassle. That is the easiest method to stay linked with their co-workers, visitors.

Project Management Software – Best Ways to Collaborate with People

What is project management software? For starters, project management software is a program to create an organized ways to deal with a certain project. It breaks down the entire project into small pieces or into a step by step process. It includes the cost of the project, schedules of all people involved or scheduled date for the project, skills needed, resources, and some included integrated functions where charts or graphs are used and then all these will be put altogether to get a better view and understanding of the entire project.

project management

Why is this considered as the best way to collaborate with people?

Here are some of the reasons.

If you’re doing tasks which are repetitive by nature then project management is best for this kind of activities. It gives you a systematized procedures and it allows you to control your costs and time effectively. For example, every month you’re in charged in the production of your company’s monthly income report. Or you are in charge of producing your company’s magazine, doing some bulk e-mails and newsletters, then project management software can certainly be useful in this situation. It simply allows you to think with accuracy or exactness. Eventually, you’ll be surprised that you can break down steps for even such a small tasks. Project management software is also best in showing your client or employer of what are the things you’ve done for them lately.

Project management software allows you to focus and be on track all the time. This is why it is perfect in collaborating with people. It’s easy to understand everything; one can use graphs, charts, and calculations which makes it easy to present. This is a way of tracking the project effectively using computer software.

This software is one of the best ways to collaborate with your people. Check this awesome video to further elaborate things out.

Here are some of the charts for project management.

  • Gantt Chart – this was by Henry Laurence Gantt, this chart has horizontal bars which is perfect for tracking activities over time which can be interrelated or not. This chart allows an activity to be finished first before proceeding onto a different activity.
  • PERT Chart – This is also known as the Program Evaluation and Review Technique. This chart was created for the use of the Navy back in 1950’s to keep track of their project in creating a missile. This chart will show you the needed tasks to complete a project. This chart is useful for it can show you how one late task which is not done on time can cause delay to the entire project.
  • CPM –This is also known as the Critical Path Method. This method will allow you to see the time frame or how long the project will be completed. Example, if you start to organize a party at around 10am, it will be done by around 12pm.

There are of course other charts and methods for project management; overall these methods are perfect when it comes to collaboration with people. It saves you time, effort and money if ever money is involved.

BananaTag – A Simple Way to Track Your Daily Emails

bananatagAside from mobile phones, emails are the most efficient ways to contact a person of today’s time. In fact, mobile phones already have an email applications where everyone can access and check for their messages. Emailing is absolutely one of the fastest ways to reach a remote person without having to spend a lot. This tool is very essential when it comes to business. However, there’s no guarantee that once you sent an email, the recipient can read it as soon as possible unless he or she always checks his or her inbox. With this comes to mind, have you ever wondered if the recipient did read your email or simply deleted it or ignored it? These are some questions we can’t answer. Now, question no more since BananaTag can definitely answer these questions.

What is BananaTag?

Let me take you a tour to the most wanted email tracker used by millions. This tool was founded by Corey Wagner who made sure that mailers can track and determine if their emails have been read or not, deleted, spammed or even track clicked links included in your email. Yes, this is an effective tool and very helpful for some obsessed tracker information. With the use of BananaTag, you’ll be able to tag, track and at the same time analyze your emails with the use of graphs! How cool is that? To make it easier to understand, this simply means that BananaTag shows you in a graph form the number of emails you sent and how many recipients clicked on your e-mails and read it. This tool was created for the purpose of business transactions; for big and small organizations who wants to keep track of their clients and employees. You can even determine if your email was read using a mobile device or a desktop!

BananaTag is also an advantage when it comes to advertising. This is an advantage if you used emails as your advertising tool, this way you’ll know how many emails have been read and successfully reached an audience.

This tool also offer its service to Microsoft Outlook and also to GMail and Google Apps and other email clients and mobile devices.

BananaTag Supported Clients

Powerful and Intuitive Outlook Addin

Included Features
■ Track Email
■ Smart Notifications
■ Link Management
■ Email Metrics

Gmail and Google Apps Browser Extension

Included Features
Track Email
■ Smart Notifications
■ Email Metrics

Email Clients and Mobile Devices

Included Features
■ Track Email
■ Smart Notifications
■ Email Metrics
■ Send Direct

They will be integrating and providing support for the following CRMs


With the use of this tool, you’ll have an opportunity to use a user friendly software with back-end where you’ll be able to view the deep analysis of how your email contacts exactly interact and where.

So if you want to make use of email, then BananaTag is simply the best tool. Some may find this tool a useful add in when it comes to business and sales. So if you don’t want your employee to make up reasons why he or she hasn’t been able to do this and that, you can easily check their emails to see if they’ve open your email or not. In this way, they can’t make up lame excuses just because their lazy to open and read their mails. BananaTag will simply make your life easy as an entrepreneur or a CEO of a big company.

Social Media Marketing Using Mezee Chat Rooms to Make Viral Buzz


According to studies, internet marketing has been a more efficient means of advertising than TV, magazines and newspapers. The world has millions of internet users utilizing the benefits of technology for various purposes and performs tasks important to their industries. Though there are those who use it for sheer enjoyment, one of the major voids that technology and social media fill is communication barriers. However, effective use of internet marketing for communication purposes must be employed. It is very important for an internet marketer to know where to place their ads to maximize opportunities for marketing.

Chatting and instant messaging is instrumental in harboring communication making every connection possible anywhere in this world. Therefore, it is a must that the best tool for such communication is employed and thus, Mezee chat is developed in order to address this need. Mezee chat is a great social media marketing tool that can be used to generate successful leads. One can interact in a variety of new methods using Mezee chats. It also has features that allow its clients to easily share multimedia files and reach anyone in the world. Using the Mezee chat will definitely boost your audience and interaction within your online community.

Reasons why social media marketing using chat rooms in Mezee chat prove to be beneficial.

Mezee is a social network featuring built-in chat rooms which allows its users to meet new people and talk to multiple individuals at the same time. Posting a marketing campaign in such social networking website will ensure a boost in a wide range of clients. One can use Mezee Chat’s social network database for viral marketing as it is packed with individual profiles and chat rooms along with a thousand users online every day. Different profiles are linked by this social network and using Mezee chat for viral social media marketing techniques can be acquired when you realize the potential of these thousands of users visiting the website.

Because of the thousands of users going in and out of this website daily, there is an assurance that your advertisement and campaigns will be noticed by possible clients. This broadens the scope of your ad. In using the Mezee chat, a lot of ways can be employed in posting marketing materials. One can post the campaigns in profiles and also put the advertisement on the sidebar. Interested users can see your ads when they click their network’s profiles.

MezeeYou can also use the chat feature which converge people from various places to talk about anything that interests them. These free chat functions can offer more access to connect to your target market. The people in chat room are stagnant and are more prone to click interesting advertisements as they stay in chat rooms longer. It would be very hard for them not to notice your campaign.

With Mezee chat being a free service, every marketing strategy you employ is definitely efficient. You won’t have to spend a penny or pay for the traffic that would lead people into your site. Signing up for this website, users have the mentality of free service so there is opportunity is at its peak in these kinds of chatrooms and social sites.

You must know that people are desperate for communication and with the advent of the Internet, communication is easy. Social media marketing using chat rooms in Mezee Chat is great because more and more people register for its free service. Your target clients will see your ads and your website traffic and web presence growth will be uphill.

Bottom line: Mezee chat has the viral campaign necessities for social media marketing. It is a venue for people to see your ads and develop them into possible clients without spending too much.

Julieth Gonzalez, Social Media Marketing. Mezee INC

Advantages in Using CRM Software

In any business, the welfare of the customers is the most important. That is why having a Customer Relationship Management is necessary especially in larger companies. The primary objectives of Customer Relationship Management is to look, attract and acquire new customers. The CRM is also responsible in retaining and maintaining the company’s current customers and winning back former customers.

Keep in mind that you have to build a positive relationship to your customers. Through this, you would be able to get positive response that will help develop trust between your company and the customers.  This would keep and retain your current customers that would eventually become your regular customers. This would also attract  new customers.

What are the advantages of using CRM Software

CRM SoftwareOne of the major benefits of having a CRM is that it improves the quality of service. The CRM collects all information of the clients then analyzes the data and help you in decision- making. With the help of Customer Relationship Management, you will assured that your system is running safe and secure.  Another benefit of having a CRM software is that it can help you save a lot of money. Of course, purchasing a software might be expensive but compared on hiring, training and paying employees, it will save you a lot.

The biggest challenge on implementing a Customer Relationship Management is training the users. CRM software might contain complex data an these may be difficult of the unwell- trained users to comprehend.

Having a Customer Relationship Management software needs to have careful planning. Remember that in this system, the relationship between your company and your clients is at stake. You have to plan out everything. It is also important that you consider its usability. You have to determine the benefits it will bring to your company and its impact in your business as well as your employees.

Since all information provided by the customers were collected by the CRM, it is important to keep them secure. The company as well as the vendors should ensure the quality of the system that it is secure enough to protect confidential information.

Researches and studies regarding on software show that the most important feature in an application software is its security. This feature is very crucial in system development, software developers and programmers should balance security as well as the usability. The software must be easy to use and navigate.

This is the biggest challenge software designers and developers have to face in  system development – to produce a software that is highly secured and yet easy- to- use. Most software developed with high security features tend to compromise its usability feature and most software developed with a great usability tend to compromise security.

Final Words

Security and usability are both important features of a software especially if it is for Customer Relationship Management. It is very essential for the customers that they would feel secure in the CRM  software so that they would give their trust. And also, it is also important that they would feel comfortable of using CRM software especially if they would find system very user- friendly.

Evolution of Multiply – From A Social Network to an eCommerce Site

Multiply was first known as a networking site. But when you browse the internet and visit the website of multiply, you will be surprised that it is now a an eCommerce site. Actually, Multiply now has become one of the largest eCommerce sites in the Philippines and not just that the Multiply Marketplace is one of the world’s largest online shopping malls.

Multiply offers 83,000 shops from Filipino merchants making it the widest online shopping site in the country. Multiply was able to device a platform which is much more secure than any other eCommerce platform in the Philippines. Multiply Marketplace allows the user to see virtual shopping place where online gadget shops and boutiques can be found and another great feature of Multiply marketplace is that it offers eCommerce marketing tools for newbies and aspiring online entrepreneurs.


Multiply is indeed a successful eCommerce site and their business model is really effective. Multiply started as a networking site and the fact that many people are visiting the site makes them popular and introducing new services is very easy. The Multiply Philippines CEO Jack Madrid said, “Much like any other business, it is crucial to determine what your unique selling proposition is. The growth of Multiply as a digital shopping network was rather organic, with netizens (Internet Citizens) first seeing its potential as a business platform”.

Why Venture in Multiply?

Multiply features a marketplace where both merchants and shoppers will benefit. Shoppers will be provided of the listings of products available so that they have lots of options to have and they will find easily what they are looking for. Multiply eCommerce platform was designed to help small businesses to have an opportunity to promote and sell their products in a larger market.

Multiply Marketplace is ideal for people who wants to shop yet do not have the time to go to malls. In Multiply Marketplace, shops are available online, from RTW’s to gadgets, fashion and even foods are even available. The features of multiply Marketplace include Shopping Cart, Buyer Protection, Product  Listings, Stock Room, safe and secure Payment System.

Merchants and shoppers has nothing to worry about the security of their accounts for Multiply has developed a secure and safe payment system. Another feature that will definitely help the sellers is the ‘Buyer Protection Program‘ that ensures a safe transaction.

The ‘Shopping Cart‘ feature of Multiply allows the shoppers to buy several items in a single shopping. Because of this feature, the shoppers need not to pay every shop where they purchase but instead when they finished shopping, they could pay all- at- once in just a single click.

Through Product Listings, sellers can categorize and sort their products rather than having a photo album where they could share their wares. Stock Room on the other hand is the feature that has a dashboard which allows the merchants to manage their business. The Stock Room allows the merchant to monitor, sales and orders, manage inventory and update the listings of products.

Final Thoughts

Multiply is continuing on developing new strategies and business model to improve the services they are offering. From time to time, they are constantly changing and evolving to meet the demand of its users. If you are planning to put up an online business, why not establish it at Multiply and let them help you grow.

4 Ways A Small Business Can Expand Using Video

A BusinessSmall business in today’s world have many goals and ambitions, but also face many challenges. They know they want to use social media, but they also want to use their marketing resources for expanding in other ways, and they are unsure of how to effectively devote enough time to doing everything, while still running and managing their business. While there is a lot to consider, one online trend is allowing small businesses to grow and expand faster using one medium for a variety of tasks.

Online video sharing allows businesses to connect different store locations, employees and customers, all at the same time. With just a webcam or video camera, business owners can connect better via the Internet and help their marketing efforts grow.

4 ways your small businesses can use private video sharing services to grow.

Provide exclusive information to your customers

Give your prospects and customers incentive to give you their email addresses, and in turn share some of your personal expertise. Sharing your videos privately instead of publicly can open up doors to improved lead generation programs that take few resources and offer many opportunities.

Conduct sales training with multiple locations at one time

Do you ever feel like your presence is needed for training and motivation in multiple locations? If you have multiple shops, it is. But through the use of online private video sharing services, you can send out a sales motivator or extra training just by connecting online. You will save time and money by not having to get in the car or on a plane to deliver the same message multiple times.

Engage your employees

Encourage your employees to share their best sales tips or demonstrate their abilities through video. Create a contest between various branches and get all of your teams pumped up and motivated to win a prize. The contest will excite them to work harder and perform better, ultimately helping your business grow. Have them send you their videos, and you can judge the winners.

Engage your customers

Use a contest in a similar way to get in touch with your customers. Have them make a video of themselves using your product and reward the customer with the most unique usage of what you offer. This will also get your customers engaged, and give them a reason to spread the word about what you offer to their friends and family, making your marketing campaign inexpensive and viral all at once. 

Your small business cannot afford not to have an online presence. Use the trend of online video for all aspects of your business and you will save money, time and engage your employees and customers on a deeper level.

Visit for more information regarding sharing your videos privately.


Get More Tweets with JustRetweet

If you are fond of surfing the net, share your ideas and read a lot of news over the web, you might be interested of earning money while doing these stuffs.

What is JustRetweet?

JustRetweetJustRetweet is a website that will drive traffic to your blog or to your Twitter account by getting your tweets retweeted. For bloogers, driving traffic is very important, and Twitter will greatly increase the traffic in your website. Imagine if your blog posts will by retweeted – your profits will be doubled. But JustRetweet does not abuse its members, they do not send autotweets nor force any autofollows. JustRetweet complies with Twitter rules.

One good thing about JustRetweet is that it gives credit to anyone who shares and retweets a post.

Ways to Earn Credits in JustRetweet

  • Following other users. Usually, you earn two to ten credits or sometimes may be more.
  • Browsing other sites, but you have to stay for a few seconds to earn the credits.
  • Sending tweets but it depends on the amounts, there are some who offers 25 credits or may be more.
  • Referring other people to the site. Usually, you can earn 25 credits here or may be more.

When you are logged in to your account, your credits will show up instantly in your dashboard, you can see it in the big blue box. The menu also provides tabs that will let you check out persons whom you want to follow for credits, retweets – also known as Retweet Exchange, websites and blogs.

At the home page, you will see the latest tweets that are available for retweeting. Because of this, you can save time by searching and skipping the tweets that does not capture your interests. You have the option to retweet immediately or you can do it later so that flooding of your stream can be prevented.

When you are done with your current list, you can always refresh it to see the latest and new tweets that you can choose from and retweet. Before retweeting, check first the content if it can be trusted, but most tweets and posts from bloggers are trustworthy – they really have good and quality contents which you can share.

JustRetweet is very easy to use. Registration is very fast and easy, and it is 100% free. Imagine you will earn more money. It is an effective way for advertisement. If you are a businessman, you may want to try this new trend. You earning money while promoting your business, website or your blog.

Other great features of JustRetweet is that on its home page, a credit history tab is provided which allows you to monitor and check how much credit you allocated and how much you earned. Another good thing about this site is that you can see who viewed your site, who retweeted your posts and your other stuffs and, who and how many followed you which is very essential in developing and building a community.

Final Words

The advantage of using JustRetweet is you can increase your following on Twitter, aside from that, you will be able to let other people tweet your message and thus enables your website to get more exposure and perhaps leads to your business. Give it a try and see it for yourself. A lot of people are already using JustRetweet, don’t get left behind.