5 Online Security Mistakes You Might Be Making Right Now

With hackers and identity thieves continually prying for information, you need to make sure you are taking every measure you can to protect yourself online. There are a lot of mistakes many people make that greatly compromise their online security. Take note of these five security mistakes so that you can change your habits and warn any friends who might be making these mistakes as well.

Online Security

Here are five online security mistakes you should beware of:

Using Terrible Passwords

The best passwords are those that are both strong and not included on the list of the most commonly used passwords (also known as the list hackers use when they try to guess your password). A strong password is one that is not a word in the dictionary, uses different types of characters and numbers, is not easily guessed by anyone you know, and is between 10 and 12 characters.

You should also take note not to use the same password everywhere and also make sure to change your password every couple of months.

Giving Out Too Much Personal Information

If you give out enough personal information, then you can probably be tracked. This is bad in terms of both your data security and your physical security. You don’t know the intentions of everyone looking at your personal information, and in some cases certain websites will collect your data in order to sell it. Double check before you type in your name and address anywhere, and look up any website if you have even the slightest doubt about it.

Not Using a VPN

If you ever use public networks or do a lot of torrenting, then you need to make sure you are using a Virtual Private Network, which is an inexpensive service you can use to connect your computer or other device to an offsite server. This server will then send you the data you desire and upload anything you need uploaded for you.

With this service, you will be able to mask your IP address, which means that your privacy will be protected regardless of who wants to take a look at what you are doing online. All they will be able to know is that you are using a VPN. In addition, the encrypted connection will make sure you are safe when using a public network, where hackers will typically intercept your data.

Here are some of the top and best VPN service providers:

CyberGhost VPN

[box type=”shadow” align=”” class=”” width=””]I’m pretty sure that there are still a lot of reliable and notable VPN providers. Please feel free to suggest them in the comment section. [/box]

With many VPNs on the market, you should investigate VPN reviews to find the best match for you.

Not Protecting Your Email Enough

To put it simply, your email is the nexus of most of your online life, whether you know it or not. When you sign up for a social media account or an online shopping account, there is a strong likelihood that you use your email.

If someone gets ahold of your email, then that means with a little bit of time they can get into almost any other accounts that you use. Think about the collected information you have spread over all of those accounts. You do not want someone to get ahold of your email, and you should create a stronger password for it to make sure that it doesn’t get out.

If you are ever concerned about which websites or people might have your email, then create a junk or throwaway email account that you can afford to lose.

Using Questionable Websites Without Preparation

If you are using torrenting websites, streaming websites, or other unprotected websites without any protection on your computer (or at least some form of awareness), then you are putting yourself at great risk. You should check to see what protections a website has before you give it any financial data, and you should also check to see if it tries to spawn pop-up ads (generally a bad sign) when you first arrive.

As a general rule, you should at least have heard about a website before using it, and you can check its rankings to see how many other people use it. If you are uncertain, you can always search for it online to read reviews before you give them any data or any additional views.


Making Big Bucks With Affiliate Marketing – Make A Fortune Pretty Fast

Affiliate marketing is a booming profession which offers immense opportunity to make money online. To succeed in this business venture you need to be an owner of a website with good traffic. Affiliate marketing is nothing but an agreement between the seller or the merchant and the owner of the website or web portal.

The affiliate business aims at promoting the merchant’s products and services by providing a link to the merchant’s website. When a visitor browse through the affiliate website comes across the link, he generates more traffic toward that online shop. Each time a sale is generated through the affiliated website, as an affiliate you get a certain amount of commission and make money.

Here are a few reasons why you should engage with affiliate marketing

  • You are always the boss
  • Limitless opportunities
  • Quick and easy to make money
  • You can sell your own product
  • Establish your name online
  • Work anytime you want
  • You can do it anywhere you want
  • Manage your own “empire”

Affiliate Marketing

Advantages of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate business programs mainly offer several benefits to website owners and merchants. Some of them are.
  • The first and foremost advantage of affiliate marketing is you avail the opportunity of working from the comfort of your home.
  • The business involves least hassles and you need not to travel or commute on any way.
  • There is no investment upfront and production cost is applied to join this business.
  • Your risk factor is nil in affiliate business. It is one of the safest ways of business where you have nothing to lose.
  • You are free from hazard of signing any bond or contract. Any time if you find the product is not selling you can endorse another merchant or site which you prefer more.
  • To succeed in this business, you do not need any prior experience. It hardly matters whether you are a marketing and selling genius or not, anyone could work as an affiliate marketer anytime.
  •  No sign up fee is involved with the entire process, and you can join quite easily.
Affiliate marketing is generally of three types Cost-Per-Sale Program, Pay-Per-Click Program, Pay-Per-Lead Program.
The list of benefit does not end here. You hardly need to hire any employee and commission here and it is only given on actual sales. To conclude affiliate marketing is gaining popularity day by day as it is the much effective and fast as compared to traditional marketing options.

Online Job Searching: A Pro-Active Approach

There’s more to an online job search than simply trawling the Internet, or sending out you C.V en masse. According to employment guru Guy Kawasaki, it’s not who you know – it’s who knows of you. In this digital age, the Internet can be a remarkable networking tool, and finding the most beneficial employment connections is usually just a click and an upload away.

Job Searching


The first step to a successful online job search is to research, research and research some more. Before quitting your job, familiarize yourself with various job search websites. See what’s available in your particular field and where they’re located. You may need to relocate, depending on your industry. Many companies also advertise their salary offers, so you can get an idea of what to expect based on your qualifications and experience.

The devil is in the details

Use the Internet to find out who the major industry players are and have a good look at all their websites. Decide which companies you want to work for and get to know them in painstaking detail. The more you can customize your CV and your  employment pitch to each job, the better your chances.

Never underestimate the fact that most people don’t take the time to find out what the company’s five-year plan is, or who is in charge of HR. This research will come in handy during interviews, as it will show that you are genuinely interested in working for the company, and it will help you formulate probing and intelligent questions.


Remember that 70-80% of jobs are never even advertised! Make a list of all your contacts, from friends to previous co-workers. It’s wise not to ask them outright to help you, but rather say something like, “I’m looking for a job in IT. Do you know anyone who could point me in the right direction?”

Job Searching at LinkedIn

You should also familiarize yourself with LinkedIn, as this can help you tremendously with your online job searching. There are over two million Australian LinkedIn users, and if you contact the right person, you could be in luck. Make sure your profile is updated, and include your CV. Join groups that are associated with your profession. Strategy is important, as you can’t randomly connect with people, so choose wisely. According to Guy Kawasaki, you shouldn’t think what they can do for you but rather what you can do for them. Always bear that in mind, and pay it forward if you get a good introduction or contact.

Lastly, be Proactive!

When doing online job searching, it’s important not to just do a passive job search. Detailed research and well-planned networking are vital tools. So, be proactive. Tell everyone that you’re looking for a job, get the right connections, and put yourself out there!


Why Nintendo Skipped This Year’s E3 Expo

It just doesn’t seem to make sense.  Even days after perennial gaming icon Nintendo decided to skip the 2013 E3 Expo, gamers and gaming pundits alike are still trying to wrap their head around the decision.  While the smaller Nintendo Direct department did send their representatives to one of the biggest gaming expos of the year, the higher-ups in the House of Mario decided that making a large, public presence wasn’t in their best interest.

But is this a sign of Nintendo’s failure to grasp the point of these expos?  It’s not about the companies or the industries or the lavish trade show displays–it’s about the fans.  Just how long can Nintendo expect to ride the wave of nostalgia and brand recognition before they get lost in the shuffle?  Unfortunately, it might already be too late.


Can Nintendo Come Back from the Wii U Failure?

Signs of trouble for the classic company began years ago, but perhaps nothing spoke to its culmination in recent times more than the less-than-stellar reception of the Wii U.  Older gamers are just not that fired up about playing consoles that don’t speak to the C.O.D./BlOps generation and younger kids opted for the more popular iPad Mini.

Nintendo deciding to not throw a big event at this year’s E3 Expo could be tantamount to throwing in the towel.  In an industry dominated by Playstation and  Xbox, who could blame them?  But what’s even more of a smack in the face to their hardcore fans is that the company’s presence at E3 was completely relegated to back-room views on the 7th floor of the Expo building.  Nintendo did show up at E3, but only in a closed session viewing party for retailer’s eyes only.

More of the Same from Nintendo?

Now, while Nintendo has never been a company to throw themselves out onto the big stage like their competition does, they’ve always been able to eke out a living based on their status as innovators in gaming.  The company’s survival on their fan base has been enough to subsist, but how long can any gaming company stay afloat on these bare-bones pickings?

Each year Nintendo has progressively worsened, falling to the dreaded “irrelevant” status in the minds of many hardcore gamers.  Third party support has always been horrible for Nintendo since the Wii, leading most developers to only shop games to Playstation, Xbox and PC during the season.  Of course, this means that gamers looking for new IPs will only turn to those companies instead, making it almost a self-fulfilling prophecy as to why Nintendo bowed out this year.

Heed Atari’s Warning

So, what’s really going on here, Nintendo?  Why did you skip E3?  Do you not have faith in your Wii U?  Is it just that you don’t have the IPs going forward to compete with the industry giants?  Or have you just stopped caring about your fan base?  Unfortunately, the bottom line is that Nintendo skipped E3 for all of the above reasons. You would think a company that took the gaming crown from Atari all those years ago would have learned from their predecessor’s mistakes.

Either way, the message is clearer than it ever has been before: Nintendo has not only been dethroned, they’ve grown accustomed to their banishment on the outskirts of the kingdom.  In fact, they sort of like it there.  If you’d like, you can drop by for some stale bread and a quick tale about an empire that used to be magical.  Just don’t expect any open invitations; you’ll have to find it yourself.

Sorry, Nintendo.   Our princess is in another castle.


LinkedIn – An Efficient and Smarter Way to Network

In today’s web-driven world, social networks mean more than just connecting with friends or high-school and college classmates. These are important venues for businesses to network with associates, attract potential clients, and retain loyal customers.  One of the most popular, and influential social networking sites today is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is defined as A website for people in professional occupations”, and it was founded in December 2002, and officially launched in May 2006.  The service is mainly used for professional networking, and as of today, it already has an estimated 200 million users in 200 countries and territories.  Here’s why LinkedIn is hailed as the “efficient and smarter way” to network.

Why Networking Is Important

According to employment and business experts, professional networking is crucial for the person’s job or careers. The relationships that a person keep becomes extremely important throughout his or her career, and it can be quite tough to keep track of them too. This is where social networking is immensely helpful.  With services like Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and others, you can now easily, and effortlessly connect with business colleagues, former classmates and even future employers and clients.


The Benefits of Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn offers a wide array of benefits, for both individual and businesses. It allows freelancers and professional employees to easily connect with potential clients and employers, and it also enables small, medium and large businesses to target and engage their respective industry or market niches.

Many benefits of using Linkedin

  • Deliver Your Brand’s Message. According to social media experts, LinkedIn is the perfect environment to leverage what is called “brand power”.  Remember that there’s your brand, your company brand, and your industry brand.
  • LinkedIn is a smarter way to connect. When used properly, your consistent and value-driven communications or messages can help open door to more possibilities. LinkedIn also makes it so easy to add Twitter, a blog, and other websites to all work together professionally to present yourself in just a single snapshot.
  • Make the right connections.  If you create a profile in LinkedIn, make sure you’re serious about it.  This is where the professional community, interacts, engages, refers and connects. To get started, develop your profile, create a professional heads hot, link your blog, and post fresh and good content as often as possible, as well as respond to other people’s posts or comments.

LinkedIn also allows you to target who you want to meet, and why you want to meet them. You can easily make a “target list” of people that you truly want to connect with, or the companies and brands that you want to hook up with. Thus, you can make LinkedIn a convenient prospecting, engagement and research tool.


How Social Media Helped Election Campaigns

Election period is when politicians become marketers. What d they market? Of course, nothing else but their selves. The are introducing their selves and what they can do to serve the people. The lower the position they are running, the lesser the effort they will make, and the higher the position, the greater the effort and comes along with it the cost.

Traditional elections campaigns use the traditional paper ads where their personal information and their achievements are usually written. Some politicians use radio and television as part of their election campaigns. However, this method costs bigger and not all politicians can afford to pay for these ads.

social media

Social media has played a great role in election campaigns. Politicians used it as their medium to connect to the people and inform them about their political plans and everything. We all know that on the internet, most people gather together virtually online on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Hence, politicians and business people see it as an opportunity introduce something. There are lots of ways in which you could do to optimize the use of social media. Consider the following.

Ways to Optimize Social Media for Election Campaigns

1. Your Facebook Page

Remember that Facebook is today’s largest social media site and the most number of members so make sure that you people will notice your presence in this site. Make a Facebook Page and make sure to make it interesting. Post relevant contents that are useful like upcoming events, your projects and other achievements. Avoid posting things that might give you a negative impact or make the people think that you are not a good leader. Images could be helpful, however, make sure that your images and those that you are tagged in with your friends are wholesome and in related with your position. Avoid images that will possibly ruin your career. You may trap the images that you are tagged in. Remember ‘a picture tells a thousand word’, so make sure that people only look at it in a positive way.

2. Make your presence known to every part of the online community.

To be able to introduce yourself in a larger audience, make sure that you can be found in anywhere online. You may use hashtags so your name can be easily found. Hashtag is a series of characters that starts with the symbol #.

3. In Social Media online interaction is important.

Introducing yourself alone is not enough, expect that they have questions in mind that they want to ask to you. Be ready to answer these questions and when you do, you have to answer them promptly. Make them feel that you are ready to answer their inquiries and their needs.

Final Words

Most politicians spoke of sweet words and make many promises, but you have to remember these words when you won the election. Some politicians tend to forgot their promises when they already in the position. Well you have to remember that if you still want to run for the next election, you have to keep all your promises, because if you don’t, you will surely have a hard time on your campaign  because people don’t forget easily.


Mistakes Every Startup Should Avoid To Achieve Success This Year

Starting up a business does not excuse you from mistakes and misconceptions. This might be because you overly think that you have done the research already and every aspect is taken into consideration. Admit the fact that mistakes are unavoidable especially for neophytes; however, take note of the possible consequences that might lead you to failure. Thus, it pays to be really careful and avoid such mistakes.


 5 Mistakes Every Startup Should Avoid To Achieve Success

Not creating a new product.

There is risk in creating the same product that the market already has. Your idea may look at this as different since you argued on better quality but this is a big mistake you might be committing. The needs of the target market are already meet with the said product; what then your product can contribute? If you think it would cater the same problem, then better not pursue the plan.

Launching a business without a goal.

Not having the clear picture in mind on what to achieve and how to do it is very risky. You have no direction and you will not be able to also to create the best strategy to attain what you expect. Besides, you cannot gauge success too for you do not have the idea whether your endeavor gives you the benefit or not. With the goals you have set, you will have the complete road map that will lead you to where you want.

Not looking your strengths and limitations.

This can happen when you start the business without prior assessment on what you can do and what you cannot do. This include outlining your budget and how far can it go in working out for your business goals; figuring out the manpower available and the abilities and skills needed to keep the business going; the target market you are to cater; and other aspects that should be considered before you will pursue the endeavor. Here comes the necessity of analyzing the strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities of the business.

Not treating the feedback well.

The mistake on this part is when you are overwhelmed with the feedback of the customers and you have not considered other complains even to the slimmest chance of the possibility that one is dissatisfied of the product. When there are 20 people who give positive feedback and there are only 2 you have negative comments, this number should be considered for the improvement of your products and services. This figure may be negligible but still very crucial.

No selling plan.

Promotional effort is centered on your selling points and the ability to make sales. If this is not carefully planned, your will never achieve your sales and revenue goals. This is very important since you aimed at making sales. When you do not know how you will go about it, you cannot also make way to success. Sales will not just come without working it out.

 These are just few of the mistakes you should avoid. There are actually plenty of them that you should be watching out before you will assure success on starting up your endeavor. The startup industry is a diverse world and if you don’t carefully planned everything, the risk of failing is highly possible


Advantages of Using Social Networks for Job Hunting

As we all know, spreading news and other important details are always best spread through the word of mouth. Same goes for job hunting, it’s far better in spreading your skills, your capabilities and your overall performance through the use of social networks. Social networks are great when it comes to connection, you can connect to almost anyone whether you know them or not.

Because of advanced technologies, job hunters nowadays have far better chances finding a job online, Why?

Social networks

Let’s talk about the advantages of using social networks for job hunting.

You can connect to different people or different companies

All you have to do is compose your profile, and you can just share it to anyone. There’s less effort compared to printing your resume, and passing it to different companies yourself, not only is your time wasted hunting and locating all your desired companies but your money is wasted as well. What if you’ve done this and all your efforts weren’t paid off? Imagine how much you spent and end up not being hired? This is not a good plan for starters who are looking for their first job.

With the use of social networks…

You can easily connect to your desired companies in an instant

Speed and time is crucial hence this is highly commendable. If you compare it, calling and visiting a company physically is time consuming, employers might not be available at the time you applied. However, with the use of social networks you can speed your chances of being hired.

You’re exponential growth could increase giving you a big chance to be noticed and get hired

Being “viral” on social networks could help you get noticed easily! Some of your friends and followers might repost your status giving you enough advantages to catch the eye of an amazing company, you’ll never know!

And lastly.

You can click the like button of the companies you desired and follow their company online

You’ll receive the latest updates and if there are open positions, you’ll be one of the people who’ll get the announcement as early as possible. You can check on what are the types of people they need, the roles and responsibilities required, their vacancies and a lot more.  You can also connect and receive the latest information about the different important people in the said company.

Final Words

At this age, more and more employers are posting job opportunities, internships and a lot more for hiring. Social networks has a lot of advantages, interviews can just be conducted online. Skype is mostly the preferred way of conducting an interview. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and a lot more are the sites usually flooded by millions of people, either for personal reasons, business or job hunting. Therefore using social networks for job hunting is one of the most effective ways of being noticed, increase your chances of being hired and also the most cost effective job hunting strategies one could undergo.


Importance and Benefits of Having a Stable Web Host

 web hostWeb hosting, is a tool for internet service in which you can boost an organization, a company, a business or an individual through a website to be accessible in the whole world via the World Wide Web. This is one of the most important things a retail online business and those people with websites that has large number of visitors needs to stabilize. It is proven that the best web hosting used nowadays is the dedicated servers compared to those shared or VPS website hosts.

You might ask why you need to have a stable web host. Here are some of the reasons why.

Importance and Benefits of Having a Stable Web Host

The server used is yours alone and can’t be accessed by anyone else aside from you. Because of this, you’ll have all the resources needed to ensure that your website is always up and running. Because you have your own dedicated server, it is simply reliable and secure. A stable web host provides you with an ongoing process of your website, thus avoiding any losses especially when you’re running an online store. Also, acquiring services from stable web hosting companies is one good idea too.

If you have your own stable web host, you’ll have all the server resources where you’ll be able to allow large traffic of your website to succeed. If you are maintaining your online business, then you can certainly assure customers that your site is working and running without distractions, with this in mind, your online customers will enjoy visiting your website.

If you have clients and you work as an artist such as graphic artist or web designer then a stable web host can definitely bring your income to a different level. You don’t have to worry about overloading of systems due to multiple sharing of other websites. Your sales are up which would then be very advantageous on your part.

If you own a website, once clients or customer sees that you have a stable web site then it gives them a feeling of security. The fastness of your site reflects your business as a whole. A stable website will provide an easy access and fast downloads will definitely encourage others to your site. You can better serve your clients with a reliable connection, the faster your website load the better your business will grow.

Having a stable web host can provide you a serious image and give you a prominent presence online. In this way, your website can also be accessible to others.

Therefore, it is far better to have a reliable and stable web host to make sure that your business won’t be affected. Having your own dedicated server gives you a 100% positive results rather than opting for a shared web hosting wherein no matter how hard you manage and give your best, the result will never be 100% positive.



Benefits of Having Your Own Blog Domain Name

 Blogging is the best way of advertising books and personal writing as well as making cash from personal blogs. But when you will not have your personal domain for the blog you are nurturing, you may not get full benefit of it. Writers of present time always think to have their own domain before opening a personal blog. Usually people open a free blog from the blogger and wait for desire visitors to make income from advertising. But without a domain name, you will find it very difficult to get desired number of traffic on your site.

Think about your case of making the blog on blogger. At the first time, when you registered your account on blogger you got the right to use the blog, but the ownership was not given to you. You just use the platform and domain of Google as well as they keep all of the power of doing anything anytime. You must have to obey the rules and regulations of Google. If any blogger do not comply with the conditions and terms of Google, they will just suspend the account. If you think about it, you have worked for two years on your blog and you will lose all your hard work in case of an account suspension. If you find anytime that your blog has become very nice and attractive, but you want to sell it to other people. Google may not allow you to handover the blog to other people, as you are not the owner of the blog.

Domain Name

When you can make people know that you have domain name for your blog, it will be more credible to general people and clients will be attracted to the blog. But when people see any blog with free platform, they may think it as a blog without stability. Personal domain name will give full control over the blog. In Google blogger, you have to choose among the settings provided by Google. But personal blog can be designed according to personal choice. HTML, CMS and different kinds of scripts can be used to adorn personal blog. Even WordPress can be use to edit and customize the blog theme for making an attractive look.

Flexible sites give opportunity of giving newer dimension to the existing blog, so that you can make any kind of change anytime you want in case of increasing traffic to ensure big amount of income from the blog. Main domain names are more important for search engine optimization than sub-domain names. You must have seen the results of search engines, when the sites with .com always stay on top. People usually think that it will cost huge amount to keep personal domain, but many sites are ready to offer very small amount for domain hosting. Sub-domain names gives identity of the main domain name, but you can introduce yourself with your blog name.

Here are the advantages and benefits of having your very own domain name.

  • Easy and convenient for people to find
  • Adds credibility and a more professional image
  • You can keep the name for years to come
  • Easier to get your site registered and Better positioning on search engines

Final Words

Personal domain will give the full independence of customizing domain names. There is one important benefit of having a separate domain for blog, as Google make the personal domain’s content indexed fast.

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