Truth About Making Money Thru Blogging

There have already been a lot of forums and discussions talking about the reality of making money through blogs. Are they for real? Is it really possible to make money from a blog?

The truth is the possibility of making money online is there. It will always remain as an open opportunity for those who would like to venture on it. The capacity to make money online through blogging makes the situation differ from one blogger to another.

What are the ways or options a content writer can grab to be able to start monetizing their blogs? There is only one great rule a blogger should follow to be able to create a blog with superb potentials of making money. Bloggers should start creating contents with high quality.

Bloggers should always ask these questions before creating a blog

  1. What will my blog be about?
  2. Do I know a lot about the topic my blog would focus on?
  3. Am I credible enough to supply knowledge in information to the people who would be possibly reading my blog?
  4. Could I sustain my blog with quality articles on a regular basis?
  5. Will advertisers be interested in having their products and service in my blog?
  6. Do I have the basic knowledge I blogging, search engine optimization and other technical tasks that may affect the traffic as well as the monetizing potential of my blog?

Bloggers should never blind fully venture into blogging unless they are equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to be able to be successful. Blogs to be successful ones should be carefully planned out. What would your blog be about? Is it a photography blog, a lifestyle blog, a health blog or a beauty blog? To create good and consistent traffic, your blog should focus on a specific are. There are thousands of bloggers out there. For your blog to get noticed, you need to have something unique or different to offer.

Once you find your niche, the capacity to supply your blog with articles related to the topic your blog is about is the next thing to consider. Are you going to write the articles yourself or are you going to hire for help? The content your blog is the very essential component you should focus on. A senseless blog will never go far. Build an audience that will read your blog by creating content worth their time to be read. Once you gain and grow your audience, you can slowly monetize your blog. There are a lot of advertising sites that are willing to share revenues to you if you really want too, but the guarantee of making money instantly is not guaranteed. It all goes back to the quality of the contents your reader would be seeing in your blog every time they visit.

Making money through blogging is true, but it is only if the content writer will create decisions that will be beneficial to his blog. Making money though blogging is not an overnight process. It takes time and a lot of hard work for a blog to be successful.


Use Social Media With Ease To Promote Your Small Business

Are you using social networking sites to promote your small business? If you aren’t, you may be missing out on potential sales. Although you don’t have to be a marketing expert to benefit from social media marketing, you do have to know how to utilize the programs effectively to keep the cost affordable, yet grow your business.

Interact with consumers

Although there are social media software programs available to help you manage multiple social media accounts, avoid automating all the tasks. While automation leaves you with more time to manage other aspects of your business, it’s still important to communicate with your customers on a personal level by engaging with them in real time.

Anyone who “likes” you on Facebook or follows you on Twitter is a potential customer. But while automated replies allow you to stay active on social media when you can’t be online, you should interact personally whenever possible. Take the time to address some of the comments people leave — both positive and negative. Even if you can’t reply to every comment and message you receive, make an effort to reply to several comments each day.

When people post really amazing comments, consider re-tweeting their tweet or “liking” their Facebook page. Give those users a shout out by tagging them in a comment. Extend them the interest they extend to you. Each day visit the Twitter pages of some of your fans.

Ask for input and then listen to what people have to say

Give both current and potential new customers the opportunity to tell you what they think about the products or services you offer. If there is something your business isn’t doing well, take the feedback you receive from followers and implement their suggestions whenever possible.

Give followers a reason to check your social media sites frequently

Host debates on Twitter, or run contests and giveaways at regular intervals. Set up contests so that individuals must engage with your site to be eligible to enter.Consumers love to enter giveaways that offer products or services for FREE.

Get followers to return to your site by posting information that ties to your business or industry, but that helps them in some way. For example, if you sell exercise equipment, post articles that offer advice for helping people get on a path to improved health. Consumers generally find FREE but valuable information as attractive as free items. You can also designate a specific day each week or month to post your latest sales or special promotions.

Use social media to help others

Avoid using social media venues simply to attract more business. Use social networks to reach out and help others. Participate in fund raising campaigns at different times throughout the year by donating a portion of your sales to charitable causes, including charities that benefit your own local area. Look for ways to work with other businesses to make the communities you serve better places.

You don’t have to be a social media marketing guru to implement a successful social media marketing campaign. The key is to be actively involved on social networking sites. Get to know your followers; allow them to get to know you, and more business is sure to follow — pun intended.



The Do’s and Don’ts of Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail campaigns can offer companies a cost-effective and precise means of reaching their ideal target audience. Without basing their campaigns on the optimal direct mail strategies, even the most respected brands are doomed to fail in their marketing initiatives.

To be effective in their direct mail marketing campaigns, companies must consider the industry-wide best practices.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Direct Mail Marketing

DO Utilize an Effective Call to Action

The success of a direct mail marketing campaign will be largely based on how well the company communicates with their audience. The first step in this process is the call to action within the campaign. It’s imperative that the call to action tells the audience precisely what action they are required to take to move the business relationship forward. Companies can use urgency to improve the impact of their call to action. For example, businesses might use the phrase; “Call today – Limited Stock Available” to inspire action.

DO Commit Resources to Proofreading

A direct mail campaign is one of the best ways of communicating quickly and effectively with a core audience-base. Companies that make errors in their grammar and spelling are doomed to campaign failure. It’s the reason that it’s so important that organizations employ an expert proofreader before sending out their direct mail marketing campaigns. The proofreader can ensure that all content is clearly and professionally written and can reduce miscommunication issues.

DO Set a Goal For Your Campaign

It is always a good move to set a goal before you start your marketing campaign. And set a target for each of your campaign so that at the end of the day we can easily say if the campaign was a success. And if the first time was a success it would encourage the stakeholders and excite them.
And also evaluate which mode of direct marketing is giving more results so that we can focus more on that the next time.

DON’T Send Out Campaigns Without an Effective Testing Plan

In order for companies to experience the lasting benefits direct mail campaigns can bring to their marketing processes, they must have a plan for testing their campaigns. Companies should be continually testing their new campaigns and comparing their “A” mailing with their “B” mailing. This commitment to testing and research empowers companies to determine which strategies yield the optimal results.

DON’T Over Exaggerate

Make sure that the description is not over the top or too much fluffy. People may not tolerate all those adjectives and your mail may go straight into the dustbin. Always be to the point and describe how the product is going the benefit them. And try to make them curious about the product, that works mostly.

DON’T Send Out Impersonal Mailings

Direct mail should be personalized for the recipient. It’s important the recipient feels as if they are being reached out to directly by the company. By using the recipient’s name in addressing direct mailings and mentioning their name often within sales letters and other direct mail documents, companies can help forge a strong connection between themselves and their potential customers.

By simply learning the do’s and don’ts of the direct mailing industry, and by basing their campaigns on the proven effective strategies utilized by the market leaders, growing businesses can achieve an exceptional return for their campaign investment.



Make Web Pages That Actually Convert

Considering your website like your job interview helps in many ways. There is only one chance to prove it to be a good website and to make a good impression. Once you know what you have to exhibit when it comes to your website, it is a good idea to write it down, make a list of what you should and should not do.

There are certain things that you should and should not do when it comes to website designing. Even if you want your website to be remembered, do it by making it so with the appropriate content, not flair that will get you little to nothing.

Web Pages

When it comes to professional websites, the pressure is immense. It has to be an individual branch of the company but at the same time it has to be integrated with the company itself. If the website looks nothing like the company is promotes, it will only confuse the people who visit it and fail to impress them.

Make it Clutter Free

Things like ads, pop ups, icons, badges, gadgets, buttons and etc. all might have been entertaining when the internet trend started, now they are annoying. They break the thought process a person has when they are looking through your website and more often than not, they irritate. Trying to keep everything simple and embracing flat designs rather than flashy ones will do your website a lot of good.


One of the best things you can do it to go to popular websites and see what they are presented like. Notice what you like about them, think on why they are so popular. Research before you make your website and it will benefit the company represented by the webpage and, by association, your work.

Use Visual Hierarchy

This term defines what your eyes are drawn to when you first open a web page. Is it a certain pattern or the search bar, everything at the top of the web page or do the features on the sides of the page attract your attention? All these questions mean that the most important spaces will be revealed after a quick scan. Make sure to put all your important information in these places so they are easily seen.

Make it Legible

Text of a website is crucial. It will be your means to get the information across and answer the questions before they have been asked. However, there has to be a certain font that you have to use. Do not make your readers squint to read what is written, make it easy on their eyes. What you should focus on when it comes to the font must include:

  • Careful color schemes
  • Font size is legible
  • Stick to one font

Making the website as user friendly as possible is one of the most important things you can do when it comes to designing a webpage. If they can’t tolerate it, it will go to waste. It’s all about thinking about the user, really!


Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk – Liloan

Dubbed as the world’s largest global and social photography event, the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk has rapidly grown in size and popularity since it began way back 2007. Amateur and professional photographers from all corners of the globe gathered to shoot and captured everything they came across with. Last year alone, over 30,000 photographers made an astounding mark of the prestigious social photography event.

On it’s 8th year, (formerly NAPP) and KelbyTraining.Com come up with the initiative “Walk with a Purpose”. The aim of the initiative is to encourage each participants to donate $1. The proceeds of the campaign is to help and support the Springs of Hope Orphanage in Kenya. The global photowalk is expected to surpass last year’s record as more and more people are hooked and engaged into photography. The event is expected to be more exciting, more fun and more challenging.

For this year, after a thorough brainstorming, we decided to have our walk in the town of Liloan in North Cebu. With the full support from the Liloan LGU, the bloggers of Cebu Blogging Community, MexiMama and Kublai Khan, the event is expected to be more exciting and fun. And to add a little spice and thrill to our photowalk, we have decided to have a blogging contest and a photo contest (mechanics and guidelines will be posted at our FB event page). Although the prize may not be that extravagant but it will surely make the event worth the while.

Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk If you want to be hooked socially before, during and after the event, you may use the #WWPW2015 #iBlogforCBC #MexiMama on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

The photowalk is free, but pre-registration is required. Just register at www.worldwidephotowalk.com, locate your city and complete the free sign up form. In addition to the event, photo walkers will be able to upload their favorite picture to our popular Photo Walk contest for a chance to win these amazing and fabulous prizes as well as a digital copy of Scott Kelby’s Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC book for Digital Photographers.

Grand winner and finalists from walkers and leaders submission will be selected by Scott Kelby himself thus making it more exciting.

For additional information and details, you may check the following links: FAQ / Schedule / Media Kits


Steps Before Hiring A Web Developer

There are several minor steps that have to be taken before, during and after a webpage has to be designed, developed and published. If you are new to the entire process, you have to ensure that each step is conducted with complete care and precaution. If you are hiring a professional, you will have lesser things to worry about.

However, if your developer does not know what he is doing, things might get worse. Therefore, when hiring a web developer following is some of the most important steps that you must go about.

These steps will ensure the protection of your entire business and smooth running of your website:

  1. You should know exactly what you need.

    It is true that you are hiring a web developer because you want to get things done and need their help. But this does not mean that you act like a completely ignorant web person in front of the developer. This might make them feel like they can fool you into paying more than their job is worth.

    They might also deprive your webpage of its integrity by doing things their way and not your way. Therefore, before setting up a meeting with your developer you must know what your needs are.

  2. Every person on the journey to earn money chooses to invest little but profit a lot.

    When it comes to web designing, this might just be the biggest mistake you make. It is not a smart decision to pick a web developer who is cheap. Cheaper is not always better. Why would you want to pick someone who is less experienced only because he is cheaper?

    He might cost you your business by mishandling it. It is better to invest a lot in the development of a website because it is the highest form of marketing. If you invest well in developing it, your profit will definitely be higher too.Web Developer

  3. If you have finally found someone who you feel can do the job the way you want it to be done, do not just rush into hiring them, check their credentials.

    A web developer might be a con artist and you do not want to pay him a lot of money and be left empty handed by the end of it all. Once you have picked someone, see if they are affiliated with a company or not. More so, talk to their old clients to see if they are as good as they claim to be. This step is to have you feeling completely at peace with your decision.

  4. Choose a web developer who takes what you want, a step further.

    Though it is okay if a web developer does as you tell him to, it is even better if he gives way to your expectations in the grandest way possible. Pick an individual who does what you say but kicks it up a notch and educates you along the way.

With these steps you are guaranteed to find someone who fits your needs and is the perfect choice.

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Edinburgh based Scott Heron has been a web designer and SEO expert for over 10 years now. Visit Scott at this website for his web design services.



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How To Succeed Through The Probation Period

There is hardly any job out in the world today that immediately hires someone without testing their skills and capacity. A probation period can very easily be known as a testing or a trial period during which the skills and abilities of the potential employee are tested in apparent and relevant situations. If you have been hired on probation, it is okay to get excited and celebrate, but also remember that if you do not play your cards right, you can also lose your job just as easily. Following is a thorough explanation of what the probation period is and how one can manage their way through it, successfully.


What Does It Mean To Be On Probation?

A probation period follows a hire. All the potential candidates who have all applied for a similar job are interviewed. At the end one among the candidates is given the position. The probation period basically means that you have been hired for the job because you surpassed as the most promising candidate. It also means that this is a time when you will be assessed closely. During this period, your employer keeps a close look on your performance to see if you are practically as promising as you seemed during your interview and in your resume. It is also the time when an employer ensures that you get along with the rest of your colleagues. For the colleagues it is important to ensure that you transition into the new work circle smoothly and understand how things function.

You should also remember that it is not necessary that each job would have the same probationary period. There are some companies who hire their employees on probation only for a month, whereas, in other areas it can go up to several months. Commonly, the length of a probation period is also identified by the performance of the candidate. If he learns and adapts quickly, the probation period is shorter. If he takes time, his probation is extended.

What Should You Do?

What a lot of people fail to understand is that being on probation can be a very beneficial thing. Always remember that while the employer is assessing you, you are also assessing yourself in the new job. Sometimes, the employer might find you fit for the job but you may not feel like it is something you wish to do. The probation period allows you to easily resign without making the situation too uncomfortable or awkward.

On the other hand, if you feel like the job is for you after all, the period allows you to establish yourself as a strong employee from the very start. You can get on your employer’s good side and start with an edge. However, you should push yourself to extremes you know you won’t be able to achieve later. Your fall after probation might put your employer off, and you would not want that.

Therefore, you should see your probation period as your strength and utilize it to the very maximum.

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Mary Hobkins is the author of this article. If you click here you will come to know of one of the best recruitment agencies that have really helped her through.



9 SEO Tricks Small Business Owners Should Try

For small business owners who are trying to grow online presence, search engine visibility is the best way to increase your site traffic. With a few SEO tricks, you can boost the search engine ranking of your business website and watch as you get more and more site visitors that lead to more appointments and sales. Too busy running the business? Not a problem.

SEO Tips - clickminded.com

These SEO techniques are time-efficient as they are cost-efficient. So, let’s get started!

Install Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) provides incredible insights that can help you understand the performance of your website based on your target audience’ behavior. It presents important data that are vital to your website analysis, such as the number of visitors come to your website from Google, the keywords that were used to get to your site, how you rank in the search results, and errors on your website that keeps your site from ranking higher.

Improve Your Site Load Time

Google has been giving greater weight to faster sites in the search results. Having a slow website can hurt your ranking. Conversely, if your site loads fast, then expect it to rank better. Plus, faster load times can lead to higher website conversions.

Google Page Speed is a great tool that provides you with insights on how to speed up your site. The suggestions can get a bit too technical, but if you’re using WordPress and know how to install plugins, there are caching plugins like W3 Total Cache that can make this process simple.

Install CloudFlare

CloudFlare is one of the best things you can add onto your business website. This tool which is free for most people makes it so easy to speed up your website while also protecting it from bots and other malicious attacks.

Optimize for Local Search

Your website should have a dedicated page for your business NAP information (name, address, and phone number). Usually, this is the Contact Us page, but some businesses also place this information on their About Us page. Aside from your website, add your business to reputable online listings such as Google My Business and make sure that all your contact details are consistent across all media. If you feel like you need further SEO training to enhance your skills, this will actually be a good investment.

Get Listed in Top Local Directories

Top local directories such as Yelp, OpenTable, TripAdvisor, and Urbanspoon help increase your chances of being seen by your target customers. If you don’t have the time to list your business in other local directories, that’s alright as long as you make sure you are listed in these as these are the ones that consistently rank at the top for local based searches, so it’s crucial that you are listed in these if you want to get noticed.

Add Open Graph Data to Your Website

Open Graph is a protocol that integrates Facebook’s functionality on other websites. Although Google is not yet ranking pages with Open Graph data higher, this protocol makes it easier to index and classify your website for Google. Open Graph is also known to affect performance on social media.

Use Share Plugins

Share plugins make it so much easier for people to share your content, which can be a round-about way to get backlinks. Social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+ all have their own versions of plugins. You can also use a service like AddThis.

Install an SEO Plugin

Installing an SEO plugin is the best way you can make use of your 10 minutes. This plugin is very helpful in taking care of SEO tasks, such as optimizing title tags and meta descriptions as well as creating and submitting sitemaps.

Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

With the recent Google update that started ranking websites that have mobile-friendly designs higher, it will be a worthwhile endeavor to make the necessary changes to your website so that it is optimized for mobile. With more consumers using their mobile devices like smart phones and tablets to search, being mobile-friendly is definitely a must if you want your business to reach your target market.

With these simple SEO tricks, most of which you can do on your own, you can look forward to more site visits and, consequently, an increase in sales and revenue.

[box type=”shadow” align=”alignleft” class=”” width=””]Michelle Rubio is an experienced SEO copywriter and blogger since 2010. She has been working with various businesses, big and small, in the United States, UK, Canada, and Australia. You can see more of her works and experiences in her LinkedIn profile.




What If I Don’t Register My Business?

Registering your business is a simple and effective way to get started. In the province of Ontario the process is fairly straightforward and inexpensive. You only need relevant information like your business name, address, and type of business or product.

Unless you are operating under your own name, business registration is a must in the province of Ontario. Even if your business does share your full name, registration can help you in many ways. The registration procedure is not time consuming and offers many benefits.



One of the most important aspects of operating a business is return-on-investment. ROI (which coincidentally is the French word for “king”) is how you make back the money you’ve spent and can start making profits. Due to its inexpensive nature, business registration is one of the investments you’ll make back quickly.

Failsafe Asset Protection

If your business goes under or you are involved in a lawsuit that could end very badly for you and your business, registration can offer a form of protection. You’ve probably put your heart, soul, and every penny into your business. When you register your business, your assets and liabilities are considered separate from your personal resources. Should your business fail, you won’t lose your personal effects.

Get Serious

The bottom line is that registered businesses are taken seriously by big-name corporations and investors. When people want to invest with you, they want to know that you’re also invested in your business. Registration proves that you have a plan in place for your business’ future and are serious about pushing your product or services to a greater market. This doesn’t mean that you have to have world domination on your mind, but it does imply that you have an idea of where you’d like your business to be and how you see it making money. Basically, investors see a registered business as their own ROI.

Expansion Could Be In Your Very Near Future

You may not be ready for expansion right away but it could be just around the corner. Expansion allows you to hire more employees, move into bigger digs, and further develop your product line or service offerings. You may need to move from your online site to an actual office space due to increased demand or even set up a factory to manufacture your product. After registering your business, all the aforementioned scenarios will be much easier to undertake.

Say “Yes” to Registration

Business registration is important and should not be taken for granted. It is probably best that you do register your business sooner rather than later because you may have an easier time operating. Registering a business helps you plan for the future, anticipate success, and protects your personal assets.

Additionally, you can be fined in Ontario for not registering your business. Unless you have deep pockets and more assets than you can count, register your business. It’ll save you time and money in the long-run. And it is always a wise decision to take the help of an online business incorporation while registering the business. They can help you with anything from finding a name for your business to registering it.

[box type=”shadow” align=”alignleft” class=”” width=””]I am Eric Jones. Business, entrepreneurship, and law are three of my greatest passions. My favorite mentor to follow, and someone who I look up to greatly is Warren Buffett. I make sure to continuously conduct research and keep myself informed on recent news and trends surrounding my fields of interest. This guarantees that I don’t miss out any important findings that will help progress my profession. My favorite book is “The Intelligent Investor” by Benjamin Graham. Follow me on Twitter[/box]

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